In late November, the U.N. General Assembly voted to approve a resolution condemning acts of violence against diplomats and calling on Iran to bring to justice those who attacked the British embassy in Tehran.

Astoundingly, nine member states voted against resolution A/RES/66/12. While 106 member states were quick to denounce violence and terrorism and vote for the resolution, these nine dissented, claiming that the condemnation of Iran is unjust without more evidence of its involvement in the plot.

Jen Gieselman, a member of Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, takes a closer look at who those nine members are:

Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Ecuador made up the majority of the nine member states that voted against the resolution. These five countries have more in common than identical votes: They are members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America, known by its Spanish initials as ALBA. ALBA was created to offer member countries alternatives to trading with the U.S. However, it is clear that this group is about more than economic policies. Over the years, ALBA nations have exhibited close ties to Iran, a fact only reinforced by the U.N. vote. Last year, the same five countries met in Tehran, where they officially condemned sanctions imposed on Iran.

The flourishing relationship between Venezuela and Iran is particularly disturbing, Gieselman argues, since there are reports that Hezbollah is operating, and at least raising funds, in Venezuela.

While most U.N. member states supported the resolution, the Gang of Five’s anti-U.S., pro-Iran agenda is something the Obama administration should monitor more closely.

How should the Obama administration deal with these radical Latin American countries? Tell us in the comments.

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John A - December 6, 2011

Forst of all the Obama administration must HAVE a foreign policy – right now it is adrift and unpredicatable except when the “Chiel” can fire a missile from a drone to harvest more votes. As far as a well-conceived and thoought out policy – that is missing in action.

Clearly the US should bring major economic pressure to each of these countries to the maximum extent possible under varying circumstances. More importantly we should evaluate whether membership in the UN, along with our major financial support, even makes sense at all. Many would suggest we pull out and shut it down, relying instead on self protection and determination. The UN has sucked up our dollars and offered little in return.

Major D - December 7, 2011

Break off all diplomatic ties to these nations; stop all trade; send home their citizens now residing in our country and tell our citizens to return home. As with the radical Muslims’ never-ending goal of destroying this country, they now have strong holds entirely too close and we would be idiots to do nothing! Call it protectionism or looking out for the wellbeing of this nation, but do something besides pandering to our enemies!

Then enforce our immigration laws as passed in 1986, which have never been enforced by either party, but of late it seems evident that neither has the integrity or allegiance to this country to do anything, but allow more then grant them favors! I’m one American that has had enough of those with compromised allegiances…American citizens, American citizens who have seats in our Congress, and have prominent positions with this administration, who are confused about which country that they would stand with – the takers, the complainers, the critics, the ungratefuls!

Paul Wetherold - December 9, 2011

The Obama administration should do all in its power to unleash the private oil sector to drill and increase the production of the immense oil and gas reserves we have. This can be done in a relatively short period of time thus lowering the price of oil significantly. This would bring down Chavez and Ahmadinejad and allow the two countries to accomplish regime change.

Terry Osborn - December 9, 2011

It’s easy, and we can all help. Buy great products from Latin nations that are not in the misfit gang of 5. Columbian emeralds and coffee. Peruvian asparagus, mangoes and pisco. Chilean and Argentine wines. Stevia from Paraguay, etc. Or, take a wonderful vacation: Visit Macchu Pichu, cruise the Amazon, see Patagonia and glaciers of Argentina, ski Chile in August, etc, etc. The Latin countries with free economies are full of great people and great sights. This is a wonderful way to isolate and punish the gang of 5 nations that are the enemies of peace.

Stephen - December 9, 2011

Obama wants to be a member of the gang of five. All of his speeches and actions are pro Soviet inspired. Get a grip and tell it to the uninformed populace that thinks Obama is pro U.S.

Michael Oberndorf - December 9, 2011

Get real, folks. Obama totally agrees with the Gang. Radical neo-fascists and phony Marxists, all. January 23, 2013 can’t come a moment too soon…

Joan Knoertzer - December 10, 2011

Due to your research, I become more educated every day to the ineffectiveness of the Obama agenda in almost every field.
Thank you.

Marcia - December 10, 2011

Obama should# 1: withdraw any aid to countries that support radical activity immediately.
2.We should withdraw US membership from the UN
3. Close down the UN
4. accept no further passport processing for entry to the US from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela.

barbara sutton - December 14, 2011

boycot them

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