The Heritage Foundation has some of the most dedicated people in the conservative movement working to advance its goals. One of those people is Barb Van Andel-Gaby, who has served on Heritage’s Board of Trustees for over 20 years. She was unanimously selected by her peers this summer to serve as chairman, and is the first female to hold this vital role.

Outgoing chairman Thomas Saunders expressed that “Van Andel-Gaby is a proven conservative leader and Heritage is in good hands.” President Kay Coles James agreed by stating, “Van Andel-Gaby is prepared to lead America’s best-in-class conservative institution.

The Van Andel family has deep roots in the conservative movement. Jay Van Andel, the chairman’s late father, was among Heritage’s greatest supporters, and was devoted to Heritage’s success from its early days until his passing in 2004. The Van Andel Center at Heritage is named after him in honor of his profound commitment.

Van Andel-Gaby continues her family’s legacy of service to conservative values. Her new position as chairman of the board exemplifies her longstanding dedication to our common cause. Together with the invaluable support of members like you, Heritage is better positioned to make conservative change a reality.

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Do you have any questions for Barb Van Andel-Gaby?

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juanita douglas - October 1, 2018

Welcome aboard!!

Catherine A. Bliss - October 1, 2018

Disgusted with liberal media. The Uber Liberal Democratic media is ruining America’s young readers, & twisting their minds ! How can it be that the media is legally allowed to ONLY SHOW the Democratic slant on events in Congress? Isn’t their a law against this? It’s disgraceful & frightening .

William Christian Hansen - October 1, 2018

I am 90 yrs old and seen so much on the
rules and regulations, I have a feeling
we will change again as the world is
changing and growing. Thank you for
sharing information for me CHris

DAVID Abraham - October 1, 2018

Best wishes on the unanimous choice of you!
I want to ask what I can do as a resident of NYC (one of the most liberal areas in the USA) to help get conservative judges appointed for local, state, and especially federal positions.

Carlo Coura - October 1, 2018

Why Republicans are Cave In to the Evils Democrats?

Judy A B Jelbert - October 1, 2018

Best wishes to the new director.
Heritage impacts the status of our Republic! 🇺🇸 🌎
Keep America strong & free!

Dr Ray Fausner - October 1, 2018

Expert in mental illness. Need help to spread my knowledge how evil works and can be reduced to at least half. This alone is an accomplishment that I can guarantee.
See which is today a must or you will go nowhere in this ugly and wretchedness. I have 32 books our to obtain and about 8 others to be published,
Unique discoveries of the thought process with solutions. If I do not hear from you it proves what I have known for years evil collaborates. The resistance to my discoveries of the mind is horrific.
As expert in mental illness Dr Ford accuser should have had a study and investigation on her mental condition. She obviously to me has a very bad mental dilemma and possibly very serious. When the latter is proven to be true through questioning and a questionaire and I have even a two hundred questions that could be asked on my website killingEvil,com (the only real cure for mental is there)I can determine how mentally ill she most like is. Evil Democrats cannot recognize their own kind and in psychology projected their own mental inadequacies onto Brett Kavinaugh calling him evil. He expressed this at the hearing so well proving his full understanding the word evil as a great judge would. Judging is really only that which God can do thus it takes a wonderful man that we see in Brett Kavinaugh to be the perfect discovery for SCOTUS. Evil is threatend by Godliness as seen with Kavinaugh and Trump where their anger and hate is rampant. Call me for more as the expert in PsychoSpirituality. I can prov e what I am saying here in my writing of 4000 pages.

Richard Harvey - October 1, 2018

I’d like to know when we’re gonna quit dancing around the bush, and get the number one globalist and hater of our nation (not to mention financier of all things hatred) George Soros on his way packing… of course after seizing his assets. Maybe Tom Steyer could be an added ‘gimme’ since he hates our country too!

Robert Frederickson - October 1, 2018

Good Day. I don’t know you, but I hope your are a conservative and do a good job. As far as me, I am an ordinary every-day retire guy. On a fixed income. If I gave to every organization that wanted money, I’d be homeless. I give what I can. Yes I’m complaining to you because your the first that ever asked what I thought, and had a space for my reply. Plus, what the h*** can I do about the current situation except vote. I’m just One. Thousands of others will vote for the Idiot because he never stepped on their toes, so he must be a good guy. So, as Matt Bevin said, “We have a house of Lords.” So I guess I’m just along for the ride.

Curt Swanson - October 1, 2018

Congratulations Barb!
Do you support the Convention of states Project?

Frank Partee - October 1, 2018

Congratulations Ms. Van Andel-Gaby!
My question goes to the unprecedented rancor and bilious presentations expressed by the “drive-by media” against President Trump and all conservatives – what can Heritage do to bring more balance into our news? Even PBS, supported by conservative taxpayers, is terribly biased – does government have any means to require it, as a tax supported entity, to present both sides of issues?
Also, what about the dangerous hostility shown by Maxine Walters and her ilk toward the President and elected conservatives, that has led to personal attacks and confrontations at private homes and in restaurants. Is this the best we can do to protect decent people who are willing to serve their country? Shame on us! Must someone be murdered for their views before action is taken? Please – take this issue on.

Tom Haskin - October 17, 2018

Ms. Gaby , does the “reformation of the ‘Federal Budget’ ” have any correlation with the “Prime Cuts” program designed by ‘The Citizens Against Government Waste’ organization ? I, personally, feel this is one of the most important efforts needed in our government .
Thank you, Tom

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