Heritage experts are laying out a September action plan for Congress as they come back from their August recess. This is part of Heritage’s commitment to educating and focusing Congress on critical issues like tax reform, spending cuts, and federal program reforms.

This plan lays out clear recommendations for Congress to address during September.

With only 12 legislative days to work, Congress must stay focused to meet the numerous deadlines on September 30th.

Read Heritage’s plan that provides a clear blueprint for getting the critical issues accomplished >>

What are the top three issues that you believe Congress should focus on in September?

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Steve Froslie - September 8, 2017

The Balanced Budget
Tax Reform

John Olofson - September 8, 2017

Tax rate deduction.
Tax rate deduction.
Tax rate deduction.

David J Silbernagel - September 8, 2017

Border wall
Obama Care

David J Silbernagel - September 8, 2017

Border Wall
Tax reform (Flat Tax)

Timothy R. Buttner - September 8, 2017

Repeal ACA; fund the Wall; reform taxes.

Col. J.C. Gonzalez USMC (Ret.) - September 8, 2017

It is quite noticeable that Heritage has not made the murder and dismemberment of future American citizens of any significance in its political agendas.

This is grievous, because it is tantamount t declaring to this nation that this is not an important topic….most disconcerting.

John R. Carr - September 8, 2017

1 repeal “obamacare” repeal totally. Keep nothing. start over
2. Stop all and any funding of abortion
3. Totally reform tax code, with large reduction. none of this “pay for it” by increasing something else.

Sonja Berg - September 8, 2017

Balance the Budget
Tax Reform
Rele the PPACA/Obamacare completely, to save Billions of dollars from being spent from We the People’s taxes!

ROBERT MCWAIN - September 8, 2017

Health care,tax relief,Fix our Military pronto.

Jon Exner - September 8, 2017

Tax reform
Putting Americans back to work.
Renegotiating so called free trade agreements and negotiating fair trade agreements.
Ending H1B and H2B visa programs that allow American companies to replace American workers with foreign workers.

Trudy Slater - September 8, 2017

1. Tax rate deduction
2. THE WALL and Border Enforcement
3. Continue rescinding DACA and
Hunting down cartel gangs with ICE support.

Hank Raehn - September 8, 2017

I lament. . .The Republican majority in the House and Senate are constitutionally unable to govern even with a Republican president. I cannot see Congress enacting any legislation that would benefit the American people (other than hurricane relief) and the things I would have them concentrate on for the rest of September are nowhere on their priority lists. Nevertheless, given the limit of just three things to focus on, I would encourage Congress to enact the FairTax Act, repeal and replace Obamacare, and enact FADA, First Amendment Defense Act. I believe Congress should continue to investigate thoroughly the Clinton email and Clinton Foundation activities working in conjunction with the Attorney General’s office.

G. ALLAN BARNES - September 8, 2017

1 End legal/ illegal immigration, H1B & H2B visas.
2 Balanced budget
3 Repatriate off-shore trillions at 15% or they can’t import/export/do business in this country.

Tess Jaworowski - September 8, 2017

Total and Complete Repeal of Obamacare
Reform Tax Code
Properly Enforce Immigration Law
i.e. Follow and Obey Our Constitution

Marilyn Kirkwold - September 8, 2017

Repeal Obamacare! Come up with a real plan that works for all–no gov. program, though.
Balance the budget and fix the tax system.
Close our borders to illegal immigration.

J Lindsay Fuller - September 8, 2017

The most important issues are:
1. ObamaCare. This is costing our citizens and our country a fortune.
2. Tax Reform. Help the middle class and make the country’s businesses competitive again.
3. Continue creating a sound environment that businesses can use to feel comfortable in growing their businesses while adding jobs!
4. Balance the Budget and force that for the future!
5. Strengthen our Military and upgrade the training for ALL Military personnel. How could so many Naval personnel have exceeded the deadline for much of their training?
6. Design a totally new Immigration Process that gives the country access to people with the skills and desire to help this country. Forget the drug gangs and other people who have no useful skills. Also forget elderly relatives who will be a sponge on our economy unless relatives or the immigrant legally agree to finance what those people need once they are allowed in. No free lunch for these people.
7. BUILD THE WALL! We need to be able to control the access of people coming from Central and South America entering our country. Legal entry programs … YES. Illegal entry … NO!

Fred Garner - September 8, 2017

Replace DACA.
Tax Reform
Provide finances for the wall

John Thomas - September 8, 2017

Economy killer: Corporate taxes
Economy killer: Destructive Obamacare mandates
Economy killer: Stiffling regulations

Judith Tuttle - September 8, 2017

Congress should 1) cut spending, 2) control the debt, and 3) reform federal programs that are up for reauthorization to improve outcomes for their beneficiaries, grow the economy, and prioritize the use of federal resources.

John Petermann - September 8, 2017

Repeal AFHC
Build the wall
Fill judicial vacancies

Karen - September 8, 2017

Repeal obamacare.
Shut down immigration & build the wall.
Fund the Military.

Thomas Shaffer - September 8, 2017

I agree that obamacare must be repealed, the tax code simplified and goverment waste eliminated

Jerry L Hobson - September 8, 2017

1) Get rid of the deep state, make your appointments a priory. Replacing the left judges, staff of the agencies, IRS, FBI BLM and clean house.
2) Tax rate deduction, total reform.
3) Fix health care, repeal ACA
4) More second amendment actions
5) Build that wall

Esther Wolfson - September 8, 2017

Repeal Obama Care/Competative Insurance Plans
Deport illegals/Build the wall

William Coates - September 8, 2017

A budget that implements all of Trump’s reductions in executive-branch agencies.
Tax relief, both corporate and individual, with special attention to small business.
Border enforcement – way too much illegal activity there in drugs and terrorists.
Get rid of Obamacare.

Janice Norris - September 8, 2017

Making hemp illegal again. It’s only the first step to Heroin. Getting out of the UN. They want to try our heroes for war crimes.
Stop forbidding Chaplains on the military from praying the name of Jesus. Stop funding Planned Parenthood completely.

Richard Rackers - September 8, 2017

Tax reform
Build the wall

Amy Van Buskirk - September 8, 2017

Tax Reform
Repeal ACA
Get Trump’s judicial nominees confirmed asap

Glenda Donate - September 8, 2017

Tax Reform
Balanced Budget

Nancy Montell - September 9, 2017

12 Days to work! “Work”
Remind DACA
Actual Tax Reform
Repeal Obamacare
You can get these three done.

George P Wilson - September 9, 2017

Tax Reform
ACA Repeal
Balanced Budget/Spending Reeduction

James Templeton - September 9, 2017

Tax reform
Complete repeal of affordable care act

Pedro Villalba - September 9, 2017

I would like Our conservative leaders working with establishment Republicans to get tax reform done. This is better than having the President reaching out to Democrats to get it done. The same for immigration reform and building the wall.

Jerry Metcalf - September 9, 2017

New leadership for house and senate, then repeal now and replace no later than June 2018, do taxes now.

Beth Schlangen - September 9, 2017

Economy:Close Fed Res Bank, use US treasury, cancel national debt, have funds available for country’s needs. 10% national sales tax, no exclusions/subsidies. Repeal 16th amendment.
Affordable healthcare:Repeal ACA, ins. optional, no subsidies, credits. Those needing assistance start locally for assistance options, govt last source. Need to control costs, close FDA prescription drugs cause more problems and premature death. Need to treat causes, not symptoms. Protect life, no abortions.
National sovereignty/security. Get rid of UN, secure our country before assisting rest of the world. Stop violent protesting/gangs. Protect our constitutional rights.

Veronica Shikoski - September 10, 2017

1.Repealing Obamacare
2.Tax Reform
3.Implementing a Conservative Budget

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - September 11, 2017


Larry Farnell - October 10, 2017

The top 3 issues are immigration, healthcare, & tax reform. However, the Foundation knows as well as I that congress is impotent to pass any significant/meaningful legislation for the country. Congress has been completely incompetent for more than 8 years now. The majority Republicans are not really a majority at all are they? Republicans in congress are deeply divided between moderates & the far right religious nuts. They have not agreed on any topic important to the American people for the last 8+ years. The democrats are in a similar turmoil with the 2 antagonists being completely different from the Republican players. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CONGRESS WILL ACT WITH SIGNIFICANT LEGISLATION ON ANY OF THESE ISSUES DURING THE 4 YEARS OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY.

The Trump Administration, at the National Security Council level, should figure our what they can do/accomplish to further the Trump agenda without any input from Congress

Further, many other important subjects will get little or no congressional attention: So Border Wall, DACA, Obamacare, full funding of the US Military, infrastructure programs like revamping the Interstate Highway system, health care for Vets, abortion & Planned Parenthood, & others.

The Congress of the United States has been unable to accomplish any important work for more than 8 years. We may as well have congressional officials go on permanent vacation.

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