More than twenty conservative lawmakers came to The Heritage Foundation this week to participate in Heritage Action for America’s second annual Conservative Policy Summit. The event helped unify conservatives around a positive agenda, including a 192-page book of policy recommendations from Heritage Foundation experts.

The lawmakers who attended have introduced innovative, principled conservative legislation. They agree with Heritage Action — The Heritage Foundation’s sister organization — that for too long the agenda in Washington has been defined by well-connected special interests, not the conservative principles that help the American people. That’s why the Summit focused around the theme of “opportunity for all, favoritism for none.” It’s also why Heritage Action is advocating for practical policy agendas that create opportunities for all Americans and don’t pick favorites.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave a stirring speech about the ten ways conservative principles can make American lives better. Watch the video above.

The other lawmakers who participated included Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN), Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA), Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

And the press was all over it. Here are just a few of the clips that have come out this week:

Do you think America is ready for real conservative leadership?

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Andrew Farley - January 16, 2015

thank you for pushing the conservative message to Congress, don’t give up, hopefully a majority will emerge in the near future. why wasn’t Trey Gowdy at the meeting

Hilde Heaton - January 16, 2015

I am disappointed that you did not invite Dr.Ben Carson to the meeting. I recognize that at this pointin time he is not a lawmaker, but I believe that he ought to have been included.
Perhaps he received an invitation, bu had to decline.

B Fruchey - January 16, 2015

Americans are ready for a conservative President, but as usual, Washington D.C. isn’t. No matter what the American people say (and vote), there seems some kind of a hold on a conservative President. Although O’bama has almost destroyed our USA, congress seems afraid to go against him. When we vote for a conservative, they then seem to have their own agenda that doesn’t match what they say. That’s why most Americans only believe half of what our representatives tell us. We watch the actions and they do not “compute”. We need leadership that cares more about USA than themselves and their job.
Thank you for letting me “spout off”. These are my feelings and most of the people in my vincinity of the country.



Edwin Arnold - January 16, 2015

If we are not ready now to embrace a conservative government , we will never be.

BETTY MUNSON - January 16, 2015

I laughed out loud at the end of the list of headlines. All mentioned substantive stuff, then the ineffable Huffington Post,,,”Summit Features Only Male Lawmakers”
oh well, liberals see what they look for.

What I am looking for is conservative common sense in the crusade for renewable energy. It is now poised to destroy the American desert, both its biology and its economy. Talk about policies defined by well-connected special interests, not the conservative principles that help the American people. The EPA and the DOI, give me a break!

Thank you for your efforts. Encouraging to those of us who feel we are losing our country. Or our country is losing us.

Bob Carlstrom - January 16, 2015

Most Americans want this. Our challenge is to convey what this really means in a way that more and more come to understand the real conservative principles. This requires an innovative communications strategy and grassroots.

George Landsverk - January 16, 2015


Retta - January 16, 2015

We absolutely have to have a real, true Conservative that can help the American people understand how desperate our times are and that if changes aren’t made immediately, we will loose America as it was founded to be.

We need strong, firm-speaking men who are not afraid to say Islamic Terroism. We need to be told what Russia is doing and the other dangers facing America from within and without.

Richard Menius - January 16, 2015

We have got to hold this administration’s and Congress’ feet to the fire and get us back to the constitution. You are destroying our once great republic. We have got to follow constitutional law. Nothing else. Wake up, you bunch of cowards. Remember “power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely”. You are full of corruption.

Kirk Falknor - January 16, 2015

Conservative leadership is long overdue!! But what defines conservative? I for one want a leader who isn’t afraid to follow the Constitution and bring the principles that made this nation great back into play. Get out of the way of Small Businesses, of which I own two, and let us provide the way to grow our businesses that best reflect the directions they need to go as opposed to the current direction the Govt demands we go. Make the tax code simplified and do away with IRS. As a former Board of Education member for 18 years, let each district decide what is best for their students an teach what maximizes their districts potential as opposed to Govt and State run forces that have an agenda.

Ronald E. Svik - January 16, 2015

I’m in favor of a strong conservative agenda. We need to get this country back to it’s core values not more toward a socialist or better put a communist government.

Rudolph Wegter - January 16, 2015

How can members obtain that 192 page policy book?

Bob - January 16, 2015

Please explain to me what a real conservative is. Heritage is not helping it’s cause by using grade school playground tactics to coerce those Republicans who don’t march lockstep them. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for some noodle back who felt compelled to agree with me one hundred percent or suffer the consequences. People who do that are called sheep is that the kind of following Heritage is looking for?

Mr Michael B Ahlman - January 16, 2015

The Liberals are ‘way ahead of the Conservatives in terms of planning and execution for a socialistic takeover in this country. The establishment GOP is complicit in a 50 year, bicameral/bipartisan tax and spend philosophy which has all but bankrupt the country. If conservatives unite to replace the RINOs, institute term limits and demonstrate a concerted front with a PLAN to reduce federal government, spending and debt, the people WILL follow positive results.

James Orr - January 16, 2015

I believe that we have never been better prepared in my life time.
Now is the time to be bold with a strong clear and visible conservative action agenda. Backed up with strong expected results that will show the American people that they made the right choice in November. If we continue to show our supporters that we are weak the president will become even more bold and we will fail.

Many of my casual contacts are wondering why we are slow to act and want to know why we are letting the president beat us to the punch with anti constitution actions.

Maria J. Escamilla - January 16, 2015

Like he said ” We need to earn this God give government”.
We pray dear Lord Jesus Christ to gives all of us the grace to really get on our knees and ask for forgiveness if we want change. Like our dear blessed mother said ” You want change do prayer and fasting”. God have mercy on us.

Carla Layman - January 16, 2015

We are, I am ready for President Ted Cruz, he is the only one I believe, who has the courage and the grace to save our country. 30 years after Reagan, it’s never to late.

Ron Shurilla - January 16, 2015

too bad there were only 30 or so republicans there to hear this—what a bunch of wimps

Michael Phillips - January 16, 2015

I think America is more than ready and willing to accept True Conservative leadership. I believe this do to the way Democrats running wanted nothing to do with Obama, voters stayed home not wanting to be associated with their party and Republicans voted for conservatives in the US House, Senate and across the nation in state and local elections. Conservatives won by a huge margin, now let us see if those true conservatives can get anywhere with their RINO leadership.

If they hold no sway over their leadership then I suspect that in 2016 we may see a large exodus to a third party by both of the (supposed) present parties members.

Diane Woodard - January 16, 2015

Yes I think America is more than ready for true conservative leadership.

Don Worden - January 16, 2015

No, I am afraid that a critical number of our population and our businesses have become addicted to government welfare, tax breaks and loopholes.

Rather than taking responsibility for problems, the new recourse to to find someone or something to blame and expect the government to fix it.

Patrick Griffin - January 16, 2015

I think there is a majority of Americans that are ready
for a common sense, results oriented leader that
can clearly articulate conservative principles in a way that
members of both parties can embrace them and see that
they can benefit people of all color and economic backgrounds. This person will necessarily not be a
career politican.

Diane Howard - January 16, 2015

I am a person born and raised in this wonderful, amazing country, I am afraid we are losing our freedom. I agree with Ted Cruz on all of his ten points. I especially would like to see the IRS abolished and replaced with a flat tax, and yes, send all 10,000 IRS employs to the southern border.

Doug Whaley - January 16, 2015

Yes, I believe the country is ready for conservative leadership. However, the Republican Party is obviously not ready for conservative leadership as witnessed every day by what elected Republican officials say and do. Where does that leave the few elected conservatives in the Republican Party? Certainly not in any leadership positions and with no say in anything the Republican Party does.

That is why I advocate that conservatives start their own new party that will include the tea party followers, run their own truly conservative candidates after rigorously checking their credentials to make sure they aren’t fakes and are capable of being good candidates and run on just conservative economic, states rights and foreign policy platforms. Stay away from the social stuff that belongs in the state arena. Be pro-active in their beliefs and not be just reactive like the Republican Party is.

Conservatives lost the last two presidential elections by not voting for the liberal Republican candidates they had to chose from and won the last election cycle by going conservative. What did the Republican Party do with that mandate for conservatism? Just what they always do. Turn it around to say it was a mandate for a liberal agenda. Repeal Obamacare?! Ha, they funded that for a full year. Fight Obama on immigration?! By the time they are done dealing with that Obama will have won that battle too. Why? Because the money men in the Republican Party want illegal immigration to continue and citizenship to follow for the illegals. Not to vote for Republicans, but to provide cheap labor for Chamber of Commerce Corporate members.

So in the end Republicans are just like liberal Democrats and want the same things. They view conservatives and their conservative ideas and tea party members as nothing more than a hindrance to their goals. The Republican Party will never allow a conservative majority to reside with in the party so it is a total dead end for conservatism. Just check out how it has operated for the last 30 years. If you can’t see what I am claiming then you probably aren’t really a conservative but are a Republican like I used to be. I no longer will vote for a Republican, only for a true conservative that is not running under the Republican Party because I know that if my conservative candidate gets elected as a Republican he will be worthless when he gets to Washington or to a state legislature for that matter.

Independents I believe are just as fed up with the Democrat Party as they are with the Republican Party. A well structured and presented conservative party could rejuvenate the whole electorate because of the disgust there is right now in America and for the most part the country is more conservative than it is liberal so a well stated conservative agenda can win elections and wouldn’t it be great if that agenda actually ever got put in place?! It will never happen as long as true conservatives try to operate within the Republican Party.
How long and how many lost elections will it take before enough people understand this? That is the question. I guess The Heritage Foundation doesn’t understand it yet because they seem to think that continually lobbying the Republican Party is doing conservatism some good!
I guess election results are just inconsequential things to them.

Babbie - January 16, 2015

DEFINITELY! The “Mushy Middle” has failed to produce a leader whom we can support and follow. We need a STRONG and PRINCIPLED LEADER like TED CRUZ to wake up the “Silent Majority”.

Howard Wullman - January 16, 2015

please publish the transcript of Senator Cruz’s speech. I love his ambition, Thank you

Isaac Ocansey - January 16, 2015

The United State should build a brand based on the adaptation of economic needs. But, inorder for that brand to be adapted, we need a continuous under-lap of utilizing cost, which, resourcefully ignite the human mode to achieve what is valued. We may understand that these brand are, and may be principled. But, it is our own consertrated efforts that uplift these brand. We should allow conservative principle action, that overshadow the idea of multiplicity, which then, increases the authority of clients in a more perspective view. These increases may be baptismally termed to the clients effort to institute the electroate to perform the assigned contract in a highly upgraded value which progress our course.

Joan Chambers - January 16, 2015

I liked Ted Cruz’s speech and he is so right we need a strong leader and someone that loves America.
When the senate and house pass a bill and it goes before Obama – can you publish it in all papers so the people see what is going on and that it is not the fault of the republicans if not passed. For Ocare – have a plan to replace Ocare and implement it – show the people what you are doing. Flat tax – have a plan and implement it. Show the American people that you are doing something – POSITIVE..

Robert Isenberg - January 16, 2015

20+ out of 247 Republican considered CONSERVATIVE is dismal in my humble opinion. We must continue to focus on the great policies of Heritage and defeat the RINOS who do not maintain a B average on Heritage rating.

Mark Walton - January 16, 2015

America is more than ready for conservative leadership, it is long past due. The radical liberal policies of the last six years has brought our Republic to the brink of collapse. This can be turned around by enacting swift conservative policies to reduce debt, repeal Obamacare, and to repeal burdensome regulations that have put small business in a stranglehold to just survive. Restoring the moral compass and changing the culture will go a long way to make for a more enriched society that takes responsibility for it’s self and has no sense of entitlement. Putting God back into the public square which coincides with our Republic’s founding will restore our Nation back to greatness.

Charlie - January 16, 2015

AND, put our returning troops on the border. Save their jobs ans our borders.

Eustace Lake - January 17, 2015

When I see 100 more names attending your meeting I’ll know things are starting to move in the right direction.

John Anderson - January 17, 2015

Yes, we are not only ready for conservative leadership, but we are sorely in need of “it”. I would back Ted Kruz or any conservative member of congress, or state leader such as Scott Walker. Thanks
P.s. We need to be rid of John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell.

Ed Lynch - January 17, 2015

I am ready, but because there are so many relying on the government for $$$ and health care, it will be next to impossible for a truly conservative movement to get much done.

Ida Ryan - January 17, 2015


janice lewis - January 17, 2015

I certainly enjoyed and agreed with Ted Cruz’s message, I just hope he can get the old guard Republicans to see the light of day and stand with the young people who were elected and gaive us hope that things can get petter.

Leo Garry - January 17, 2015

I don’t know about America, but this 88 year old Bitter Clinger is ready.

J, Allen - January 17, 2015

I noticed that some of the attendees voted to try and elect us a new speaker, while others in the group simply voted for the “old boys” club and business as usual as they elected Boehner again. Personally, I feel we desperately need new leadership as I am tired of “democrat Lite” like we have had. Also, I would like to see some of the new electees get primaried next election. They said all the right things and promised to hold to core conservative principles, but immediately rolled over as soon as they were elected. I have in mind one young lady from Utah. Thank you ….

Allen - January 17, 2015

No, America as a whole is not ready for conservatism. Morals have not been rebuilt to a level that there are enough people that can follow conservative ideals. They want Freedom, but they’re not ready for responsibility. They want Liberty, but they have no idea how to defend it. We are dealing with an anything goes mentality and the Charlie Hebdo terror attack confirms that.
When you act like a child picking on another child on the playground just because the teachers aren’t around you show that your level of responsibility is far below that needed to be a part of a civilized society. Even if the child being picked on is an easy target you have to have some self control.
America used to come to the defense of those who were weak, but the people of the United States have forgotten who the aggressors are and who the truly weak are in this world because they have been told for so long that the aggressors are the ones being picked on and the weak are actually the bullies.
Right is wrong and wrong is right. Americans have not been taught for generations how to think critically for themselves which is why so many 30 somethings believe in global warming or global climate change and that humans are to blame.
We need to demand and end to government schools. Parents need to take back the reigns of educating their children with good text books, instead of indoctrinational materials. With a Bible and good text books in the hands of our children for at least a generation, we will once again be at the point where a truly informed populace can make decisions that will have positive consequences for American and the world.
We cannot allow every idea to flourish, if it is flawed, or a lie, it must be dealt a death blow and we must have the authority to do that. That authority comes from only one place, God.

Veda Connolly - January 18, 2015

Without your efforts, I can’t imagine what shape this country would be in right now. I shiver every time that Obama person talks on TV. I am also disappointed that you did not invite Dr. Ben Carson to the meeting. I’m hoping he runs for President and wins. As far as the keystone question, do whatever it takes to keep that crazy person at the White House from keeping this a reality. I can only image the opportunities this project will bring to our economy. Keep working for our conservative values. Thank you!

William Blake - January 19, 2015

Republicans must realize that most of them are irrelevant by now. They have failed to focus on a position and fight for it, anywhere across the spectrum. They have to cope with Obama’s betrayal of his oath to uphold the Constitution. The House MUST INITIATE appropriations! Congress must act to disallow transfer of funds between different budget categories. Cuts must be made before any new funds can be allocated. Republicans must agree on a message, and all must speak for it (unlike the way nearly all abandoned Romney’s campaign in 2012). And national security must command top priority: Nobody can be happy with the return to military manpower at the Pearl Harbor levels, as Obama has promised us. In fact, no one can live with the open border we have had with “W”, with McCain, Obama and Romney, with Jeb, and with Rubio. Terrorists can walk right into our country, and we are open to Ebola and bioterrorism. We need one million more fighting men and women in boots, and we need to cut unnecessary expenses (e.g. Hamas) to provide the funding.

Pat Plesh - January 19, 2015

I certainly do think this is the perfect time that most are ready to vote for a real conservative! We’ve seen what the D.C. establishment does and that is to nominate (over our objections) another RINO that becomes it’s puppet! This is not much different than the Leftist puppet we are now allowing to destroy our country! The establishment wants the status quo so it can be in charge of more big govt being controlled by big money/ Wall Street. You have no idea how defeated we feel when the wealthy are using our FREE money/savings to add to their wealth. The govt has allowed FINRA, SEC sanctioned by the House Finance Committee to allow them to deny good legal claims by people like me to be defeated by their crooked so-called arbitrators when we have legitimate claims proving fraudulent, unethical acts by financial institutions and their so-called advisors!

George Kroupa - January 22, 2015

Didn’t the last election answer that question? It’s not a matter of whether the country is ready but where are the true Conservatives? Ted Cruz and Mike Lee can’t do it all. Then on top of standing strong for Conservative principles, they get smeared by others in their own party.
If we are given establishment candidates in 2016, some of us intend on not voting. It’s gotten considerably harder to figure out who the lesser of the evils are; we just won’t vote, which will be a first.

Sandra Slater - February 5, 2015

Thank you Senator Cruz,

This talk was clear specific outlining major threats to America and exposing the issues of which you mentioned many. I feel hopeful after this talk. You made it sound like America can return to traditional values. Perhaps even more than hopeful, having the backing of Heritage Action we can hear the message as a promise if we all stand up for principle.

Ending with God bless you is assuring that God’s blessing is in this message.
Thank you.


Donald B Smallwood - February 6, 2015

I and all my friends are fed up with Obama’s Socialist agenda. We have been without a real president for more than six years. The most pressing item on his agenda should have been to balance the budget and start paying down our national debt. However, he has done nothing. In fact he has outspent by far any other president. His latest budget makes it clear he has no interest in saving us from bankruptcy. As far as I am concerned, he has done nothing of significance to better our situation. On the other hand, he has exceeded his authority continually to illegally achieve his agenda to destroy us. We need to start working on finding a real conservative who believes in our Constitution and law

Jim Kenobbie - February 7, 2015

Tell them to REPEAL Obamacare don’t replace it ,they have no business being in our healthcare!! How about Impeaching this moron (Obama).

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