Recently, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made clear what conservatives have long known: The Left is engaged in a highly orchestrated campaign to pack the court system with radically liberal judges to implement changes they can’t get elected members of Congress to pass.

Here’s what Schumer told a policy conference hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network:

My number one goal, should I become majority leader with your help, is to get a progressive Supreme Court. A progressive majority on the Supreme Court is an imperative, and if I become majority leader, I will make it happen.

Conservatives can stop this, either in the majority or by mounting a filibuster against liberal nominees. Liberals have a plan for that too: eliminate the filibuster.

Even though Republicans currently hold the Senate majority, that has not stopped liberals from gaining control of 70% of US appeals courts. This marks a significant shift, since liberals only controlled one of 13 circuit courts when Obama took office. 

And soon, the Senate may approve even more liberal judges, even though the practice has been to stop nominee approvals in the final months of a presidency. And liberals are even hoping to approve Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in a lame duck session of Congress after the election.

Why are liberals doing this? Because as Congress has abdicated its proper role of limiting the powers of the presidency, and as lawmakers now wait on the Supreme Court to decide controversial issues, the court system has become more powerful at creating new laws and curtailing constitutional rights. In fact, liberals are openly dreaming of a court that ends your second amendment rights, curtails religious freedom, and enacts new liberal policies on abortion, immigration, and labor unions.

Conservatives should defend the filibuster to block bad judges

Conservatives have warned for years about the dangers of removing the filibuster as an important check on the growth of government and the loss of freedom. Heritage President Jim DeMint explains four reasons to protect the filibuster

  1. Eliminating the filibuster this way won’t actually bring order to the Senate.
  2. Eliminating the filibuster will create a class of “super senators”—and second-class senators.  
  3. Nobody is in the majority forever.
  4. Getting rid of the filibuster enables favor-trading and backroom deals

The stakes are high in the filibuster fight. Heritage scholars John Malcolm and Tiffany Bates recently warned that the future of the courts may be up to the next president and the next Senate to decide:

On the day our next president takes the oath of office, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be 83, Anthony Kennedy (long considered the pivotal swing vote on the court) will be 80, and Stephen Breyer will be 78 years. All three have already exceeded the average life expectancy for men and women in this country. Other courts are at stake, as well.

Heritage also just released a new pamphlet you can download, SUPREME CONSEQUENCES: How A President’s Bad Judicial Appointments Threaten Your Liberty”. It includes information on how the left has used the court system to ram through an unpopular agenda they couldn’t get Congress to pass and how conservatives can approach these issues.

What do you think the conservative response to this attack on the courts should be?

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Roland Schutz - September 30, 2016

Hold your nose and vote for Trump

Steve and Robyn Schmal - September 30, 2016


Tom O’Grady - September 30, 2016

While there is still an option to do so, block the appointment of radical leftist judges to fill lower court vacancies. Let only “moderate” judges (nonpartisan) appointments be advanced.

William Parker - September 30, 2016

What I think does not matter to elected Republicans. They will sit on their rears and Protect their gravy train in congress. Oh how this nation needs some honest representation with fortitude and morals

RICHARD ROGERS - September 30, 2016

Developer some “What if” scenarios for conservative candidates to use to emphasize the importance of decisions the Supremes could make.

Lavon B Voyles - September 30, 2016

I am just sick of the Republicans, they have let him have his way for 8 years. Of course I hate the Dem’s, but they have a strategy, the GOP has no plan, they get paid a helluva lot of money, and do nothing. Now we have all of these refugees coming to America, and they get all of these benefits, and that is money we don’t have, then Paul Ryan want’s to start cutting SS and other benefits we have worked all of our lives for. I am 76 years old and the National Debt is 20 trillion. Washington is out of control. I’m an old man, but what about my kids and grand kids??? Yours also.!!! Hillary want’s tax inheritance at 65%. Out of control…

William R Urtel - September 30, 2016

The people who should hold their noses are those who will vote for Hillary. If elected she will be by far the most corrupt candidate ever elected to the office of President. Please vote Trump.

Bonnie Smith - September 30, 2016

We are so far from the vision of
Our founding fathers . Just not
Sure we would ever recover from
a liberal Supreme Court .
Pray .

Thomas Mitchell - September 30, 2016

Whenever an individual or group is engaged in acts thag are destructive to the benefit or greatet good of all concerned, that source and facts if the destructive act should be communicated yo all (that’s ALL) in all groups involved, and all at the SAME TIME. That will result in the destructive source blowing off from further oarticipation. This is very seldom done, as it us not widely known, but actually works. The important thing is to DO it and not disregarded in an apathy of neglect or misguided emotional rage.

J A Ryan - September 30, 2016

We should do every thing we can to avoid a liberal Supreme Court.
We must see that our house and senate elect moderate people to represent us, so that, we no longer have do nothing people, but those that will truly meet the needs of our failing government and fill the needs of the people of this country.

James P. Smith, Sr - September 30, 2016

It should be actions – not just more empty words embedded in promises not kept. We need to keep control of Congress in Republican hands.
1) publish a list of campaign races of Senate and House candidates that are close and need funding. (I personally will not support the RNC – I don’t trust the leaders – to spend the $ to support campaigns. But I will support individual campaigners.)
2) Work honestly to regain the trust of Conservative Republicans.
3) Fight to support Conservative judge choice for SCOTUS. Don’t let Dems in Congress destroy Republican choices for SCOTUS judges candidates.

Gary Aubuchon - September 30, 2016

Sentor Chuck Schumer or anyone
Pr 27:1 ¶ Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Andrew J. Copassaki - September 30, 2016

Donald Trump must win or spineless Congress will cave and we will pay the price for decades

Morris Weyers - September 30, 2016

A Republican Senate majority has the power to prevent appointment of liberal judges if it had the will. As long as McConnell is Majority Leader it is unlikely that the Senate will follow the wishes of the voters that sent them to Washington.

Margaret Smetana - September 30, 2016

The conservative senators should vote against any liberal Supreme Court nominee

Larry zunino - September 30, 2016

Duh! Elect Trump!!!!

Robert Green - September 30, 2016

I am tired of the actions which are counter to the fact that We The People have been screwed since the 1871 Congress. If you haven’t yet seen that we are being governed by a private corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, a private corporation!
It does not represent us and hasn’t since that Congress sold out their constituents. Great Britain refer’s Washington DC as theirs; so stated by Queen Elizabeth II a couple of months ago when interviewed. The way Obama issues his decrees without the consent of Congress should tell you that much. I can’t believe the ignorance of the general public, lat alone those heavily involved in what is happening today. The other question is: Is Congress really ours? .

Donna Kinney - September 30, 2016

We need to elect Donald Trump as President. He will make sure we have conservative Supreme Court Judges. If Hillary gets it then we won’t have a country anymore.

Jane Lee Hamman - September 30, 2016

All of us need to work very hard now and through the very last minute of the Lame Duck session so that NO Supreme Court or federal appointments are approved by the Senate. The next administration should submit its own nominees.

William Rogers - September 30, 2016

As long as we have a Republican Congress that is more interested in their own welfare and not the country, we’re in deep trouble. A liberal supreme court will cause a revolution by overturning the second amendment.

Patricia Gillenwater - September 30, 2016

Elect Donald J. Trump and at least we have a chance to stop the liberal justices at the Supreme Court.

Ron Ferrell - September 30, 2016

Remove McConnell from the Senate majority leader position and replace with a true conservative. If Republicans maintain a majority in the senate, then at least we have a chance. It really is time for term limits, we wouldn’t be discussing McConnell or Schumer.

Kathleen Trudeau - September 30, 2016

Our ELECTED Republican Congressmen and Senators have also forgotten who they serve. It’s up to us to put pressure on them to stop the appointment of leftist judges. And we need all Americans to vote – for Trump.

Richard E Strzepek - September 30, 2016

Republican Senators and Congressmen with the Majority Leaders in both houses should have the guts to stand up for principals that made America what it stands for, The media will never like us, the progressives will never like us, but guess what the majority of Americans believe in the principals the founding fathers espoused in creating this crazy experiment call the United States of America. We need leaders with backbone who will not wilt at the least bit of negative press.

Marc Taylor - September 30, 2016

Establishment Republicans won’t do anything based upon past performance. But then you said what can Conservatives do. Elect Trump!

Edith Daniels - September 30, 2016

Supreme Court” justices are to make decisions defending the Constitution and laws, not make the laws as they did in Roe v Wade and when they legalized “gay marriages”.

Dale Kimball - September 30, 2016

The founders had an idea that someday this would happen so they wrote the constitution, not without resistance from the liberals at that time, so that there were checks and balances and no one could easily take over and rule the nation. Conservatives will not let their plan succeed with out a fight. Thank God for Charles Grassley Senate judiciary committee chair.

Vic razze - September 30, 2016

Excellent question…..especially since the Republican leadership of late seems to lack the determination required to remain true to conservative values.

Fr. David Cottle - September 30, 2016

I really believe our hope and prayers must be placed in Donald J. Trump’s election. Having read his books and understanding his Christian roots, it is my considered opinion that like Ronald Reagan he can lead us out of the morass that has been placed upon our future by the unprincipled people that have brought us to this sad state. This election is the time that tries men’s (and women’s) souls!

Robert Houck - September 30, 2016

I support a list of Senate and House races
that need funding. If we all contribute something for the next two months, it should make a difference.I presently support candidates recommended by the Senate Conservative Fund, and the House Freedom caucus. Any other suggestions.

Ginger - September 30, 2016

elect Trump

Ted Beatty - September 30, 2016

Win this election

john palumbo - September 30, 2016

God help us if Schumer is successful. Vote Trump. Only answer.

Timothy Gilbert - September 30, 2016

Good gracious, we as an electorate did our job to elect republicans who campaigned to rein in this progressive, liberal even radically communistic regime. We gave them the majority in both houses, and they gave us the middle finger! I am pissed at this occurence as much or more as I am about the success of Barack Hussein Obama’s radical agenda! These jackholes yuked it up and threw in for kissing Obama’s ass! Now they are hell bent on dissolving every conservative effort and candidate we can muster to elect.
We must educate the masses on the movement for Article V, the Convention of States, and not allow any possibility of jeopardizing it’s success.
Even if we elect Trump, that is no guarantee he will abide by his word in the few conservative issues he says he supports. We are on the verge of complete Constitutional destruction. We have been bombarded with endless devastation from the left, and Obama is ramping up his efforts with four more months still left. Reagan set the example. It is absolutely a disgrace that this, our “shining city on the hill” has but a few dim lights left to burn. Mitch McConnell and his kind have to be repealed. These clowns are cowards and deserve to be shown the door. Article V and a lot of prayer, people!

Charles R Gaddy - September 30, 2016

Stop aging Senators John McCain III (AZ) and Lindsay Graham (SC) and ‘rubber stamping’ every progressive, Communist, Liberal person nominated by all Liberal Presidents–Democrat and/or Republican–and deny confirmation for any Federal potential judge that is not, first and foremost, a Constitutionalist, both in words (sworn testimony) and past deeds!

Stuart Hough - September 30, 2016

If the Republican majority holds, and Mrs. Clinton finds a way to be elected, then the Senate should put a moratorium on any candidate review. Then the population should demand a Congress Of States, and push through term limits to get the rest of the career politicians out, so more pragmatic Senators and Representatives can be elected to do the bidding of the people.

Richmond Nunn - September 30, 2016

Schumer has been a constant pain in the rear for all conservatives for much too long..Isn’t there some way that he can be voted out in the upcoming election? Isn’t there a Republican who can count the votes in his state, like Soros and the left do?

Charles R Gaddy - September 30, 2016

By the way, though Supreme Court Judges are nominated for life, there should be a ‘time out’ clause, say after ten (10) years on the bench, a re-affirmation based on the Constitutionality of their sitting Supreme Court decisions. A simple majority (50 plus one) Senate vote for confirmation of continued SCOTUS tenure–or not!

Jack Davis - September 30, 2016

I been talking to people who think we’re not facing a dangerous way of government.
The problem people are listinening to the liberal media and believing there lies or not even paying attention to what is going on.
As a Christian I’m amazed at the attitude of church members. If they think we have chosen the wrong person they should have voted in the primaries.
Christians should be fearfull of consequence if we keep getting progressive judges.

Mary Shively - September 30, 2016

It is time for Mr. Chuck Shumer to retire and move aside for a younger person. He is one of the politicals who have been around way too long. This country needs to move Conservatively or there won’t be the USA as we know it. We do not want “globalism” and we want to get back to strictly following the Constitution. Our Founders were no dummies–they foresaw what “out of control” politicians would/could/might do.

Alice Lammonds - September 30, 2016

Three important things: 1) Let the few in Congress that are standing strong know it is noticed, appreciated and we support them, loudly and proudly!. 2) Work hard at the state and local levels to get as many Constitutiona Conservatives into as many offices as we can. 3) Support the Article V Convention of States movement and don’t let Congress highjack it!! Our Founders, in their wisdom and common sense, gave us this option for a time such as this.

Janet Scaruffi - September 30, 2016

Keep him from becoming Majority Leader and have IRS go after al Sharpton for all those back taxes. No true conservative should send a penny to RNC. The R is for Rhino. I agree with what James P. Smith said on 9/30/16

rozell - September 30, 2016

America is a Republic !

Come Holy Spirit give us Strenght !

Andrea Bender - September 30, 2016

I have personally found that this is more than a battle on planet earth to be President. This is spiritual warfare! God is answering the prayers of many but the battle is incredibly fierce and deceptive! So PRAYER is huge!
Yesterday I got into a conversation with a store cashier about Trump. At age 20, she was worried about just surviving, should Hillary be elected. We both agreed that voting was not an option. So SPEAKING UP and VOTING are two more things conservatives can do.
Seems like news headlines change every day, right? So conservatives owe extra attention to the intricacies of the multi-faceted battle before us, at the least, until election day is behind us. Being INTELLIGENTLY INFORMED should describe us conservatives.
All year I have made it a point to answer surveys and write texts to governmental leaders about issues I feel strongly about, even Donald Trump himself! Any conservative can TEXT, EMAIL or be active on SOCIAL WEBSITES.

Lois Watson - September 30, 2016

If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will nominate Barack Obama for the Supreme Court.

Barry Age - September 30, 2016

This is in lock step with the progressive Republicans and they will bend over as they usually do. I support Conservative Constitutionalists that want to save the Constitution, not rewrite it. I gave up on the Republicans a long time ago until they grow some guts.

Billie Jo Amato - October 1, 2016

Stop the liberals!

Russ Weston - October 1, 2016

Let Trump take the blame–it costs nothing and the supreme court is running the country due legislators that have been in office too long to make a decision and let the president ignore the laws and the job of the executive branch.
Ronald Reagan had it right when he said there is no left or right only up and down.

Tim Risher - October 1, 2016

Senate should consent to Constitutionalist/originalist judges only.

David Millikan - October 1, 2016

Our country cannot afford an ALL left leaning US Supreme Court. Our US Supreme Court was design by our Constitution and should remain as such…totally neutral except for cases it may hear and then make a legal decision on each case accordingly.

James Phetteplace - October 1, 2016

With so much at stake in these United States we should stand with the constitutionalists who are running for office this cycle. And push to have a convention of States as someone suggested. The convention is the last Avenue we the people have to take back our country barring armed insurrection. God help us indeed!

Robert Sevier - October 1, 2016

We need to get the GOP and Trump to make this position re the Supreme Court clear in their platform ( what platform? – if they have one at all, it’s less than clear) and we need to get this message directly and independent of the GOP to the populace as well.

Armand Carreau - October 1, 2016

The most important element is our schools and re-education of our citizens. We simply cannot have students and citizens believing the Supreme Court’s opinion is “the law of the land” when it is no more than an opinion offered by the court in a particular case. Not until Congress takes that opinion under advisement and legislates it, does it become “the law of the land”. And even then, both Congress and the Court are limited to the Enumerated Powers and the Court is further limited to the kinds of cases listed in Article III, Section 2.
We the People must understand our Constitution if we are to survive. We must understand when it is being violated, when our Rights are under attack, when the Feds are overreaching their authority, and when a law is immoral, incomprehensible, or unconstitutional and stand to protest loud and clear.
If that is not enough, our State Governors should interpose and nullify these laws; if he/she will not, then our County Sheriff should do what the Governor will not. If no official will act, the community and even individuals can enact civil disobedience.
Citizens have two civic duties in a Republic; vote smart, and keep our government within their Constitutional boundaries. We have the only government where We the People can call our officials out, and 50 Sovereign States can nullify any unconstitutional act. We just don’t know that!

Robert Land - October 1, 2016

Circulate a petition to be signed by Heritage members and everyone they know that sends a clear message to Mitch McConnell:
1. Any republican senator that votes to confirm a liberal Supreme Court or lower court justice does so at their own peril.
2. Ensure that the filibuster is preserved and in the event we lose control of the senate, the minority leader will be held accountable if it is not used to prevent confirmation of any liberal Supreme Court or lower court justice.

Don Pascucci - October 1, 2016

The training of staffers a most excellent response to Left’s aggression.
I am troubled about the tone of your Daily Signal and some of the writing.
Ben Shapiro’s analysis of issues is brilliant and pointed but the delivery is too combative.
Trey Gowdy said in a speech at Liberty, “We don’t win anyone over by insulting them. They just dig their heels in on their position.”
Not many people more forceful than T Gowdy.
Reagan also called the Liberals “our well meaning Liberal friends” and went on to powerfully state the case for peace through strength
I’m in MA and surrounded and they are mostly well meaning, our Dem brothers and sisters..
PLEASE…consider this thought.
Secondly, we need to tell conservative truths coupled with some video and emotion, not contrived but genuine, to win people over. Facts alone can overload people but stories and visuals are remembered.
I think TV adds would be a good way to reach people with this or a website without overt political titles so many would watch the videos.
Keep up good work. Do an organizational self assessment concerning vitriol and purge it.
All the best, Don

Cloyd Laughlin - October 1, 2016

I agree

David E. Giffin - October 1, 2016

We need someone who has the guts to make changes financially, politically and socially. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know when to hold and when to fold issues – Donald Trump. You need to keep the pressure on the congress, etc. via your FOIA efforts helping us see what is not being shared. It is a real battle, so keep up the good fight.

Robert McWain - October 1, 2016

Could be the end of Republican Party.

Dale Berge - October 1, 2016

The judicial branch is already controlled by liberal judges and if we lose the Supreme Court, conservatism is dead. We can’t let this happen so get every one you know to get out and vote the issues, not personality.

Cathy - October 1, 2016

Keep your principles. It’s the only thing that seperates you from the progressives.
Don’t be a Red Dog Republican because it just makes you the same as the other side.

Vincent Sabatino, Jr. - October 1, 2016

Elect conservatives to both houses of congress.

Phillip J. Sloan - October 1, 2016

Public hangings come to mind…..We have surrounded ourselves with a traitorous herd of elitest thinking thieves and sundry other scoundrels and they must be removed from office while “we the people” still have an office to remove them from.

Don Kirchoff - October 1, 2016

If you have had enough with an imperial president who does not feel restrained by the constitution…then think again. Voters must take control by rejecting establishment, progressive politicians.

A.D. Rickerson - October 1, 2016

Washington warned us about political parties & the danger of partisan politics.The founders also warned about making public service too profitable…this would draw self-serving unprincipled types to public office. The Constitution is the best system of govt. ever created by man. We are in danger of losing our Republic.

howard shamblin - October 1, 2016

What has happened to the oath we X-military and all Government office holders took when we swore to defend the Constitution of the United States from foreign and domestic enemies, the Left is now in that vein of enemies.

Lawrence Widick - October 1, 2016

Every effort needs to be made to block any liberal nominee for the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, I it doesn’t appear that our politicians that are supposed to be the conservative leaders have the interest of the people at heart and will only do that which will protect their own personal little empire of power.

Eugenia Obrecht - October 1, 2016

OF course, we need Congress to block the appointment of liberal judges, especially to the Supreme Court. But we also need to legislate Term Limits. Justices should not be appointed for LIFE! and we, the people should get to vote approval on their appointment.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - October 1, 2016

Conservatives need to vote for the GOP campaign platform, to keep control of the Congress, and to regain control of the Executive branch.

Eugenia Obrecht - October 1, 2016

Of course, Congress should not approve the appointment of Liberal Judges. But we also need legislation for Term Limits. Justices should not be appointed for LIFE.
And we, the people should have the right to vote on their appointment.

H J Raehn - October 1, 2016

Observation: The drift away from our heritage is being permitted by people who really don’t care enough to get involved. 4,000,000 Republicans did not vote in the 2012 election which, had they voted, would have changed the direction of the country.
Action: (1) In addition to praying that God will raise up a mighty opposition against the forces that want to take the country in an ungodly direction, (2) persuade as many as possible to vote for Republicans in November and (3) to strongly encourage those in your sphere of influence to join the Heritage Sentinel program to hold our congressional representatives accountable in order to restore the balance of power as designed by the Constitution.

Eugenia Obrecht - October 1, 2016

Of course Congress should never vote to appoint Liberal Judges, but the RINOS are too cowardly to vote against. Also, we need legislation for TERM LIMITS, not only for Supreme Court Justices, who should never be appointed for LIFE. , but also for members of Congress.

Glenn - October 1, 2016

Dust off the Constitution and start using it.

Patricia - October 1, 2016


David Lopez - October 1, 2016

Conservatives should and MUSTblock all nominations that do not support the Constitution and put their own interpretations instead of following the intent of the original writers.

David Lopez - October 1, 2016

Conservatives have given up on the public that elected them to do the right things. they need to grow some internal fortitude to get back to what should be done..Mandatory term limits would eliminate a lot of worrying about being re-elected.

David Lopez - October 1, 2016

Congress must be stopped on paying themselves and giving raises to their pay.
That should be a job for the people that elected them to approve on Natioanal elections. Their pay should be capped at no more than 100K annualy

Virginia Norton - October 1, 2016

Vote for Trump and your Republican candidates! And pray they win. The liberal Democrats are hell bent on ruining this country (at all costs).

Ray Brassard - October 1, 2016

I am supporting the Convention of States to take back our government. We can no longer trust anyone in the government to do what is necessary to get our country back to the values of the Constitution.
They are only interested in the power of their office and what it can do to line their own pockets. I am totally disgusted with our political appointees. I can’t vote for lying Hillary so I am forced to vote for the better of two evils.

Judith Jones - October 1, 2016

Well what do those morons who get …
ELECTED do aside from sitting on their
rear end & pretending to be whatever
they are while playing multi-millionaires?
We’ve not had a “Congress” since 1980
something. I’m gonna miss the USA
when it is no more.

William R Roberts - October 1, 2016

Hertiage needs to endorse Donald Trump. Might not be the most conservative but much better than Clinton and Heritage will share a part of the blame for a Trump lost and conservative organizations like Heritage will be of no value.

Donald W. Collins - October 1, 2016

I am surprised that conservatives not realized that the progressives have been loading up the lower courts with progressive attorneys for years, thanks to their multi billionaire supporter ! He has been supporting them for years, but the liberal media seldom tells the public about him !

Irene Wright - October 1, 2016

Vote only for candidates who will commit to supporting the Supreme Court and the Constitution

Ray Moyers - October 1, 2016

Some terrific responses already. I just want to reiterate that we have to elect Trump if this country is going to survive as a democracy. We must turn Washington inside out and expose the corruption on both sides of the aisle. Term limits for congress would be a great first step. Also, Congress must abide by the same laws and regulations as us commoners. Mandatory retirement for Supreme Court justices at age 70. And, Trump has to nominate conservative judges not only for the Supreme Court, but all the way down the line in the federal court system. He must also cancel the long list of executive orders that Obama signed and overturn Obamacare. No negotiating with the Democrats. We must find Republican legislators who are not afraid to stand up and fight for the rights of the people instead of lining their pockets and constantly spending their time campaigning for re-election. Critical, critical election for America.

Eric Dietrich-Berryman - October 1, 2016

All true and contributes to the dangers of a Clinton presidency.

But the Republican candidate is so grotesquely unqualified by education, personality, instinct and the absence of good sense that we have no hope whatever of stopping Clinton’s win in November.

My disenchantment with the Republican hierarchy for permitting the likes of Trump to be its standard bearer moves me to resign from the Party and go Independent but conservative in the years ahead. And hope for better times.

Mary Barker - October 1, 2016

Vote Trump

Steve Rauen - October 1, 2016

Put Schumer’s own words before the “base” of the GOP (actual conservatives). That the composition of the SCOTUS is of such huge importance won’t be lost on any thinking conservative. Trump has already named several excellent potential appointees, none of whom will show up on an HRC list! That’s a stark difference, Americans!

Bob Minnis - October 1, 2016

It is imperative I believe to elect Trump but short of that we must keep a republican senate.
I also believe that at some point, we should think about forming a coalition of wealthy investors to purchase control of one of the major tv networks. Generations have passed through a very liberal educational system. Public news/editorializing passes through these networks and reinforces liberal ideology.
Just a thought.

Donald L. Cline - October 1, 2016

Schumer: I think the response should be a call for Schumer’s recall and prosecution for perjuring his oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Dr. Sam S. Snyder - October 1, 2016

Like the Judiciary Committee has done with Obama’ s last appointment, block!

Richard O. Werlein - October 1, 2016

Speaking as a lawyer, (1) push the urgent need for a “convention of the states,” as each state’s legislature meets. Some 8 states have already enacted resolutions to that effect. (2) Add a provision to the Federal and each state’s Constitutions for a 2-term limitation for ALL OFFICEHOLDERS AND APPOINTEES (mayor, school districts, water districts, & other boards, etc., but with the right to run for a differ-
ent office). (3) Add another provision to the Fed.Constitution that all statutory laws, ordinances, executive orders, and case laws-interpretations expire 25 years after enactment, become ineffective as precedent, must be specifically re-enacted (if desired), & can’t be re-written by incorporation of the old law.

William Layton - October 1, 2016

Suggestions for Heritage: Take an even stronger public stand by providing conservative-leaning members of Congress with specific facts, figures and campaign strategies and platforms for defeating left-wingers. Extend those actions into our educational systems, where liberal teachers are corrupting the minds of our children.

Jim Drake - October 1, 2016

A liberal Supreme Court would guarantee the end of the constitutional republic our Founders gave us..

Stan beachy - October 1, 2016

Get out the vote in November!!!

Woodrow E. Walton - October 1, 2016

We need to “stiffen” our backs as conservatives and as Roland Schutz suggests “hold our noses” and vote for Trump. But that is not the best of options. I have long believed that petitions to Congress are ineffective as they reflect separate conservative protests without any united thrust to them. To make the Senators and Representatives answerable to the greater public and solidly withstand the so-called “progressives” who are snakes in the grass is critical at this stage and requires more than just petitions.

Woodrow E. Walton - October 1, 2016

Conservatives should present an united front with a strong agenda lined out. Heritage Foundation could also work in tandem with Judicial Watch and The American Center for Law and Justice headed by Jay Sekulow and together put “extreme” pressure upon Congress.

Ruth Huber - October 1, 2016

I hope and trust that conservatives will not
be afraid to show what they believe and
that they will do what is needed!

robert coulston - October 1, 2016

i intend to vote for wendy long… schumer is running for reelection

Mary Santomauro - October 1, 2016

Kick Schumer et all the cohorts outta office!!!

They are interested in self improvement not in serving we, the people!

Christa G. Percopo - October 1, 2016

Agree with Tom O’Grady! Let’s get a moderate in before it is too late!

Scott Hendrie - October 1, 2016

Pray for this country, that God would grant Mercy to us and that the hearts of the people of America would turn to God and away from wickedness!
Vote for Donald Trump. Given that anyone who understands and believes in the founding of this country knows that Hillary Clinton will nominate tyrants to the Supreme Court while Donald Trump has already released a list of individuals who seem to understand the U.S. Constitution and will defend this country in that role.
In the event that Hillary Clinton is elected, the Conservative response will have to be to do everything possible to block her nominees and reveal to the American public what these nominees are and have done and would do…such that her nominee(s) are “Borked” and she has to nominate reasonable jurists. (Remember, the next President will likely nominate FOUR justices!)

Christa Ohlich - October 1, 2016

Liberal Supreme Court?
Our country cannot recover then,
It has moved too far left already.
But fight for what’s right we must.
And pray much

William Maday - October 2, 2016

Schumer is not without SIN. Hackers (and other “Professionals”) could find PLENTY to discredit this evil man.

Norann - October 2, 2016

Vote for following our Constitution.
Vote for following our Bill of Rights.
Vote for maintaining our Nation’s security.
Vote for protecting our religious freedoms but never offer protection for hateful ideologies.
Vote against our current dishonest Executive Branch.
Vote against our corrupt Judicial Branch.
Vote for the selection of conservative Supreme Court Judges who honor our Constitution.
Vote against our biased and corrupt FBI.
Vote against the corrupt CIA.
Vote against the corrupt IRS.
Vote against the corrupt NSA. They have always had all of Hillary’s emails.
Vote against Climate Change lies.
Vote against Congressional corruption.
Take our great county back from the corrupt cronies in our Government. Follow the money.
VOTE FOR DONALD J. TRUMP and pray for him. He has a lot of work to do.

Sharon Widell - October 2, 2016

The role of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution. It has become a political arena of both parties and needs to be an independent court defined by integrity and a desire to defend and protect the intention of our founding fathers. Everything is political and our Congress is owned by each party doing what is best for the party and not the American People. Sad!!

Raquel Feigenbutz - October 2, 2016

I think the most effective way to challenge unconstitutional laws or regulations is:
1) peaceful civil disobedience to unconstitutional laws or regulations, despite the personal cost
2) carry a pocket hard copy of our Declaration of Independence and constitution and point out to anyone attempting to force us to give up our constitutional rights and civil liberties that our constitution is still the supreme law of the land and any law or regulation that runs to its counter is unlawful
3) officially challenge unconstitutional laws they the courts and demand a trial by jury and then use jury nullification to overturn unconstitutional laws
4) in spite of the personal cost, declare no taxation without representation and refuse to pay our taxes, most especially if the Hyde ammendment is overturned, based on our right to worship freely
5) our oath keepers need to disobey unconstitutional directives and hold their positions so that they cannot be backfilled with Islamists who are not loyal to our constituti turn
6) if worse comes to worse we can secede from the nation, declare a new national capital based in TX, which has not signed away it’s legal right to secede – we should not move from where we’ve been planted but simply declare our citizenship to be to an intact constitutional republic. I call this WEXIT. If half of this nation wants to toss out our constitution and the civil liberties it protects, so be it. Let them. We can WEXIT and rebuild it and pay our tax dollars accordingly to our new federal structure based in TX.

Lincoln Craighead - October 2, 2016

There should be an effort in Congress & Senate to organize members in opposition to Schumer’s influence.

Ray Simmons - October 2, 2016

We have elected too many RINOS (republicans in name only) to the Senate (and to the House). Voters must be aware of the true character of the man (or woman) for whom they are voting. This seems to be an essential impossibility for most voters these days. The absence of a REAL Free Press is the main contributing factor here. The election of Trump to the presidency is a giant step in the right direction, but even he will need much help from the Congress to shift the tide.

John Troppina - October 2, 2016

Get out and vote for

Stephen Palmer - October 2, 2016

The founders never intended to make the the Supreme Court a politically based set of judges. Rather a Constitutional based Supreme Court. The idea that Potus can put in judges who favour their “side” of issues is very offending to we who believe that The Constitution and Bill of Rights is the supreme Law of the Land.

LeAnne Tillar - October 2, 2016

Prayer is a good first thing. And next should be putting out ads explainingvhow critical it is, and why, to appoint constitutional-minded justices. Not progressive-minded minions.

william gruble - October 2, 2016


Charles Rink - October 2, 2016

They should demand Conservatism from House and Senate (repubs) through and through. No more RINO BS. The enemy are democrats, liberalism, atheism, all aligned against the constitution/country. And right now they are winning. A Clinton president will secure our end. Old guard repubs are hiding under their desks doing more damage than good. Support the party candidate LIKE HIM OR NOT !!!

Connie Storey - October 2, 2016

Support candidates for House and Senate who are true conservatives. Do not support the RNC.
If Hillary gets in, then we are in for some rough years ahead, maybe the end of USA and freedom as we have known it.

Henry C. Holder - October 3, 2016

Republican Senate and House members should get out and support Donald Trump for President and work hard to maintain a majority in both Houses. If they don’t we will butcher the Constitution and bring living as found in Europe. Depolorable!

Robert Sonnelitter - October 3, 2016

1) Vote for Trump. Trump’s platform includes a lot of conservative priorities. A partial conservative is better than no conservative.
2) Make the New York State voters more aware that Schumer wants to throw out the constitution and throw out freedom with it.
3) Get the Republican Senators to kick McConnell out of his position. He is a RINO and God knows what else.
4) Get as many Senators as possible to recognize that Schumer wants to throw out the constitution.

Jerry Metcalf - October 3, 2016

Block all democratic nominees

CHARLES MCRAE, SR. - October 3, 2016

The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest federal court of the United States. Established pursuant to Article III of the United States Constitution in 1789, it has ultimate (and largely discretionary) appellate jurisdiction over all federal courts and over state court cases involving issues of federal law, plus original jurisdiction over a small range of cases. In the legal system of the United States, the Supreme Court is the final interpreter of federal constitutional law, although it may only act within the context of a case in which it has jurisdiction.
The liberal Democrats want to undermine the very definition of the SCOTUS shown above. They are the apostles of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who advocate that the SCOTUS should be “politicians in robes’. Every president takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. The progressive movement views the Constitution as a basis from which to deviate. To turn the SCOTUS into a progressive group of lawyers would be the most Un-American politically driven event that has happened to this country since 1789.

Elsie Cramer - October 3, 2016

Tell Schumer “Hell no!” Vote!!

JOHN EMMI - October 4, 2016

How about this? Move the DOJ into the House of representatives. Rather than allow the Scotus to be final arbator of legislative law; all decisions regarding legislative law should go back to the Congress for an up or down vote without debate. Approval or disapproval would be decided by a combined simple majority vote of the House and Senate. DOJ selection would still be made by the POTUS but approval would majority vote by States Governors; a tie vote would go to the House for an up or down vote.

Lloyd E. “Ed” Tolley - October 4, 2016

Unfortunately, too many people in the Congress are ignorant of the information contained in the Federalists Papers and the reasons why the US Constitution was written as it was. Even worse, the general public has very little knowledge of the Papers’ content and meaning. In my lifetime (I’m 80) I’ve witnessed the actions of the Supreme Court and wondered just how several decisions were justified. I’m an engineer and, by nature, things have to be structurally sound otherwise things may come crashing down. We are seeing our nation being structurally decimated, militarily weakened, and morally diseased through the results of decisions of “progressive” jurists. Peggy Noonan had a piece in the WSJ October 1-2, page A11, titled “The Politics of “The Shallows”, that I believe accurately defines a major problem of many people as a “skin deep” knowledge of the foundation of the country, the history, the values, and what makes for good governance. My concern is “where are good judges as I would define them?”

MJ. Burgess - October 4, 2016

May it never be! We must pray for conservative leaders in government to maintain some semblance of the nation our founders created for us that respects the Constitution. Clean house in all of national government would help. As for honesty in politics, our leaders are a reflection of those who put them into power. Pray and teach your children the truth…and vote!

Norma Link - October 4, 2016

I agree with the comments posted here. What we really need is term limits.

Mike Horey - October 4, 2016

First of all, I’m confused as to why Al Sharpton isn’t in prison for tax evasion? (oh, I forgot, he’s one of Obama’s advisers) We the people have lost to the elected few! We can no longer find people who can be elected to replace the elitists who are in charge, Reid, Pelosi, Murray, Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, etc., etc., etc.. All great nations in history collapsed when the people only had to parties to chose between! We need term limits! We need to get rid of the lobby system that is so corrupting! Above all else we need a Supreme Court that is unbiased and rules by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the benefit of all citizens!

Roger Bergmeier - October 5, 2016

Mr. Schummer seems to think there will be a Democrat President. He also assumes he would have a super majority that could shove a liberal nominee down our throats. He also assumes he will be re-elected next month. That’s why we should all support Wendy Long for Schummer’s seat in the Senate.

Roger B.

Ken Yockey - October 11, 2016

Publish the comment in all the news media
that will take it. The many uninformed might actually care about being led down the liberal / progressive path without a say in the matter.

John Algeo - October 12, 2016

We need to appoint a Right-leaning Supreme to restore balance on the court. I haven’t done much shooting in recent years, but I’m not prepared to hand over my firearms.

John Algeo - October 26, 2016

This is of course impossible, but it would be an improvement if all typesetting equipment could be modified to replace the word “progressive” when used in a political policy context with “liberal”.

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