British MEP Daniel Hannan, right, presents the Edmund Burke Award to Heritage’s Jim DeMint. (Photo: AECR)

On May 22, the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists presented their first-ever Edmund Burke award to Heritage President Jim DeMint for his work to advance conservative principles.

In his acceptance speech, DeMint explained the importance of limited government and the relationship of American conservatives to their allies in Europe:

No top-down control can force goodwill, but it is very likely to destroy it. True patriotism and brotherhood flourishes when men and women are allowed to be masters of their own spheres.

It is a cruel irony that any authority, with the pretense of celebrating diverse cultures, demands they all fit the same mold.

I have been saddened to see this trend in the United States.

Americans live under an administration that runs roughshod over their rights and traditions, and accuses those who stand against it of being bigots, or clinging bitterly to guns and religion … Two things, I might add, that our Constitution gave us every encouragement to cling, so that a demagogue could not take more power for himself.

Far from being unified, top-down policies have divided my countrymen further than ever—whether by race, riches, or faith.

But there are many who are fighting back, who are rebuilding the “little platoons” of society—their communities, churches, and local governments—working toward prosperity, self-sufficiency, and independence.

They do not hate their country because of those in power. They love her in spite of them.

You can read all of Sen. DeMint’s remarks on The Daily Signal.


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