Three years ago, the Obama administration predicted that its trillion-dollar “stimulus” program would keep the unemployment rate below eight percent and lead to a thriving economy.

But the March job report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was a bleak reminder of unrealized dreams. The figures showed an increase in employment, but the new-jobs numbers still fell 80,000 short of expectations. And the unemployment rate remains stubbornly above eight percent.

Heritage Foundation economist Rea Hederman comments on the disappointing report:

While the labor market has continued to improve, the state of the recovery is troubling and disappointing. Many workers simply have not re-entered the labor market, and as a result, the unemployment rate’s decline conceals the overall weakness. While jobs were added in March, job growth was much slower than earlier in the year, which indicates that a truly robust recovery has not yet taken hold.

What do you think? Is the economy recovering?

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Elisabeth Kennedy - April 12, 2012

The report is disappointing and definately true. A member of the family remains unemployed and has not returned to the workforce and no longer collects unemployment insurance.

Janet Carlson - April 12, 2012

You graphically have shut down President Obama’s falsehoods. Just look at the homes now owned by banks, the gas prices, the electric rates, and the increased costs of the groceries you buy – all now hurting the unemployed through no fault of their own. The economy in Maryland – lead by a Democrat governor – is not recovering.

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