In this time of great opportunity for conservatives, it’s Jordan Hess’s job to unite the conservative movement on key policy initiatives.

Jordan, Director of Coalition Relations at Heritage, started working in politics at the state level in Utah, before Senator Mike Lee asked him to come work in his D.C. office as a legislative assistant. He also worked on Senator Lee’s re-election campaign. Each of these jobs gave him vital connections and valuable insights into the world of politics and policy at all levels, and soon he wanted to pull all of them together.

During the three years he spent in the Senator Lee’s office, Jordan interacted often with Heritage and Heritage Action, listening closely to their policy recommendations to help him in his own work. That’s why he decided to come work in coalition relations at Heritage—he knew from his experience on the Hill that Heritage was by far the most influential think tank with the best conservative policy.

At Heritage, Jordan is the one who builds up leaders, networks, and platforms for conservative ideas and voices to spread into the heart of America. In his words, his role is to “educate, strengthen, and grow the movement” by identifying conservative leaders across the country and providing them with Heritage materials, and building relationships and networks between those leaders so that they can strengthen one another. He and his team also travel widely to represent The Heritage Foundation across the country, and encourage people at all levels of politics and government to learn more about conservative policy.

Through Jordan and his team’s hard work, and thanks to your support, Heritage is spreading conservative principles beyond Capitol Hill. Together, we’re reclaiming America and America’s leaders for our founding principles.

What questions do you have for Jordan?

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Ed Smith - June 1, 2018

I am the organizer of an active HAFA Sentinel community here in Nashville. How do HAFA Sentinel communities relate to the Foundation and your responsibilities?

Bruce Hal Miner - June 1, 2018

Mr. Hess -is it possible that the Conservative, Libertarian, Tea Party and other Conservatives together under one banner ?!??? I’d say that, if that happened, we could win a lot more elections on every level of govt. Should the name of the GOP be changed to the Conservative Party?

George Levy - June 1, 2018

What is the connection of drugs to school shooters?

George Levy - June 1, 2018

Why doesn’t Heritage point out to the public what Trump is doing to support the Constitution? When he pulls back or cancels an obama executive order or regulation, where did it violate the Constitution and why it restores our freedoms and Constitution.

George Levy - June 1, 2018

Why doesn’t Trump lean heavily on nuke to resolve the NK issue. A lot of the NK aid comes from China. A lot of money China gets is from the US. If Trump proposed to China trade will be cut 10%/month (2.5%/wk) for every week NK still has nuke weapons, verifiable by US inspection.

Kimberly Burrows-Egan - June 1, 2018

Hello. Love your organization and all it stands for!

I asked for the download for your constitutional book and haven’t received the link. I am looking forward to it.

I also donated the $100.00 for the hard bound book of the same.

Can you help me understand where to find the downloaded version?

Thank you

Berry Swantner - June 1, 2018

Although I believe all the talk of a
great blue wave in November is really
exaggerated I think the Democrat’s are
really going to work hard and do anything
to get their base out to vote, what are the
conservatives doing to counter this ?

Glynnda White - June 2, 2018

HI Jordan
I have started an initiative across the critical I-4 corridor. I have been a Heritage Foundation member for years and am also a Heritage Sentinel on the action side, but also involved in a number of other political movements. My I-4 initiative has the objective of turning the Corridor completely red for the elections. I would then like to use the model to turn Florida completely red for the 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. A portion of this initiative will include a series of community celebrations beginning 9/29 in Volusia County, FL and ending in Hillsborough County, FL on 11/3. I will have an area to educate the public at these events and would very much like to have Heritage involvement. Is it possible to have a rep and/or some materials available to display? Some pocket Constitutions, etc? I will definitely be asking my regional coordinator for the Heritage Action side to be involved (Karen Jaroch). Please let me know if you are interested in this project and would like to know more.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - June 2, 2018

I applaud Heritage’s efforts and would encourage you to keep up the good work. May God bless and nourish all the ways you’re advocating for our country’s best interests and behaviors.

Jerry Metcalf - June 2, 2018

Hang tuff, we will support you.

Thom Cady - June 2, 2018

You young bloods oftentimes and currently have your pantyhose on backward. Easy rear entry is not the answer to preserve what I was thinking. I do my best to think ‘here and now’. You sir; your writing sound totally selfish first. Write better to be human for all of our Universal One Creator (UOC) balance of nature. Religions’ Dogma of any kind is far too ‘self-serving’ – NOT OF GODLINESS. Religion is by nature – dogma and selfishness! I only serve The One Creator – have a check up from your neck up.

Yaya Fanusie - June 2, 2018

Jordan, Conservatives have to learn from the DEMS AND THE LEFT on how to create a mass movement. Conservative leaders are ineffective in growing a mass movement.

Anne Berryman - June 3, 2018

Thank you for your good effort!

Mary Goffos - June 3, 2018

I am happy and proud to be an American again and have hope for the future. Please continue to promote love of God, country,and morals…especially paying attention to the family unit and conservative values, and dispelling laws and funding to that which is contrary to what is true and right.

Du’e - June 4, 2018

I commend you and the work you are doing. Please keep it up! (BTW, who knows what planet TC is living on?)

Irene - June 4, 2018

I live in COLORADO and the primary vote is now called Democratic instead of Democrat. Why? It should be Communistic.

Rod Olson - June 7, 2018

California conservatives need to get busy to promote the Republican candidate for Governor this upcoming Nov. What suggestions do you (and the foundation) have to mobilize voters.

Bret - June 8, 2018

What is the first step? I’m not sure this attempt to ‘unite’ is feasible or even desirable. Have ya’ll heard of the bandwagon affect? I’m on the fence with Bruce’s commentary of June 1. It would be an interesting occurrence for conservatives, libertarians, TEA movement, and others to meet. WE, THE PEOPLE, you know the basket of deplorables, do not hold to the ‘ideal’ but have a framework for success; IT IS THE CONSTITUTION and our BILL OF RIGHTS within the spirt of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! I greatly appreciate the focus on these documents by Heritage BUT sometimes ya’ll get at cross purposes; especially within the arena of discussion on national security matters. Academics are not the end all, be all protectors or projectors of THE TRUTH. Too bad you only hire retired military officers not real workers from the bowels of the Pentagon. They have the least insight into reality of a go-along-to-get-along dogma dominant in the five-sided phony pharm. It will lead US to failure. Current discussions about space are a perfect example of the path to perdition.

Robert - June 8, 2018

Where can I get current news about the Ukraine war situation?

Wiley S. Drake - June 8, 2018

What is my membership status ??

Larry D. Butler, PhD. - June 9, 2018

Dear Mr. Peterson:
Why is it that you have never told us what brought about this calamity in Ukrain? There was peace and prosperity there before the former President was overthrown in a coup in 2012-2013, to favor a “pro-American President” during the Obama Administration! Can you tell us specifically how all this took place, eventually ending in the involvement of Russia and forcing Crimea to vote to align with Russia, in a vote they chose to make freely and if they’re “own volition”?

Kevin S O’Donnell - June 9, 2018

Do you believe the U.S. should continue the sanctions against Russia, in light of the latter’s invasion of Crimea and overthrow of the Ukraine government?

Do you believe that the spread of Russian doctrine to the West should be stopped, and at what cost? We must protect our American democracy.

Timothy R. Buttner - June 9, 2018

What more can the U.S.A. do to support liberty in the Ukraine?

TERRY RUTH - June 9, 2018

Nolan Peterson-I believe we (our government) need to hear and support his findings. Semper-Fi Terry

Leo Iwaskiw - June 9, 2018

Thank you, Nolan for an outstanding job in reporting on the war in Ukraine.
And thank you, Heritage, for sponsoring him.

John Blake - June 10, 2018

Mr. Peterson: I second Mr. Butler above. The democratically-elected government of Ukraine was overthrown in a coup staged by our own State Dept. (specifically by Victoria Nuland, Asst. Sec. of State for European Affairs, I believe). As a result, a pro-American puppet government was set up there—and that is the reason for all the strife that has occurred since. Also, Russia did not “invade” Crimea, in spite of what our media keeps repeating. The people of Crimea freely chose to return to Russia—which they had been part of for several hundred years. Since Russia is no longer a Communist country and is no threat to Europe (contrary to the groundless accusations continually being made), we should be working for better relations with them, not constantly antagonizing them.

John Blake - June 10, 2018

I should add that promoting better relations with Russia was what Donald Trump originally set out to do, before he was so viciously attacked by the “establishment” in Washington. General Flynn who was working on that policy was the first to be attacked and removed from his position.

John Blake - June 10, 2018

I should add that working for better relations with Russia was what Donald Trump originally proposed to do, before he was viciously attacked by the “swamp” in Washington.

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