The United States could have ceded its immigration lawmaking power to the United Nations. But it didn’t, because as Ambassador Nikki Haley said last year, “immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone.” Under the Obama administration, the United States supported the United Nations’ Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, and the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants.

The U.S. will not sign the migration compact, and that’s a good thing, according to Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky and Senior Research Fellow Brett Schaefer. The pact was deeply flawed, blurring the line between legal and illegal immigration and making detention of illegal immigrants “a measure of last resort.” Had the U.S. signed onto those agreements, U.S. immigration laws would have been overruled by international laws.

Von Spakovsky and Schaefer originally released their analysis in The Daily Signal, telling the backstory of how the U.S. narrowly escaped from entering a binding arrangement that would have greatly increased our national security risks, even as it undercut our national sovereignty. Thank you for supporting The Daily Signal and helping us share stories the progressive media would rather suppress.

Click to read von Spakovsky and Schaefer’s analysis here.

Given that we didn’t sign on to the compact, how should the United States help refugees while maintaining border security?

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kate barnett - December 22, 2018

Help refugees in their own countries by every nation contributing. The refugees do not assimilate to our culture and develop their own countries inside the U.S. Encourage the refugees to revitalize their own countries. The United Nations should tell their despotic leaders to step down; a prosperous country could incorporate them as a colony.

jim niedermeyer - December 22, 2018

The point is that a nation’s control of its own borders and lawful immigrants is personal to that nation. If other countries belonging to the not-so-United Nations are really concerned about throngs of illegal immigrants wishing to break their laws, then they should welcome them with open arms.

John Olofson - December 22, 2018

Construct a secure border, including the “slats” version now recommended by President Trump. It is the only solution; nothing else has worked during the last 50 years.

Bob Ludwikowski - December 22, 2018

Follow the law!!!!

Trudy Slater - December 22, 2018

All refugees require careful screening and not while in our country. Slats border wall necessary. A shutdown is supported by most Americans til this is a completed financial policy. Now is the time for Americans to support our Custom and Border Patrol officers. Their larger family and friends can pitch in til they are paid retroactively.

William Coates - December 22, 2018

Kate Barnett has the idea. Cultural compatibility and assimilation should be the key to whether they enter here, or where they can move to.
The United Nations is just a supper club for despotic leaders and their cronies, being used to extort money and political favors from the more prosperous nations of the world. Unfortunately, we no longer have the moral fiber as a nation to lead an ethical rival organization, if there were actually ethical governments to participate.

James Wattler - December 22, 2018

Any person claiming the status of a refugee should bear the responsibility for providing the burden of proof that where they have “escaped” from poses a grave danger to their life and limb. Any who are in need of basic provisions of food and shelter should and can be assisted where they are. The U.S.A. cannot sustain its role as a catch basin for all the world’s presumptively desperate people, especially those who refuse to assimilate into our culture.

Walter Angin - December 22, 2018

We should not help refugees in any: way, shape or form.

Walter Anglin - December 22, 2018

We should not help refugees in any: way, shape or form.

karenmiller - December 22, 2018

build the wall. get us out of the united nations. its a scam! Trump you are the bravest man I know. keep up your good works. you are in our prayers

Ed Schmidt, AF Maj. Ret. - December 22, 2018

Agree that first priority is build the wall. One solution to those illegals in our country is to house them in our combined Army/ Air Force base outside Fairbanks Alaska. All it would take is spending one winter and they would beg to go back home.

Janet Scaruffi - December 22, 2018

Why is there not a SHARE on this site . I do not tweet.

John Geisler. - December 22, 2018

The United Nations should never be involved in our country’s business. Boarder security is a must. Anyone who crosses/enters our country illegally is a criminal and should be delt with accordingly. Visa overstays should also be prosecuted and repatriated (returned) to their country of origin. Which ever country that might be.

Ella - December 23, 2018

.The safety and cost to American citizens should be our paramount concern before we consider the claims of foreigners from other countries.

John Wier - December 26, 2018

Never give a foreigners any controll of your country. Look at the problems at our boarders we have caused ourselves by appeasing progressives. They want global power over national goverment.

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