Only a single conservative was on the panel to provide testimony to Congress about the Mueller probe on Tuesday: the Director of Heritage’s Institute for Constitutional Government, John Malcolm.

The hearing was held by the House Judiciary Committee as part of an investigation of the Mueller probe. While the Mueller report found no evidence whatsoever that President Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, Congress is now investigating whether the president obstructed justice during the probe itself.

Some have claimed that actions taken by the president – such as firing former FBI Director James Comey, something well within his rights as president, for any reason or for no reason at all, and for “considering firing” Special Counsel Robert Mueller – were tantamount to obstruction.

Malcolm told the Judiciary Committee that Mueller’s legal theory of obstruction – which some committee members have tried to twist into a formal charge against the president – is flawed and could have a chilling effect on any president’s legitimate exercise of his constitutional authority. He also said that based on the facts in the Mueller report, it would be hard to convict the president of obstruction of justice purely as a factual matter.

Watch John Malcolm discuss the hearing on MSNBC and Fox News:

John Malcolm Defends Rule of Law, MSNBC Defends Media Dishonesty

John Malcolm: John Dean Sucked the Oxygen Out of the Room

Daily Signal reporter Fred Lucas shared the four big takeaways from the hearing.

What do you think will be the result of Congress’ investigation of the Mueller probe?

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William H. King III - June 14, 2019

Hate has caused this mess and the Democrats don’t seem to know the way out the door on hate, so sad. This is not Russia or China so they may chock on this hate, hard to say and only our God knows for sure . Have a Blessed day.

Doug - June 14, 2019

What I think will happen and what I hope will happen are 2 entirely different outcomes. I think that the “Deplorables -”
will quietly vote to re-elect President Trump, and turn a few Blue states purple.
What I hope for is that the DemocRATs will open a can of worms that will end up with the Clintons, Obama, Holder, Lynch Comey, Brennan, & many of the other swamp dwellers in prison.

Randy Hagood - June 14, 2019

Mueller, the democrats, and the republicans if any, need to back off and let this matter go. They need to control their ridiculous spending and let Trump fix this country, which Is why he was elected in the first place. We don’t need another half-ass politician. We need a money handler!!!!

William Coates - June 14, 2019

The House my try to impeach at some politically opportune time, just to get that on the record. It will go nowhere in the Senate.

KORY TREBBIN - June 14, 2019

The probes in our government are wasting valuable time, we love a scandal and we are getting plenty of it. Enough!!, lets run government not government run us into the ground. Hope you are all listening…. we are tearing our nation apart with all this drama and doubt at the highest levels of leadership STOP-STOP-STOP IT NOW!!! Our nation’s enemies are laughing at our troubles and probes only serve to unearth our dis-unity which should not be present in the first place. Remember one nation under God…… sound familiar?

Kathleen Parr - June 14, 2019

If Congress makes a deal over No Collusion No Obstruction .. .that’s Obstruction of Justice…Isnt it Obstruction of Justice what Comey has done …Absolutely…What about the words unwittingly or wittingly…unintended or intended or how about “context” of what…there was no crime…I Stand With My President Trump because I Believe Him Without a Doubt.. What really has Me a bit unhappy is None of you in Congress can Protect the Deplorables…Zuckerberg must quit dividing families by caging Parents…
FB Jail what an insult and all of you just sit there and cant even help Deplorables but My President is managing…Northeast Ohio Tea Party has been silenced …where are you Congress they back President Trump!
They are silenced from most Social Media so I said to Tom Z …listen Why is Congress Handing our Conservative Children Over to Social Media…Funny part of this is the Rinos …I Love My God… I Love My Country…I Stand With My President … and I Love Myself so I know President Trump will win!

Henry Saltsman - June 14, 2019

Personally, my feelings are that this has been a huge diversion for the benefit of those who seek to undermine the will of the people. We don’t need to be distracted while America is being invaded by foreigners, Iran is threatening American resolve, Russia and China are forming an economic alliance. These issues demand the full attention of Congress as well as the President. Let this hoax of a Mueller report wash under the bridge of divisiveness and focus on America and her sovereignty.

Deborah Rice - June 14, 2019

One would hope Herritage’s sensible statements and information would put an end to Mueller’s failed investigation. However, the Democrats in congress have shown themselves willing to believe falsehood and generate them as well. Their majority in the House makes me less than optimistic that the Mueller investigation will stop.

Phyllis Eix - June 14, 2019

They are just making noise, trying to distract attention from what the report of the Inspector General will disclose about the corrupt actions at the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA, at the highest levels, in their efforts to unseat our duly elected President, Donald J. Trump. they will be held accountable for crimes they’ve committed.

Karen Murphy Linden - June 14, 2019

It will be another colossal waste of time and taxpayer money; while duly elected ]Democratic] Representatives fail to do their REAL job because they are too busy infecting the country with hate and violence in order to further their own agendas and line their own pockets.

Bill Taylor - June 15, 2019

It is very scary to watch insanity take over any institution most especially the US Congress, the DOJ, and the Democrat Party.
It should be fascinating to watch the upcoming debates and all the contenders slinging lies at each other and informing President Trump’s debate strategy.

Still Free Citizen - June 15, 2019

Low level indictments. Upper level, rebukes but a ‘pass’ on accountability for the worst offenders: Comey, Mueller, Weissman, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Yates, Rice… They’ll all skate. Probably Strok and Page too.

Hettie Nations - June 15, 2019

I think the Mueller probe was a joke that backfired on the Democrats. Some people should be held accountable for their obstruction of justice. Democrats should stop playing their stupid games and do there job and start working with the President.

John O Oliver - June 15, 2019

It started out as a fiasco and will finish as the same. I is a waste of tax payer money.

Chris Milord - June 16, 2019

Congress will conclude that the Mueller probe and other investigations were a waste of money and time because the Dems already knew two plus years ago that the GPS Fusion dossier was a fraud. Yet they went ahead and issued FISA warrants based on phony information. The media and the deep state colluded to spin a narrative of lies about a president they detested and that is the real scandal. Moreover, AG Barr will find out that a myriad of scandals emanating from the Democrats were not fully investigated and Hillary Clinton was let off the hook by former FBI officials. The former administration cozied up to our adversaries and Mr. Obama did nothing despite his knowledge that Russia was attempting to meddle in our election system. The Mueller probe was a huge distraction and an attempt to divert attention away from the very real scandals of the Democrats. The Dems are adept at inflating the minor missteps of their opponents while ignoring the glaring corruption of their own Party.

Olivia Bunegar - June 17, 2019

two things. Trump needs to focus on what he has promised the American people and not the foolish comments from the left. Second he must reflect on the State of the Union address and his amazing presentation that was very Presidential, not just for the conservative vote but the
undecided voters.

M B HINNANT JR - June 19, 2019

I think the Democrats are destroying their Party. At least I hope so.
Unfortunately and regrettably, The Democrats do not believe in our Republic, and are trying to destroy it. I pray they are not successful.

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