In case you missed it, last week Jim DeMint met with President Donald Trump at the White House to share the conservative plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.  DeMint made clear conservatives have serious concerns about the current bill, but that we are ready to work with the White House to repeal Obamacare, lower costs, and increase choice in health care.

Later, DeMint went on CNN to discuss the new healthcare plan.

Here is Jim DeMint sitting across from President Trump in the Oval Office:


And later that day, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted this picture. DeMint is sitting right next to the Vice President.


Here are five reasons why the current Obamacare repeal plan isn’t real repeal.

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Do you believe House leadership should change the current Obamacare repeal plan to truly implement real repeal?

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Chan Bailey - March 17, 2017

Yes. I am getting tired of waiting and have worn my fingers to nubs dialing the phone. Thanks for meeting with President Trump and getting the message to him that I haven’t been able to get across to my representative.

Jay R Greeley LTC US ARMY RET - March 17, 2017

REPEAL and then REPLACE make it a dance TWO STEP… simple and effective.

Step one REPEAL
STEP THREE Republicans Own the DAY

Chris De La Font - March 17, 2017

Repeal & Replace as best as you can. Do it as right as you can the first time! If Phases are necessary, lock them in so everyone knows they will really happen and communicate what you are doing and why!
Thank you for all your efforts. I pray for our Country daily and all their Leaders!

susan wheeler - March 17, 2017

Yes, They should Repeal Obama Care and then work to replace it with availability of Insurance and not “Health Care” That should be left to the citizens of American and the States

Albertawamsley - March 17, 2017

They promised REPEAL. We elected them on this promise. Do they really believe we will re-elect them if they don’t keep their word? Dreamers,

Charles L Sims Jr - March 17, 2017

Repeal the entire thing. Government has no place in Healthcare. Why would anyone expect government to do any better than they have done with the VA?

Nancy CULKIN - March 17, 2017

Explain to me,why it can’t go back to where it was. People picked up their phone and called health insurance companies for insurance. We have always had
disabled ,poor and retired. That’s what S.S. Medicare and Medicaid are for. Take all the money from the health care scheme and put it back where it belongs.especially now with a President who will get people back to work.They would proudly but their own.

Daryl DeKalb - March 17, 2017

The first phase is the starter and must be stated so as to leave no doubt that it will eliminate “Obamacare” while being assured that this first document will be able to gain approval. Then, alterations can be made in phase 2 and 3, with #3 allowing for real competition among the Pharmaceuticals for prescription costs.

Ross Schriftman, RHU, LUTCF, ACBC, MSAA - March 17, 2017

Put repeal of the 10 “essential” benefits into the legislation rather than leaving it up to HHS. The government should not decide what type of benefits we must purchase. This would go a long why to lower cost and increase competition.

Beverly A Beeman - March 17, 2017

REPEAL is needed. Thank you, Heritage, for taking the message to President Trump.

And while I’m at it, WHY doesn’t the government make contracts with successful private health insurers who have systems and plans already in place? Blue Cross, United Healthcare, many, many others – already UP AND RUNNING – already TRAINED – Just design the plans and hire experienced companies to handle them.

Or give vouchers!!! Government doesn’t have to ADMINISTER. Government is TERRIBLE administrator.

John F Hageman - March 17, 2017

Just gut the whole thing and reinstate what was in place pre Ocare. Then, make insurance available across state lines immediately, and get to work on tort reform.
Those who lose coverage will be the same folks who didn’t have/want it in the first place and will utilize the same procedures as prior, with the same folks picking up the tab….taxpayers, until a better program can be introduced, such as tax credits or direct deposit to health savings accounts for low income folks with a mandate that the benefit be used for health costs /or insurance coverage.

Charles L FOSTER JR - March 17, 2017

It is embarrassing that we are having to discuss the issue of totally repealing Obamacare…did we have an election this past November? Did we the people elect conservatives from the top to the bottom of the ballot! We are sick of what we endured for the last 8 years!! GET IT? WE ARE GOING TO VOTE OUT THE ARROGANT REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT MEMBERS IN THE NEXT ELECTION NOW THAT WE KNOW THEM BY NAME AND RECORD. TRUST ME ON THAT…..C.L. FOSTER JR. (TEXAS)

Gloria Netzel - March 17, 2017

REPEAL is the only way to go!! Ryan is a rino – his way or the hwy.

Richara A Battista - March 17, 2017

Repeal and get the Federal government out of it … turn it over to the States … ala the Constitution … if it is not in the Constitution for the Federal government to do … it goes to the States and the people.

Buddy Jones - March 17, 2017

After doing some research on changes to laws on health care insurance in the last 35-40 years I have come to the conclusion that the people in Washington are showing  way more sympathy to the insurers than to the people they are supposed to protect. This no doubt is because with the laws and regulations in place it gives those in Washington a great deal of power over the insurers, the providers and the consumers. This power results in money and influence that they (mostly the imbedded politicians of both parties) do not want to relinquish. They fight to keep this power at the expense of their constituents. I am not talking about all of them but most it seems like their power and influence.
Following is a short list I have compiled of things that through changes in law or regulation have driven the cost of healthcare insurance up over the years. These changes help the insurance companies by reducing competition and innovation in the health insurance industry leaving them with no need to be neither efficient or innovative.

    1) Laws and regulations have made it restrictive to do business so there are fewer health insurers out there to make a competitive market. With less regulation a new insurer could spring up to develop plans and policies to fit groups of people and make for cheaper premiums. A smaller insurer without all the oversight would be more nimble and innovative creating opportunity for profit while still providing quality healthcare and good service.
    2) Washington has disallowed groups or clubs from alliances to negotiate prices and coverage with a insurer for their members. If this was allowed it would help the citizens who must purchase their own insurance privately.
     3) Washington has disallowed buying insurance across state lines or on a national basis. This once again protects existing health insurers by reducing competition. If for example a insurance company formed in Idaho that was selling a quality plan at a reasonable rate then people in other states could also purchase this plan if it fit within their state of residence regulations. If it does not fit within their states regulations they can lobby their state’s legislators to change their rules. This is competition that makes the insurance companies compete in a efficient and innovative manner. This is how improvements are made to our health care and plans.
     4) Washington CANNOT regulate healthcare in a efficient manner. This is evidenced by past programs with gross inefficiencies and abuse from lack of policing. (Social Security is one of many and to mention politicians theft of Social Security funds). Their solution is try to make everyone fit under the same guidelines so it is easier to control instead of letting the states which are closer to it’s citizens handle rules and regulations for health insurers.
        There are other things I could list but time and space limit my musings but you get the idea. Any one can research the subject just like I did and find many things the politicians have done to help insurers at the expense of the insured. I understand that there has to be safety nets and laws to protect the uninsurable and destitute and I am for this safety net with a whole heart but for those who think I am heartless or ignorant in this discussion ask yourself how many more people could be helped if the politicians were not leveraging donations and influence with health care laws, if the monies spent on grossly inefficient programs were not wasted but put to good use, if the many people who are gaming the systems with SS, Medicaid, Medicare, agriculture and drug programs etc. were prosecuted and removed from the roles of these programs. Washington likes to make these programs  to get votes and money but they do not like policing them.

Jim Johnson - March 17, 2017

Absolutely uphold the promises of Full Repeal. That is the only way to get rid of all mandates and taxes and regulations. No more Mandates! Let us buy across state lines! Enact Tort Reform, such as Texas has, whereby they reduced the cost of healthcare 40% in one year. Absolutely NO Money to be spent on health care for non-citizens. Non-citizens must be responsible for their own healthcare. If they cannot pay then the govt should make a one time payment of their medical bills and when released from the medical facility transport them directly to the border where they will be immediately deported! After they pass those provisions we will then be able to afford health insurance.

Nora Felton - March 17, 2017

I agree with Nancy CULKIN—–REPEAL it and get out of our health care. More folks, like my family, LOST coverage, every year for last 4 years, than gained. We already have Medicaid and Medicare as a safety net… many more do we need?? or can afford???

Philip Allen - March 17, 2017

Every un-Constitutional law, including Obamacare should be repealed. Amending an un-Constitutional law continues the lunatic left fiction that the “elite” are above the Constitution

Larry K. Staida - March 17, 2017

Yes, I agree that Speaker Ryan and his cohorts are stymying the repeal effort. It seems to me that the legislation that the Republicans sent many, many times to the Senate and ultimately to Obama should be sufficient to get the “repeal” job done. It’s perfectly correct to send it to the Senate with a date-certain, which should be based upon how long it is going to take to get the replacement bill done. I happen to agree with the Freedom Caucus that tax credits are anathema to conservatives and favor the approach put forth by Sen. Paul and his followers. The replacement task is complex and politically difficult, but a clean repeal would force the Republicans to coalesce around the replacement concept favored by the people who put them into office on the coattails of Pres.Trump.

Barbara Aamot - March 17, 2017

I agree with Nancy Culkin. Repeal and replace Obama care but do not take away from SS Medicare or Medicaid. We want to keep our same doctor and our same Medical Insurance.Putting people back to work and keeping them off welfare is the best solution .

John Algeo - March 17, 2017

With a bill as large as Obamacare, I feel that any attempt to fix it is doomed to failure. Congress needs to repeal it and start over. The solution may not be a single bill, but rather a few simpler ones that work together.

Bob - March 17, 2017

I think the wizards of Heritage should run for office themselves, they seem to know so much more than the people actually doing the work. Hello! It is hard work if you don’t believe me ask Jim DeMint, it was too much for him.

Joshua Barrett - March 17, 2017

Yes, simply repeal it have a transition period to discuss free market reforms.

Brad Pohlmann - March 17, 2017

Insurance across state lines. Detach insurance from company benefits, and make it available only to individuals.

Wallis O’Connor - March 17, 2017

Yes, I believe Obamacare should be fully repealed. The people who passed it did not read it and when they saw how bad it is they were exempted. That tells you something right there! They should have worked on the old plan and made it better, like covering people with insurance who had prior illnesses and were not allowed coverage.

David Spangler - March 17, 2017

Yes! I just wrote a very direct(!) note to Speaker Ryan on his web site. We voted in 2016 for responsible, accountable government! I realize the evil legacy of overreaching government that exists after years of liberal rule — both Democrat & Republican — but we the people expect better than the waffling and lack of courage we’re getting from much of Congress. The fight is far from over.

Charles Persinger - March 17, 2017

Just pass the 2015 bill which was passed and vetoed by Obama. It would then be done. Make it effective on_________ date and make a plan including Democrat input in the meantime. One of the biggest problems with Ocare was it was shoved down the throats of the people with no input from Republicans.

Paul Murphy - March 17, 2017

The opportunity to reign in entitlements starts with Ryan’s plan. The plan needs revision but the core is good. Conservative opposition should weigh in with ideas to improve the plan. For example the tax credit extended to people making $150M should be knocked down to at least $100/yr which will shut up the liberal blabber about helping the rich guy. Opposing it for a pure repeal will blow the chance. Come on guys work this out!

WILLIAM MORGAN - March 17, 2017

Jim what can we do to get President Trump to just repeal Obamacare then start with a new plan which would never get approved then we would back to where it was prior to Obamacare. Most of these programs are for illegal aliens or refugees coming into this country at an alarming rare not for us.

WILLIAM MORGAN - March 17, 2017

Jim a big issue with us regular folks is that none of the government employees have to have this type of healthcare. They are above that.

Connie Sacco - March 17, 2017

Full repeal of Obamacare must happen first. Congress can replace anytime. Stand your ground, no more reaching across the aisle. We won ! Let’s act like it !
Don’t give up. Get the Federal government out of health insurance industry( AND education ) once and for all !

Anita49 - March 17, 2017

Just completely repeal Obamacare as you promised because that is why we voted for you!! Government should not be involved in healthcare. Read the Constitution!

William Ball - March 17, 2017

I totally agree with Nancy. What’s up “Repeal & Replace”? It should be “Repeal” only. Our gov’t should keep their hands out of it. Health insurance should be handled by each individual just like we do for auto insurance, life insurance, property insurance, etc.!

Sestilia Fish - March 17, 2017

I agree with Nancy Culkin. At the same time “clean out” the Medicaid system of all that should not receive the benefit such as illegals, fraudulent applicants. One other comment regarding health care, if the politician had the same choices as the American people, perhaps they would come together and forge a good health care plan. If the politicians do not have to choose the same plans why would they care otherwise? And just one more thing, the government should stay out of the health care business, let the market do the job-capitalism works, why do you think everybody is trying to come here? Ok, last thing, I do have an immigration plan if anyone is interested in hearing/reading about it.

Liz - March 17, 2017

The Republican platform called for REPEAL of Obamacare. The People want the bill repealed and do not want another government run health care plan. Most Trump voters were attracted by his promise to repeal Obamacare. Do not let these people down or there will be big trouble in 2018 and 2020. We don’t want that to happen.

Jim Lewis - March 17, 2017

Yes, Repeal AND Replace , BUT READ , READ and READ Again to make sure that OUR Plan is a WORKABLE deal BEFORE putting it in action. !!!

Michael Foster - March 17, 2017

GOP said they needed the house to repeal Obamacare, so the American gave them a majority. The GOP then said they needed a majority in the Senate to fully repeal Obamacare, so Americans voted in a majority GOP so that it could get done. President Trump when running for office said many time very plainly that FULL REPEAL is what was needed to rip bad Obamacare law out by the roots. Americans rallied around him and voted him as our Commander-in-Chief so as to accomplish the task of FULL REPEAL. NOW, with the House, the Senate and the White House all on board with majorities everywhere, we have Obamacare Light put before us as the ONLY option??? Something is terribly wrong with our GOP and I am thinking we need to replace our current GOP with leaders that represent the American people instead of their own paltry views.

Sharon LaMonica - March 17, 2017

I agree with Nancy Culkin. Go back to what we had before when we made those choices for our families and selves. I don’t want the government deciding for me.

George - March 17, 2017

I think Congress should repeal the Un-Affordable Care (Obamacare) Act and not worry about replacing it in any form until it’s gone.

Karen Littell - March 17, 2017

Yes, repeal, replace and all government employees must live by the same rules as we have to.

M Masters - March 17, 2017

ABSOLUTELY – we want repeal, and we want the federal government out of our healthcare. If we free the insurance industry of strangling regulations, then the market can come up with solutions for every circumstance out there.

Louis Sokowoski - March 17, 2017

Yes, Jim, ObamaCare must be repealed in its entirety. NO more excuses from the GOP establishment. They have wasted precious weeks already foot dragging in an attempt to avoid making the hard decision.
I think this is due to all of the GOP leadership in both houses. They really do not want to repeal ObamaCare.

William Camden - March 17, 2017

ABSOLUTELY! The Democrats didn’t care about how the [Unaffordable Care Act] would upset peoples lives. We should move swiftly to repeal and replace.
In my opinion the governments job should be to make sure the competition between insurance company’s is fair so [we the people] have the freedom to choose what WE want. We don’t need the government in the insurance business; let the insurance company’s design the insurance plans. GET THIS JOB DONE NOW.

James Fargo - March 17, 2017

Now is the time to get health insurance fixed so it doesn’t take a government bureaucracy to run it. Eliminate the mandates, allow across state lines competition, allow students up to 26 years of age to be on parents’ policy, and reward States that eliminate fraud and abuse with Medicare and Medicaid. Get it right now using the 51 vote option in the Senate since everything pertaining to Repeal & Replace has budget and debt implications!

Carole Mansfield (OHIO) - March 17, 2017

Full Repeal! I don’t want the government deciding what is good for me,none of Paul Ryan’s mandates or trimming around the edges. Maybe voting out the Establishment is the best way to put them in their place and their place is…. not in my business. Get Government out of Healthcare!

janice lewis - March 17, 2017

The president has to stop listening to Paul Ryan and start reading and finding all the faults in this bill, the American people aren’t stupid and it’s not what he promised, it isn’t the answer to Obamacare, it’s just another bill that will go no where.

Mr & Mrs John Battenburg - March 17, 2017

I believe that the way forward now is to drop “reconciliation” press on with the full repeal bill we have used for years. Ir will be hopelessly filibustered but will return responsibility for the current healthcare coverage mess back to the Obamacare creators.

James Foshee - March 17, 2017

The country got it, and elected Trump to deliver a message to he GOP. It seems the Congress and House Republicans did not get the message. If they don’t change, their legacy will be the same as that of the democrats – the voters don’t really matter.

Ronald Derby - March 17, 2017

It appears to me that it what is being presented is nothing more than a shell game!

Dick Matise - March 17, 2017

ONLY complete and total REPEAL should be considered. P Ryan is misleading the public in stating funding for Planned Parenthood is repealed – WHY can’t he say for 1 year ONLY? Ryan needs to be replaced as he will always fight Trump – Ryan is totally undependable and a true RINO!

Michael Thomas Badeau - March 17, 2017

Rand Paul is in the minority group of Republican Senators that gets it! When Americans sent a clear message to our Federal government that we are not happy with Obamacare during the 2016 Presidential Elections and Donald Trump had admitted it was an awful program that he would replace. Nothing was said about patching Obamacare or Obamacare lite rather it was to be thrown out and replaced with an all new program.

People were fed up with all the lies and broken campaign promises of Obama and Democrats in general which is why Republicans have now been given control of our Federal government. Now once again just like with poor Democratic leadership so many Republican Senators are following the agenda of our shadow government rather than that of those that got them elected!

Jeopardizing Medicaid meant for the needy by offering it to healthy hard working Americans is ridiculous and non-sustainable! I see nothing about ending tax dollars going to Family Planning for criminal abortions or anything about lowering the monthly costs burdening the middle and lower class income folks.

The American people have been awoken, thanks to our Lords 6th Great Awakening and those that have used the world web tirelessly serving Him. We expect REAL change and are not going to tolerate anything less! President Trump MUST get the puppets out of our governments Intelligent agencies, State Department, EPA and many others before he can oust the puppet master from our country. The Elites Bilderberg group is still controlling things through their United Nations, Obama influence and planted cabal in many Federal agencies. Until the President and his cabinet address and fix this corruption the Globalists hundreds of trillions of dollars will continue to influence Senators and Congressmen through lobbying, bribery and even blackmail.

I just don’t see the dam built over the last couple of decades by corrupt Globalist bought public servants being broke thereby allowing the waters of freedom to finally flow again until this number one issue is addressed! President Trump calls it draining the swamp but in reality it is more like draining the cesspool. In the old days this was done to remove the stink, vermin and health hazards before putting in the newer, cleaner and safer septic tanks.

If the Senate can’t at least go back to the 2015 bill that Obama vetoed then very little will change in any Obamacare replacement plan as it will be simply putting new paint over the same old rotten wood! There needs to be more accountability by Senators and especially Congressmen that pass the buck way too often!

Paul D’Aigle - March 17, 2017

Yes, definitely. I’m with you guys. Keep the fight in the public eye as long as possible until the right common sense result is a fact of life.

Robert McWain - March 17, 2017

We need true repeal,now

David caraballo - March 17, 2017

I believe this Repeal and Replace must be affordable for all Americans especially Seniors. This new AHCA Must be done right without having to come back against the GOP party. Don’t rush this important legislation just to say”We did what We Promise” rather than saying it will take a bit more Time. If not, Just gut the whole thing and reinstate what was in place pre Ocare. Then, make insurance available across state lines would be a better deal for all Americans.

Ronald Zahn - March 17, 2017

Repeal using the Reconciliation-tested 2015 model is step one. Then, in the time given between passage of the repeal bill and the actual demise of Obamacare, pass stand-alone bills dealing with legitimate issues: portability, pre-existing conditions, tort reform, Medicaid, HSA expansion, equalizing the discriminatory tax deductibility of premium costs, etc. If any of these reforms can’t get the 60 vvotes needed in the Senate, invite the Vice President to over-rule the Parliamentarian of the Senate and use Reconciliation. Risky, yes, but less so than having the government manage our health care.

Don Glass - March 17, 2017

Yes. The AHCA preserves Obamacare’s core principle that the Government dictates all medical and insurance policy at the expense of individual freedom. It also maintains the extensive wealth redistribution.

The Republicans should keep their promise and repeal healthcare tyranny.

Charles Fickling - March 17, 2017

Yes!!! Do it right the first time.

Tim Beck - March 17, 2017

Repeal the “entitlements”. Healthcare is not a “right” – – it is a personal responsibility. Health insurance should be individually owned, like auto insurance. It should be “transportable” from job to job, not tied to an employer. Low premiums for a high deductible (catstrophic coverage) plan, coupled with you keeping your own money set aside in your own HSA is the way to go.

James White - March 17, 2017

Yes indeed House leadership should change the current Obamacare repeal plan to truly implement real repeal. The federal government must be brought fully under the authority of our Constitution gradually and with intense determination. Repealing the misnamed ACA is one step back under the Constitution. Washington needs to extricate itself from (get out of) healthcare and numerous other areas not authorized by the Constitution. The swamp of the administrative deep state, shadow, illegal government must be drained! Republicans had better follow through and enact solid conservative and Constitutional reforms based on the real, plain and historical/original meaning of our core documents ; the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. May Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, grant us undeserved mercy through a massive American gospel awakening.

Dian C James - March 17, 2017

Please just repeal Obama Care and get out of the health insurance business. Make sure insurance available across state lines and the don’t penalize people for not having the insurance. Agree that we already have systems available for helping those that are in need. Also encourage those to check out various sharing health care organizations (Samaritan’s Purse/Medishare, etc.). Praying for our Country and all our leaders in Jesus Name Amen!

William Brackett - March 17, 2017

For sure the WHOLE of Obama care needs to be repealed. There are many areas outside of healthcare in that law that are terrible for we Americans. Every word of that law has to go. Do not compromise.

Darla - March 17, 2017

I agree with most of the statements listed here. We were sold on Obamacare being completed eliminated. I think that is where you should start and put in place a plan where the people deal with insurance on their own and work on reducing medicine and medical care costs.

Bill Coates - March 17, 2017

If they want to be considered ‘leadership’, then they should step out and lead. Ryan’s first cut was designed to anger as few current Obamacare customers as possible, so the media would not be saturated with tear-jerking stories about how horrible Ryan is. Trump’s election should set the tone for any Republican who wants to be re-elected; find ways to get the job done. Now watch the establishment fight Trump’s efforts to kill off their little pork-barrel programs and their regulatory boondoggles! Trump’s budget is just a good beginning, and the cuts need to get bigger.

James Langlois - March 17, 2017

If it isn’t repealed completely, we will end up with something more complex and with more loopholes. My Dad used to say “A camel is a horse designed by committee”. Without a real repeal this camel will have 5 humps, 2 heads, 3 legs and 6 tails to wag it around.

Carol Hile - March 17, 2017

Mr. president, Replace and Repeal not re-design, alter and change a few paragraphs here and there………..IF you don’t deliver what you ran on then your not better than, “If you like your doctor” BLAH BLAH BLAH
LISTEN AND HEED THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OR Mr. “T” your no better than the rest of them…….

Mike Woodward - March 17, 2017

Repeal and replace! Let President Trump fulfill his promise to conservatives who voted for him.

Jerry Murphy - March 17, 2017

Obamacare should be totally repealed. Before Obamacare I could buy health insurance at a reasonable price. Now I can’t afford it so I have to make it appear to the IRS that I’m poorer than I am so I can get the subsidy in order to afford the premiums. If I actually had to use it I would have to pull money out of my IRA to pay the deductible which would cause my income to increase and I possibly could end up having to pay the subsidy back and maybe pay a tax penalty for underpaying my taxes to boot. What kind of government has a “law” that does this to its people? Linking health insurance premiums to our taxes is asinine. Obamacare has to go!

Phillip Minor - March 17, 2017

I am simply amazed at the people who think we can just over night do away with Obomacare. This thing has so many tentacles. It is designed to destroy the insurance industry and have a single payer system run by the federal government. It was never designed to be easy to get rid of.

Linda - March 17, 2017

Repeal now. Then let the free market do its magic. All government employees live by the same rules. As I can tell by Obamacare, government makes everything harder and more expensive. And yes I agree that we should not be having this conversation.

dorothy sebreny - March 17, 2017

Totally repeal it and replace it with a marketplace competitive healthcare system with no prejudice toward pre-existing conditions, especially if you have been paying into the coverage for more then a decade. You ran on this, were elected on this, so now…DO THIS!!

Steve - March 17, 2017

Yes FULL Repeal! The republicans have had over five years to fire the full volley for full effect. And they screwed it up. I am so sad. They gave the dems time to regroup and tear their folly apart.

John - March 17, 2017

Ditto Linda.

Sandra Gray - March 17, 2017

What do U.S. citizens have to do in order for the U.S. Government to be responsible for their health needs? Do they have to watch their weight? Do they have to moderate their drinking. Do they have to give up cigaretts and drugs? Do they have to exercise?
HMSA health care in Hawaii had free facilities over the islands where members could go for counseling and to keep track of their BP, Weight, Heart Rate and general well being. People did not want to know that they were overweight or had high blood pressure, so they didn’t keep appointments or didn’t want to be told what their numbers were.
The offices closed for lack of response.
For everything else in life one has to do something, why should health care not have to be reciprocal too?

Robert Waunch - March 17, 2017

Yes, it’s needs to be completely repealed. Then insurance companies should be able to compete nationally and not just offer certain plans in certain areas. Next should be a complete clean-up of Medicare by simplifying the regulations so a ‘particular’ procedure is reimbursed the same no matter where it is performed. And Medicaid needs to return to it’s original coverage for very limited individuals.

Jim Keller - March 17, 2017

Yes, Paul Ryan needs to listen to Jim DeMint and other conservatives making changes they are asking for. I would not support Ryan’s present HealthCare plan. Thank goodness for true conservatives. Jim Keller, CD8

Patricia Erzinger - March 17, 2017

Let’s Repeal and get back to private insurance. The cost will go down dramatically. Get rid of the insurance administrative middleman. Sixty percent of each dollar spent goes to some administrative clerk “expert”, not the physician. This is what we voted for!

Jules Thomas - March 17, 2017

2. “Rand, you’ve got it.”
3. Ignore the flack.
4. Enjoy the results with the rest of U.S.

Rick Barr - March 17, 2017

Just repeal Obamacare. Do not replace it with another big health care boondoggle. We need to be able to buy insurance across state lines and don’t block people with pre-existing conditions. That’s all. No more Obamacare 2.0.

Retta - March 17, 2017

Yes, the plan now is WRONG. They first need to REPEAL. Then they need to REPLACE–but not with a government run system.

They promised and promised us there would be REPEAl. They need to honor that promise.

Kathy Baratelli - March 17, 2017

Obamacare is a disaster and must be totally repealed and replaced with a health care plan that will work for all Americans. The Obama 2.0 plan is an absolute joke, and Paul Ryan needs to be removed from his position of House Speaker for promoting the terrible plan. As a Rino, Paul doesn’t understand that the American People have spoken in 2010, 2014, and 2016 with the election of Donald J. Trump. He needs to resign as House Speaker and let a true conservative step up to lead the House of Representatives, as that is what the American people have demanded over and over again at the voting polls.

Eugene Csah - March 17, 2017

Repeal Obamacare, BUT have abetter finished plan to put in place before repeal.

Esther Wolfson - March 17, 2017

Repeal and replace with something better than what is currently being considered. No benefits to illegals.

Gabriel Wigutow - March 17, 2017

Well I think they should just scrape this plan and reintroduce the 2015 bill.

sue kucera - March 17, 2017

Repeal ASAP. Then open up to the market and use Savings Plans. Let insurance cross state lines and facilitate the poor to go through Medicaid. Medicare should be run by the states and Medicaid through DC if need be. Get this done in under 100 pages so we all understand and be sure and have Congress in on the plan.
Don’t pass junk and have us pinned to a bad deal. Do it right for heaven’s sake!

Gena - March 17, 2017

My short comment is if Obamacare is not completely repealed now , it will never be repealed!!

Michael Orr - March 17, 2017

REPEAL Obamacare! Forget another government plan to replace it. Government can’t balance the checkbook let alone manage most any type of business.

Anita Liverman - March 17, 2017

Yes, and thank our Heavenly Father, so does my Rep, Mo Brooks. Praying, calling and emailing for total repeal. We put them in office with promises of total repeal, nothing else is acceptable

Leon Dillman - March 17, 2017

Since many of the provisions of Obamacare have already been implemented, it would make more sense to ride with these until you get all the really bad parts changed. It is also easier to change one thing at a time than to get the whole thing done at once. That is what started this whole thing. Two thousand pages is too much to get right and approved. Doing it one step at a time would be much easier and faster.

Ronald Bateman - March 18, 2017

I want a simple bill and up or down vote to remove the ACA, laws, regulations, taxes and reporting requirements. We voted for this several times these last several years. Do it now. If it fails those voting against it will come up for an election and with some work replaced.

Next I want a simple easily understood bill authorizing insurance carriers to sell across state lines medical insurance plans to meet the needs of a variety of situations. Plan options with maternity and with out. Large deductibles and small. Preexisting conditions can stay or go. Etc. Options to meet various needs. Prices calculated by actuaries. Free market. You can buy or not buy. Self insure your own risk. Face the consequences of your own choices.

If you are to poor to pay your own way select a high option plan to cover your major risks and pay the lowest premium you can afford. Opt out if you need to or get help from private sources to assist you. Family, church and friends.

Let’s get this done and push the political forces along. Just do it. Do it right. Thanks for all your work.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - March 18, 2017

Absolutely yes.

Dennis V. Peterson - March 18, 2017

Repeal is what was promised, repeal is what must happen. Go back to where we were and do what you must for the 20 million that supposedly had nothing and we’ll all save money. Truly affordable care for everyone.

Robert M Russell - March 18, 2017

Go on to “FAIR TAX”

J Dodge - March 18, 2017

I don’t want health care from the government, federal or local. I want the opportunity to HAVE or HAVE NOT health care choice of my own. Some of us do not use BIG PHARMA but use natural means for our health. I haven’t read or heard about this way of keeping healthy. Since when has gov. officials become experts in telling me what I need without ever meeting with me???

Bev Ehlen - March 18, 2017

REPEAL OBAMACARE IN FULL – The free market will work better than anything the government creates.

Vickie Suarez - March 18, 2017

Repeal government mandated medical coverage. Return to the consumer the right to determine what kind of health care insurance we need and whether it is affordable. Free the health care market. Free it. Let’s trust the consumer to evaluate what is best for us. Let’s trust the people and liberty.

Jim Boatman - March 18, 2017

The current plan to replace the Affordable Heath Care Act does not fulfill my vision of what true repeal should be. I think we can do better. This time, let’s get it right the first time, and to use an old Oklahoma term, not have to go back and re-lick the calf.

Dawn Lawrence - March 18, 2017

Yes! Repeal & Replace…ASAP! Free Market shopping across state lines …make insurance companies compete in the open market!
Create the foundation so there is No tinkering with the basic good coverage. Also, if it’s good enough for the average American, then it’s good enough for our elected officials…anywhere in the USA!

Tim Murphy - March 18, 2017

Repeal and replace. Hard to believe Republican leadership had no viable alternative plan after all these years. What have they been doing?

Richard Morgan - March 18, 2017

I was really hoping to get full repeal and replacement as promised. Now its looking like left wing politics again.

Timothy R. Buttner - March 18, 2017

The timid and obstructive Republicans are blocking full repeal. Repeal it. Repeal it.

CARMEN R MOREY - March 18, 2017


howard Boggs - March 18, 2017

Absolutely repeal it! Don’t try to fix what already doesn’t work. Draft a bill that does and forget about people not liking the fact that an entitlement has disappeared. Create a system where entitlements like these aren’t needed.

Theodore Cahoon - March 18, 2017

Repeal t! I’m not so sure replacement is necessary. Let the market do it. Most things government does are bad.

Wynyard Smith - March 18, 2017

Why does repeal and improve need to take the three steps some Congressmen
have mentioned? Folks are discouraged
with lack of action for Repeal and Replace.

Larry D. Butler, Phd. - March 18, 2017

The Republicans in Congress and President Trump were elected by the people to repeal, the abortion known as “Obamacare”! Anything less is betrayal! It irritates me that the Republican leadership in Congress is NOT LEADING! I don’t like betrayal, neither do my conservative friends! The American people were betrayed by Democrats for more than eight years! We don’t need it from those we elected to get rid of the problem! Just repeal Obamacare and watch the scramble and finger pointing from the Democrats! At this juncture all that will be needed is to point out to the citizens of this country, that Republicans attempted to “correct the problem”, but the Democrats refused, because they don’t care about the citizens of this country! Trust me, it will work! The only solution is for Republicans to craft a bill allowing insurance company’s to provide reasonable coverage to the citizens of this country, at reasonable costs! It can be accomplished, but by no means is the government to be the “primary instrument” of healthcare in this country! Drop-kick the Democrats and let them know who is in charge in this country…and it isn’t them! They “bullied” conservatives, when they held sway, now it’s their turn in the barrel! Never let them forget it! In so far as Comrade Schumer is concerned…the Constitution does not allow the selection of judges based upon idiology!

Judith Mark - March 18, 2017

don’t just replace with the same plan downscaled. We need free enterprise to compete for our insurance which will lower costs. Meet with the insurers nationwide and find out what we need to do to reduce costs.

Julia Williams - March 18, 2017

Clean repeal. What else has been woven into the system from the original ACA that we are not even aware of? Remove ALL of it completely and then repeal. Thank you.

Shirley Basista - March 18, 2017

Why is this soooo difficult?? REPEAL first (that should be easy) then be prepared to REPLACE almost immediately—how hard can that be?? Too many Harvard grads trying to figure something out that is Common Sense. Let’s get on with it so reducing taxes can be handled next (and SOON)

Vera McSparin - March 18, 2017

Repeal, Replace. Keep standing firm. Thank you!

Cynthia Young - March 18, 2017

Repeal as of end of year. Maybe let those on keep for next year, with no new enrollees. Allow tax credits for Health Insurance, pre-tax, even if not itemizing……BUT not below zero tax. Allow people to buy insurance anywhere. Make it easy to compare prices. Publish Health Care Prices …both Drs & Hospitals. No more crazy discounts to preferred insurance providers. This FORCES people to have insurance to get discounts. If prices weren’t all over the board, people wouldn’t go broke if they didn’t have insurance. Don’t force coverage of pre-existing conditions. That was big complaint about Obamacare. People wait until they get sick to buy. Only should be covered after being covered 1 year or changing from another policy that covered same. Feds out of Health Care except for tax credit!

Vernon A. Hayes - March 18, 2017

Yes. The Republicans have run on the promise to repeal Obamacare care for many years. What they didn’t run on was trying to stand in the way of President Trump delivering on his campaign promises. Time for the arrogant Ruling Class to work for the good of the nation instead of Ruling against the People.

Martha - March 18, 2017

Yes, I believe that Obama Care should be repealed. Obama is no longer President so therefore it needs to go like Obama.

tony earnst - March 18, 2017

Trash the whole thing, then look at other free nations that have universal health care and use some of their ideas. To start, make Insurance companies NON PROFIT. Why should they be filthy rich? They are a Manopley.

rk swaim - March 18, 2017

But there is no indication that I’ve seen this will happen.
The House leadership does not have the interests of the citizens of the United States of America at the front of their considerations. I of course have suspicions, but can’t figure out where their loyalty lies.
As this proposed bill should prove the health of the US population is way down the list of concerns.

John J Morton - March 18, 2017

Come on now. Just repeal the thing like we voters voted for. Listening to the Rinos And Dinos is going to get you all in trouble next election.

Frank Schwartz - March 18, 2017

First, REPEAL OBAMACARE. Then get the Federal Government out of the Healthcare business. Leave it up to the states. Why are the Republicans afraid to put one package up to the vote? This three step process for healthcare will be a headache that will drag on and on. The Democrats need healthcare change as much as the Republicans. Before you vote on Reconciliation, you should reverse the three steps. Vote first on step three, and let us see what the Democrats do. Surely you should be able to get at least a dozen of their votes. Competition across state lines should lower the cost of insurance, even with our current plan. That is if the Democrats really are trying to help U.S. citizens. Get them on the record. Make each one of them accountable.

CW4 Kenneth Hiemenz,AUS Ret - March 18, 2017

People, including myself, voted to REPEAL! NOW do your job or resign.
Do it right the first if you think you need to put forth a program of kind. However, DO NOT give the insurance companies a dime. Let the market handle this!

CW4 Kenneth Hiemenz,AUS Ret - March 18, 2017

Repeal. Members were voted in to repeal. Do your job or resign. To be sure members will not get my vote if they fail again,

Pamela Weber - March 18, 2017

I think we are and have been ready for over 8 years now. Repeal first, cuT the head off this nasty hydra!

Dean G. Newman - March 18, 2017

A full repeal is the way to go with any future health care plans being based on a free market, free choice approach.

Ted Beatty - March 18, 2017

Get the Feds out of healthcare altogether except that they can punish the bad actors in the healthcare business.

Gary - March 18, 2017

Repeal totally outright and push down to the States, interstate trading and tort reform. Kill federal health insurance and make them play the same game.

Candy Hansard - March 18, 2017

1. Yes! FULL Repeal, every word!!
2. Price Transparency (Increase Competition and lower costs)
3. Price Fairness (STOP Price Gouging. Currently ins. co.’s pay 50-90% less than uninsured. This is wrong. Let providers set their price but the price should be the same for everyone. This would instantly lower costs and increase competition in the insurance industry because the little companies could begin to compete with the larger ones.)
4. Regulatory Reform (Lower costs)
5. Streamline FDA Process (Lower Costs)
6. Tort Reform (Lower Costs)
7. Across State Line Sales (Increase Competition and lower costs)
8. Open more Medical Schools (Train more Doctors -Increase competition & Lower costs)
9. Medical Education Debt forgiveness in exchange for treating indigent patients. Win-Win, we get more doctors and that increases competition which lowers costs. (This program would pay for itself by lowering costs of caring for the indigent patients and their quality of care will improve.)
10. States should handle Medicaid for their residents, NOT federal taxpayers.

Tacy Bensiek - March 19, 2017

YES – Repeal Obamacare and then replace it with health insurance that can be purchased from health care providers competing for our business. Tacy Bensiek

Sylvan Ruark - March 19, 2017

Smart use of IT!
I trust Trump!

Jim Cameron - March 19, 2017

My confusion is “When did it become Repel and Replace?”. We the people have only asked for repel, I don’t want government involved in my health care! I cannot see any part of our constitution that gives our federal government that role. I want those decisions left to the individual and the States! I want FREEDOM! To many have sacrificed for us to not demand and work for that end.

Steve - March 19, 2017

Repeal is what we were promised and what we expect.

G. Allan Barnes - March 19, 2017

Yes , repeal COMPLETELY. Under Obama care, it was subsidized, under current plan they get tax credits.That’s six one way, a half dozen another. The costs per month could be deducted from their welfare or other entitlements. I’m tired of paying for other peoples responsibilities. Have costs for everything scrutinized to curb overcharging. Reduce agencies size by 10% across the board to start with, and prosecute fraud in government. Elimination of fraud and wasteful / spending should pay for AHCA.

Jack Stockdale - March 19, 2017

If you meet President Trump again let him know that many of us are with him to get America back on track as in the past. We need to get an affordable health care system as we had in the past for many of us. Being on Medicare the 800+ Billion taken from Medicare for Obamacare needs to be returned. Social Security IOU’s are worthless taken by past Congress officials who care less about us, since they are not dependent on it.

Ellen Dougherty - March 19, 2017

I believe the congress should pass clean repeal bill, and get rid of government regulations into insurance, so we can move into more free market, like auto insurance. Catastrophic insurance and deal with tort insurance for doctors.

Mary Buerger - March 19, 2017

The first thing they could repeal is the horrendous Estate (death) Tax hidden in Obamacare. It would be best if there were no Federal Death Taxes. State Death Taxes to help finance State operating budgets are more easily controlled state by state.

Dr. Barry Naft - March 19, 2017

The final House bill, and necessary Senate conference revisions, must include whatever compromise is necessary to insure passage with a view that when we subsequently move on to budget and tax reform matters any concern over the nature of these compromises will pale in comparison as to whether the GOP met its commitment to the American people. This bill MUST be enacted. There is no Plan B. Sixty votes will not available for anything.

Mary Szullo - March 20, 2017

The future of our country is up for grabs. If we don’t do it right this time we will have lost everything the Republican party stands for and the support of its citizens. Repeal all of ACA & start anew with insurance that goes across state lines.

Carol Doucet - March 20, 2017

Complete Repeal necessary to remove all components in ACA so that there will be no time and money wasted….start to get America back on track with the freedom of choice and the liberty to be independent in our own lives. Our choice, not government’s choice of how we live, breath and purchase what we want/need.

Janice Fransen - March 20, 2017

I agree with Charles L. Sims, in that the
government has no place in healthcare. Why would anyone expect the Government to do any better than they have done with the VA?

Michael Brown - March 20, 2017

Yes, Yes, Yes, without real repeal of Obamacare the whole nation suffers. Most people want an affordable accessible competitive health-care plan where they are in control of it and not the government. I am one of those people.

Delynn Weaver - March 21, 2017

Our government can never be trusted to run social care programs And be fiscally responsible! Rather than creating a monstrous federal health care plan they should have looked at the health care insurance industry and the costs involved in providing healthcare versus what was being charged to the customer. I have worked for a electrical utility in the state of Utah for 35 years and our states public service commission Regulates how much profit a utility can make, in other words what is fair and reasonable; several years ago our federal government decided to deregulate the power supply industry and in a short amount of time prices to the customer skyrocketed, due to corporate greed, due to the public outcry they reversed the decision. It would be a whole lot cheaper to organize a healthcare Service commission made up from the public sector with representation from all of the states to determine what is fair and reasonable in healthcare costs and charges, in turn creating regulations or guidelines that would crossover state lines. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t like regulations anymore than anyone else does but there are some areas in our public sector where we do need to have regulations to keep costs fair and reasonable. What I’m saying is that with the Social Security and Medicare programs close to being bankrupt I don’t want to see another government care program.

Doug Bishop, MCPO USN Ret. - March 21, 2017

Yes, Total Repeal…….
Then All NEW Plan Centered on Doctor/Patient relationships.

Prescription Drugs cost reduction Next phase.

Gaylon - March 22, 2017

Obamacare needs to be REPEALED lock, stock and barrel in one bill, and then have another bill ready to go immediately after passage of the REPEAL bill that allows buying across state lines, doubles the amount eligible to go into HSA accounts, keeps insurance companies from rejecting new coverage because of pre-existing conditions and give individuals all the tax benefits that are enjoyed by people who have employer sponsored health coverage. This is as far as Replace needs to go. The federal government should set some guidelines, but should NOT be involved in replacing Obamacare. Let the free market dictate that within some guidelines. All this worry by the Republicans that the market will collapse if Obamacare is REPEALED and not replaced, is a bunch of blather. The market is already collapsing by itself with the high deductibles and premium increases, people are losing their coverage because it is no longer affordable. Put the Dems on the hot seat for opposing a common sense solution if they don’t vote for the second bill. Give people a pre-determined time period, such as a year, to either keep the coverage they now have or seek new coverage, and put the onus on individuals to keep their coverage in-force. If they decide to drop their coverage and go uninsured for more than 60 days and then can’t qualify for coverage because of a pre-existing condition then that is on them. There has to be individual financial responsibility and the consequence for not maintaining coverage is you have to qualify by health. If you can’t, then it is your responsibility to pay for your care out of pocket. We have to stop mollycoddling people who refuse to take financial responsibility for their medical care. No more being able to just go into an ER and get care and not pay for it. Unfortunately, I believe we still need to provide some type of indigent care for those who are so financially strapped that they can’t pay for regular health insurance (Medicaid), but that has to be closely monitored with only the most severe cases allowed to stay on government assistance for more than a specified period of time, like somewhere between 2 to 5 years max. In fiscal year 2014 the state and federal government spent $496.3 Billion on Medicaid. This has to be reeled in. Illegal immigration has to be factored into this as well. Current estimates are that illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers $10.7 billion per year. So repealing Obamacare is just the first step, and that needs to be followed up by securing all our borders. By requiring and enforcing a national E-Verify system so illegals cannot be hired, they will self-deport because they cannot work. It’s a complex problem, but we have to start somewhere and I believe what I have laid out is a good start. Will there need to be tweaks along the way, absolutely, but we MUST start.

Susan Sisneros - March 23, 2017

The American people nominated Donald Trump because he said he would completely repeal Obamacare Care. We expect him to listen first and foremost to those who placed him in office
I pray Donald Trump takes serious his promise to the American people and not listen to the Washington establishment. Doesn’t he understand that is what the American want and will live with the results? He may need to get his head out of the Washington Bubble to think clearly.

John vilven - March 24, 2017

They better keep their word and then come up with something better. Don’t you think it is about time.

Linda Barber - March 24, 2017

Yes, Oh my YES!

Lenore Deeths - March 24, 2017

They have had much time and this is so disappointing. I am praying that God will inspire an answer that is fair.

George Danz - April 9, 2017

Well, of course! Anything less would be FAKE repeal! Why bother with fake repeal? We the People also want real Government.

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