Reporters at the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and Wall Street Journal are attacking The Daily Signal for their press access to the White House.

They are afraid The Daily Signal is providing an alternative to the usual left-wing or establishment media spin and are using their “mainstream” media influence to bully The Daily Signal.

And guess what? The Daily Signal does exist as an alternative to the mainstream media. They exist because you deserve the truth about what’s going on in Washington. You deserve the facts — not the liberal spin.

And no amount of bullying from the “mainstream” media is going to stop the work of The Daily Signal.

Read what The Daily Signal’s editor-in-chief, Rob Bluey, had to say about this.

‘What’s a legitimate news outlet?’

Apparently not The Daily Signal, if you believe the self-proclaimed arbiters of journalism who represent the “mainstream” media.

I have news for The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and any other media outlet that tries to bully us: We’re not going to be pushed around. And when it comes to covering the White House, we’re here to stay.

The Daily Signal’s work is supported by conservatives like you.

Let’s help them continue to provide exceptional coverage of Washington politics.

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john w w taylor - March 17, 2017

I read the daily signal everyday, and do not look at or watch any of the mainstream media news as they are so false, and misleading. I learned at the age of 12 about newspaper reporters when they did a story about me and a boxer that I was friends with, and how they distorted the truth about myself. I learned later on in life about how the news in america is under so much control of ” those in power” when watching a gay day parade in San Fran Cisco a number of years ago, and the mainstream news outlets only showed a certain segment of the ” harmless parade” that was taking place. When I watched the same parade on the CBN network it showed what was really going on in that parade. It was to say the least Disgusting. This was a time when the gays of America were trying to get there lifestyle excepted by all of America, and the mainstream media were doing all they could to help. I have watched the Mexican news channel over the years, and even though I don’t speak spanish, I have gotten more out of watching their channel than any of the American channels, with the exception of Fox news. Thank God that we have the Daily Signal to bring us what is Really going on in America. Keep up the Great work my fellow Patriots. Just another reason I donate every month to Heritage.

janice lewis - March 17, 2017

I am so glad they became aware of the Signal, they can help spread the word and let people know what a great organization we have. It is so sad to watch them try to take President Trump down, but he won’t let them and neither will we.

Robert Coulston - March 17, 2017

The mainstream media is going to fight tooth and nail to retain their perceived control over america we have to show them americans control america not the media !

Albert P. Bushey - March 17, 2017

The Washington Post and the Huffington Post haven’t been mainstream newspapers for many, many years. The Wall street Journal is trying to go extinct like the dinosaurs and it’s succeeding, big time. I used to subscribe, but now opt for the internet and make my own decisions. Maybe, just maybe, we will once again have balanced, truthful reporting, but please don’t hang while we are waiting. Your neck will be very, very long.

Edward Chastka - March 18, 2017

Control of the media and education are the foundations of leftist control of society. and this foundation is cracking. Their ability to control the narrative is being challenged; expect them to fight back viscously. As long as the internet remains free the truth can be heard, the next assault, already in progress, is to control access to the internet..

Howard Johnson - March 18, 2017

God Bless Heritage!! I love your work, your dedication and unrelenting pursuit of the truth. I want to encourage you all to never give up, never give in, be unrelenting and keep your spine of steel. May God bless and multiply your influence and resources.

Ron Yeary - March 19, 2017

This is actually very good news. If the Daily Signal wasn’t reporting informative news, the Lame Stream Media would ignore it.

Lulu Duyongco - March 25, 2017

I read your every e-mail every time I received them, its the only news I can trust, all though I do read Fox’s new too, but too much opinion being included instead just the facts, the rest of the network are worst, its bias, untrue/fake news, just terrible! control by evil spirit, so sad. Please continue to report the truth, guided by the Holy Spirit, God continue to Bless Heritage Foundation., Thank you.

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