Each month, the Department of Labor releases the job report; an analysis of how many jobs the economy created and the current rate of unemployment. Each month analysts are optimistic the job market is improving. And each month for the past few years, the economy disappoints.

May’s report reveals that unemployment rose to 8.2 percent and the economy created only 69,000 jobs. Facing these disappointing numbers, the Obama administration has yet to provide real solutions to improve the economy, while new threats like tax increases loom on the horizon.

The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Brownfield explains,

Even with millions of Americans unemployed, dismal job creation, an increasing unemployment rate and Europe sliding into a deep recession, President Obama is silent on the issue of stopping the United States from heading over a fiscal cliff. Absent any leadership from the White House, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has announced the House will vote in July to prevent tax rates from rising. The Senate should do likewise. There is time for Washington to take action, but that time is growing shorter with each passing day.

What do you think must be done to remedy these disappointing jobs numbers?

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Rita Sandor - June 1, 2012

The Conservative Movement needs to give American Business Owners and Unemployed Americans some
“HOPE- FOR A CHANGE” and do everything within our power to elect Governor Romney in November, 2012.

Jane Robbins - June 1, 2012

Replace Obama with Romney. Replace Obama with anyone.

Gregory Lunde - June 1, 2012

Several US Departments (Energy, Education, HHS, and EPA to begin with) need to be privatized and, at most, “vouchered” in order to be tested in the market place of ideas and public non-profit services. Retirement ages for receiving Social Security/Medicare benefits must match the original actuarial tables and be adjusted for present and future values.

Trudy O’Gorman - June 1, 2012

Make clear to the American people that Obama and the liberals of the Democratic party are now trying to blame their policy failures on the crisis in the EU, whose very policies they are emulating.

Mark Morton - June 1, 2012

STOP government deficit-spending; get the damn government off the back of business; replace the abomination-of-a-tax-code with the FairTax; close the EPA, Dept of Energy, Dept of Education; stop giving away BILLIONS in foreign aid; repeal obamacare; get govt. out of the way and let CAPITALISM come to life!
In short, close the damn government!

Jerry Carbone - June 1, 2012

Realistically, nothing can or will be done until after the next Congress convenes after the winter break. When this happens, it needs to be without Obama and without a spend-happy Congress. We will not see an increase in jobs numbers necessary enough to pull us out of the hole we are in until there is a road to stability set by proper leadership in both congress and the executive branch.

jay - June 1, 2012


Lou Winans - June 1, 2012

Social programs like welfare and “earned income credit” (an oxymoron) are just giveaway programs for which taxpayers get nothing in return. Since most of the recipients of those programs are able-bodied, why not spend that money (or most of it) on construction programs to repair and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure (bridges, sewage systems, etc.), giving jobs (and self-esteem) to the recipients and something in return to taxpayers for their money?

Virginia R. Lamb - June 1, 2012

Get rid of Obama in November. On the plus side, if this slow recovery continues it will not bode well for Obama.

A. R. Johnson - June 1, 2012

First impeach the president, Eric Holder and all czars. Most of thr democrats are progressive socialists, some republican too. Clearly identify them so the public can promptly vote them out of office. Shut down the IRS, NEA, HUD, EPA and use the savings to build up our military. Set up a flat tax that every citizen pays into. please get started now!

Jack McCoy - June 1, 2012

How about getting Obama away from his 6 fund raisers today, June 1, get his rear end back to Washington and meet with the leaders of both parties in the House and Senate, and come up with a plan to do something positive about this unemployment figure!!! Too bad Obama only learned about the fund raising and campaigning side of being President.

Dave Zornes - June 2, 2012

Thanks obama.He is to blame for it.His EPA gestapo have made our nations energy producers suffer greatly,his policies have destroyed the free market.Vote out obama and then the jobs will improve.

Eleanor Paar - June 2, 2012

Perhaps grocery store and restaurant owners in large cities could be persuaded to hire security patrol personnel for their parking lots. Breaking into parked cars is a crime that is spreading apparently.

So, how many jobs would that be?! Of course vetting all the applicants would be a major job….

Karen Foote - June 2, 2012

Obama must be a one term President. If Gov. Romney can become our next President, he needs to repeal all the Obama era rules made on small/medium businesses, The restrictions on the new oil development need to be replealed and the pipeline needs to be approved. We need to become energy independent from our enemies across the globe. These actions alone would help business to recover and look forward.

Ron Rasmussen - June 2, 2012

Less government intervention……lower taxes, fewer regulations and restrictions on business’. Allow the Open & Free Market System to run its course.

Chase Klinesteker - June 2, 2012

Emphasize that fraud and waste in Government needs to be eliminated and each Government board and buerocracy needs to be audited and reviewed each year for efficiency and effectiveness. Picking specific social programs to cut only gives the Democrats fodder for their attacks before the election.

ALAN H NIELSEN - June 2, 2012

The O administration is creating jobs in 2020 and needs to work on 2012. This is obvious when seeing where it wants to put funding and bailouts.

Robert Davidson - June 2, 2012

Work day and night to elect a Conservative Senate and elect a Republican President. Donate in support of those who will commit to a balanced budget amendment, to cut spending and to eliminate foreign aid to those countries who continue to demand our money and then vote 80 per cent of the time against us in the UN. Money doesn’t buy friends it just pays them to stab us in the back.

James V. Burnette - June 2, 2012

Businesses are just like our own financial situations. For every dollar we pay out for things like interest on loans, or buy things we want but don’t need and we let those things take the place of the things we should really be paying for, we get in trouble when those things take more money than we have coming in. Until businesses can unload all the unnecessary burdens of high taxes, unrealistic regulations and codes, unfair trade proctices, government setting of wages and their own mistakes in taking on too much we will never get businesses to operate in a sustainable mode.

Donald Bodle - June 3, 2012

Another FairTax supporter here. It would be the biggest job creation action possible from one bill.

Mary Jane Casablanca - June 3, 2012

TheSenate could pass the 30 bills that the House has passed, for starters, that would eliminate oppressive regulation, reduce taxes and other financial burdens. The Supreme Court should knock down Obamacare. And we should defeat Obama in November! Optimism and certainty would then return to the business community, and a new day will dawn in the USA!

Tom Bergum - June 4, 2012

I’m a small employer with 13 employees. Average wage 55,000. Full benefits. I paid taxes of 230,000 last year on total revenues of about 2 mil. If I could have retained that money in some fashion, I could have hired 2-3 more individuals. As it is I reinvested in the agency and hired two new individuals-one in sales and one in support. This against my better judgement because of the uncertainty in the economy and in President Obama’s negative business attitude. Many customers are sitting on the sidelines too, until they see what happens in November. If this president is fired and the Senate goes Republican, I expect exponential reinvestment by a large majority of the companies in this country.

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