Heritage President Jim DeMint on the road with the Defund Obamacare Tour.

Heritage President Jim DeMint on the road in August with the Defund Obamacare Tour.

Conservatives were right to fight Obamacare this month even if we didn’t get everything we wanted, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMintwrites in the Wall Street Journal:

Forget the consultants, the pundits and the pollsters; good policy is good politics. If the Republicans had not fought on ObamaCare, the compromise would have been over the budget sequester. Instead, they have retained the sequester and for the past three months ObamaCare and its failings have been front and center in the national debate. Its disastrous launch was spotlighted by our defund struggle, not overshadowed, as some contend. With a revived and engaged electorate, ObamaCare will now be the issue for the next few years.

Obamacare is economically unstable, financially irresponsible, and harmful to hardworking Americans. This is why we fought so hard to get Washington to listen to the American people and take action to stop Obamacare.

Do you agree with the fight to stop Obamacare?

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Charles Stottlemeyer - October 23, 2013

This didn’t originate in the House. How, then, can it be the law of the land? This pitiful excuse for a president isn’t even a citizen. he doesn’t have a SSN. Why is he still in office? Can Arnold Schwarzenneger run for the presidency, then?

Jay Bezdek - October 23, 2013

Hell yes I agree with the fight to stop Obamacare!!!!!

Robert - October 23, 2013

I agree that Heritage needs to stop trashing Republicans and start making the lives of Democrats very uncomfortable. Today is as good a day as any to get started. The goal is to crush Democrats at the pols, this is not complicated.

Mary Darling - October 23, 2013

Thank you for fighting against Obamacare. Your information allows me to explain the situation to people of any political party. I strongly support free enterprise and want medical research and care to be free from the additional governmental bureaucracy that looms. Keep up the great work!!!

Neumann, Pat - October 23, 2013

If each liberal endorsed program that comes up is not worth fighting over, then what is? When do American patriots draw the line in the sand and fight? Good job, Heritage Foundation, good job.

David Creel - October 23, 2013

Fighting for what is right is nothing for which we should be ashamed. Continue to fight and we will fight with you. Regardless of how “well-intentioned” liberal arguments might be, policies which make our country weak must never be tolerated. America is the most benevolent country in the history of mankind and will continue to be so if we adhere to the principles of our founding fathers. A weak America will result in a dark future for men and women of future generations everywhere.

ROBT - October 23, 2013

I guess I have a question, but it’s sort of a comment as well. Why would American businesses benefit from moving to Europe, since Europe has full socialized medicine? Why is that better than Obamacare? I am asked that question time and again and don’t have an answer.

Brian Will - October 23, 2013

You fought the good fight but damaged the Republican party in the process. The only way to stop ObamaCare and correct the other Obama disasters is to gain control of both houses and elect a Republican president in 2016. Infighting within the party isn’t going to do it. Neither is opposing re-electable Republicans because they are not sufficiently pure.

Gary Watchorn - October 23, 2013

We need to stop Obamacare, however the Conservatives need to submit there own alternative healthcare plan. Its not that hard to come up with a solution. Our healthcare system should lead the way in helping those who are really sick and the elderly. Our healthcare system has been broken for years so I blame the Republicans as well for not proposing a solution before now. People need to take personal responsibility for there life and get off the candy. Our country has always been known for its hard working people but the Liberals want people dependent on government so they get their votes. This is sickening, politicians vote to save their jobs and not what is right for the people. We need to get rid of these career long politicians.

Robert Dennerlein - October 23, 2013

Totally agree; may want to go back to the drawing board as far as strategy; GOP lost this past battle; but need to win the war!

Darryl - October 23, 2013

I am disappointed in the fact that less attention was paid to the fact that this government shutdown was orchestrated from quite a while back and conveniently allowed to lapse, on cue.
I am also disappointed in the fact that Obama and Reid still appear to be able to set the premise of an argument without Republican opposition.
It is the House’s responsibility to determine dollars spent. What the White House chooses to do with the dollars allocated is solely up to the White House. The shutdown was entirely Obama’s responsibility and all I heard of it was that it was Boehner’s fault. This country is headed downhill on an increasingly steep slope, to Obama’s delight, while we wait for the Republicans in Washington to grow some fortitude and call this administration out for the disaster it is.
Finally, Obamacare is a crippling disease that ought to be shared by all Americans or repealed immediately.

Richard Adams - October 23, 2013

The Affordable Care Act must be repealed at all costs. The viability of the economy dependes on it. Stop this socialist program in its tracks. And, work to defeat at the polls those Republicans who did not stand with conservatives.

Ann Barnes - October 23, 2013

I had to buy Medicare when 65 years old paying monthly. Now at 92 it is getting close to $600.00 a month. My supplement ins. $2,860.65. I could have invested all that as annual visits to the Doctor is all so far. Who’s pockets does my money go into?

Sally Fawcett - October 23, 2013

I fully agree that it IMPORTANT to continue the good fight against Obamacare. I admire greatly the people and congressmen who have spoken out AGAINST the disastrous policy.

Frank Arundell - October 23, 2013

If we Republican/Conservatives cannot or will not sit down and agree on a unified strategy, we will not have only forfeited the relevance of the party of Lincoln, but would have served up, on a “silver platter,” the very constitutional republic we the people fought to preserve. The Socialists among us are poised to rule by presidential decree. Where has wisdom gone! “A house divided against itself will surly fall.”

joe costsa - October 23, 2013

Yes, we MUST stop obamacare!!!!
It will distroy the country, jobs and health care system.

Harry White - October 23, 2013

Yes, I agree, Obamacare is not about Health but Control. Unfortunately the Fed as today constructed, cannot manage what it has already because of the current Administration’s incompetence in every area. The IRS is totally Corrupt and the Attorney General should be in Jail for his Fast And Furious due to the murders with the weapons delivered to Mexico by Gun Runners during his “Watch??”.

Myron Allen - October 23, 2013

I am totally opposed to Obamacare; however, I think the best way to end it is for the GOP to win elections in 2014 and 2016. I fear that GOP actions of the past few months have lessened that possibility.
Principle is a great platform to stand on but for it to be politically productive it must be fully explained to the voting public and those making the stand must be unified.
Neither of those happened.

Lynne Stratbucker - October 23, 2013

I don’t believe we should stop fighting anything that Obama puts forward – in a few short years he has brought the United States to a pathetic low and we need to bring it back. We can never stop fighting for what is right!!!

Judith Reed - October 23, 2013

It is very hard for me to understand how our citizens have become so illiterate and uninterested in their leadership. We need to get the psychologists and psychiatrists out of our schools, the drugs out of our children, and the worse than poor “leadership” out of our White House. I got a very good education on the basics in elementary school (I am 66), with fewer teachers, no teacher assistants and way less money. Obamacare is just one of the big snafus in today’s American world.

James Avallon - October 23, 2013

Yes, I completely agree! I commend Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and the others and Heritage Action for finally starting the fight. Obamacare is a complete overeach of Washington’s power and a significant danger to our health care quality, our economy, and most importantly our liberties. I fear for our future.

Gene Johnson - October 23, 2013

Evil must be fought at each and every turn, until vanquished.

Ruth Wallace - October 23, 2013

Yes! I wholeheartedly agree with fighting Obamacare. We are in our debt to Heritage, Senator Ted Cruz and others for finally taking some needed action. If we waited for the establishment Republicans (ex. my senator, Mitch McConnell) the American people would be kept waiting, as pawns, until the stars were in alignment for a maximum bipartisan victory.

Richard M. Everhart - October 23, 2013

Obamacare must be reversed. Just because you may lose is no reason to give up and run away. We would never have had the american revolution if that were the case. Wewerent supposed to win that either – and while we lost a lot of battles – we won the war. The American people will remember who tried to save them.

Dave Schoffstall - October 23, 2013

I agree with the efforts to defund Obamacare. I don’t agree with Jim DeMint’s comment the Republicans fought the good fight. As usual, the Republican leadership brought out the white flag of surrender at the last minute. Why would the President and the Demorats ever be concerned about losing a battle with the Republicans when the RINO Leadership always caves. Maybe they didn’t lose sequester in this round but you can bet they will in the next round. You just watch.

Dave Schoffstall - October 23, 2013

One other point I neglected to mention. The Republicans may have been better off not fighting to defund Obamacare and earning the low ratings in the polls. Perhaps, they should just let Obamacare implode on its own. The website and other problems were overshadowed by the political theatre going on over the budget.

James Elliott - October 23, 2013

I believe it is absolutely necessary to stop the obamaCare TAX, and the one party system of government has got to end.

It is now plain to see the scam that will soon destroy our nation.

Please keep up the good work and may God bless your efforts.

Jim Elliott

Ciril Cohen - October 23, 2013

We need to stop this abominable Obamacare. I just keep hoping it is not too late.

Ted Wagner - October 23, 2013

You are doing the right thing in fighting Obama Care. Keep up the good work. Don’t ever ever give up

Carol Shrider - October 23, 2013

Yes .. Fight on. Critical to our freedom in addition to jobs. But fight UNITED!!!! No more sniping within Repub. party or we will need a new party…perhaps the Heritage Party??
Obama & agenda are the adversary. Sick of McCain & others shooting at Cruz, “Tea Party” , Libertarians and conservatives in general. If we don’t unite around what is critical to the country we will implode & thereby surrender to the progressive/subversive/socialist/statists. I’m truly frightened for us all. Obama is winning!

louis a d’angelo - October 23, 2013

Republican leadership are the french of American politics

Mark Morton - October 23, 2013

Yes, I agree. There is NOTHING that will more “fundamentally change America,” as Obama is determined to do, than this abomination of healthcare destruction. It should be fought to the death of the law.

Dave - October 23, 2013

I think the tactic to defund ObamaCare was illogical and did more harm than good. Going after a delay would have been much better. Also the defund movement was unnecessary. I think it will collaps as more people learn more about it. I do not plan to continue to support Heritage financially.

Bob Eberle - October 23, 2013

Congratulations to everyone who supported the fight against Obamacare. Sometimes doing the “right thing” does not appear to be good politics. BUT, it almost always is. A lot of us folks are quite thankful to have someone stand up and fight for us. This is especially true when the stakes are so high. I believe Heritage’s actions have set the stage for the American people to recongize who their real friends are. Now, the question is: If you like Obamacare, vote D. If you don’t like Obamacare, vote R.

Again, Thanks,


Michael D Armstrong Jr - October 23, 2013

Absolutely, yes the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) must be stopped for several key reasons.
However, in the process we must provide an affordable healthcare solution for all those who have looked to and believe in the unsustainable promises of the ACA. Without a viable/believable solution we will never be able to move beyond the current partisanship and gain the support from the American public. I would suggest that we need 75 – 80% of the American public supporting an alternative to stop the ACA.
This is a very complicated problem because insurance has shielded to users/payers of the healthcare system from its true costs and allowed the significant inefficiencies and high costs in the healthcare system to grow virtually unchecked. As the CFO of our company, we constantly heard the argument form the underwriters of our full insurance plans that normal healthcare cost inflation was 15%, which means we should expect that our healthcare costs to double every 5 years. That is unsustainable for any business. We switched to a self-insured plan 7 years ago. During the Recession we were able to hold our employee insurance premiums flat for 2 years.

Michael Dial - October 23, 2013

I agree with the fight to stop Obamacare. I think it is unconstitutional, along with much that Obama has done, and bad for our country.

Marie Padget - October 23, 2013

This law has got to be repealed. I cannot afford any of the insurance open to me, and want nothing to do with government run health insurance. Wake up America!

Lyle Broadfoot - October 23, 2013

Why Register for Obama Care?

If I were a young person, I could not understand why I should sign up for Obama Care or even identify myself on the web site. Legal business is handled by hard copy. That paper trail would begin when I filed my 2014 tax return in 2015. Until then I would be anonymous. I would set up a separate health savings account. I would estimate my premium and have that amount transferred into the health savings account every month. My 2014 tax return would be my registration for Obama care. Let the IRS register me and figure it out. If I’m a registered Democrat I might even get a break.

sidney - October 23, 2013

It is a travesty that an illegitimate bigot president rams through legislation no one has a chance to scrutinize Ben Ghazi- New Black Panthers- guns in Mexico etc etc NLRB

C. Hoffman - October 23, 2013

Yes. It is necessary for the continuance of the Republic, the restoration of Constitutionally limited government, our natural rights and to preserve our liberty to live as we choose and pursue our happiness.

PJ Johnson - October 23, 2013

YES! Keep up the good fight. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong–simplistic, I know. It’s our only hope to preserve the values upon which our country was founded and has thrived. Someday….

Philip Plourde - October 23, 2013

Dial 1-800 and hand over your personal identity to a telemarketer! Something must be done about this.
His foot soldiers; Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer should also not walk way untainted.
People are getting kicked off their health plan and threatened with penalties. Personal property and personal freedom is under siege.
Congress must protect the citizen!

Patricia L. Perry - October 23, 2013

Dear Jim DeMint,
I sure agree with you re: Obama’s actions on the American people. Why are we not throwing him out of office through Impeachment? He isn’t even an American. We as a country have fought so many enemies but never fought the way Obama is trying to destroy America. Why is congress and the Senate to stupid.
Thank you so much for all you are doing Mr. Jim Demitt

Matthew Kranz - October 23, 2013

Dear Senator DeMint
You are right, the “Un”-Affordable Care Act is a disaster. You are wrong if you believe that the President and his cronies wish it was not a disaster. They wish it to be a disaster. Because the liberal’s answer to a failed program is “that it failed because it was too small,. It needs to be bigger! It needs to be Universal!” Lets better ask and petition to know What Happened to the $125 million??? That kind of money doesn’t get spent without something getting done. Well, the work was not done, so, what happened to the money? Demand an audit!!! Also, the electorate doesn’t get the economic thing, they only know what is in their bank account from what their ATM receipt tells them. Its the social stuff the electorate hearkens to. Let the Democrat campaign ads be a lesson to us… talk about what personally affects the voter socially. Get their attention in that way and Get Into the Urban areas. We are losing them. Thank you.
Semper Fi
M Kranz

michele Laidier - October 23, 2013

I have spent the last 5 years telling every one that Obama care will ruin America. Shame on the Senators who voted with the Democrats.

Mike Rappert - October 23, 2013

The idea of forcing citizens to pay for anything is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. In fact it is this kind of gov’t control that they left behind in Europe.

Edward A. Thomas - October 23, 2013

Once again we were sold out by the ruling class in Washington,D.C. They are so busy passing laws to protect themselves and feather their nests, I’m surprised that they find time to do anything to help their SUBJECTS.This is not the country I fought for in 1945.

Joseph Mankawich LtCol USMC Ret - October 23, 2013

Cancel Obama-care! It is an Obamanation!!!

Jeff Dover - October 23, 2013

Please explain where this “fight” is happening. I’m not seeing Boehner denying funding for Obamacare. All I see is Boehner getting ready to send amnesty up to the senate.

We currently have a one-party system. GOP and Democrats are one and the same, differentiated only in that their style of lying to us differs. There are a handful of really good, conservatives in the GOP but they are too few and too set upon by their leadership to be truly effective. We need a true opposition party and a return to a two-party system. I am to help bring that about. As for the GOP, there’s no one I will vote for on that ticket in 2014. If they haven’t the guts to leave the party for a true opposition party, I will not support them. I might just as well vote for the Democrat.

Patricia - October 23, 2013

Yes, I agree it must be defunded. It is a sad state of affairs in our great America that we have three very IMMATURE people in high positions in the White House that acted like spoiled children. Not willing to meet Republicans even part of the way. It reminds me of selfish children- who if you do not do what I want you too, I just won’t play.

It was ridiculous to push through such a monstrosity so that THEN “we” might find out what is in it. How STUPID was that?

FORREST BELMONT - October 23, 2013

Obamacare is designed to suspend our freedom of choice for our healthcare, to replace it with a government controlled single payer system. Our current system is preferrred by 90 % of our populace who like their health insurance, so why replace it with a system that has fewer options and will still not insure 30 million of our citizens? I was glad to see conservative members of Congress who were elected because of their opposition to Obamacare that was passed against the will of the American electorate, by reconcilliation, a procedure that is not constitutionally sound, and was used when the majority party couln’t get the required 60 votes. I was proud to see elected officials doing their job in our representative system of government, with it’s checks and balances. I am fearful of this government, because of the unprecidented assault on our military, personal, religeous, and legal freedoms. We need more

Nina Green - October 23, 2013

Yes, I agree that Obamacare must be stopped. I agree with Senator Cruz. I am a republican and not yet a tea party person, but I do agree with the tea party and agree with most of what they hold to.

Dan - October 23, 2013

Yes. The conservative republicans in the house were representing me when they fought to stop Obamacare. Unfortunately it’s been many years since the GOP has tried to help me and other tax payers by reducing the cost of government. I haven’t contributed a dime to the GOP in more than 2 decades and will never again unless the RINOs are voted out and lose control of the party.

Frank Beebe - October 23, 2013

The key issues are federal spending and STATISM. Lack of accountability also comes into play.

Both Obama “Care” and expansion of federal power beyond the limits of the U.S. Constitution are relevant to the key issues. I support a course of action that addresses these issues. Sequestration and shut down are undesirable to concerned Americans, but whatever pressure and relevancy they bear to address these issues has my unwavering support.

BETTY MUNSON - October 23, 2013

Indeed I do. My firm belief is Medicare is a burdensome expensive program, frustrating to patients and doctors alike, requiring mountains of paperwork, questions and illogical answers.
I had no reason to think any government-controlled health insurance would operate successfully in favor of the citizen, but nobody asked me.
Add penalties for non-participation, and we are all magically transformed into lawbreakers. Add the incompetent but all-too-pervasive bureaucratic mentality and we are all magically transformed into frustrated lawbreakers.
Yes, fight Obamacare.

Orval Wood - October 23, 2013

Obama Care should be repealed and rebuilt.

Orval Wood

Tom Hauck - October 23, 2013

I agree with having the fight BUT we must fight in a way we can win. I very much disagree with “fight” we just went through. Not only did we divert attention from the disaster that was the opening of the PP ACA aka Obamacare, we gained nothing from the stunt. I think a better way would be to highlight the way that the Obama Administration favors their friends (big business, the many people who received waivers, the Congress and their workers) to the detriment of the average person. Start opening a wedge between the “little people” that are getting a financial bath from the PP ACA and the favored ones who are not.

Larry Jackson - October 23, 2013

Yes, I agree that Obamacare must be stopped!
The government has no business to be in the health care business. The smaller the government, the better. The government should manage our armed forces and perhaps a few other things, then give up all the things it could not manage efficiently.

Nancy Wenlock - October 23, 2013

You are right, Jim! Obamacare has never been about care of course. It’s always been about dismantling the best healthcare system in the world while overwhelming Americans with doubt, upset, fear and downright intimidation. Obamacare has got to go and every single person who has forwarded it at the national level should be indicted for FRAUD.

Anthony J Alfano - October 23, 2013

Your fight against Obamacare was needed.
I know that the RINO’s prefer it to fail on its own
but we owe the American public an ‘ early kill’ rather
than stop gap measures after our medical
system is destroyed.

Darlene C. Harder - October 23, 2013

I am for continuing to fight for defunding Obamacare. I believe it likely democrats planned for Obamacare to fail; because our President and his party want a one payer system for healthcare. If the debt ceiling never gets raised, we will have a balanced budget. If the President can’t prioritize, maybe is is time for Impeachment. I am concerned this President, as he and our Secretary of the Treasury have strongly threatened, intends to allow the US to default. Certainly we can hope that the democrats might get to the place where they would come to our country’s aid, and impeach a man who does not understand how to govern.

Gary Radford - October 23, 2013

Obamacare is another huge part of Oblahblah’s agenda to create full citizen dependency on Big Brother.
We have seen the enemy and he is us.
Wake up America. The sun is setting quickly.

Pat Cox - October 23, 2013

His goal is a “one payer”system. The glitches in the internet program were all part of the plan . He doesn’t care how long it takes to fix!. We CANNOT allow socialism to get a stronger hold on America.
Healthcare, education and whatever else they have their hands in, is NoT a right. It is a privilege. It must remain so!

Mrs Barbara M Sayre - October 23, 2013

YES- absolutely necessary to fight to STOP Obamcare – not matter how it is done. Wayne Allyn Root wrote: Fox News.com 10-21-13 – here is brief outline: Obamacare was intended to: 1) bring about the Marxist dream -redistribution of wealth. 2) wipe out the middle class, make them dependent on government. 3) to kill every decent paying job in the economy – creating part time jobs. 4) bankrupt small business, starve donations to the GOP 5 make the IRS all-powerful. 6) unionize 15 million healthcare workers. Says it all for me!

Judy Bess - October 23, 2013

We are very much in agreement with your fight against Obamacare!! Keep up the great work. However, even if it isn’t stopped, we think it may implode on itself when young people don’t sign up for the high rates, leaving only the disadvantaged / elderly, who use health services the most.

Dick Pettingill - October 23, 2013

Congratulations on the good fight in behalf of all Americans desirous of maintaining their right to provide for their own medical insurance coverage. America could have and should have developed a system to have taken care of the 16+/- million folks with pre existing conditions and/or lacked the funding to provide for their own health care. The forcing of the rest of Americans into a governmental health insurance program to be monitored by the IRS is ludicrous, totally unnecessary and devoid of common sense. Thank You Jim Demint and the Heritage Team for advocating the free enterprise system to support our nation’s health care.

Jerome Henschel II - October 23, 2013

I agree with stopping Obamacare. The sooner, the better.

Al Horning - October 23, 2013

As a Tea Party member, I definitely agree with taking a stand. If you roll over and play dead, they will think of something else to throw at you. I’m from the old school, If you don’t stop them now when will you?

Christopher Ekstrom - October 23, 2013

Now we purge the RINO contingent: max contribute to Matt Bevin in KY & Chris McDaniel in MS. Graham of SC MUST GO! Hopefully Alexander in TN & Cornyn in TX will also face a credible opponent in the GOP primary. Don’t “trash Republicans” (that’s for McCain & Co.); eliminate RINO’s. we know FOR CERTAIN who they are, now. Also get behind Senator Cruz for President in 2016. Lets fast track Cruz amongst Constitutional Conservatives. In this CRISIS we Conservatives must rally to a Champion. Ted Cruz is that Hombre!

Don Walker - October 23, 2013

The Affordable Care Act HUH?
If you are 27 your rates will double;
If you are 50 your rates go up 97%;
If you are over 15, your rates go up 27%.
What’s affordable about that?

Juanita Parker - October 23, 2013

I agree, there was much accomplished to bring Obama and his failures into the converstaion. Thank YOU Senator Cruz for leading this fight.

Dr. Irwin Rosentover - October 23, 2013

State of the Union or “His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”
Well I think I have found out what is right and what is wrong with this country today. This is not a tirade against specific individuals. If they have failed us and themselves they know who they are and will have to deal with it. When faced with a decision or vote these incompetents only rarely vote for the greater good (if they can figure out what that is) but will always vote or support what is subjectively good for them. Years ago I had a Western Civilization teacher who awakened in me the realization that good and evil can be theoretical constructs that we manipulate to our own purposes. He was an atheistic communist and I am a God believing American constitutionalist but he did have a point. I believe what I believe because it is true and good to me but may be an anathema to you. The framers of this country believed that this republic will function as long as there are a majority of people who, while voting selfishly for their own position will be able to keep in mind the greater Good of the American people. (Thank you Dr. Arnn) It was a chancy position to take based on a philosophy of a simpler time. Well in today’s world the number of opinions in the country has grown exponentially. Too this mix we have to add our Congressmen and women who seem to serve for life with special perks and huge influence that they sometimes bend. Some of the behavior is scandalous and is subject to the media spin doctors. Other actions are done quietly in the dark recesses of their souls. No matter where it is done and who commits it we have the resulting mess in the morning. Winning and losing are also relative terms that are difficult to define today. How can you say shutting down government is a win or a loss? How can you define denying health care as winning or losing? How can you define government jobs as winning or losing? Government itself is not good or bad or for that matter a winning proposition or a losing one. I believe it is a basic business principle that if your liabilities exceed your assets on a monumental basis you are headed toward bankruptcy. Historically, pure socialism has never worked for long but we seem imbued with the idea of equal distribution. If you believe the Government accounting office we are 17 trillion dollars in debt so if we divide that up equally it is not a desirable goal. Our President and many politicians express the popular feeling that just by taking the theoretical wealth from those that have and distributing to those that have not, this will play well to the basically self-absorbed electorate. It does have desirable ring to it if you have only what the government can give you however I postulate that this demagoguery does not serve the individual, greater and overall good of the population. Two sayings come to mind Socialism only lasts until you run out of other people’s money and Progress and national prosperity cannot function through selfish slothfulness.
However, and that is a big however, there is a measure of money and other assets that are not being used wisely. There are those who have benefitted hugely from the system building private fortunes we see the rich live in a rarefied atmosphere that they feel that they have “earned” and “deserve” through the Laizzee Fair system of business that is a cornerstone of the society. Historically Laizzee fair works best when the entrepreneurs reinvest the lion’s share of the profits into business (Mellon and Hoover), creating new jobs and continued growth. This is not a radical position as many early capitalists took this view. They did the following the next portion should go into charity (Carnegie and Getty) and finally the remainder to fair profit as wealth was a tool (Ford and Edison) to advance business and society. As we can all observe, none of this is true today on any level as money is handed down to people who did not earn it in any way and the results often hit the tabloids. While the lazy and slothful decry this nepotism for their own ends which yield nothing but their own consumption and a living for their lives. “Don’t give it to the rich kids give it to me “The real poor who need immediate support end up with very little and have few ways out of the system. Self-improvement and self-sufficiency is the goal of charity not a permanent drain and corrupter. Every business should have a plan and a vital part of that plan should be periodic evaluation and reformulation of the plan for growth
The recurrent corruption comes to light every few months now and we kick the can down the road and curse men like Ted Cruze and the tea party people for causing the problem instead of heeding the light they shed on the problems. Foolish behavior? Our Children could call us criminal when they look back at our present stewardship

donna - October 23, 2013

Do most people want a result that all people are able to get needed healthcare? Let’s work on defining a better way to get this result: (We don’t need or want a government takeover of our healthcare) Personal responsibility, payment plans forever until paid that don’t exceed, say, 20% of income, market competition to force lower fees, insurance choices not tied to the employer, insurance choices for high risk, charity, and lastly government taxpayer assistance to people. The advantage of having private insurance and healthcare is that then if the person feels they have been wronged, they have recourse to the US government. When the government runs healthcare, we have no recourse to any higher authority.

Gene Johnson - October 23, 2013

It’s all about choosing our battles, and gaining momentum.
“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger faster man, but soon or late,
the man who wins is
the man who thinks he can!”

Anna Diaz - October 23, 2013

Thank you for fighting against Obamacare. Republicans do not have the backbone to stand firm — we need more conservative candidates to be elected inthe HOuse and in the Senate. With strong conservatives we canaccomplish our goal of repealing Obamacare, flat tax, abolishing the IRS, lifting executive orders that hender small business, etc. the list goes on. We need economical freedom, meaning a full repeal of EPA regulations, abolishment of the Fed Education Bureau, etc. We need to get back to teaching our young people historical fact rather than revisionist history.

Robert Snow - October 23, 2013

This has been a disaster since it’s inception

Art Emerson - October 23, 2013

Although I leaned toward the Republican Party, I still tried to vote for the candidate I thought was the best candidate. I hope more people will follow that course. I am in complete agreement about relentlessly, and continuously looking for ways to put a stop to Obamacare. I don’t disagree that some things in the field of Health Care could be changed for the better, but to buy into this deceptive piece of legislation is unconscionable. My votes in the next election will only will only go to candidates who will work to de-fund, delete, and dispose of this atrocity. It is interesting that our current group of legislators think we should support them in this or any other bill, when it obvious from the state of this country, they are not capable of taking of handling their current responsibilities. Go Heritage and all the other organizations trying to bring the desires of the people to our government.
Oh, and by the way Mr. President stand up and take the responsibility for hiring this particular Canadian tech company who failed at putting together the Health Care Registration program for Canada, as well as the Canadian Gun Control program. They were two time losers yet you hired them, that tells us a little about the talent we have in the front office.

Terry Wakefield - October 23, 2013

Until all fantasies of socialism are decimated we need true leaders contending to scale the government back to functioning within its proper parameters while restoring liberty and freedom back to the people of America and the free market place!
Never Quit, Never Stop Fighting, Never Surrender!

John Lowe - October 23, 2013

Of course, I’d even like to see it repealed altogether but picking a fight when winning is impossible only makes the electorate mad at the Republicans. The only hope of dealing with Obamacare WAS for the Republicans to retain the majority in the house and win the same in the Senate. Fat chance of that now!

Jan-Michel ter Kuile - October 23, 2013

We cannot give up on this…please continue the fight to get rid of Obama Care..little by little. I came to America in 1980 from the Netherlands and I was thrilled to be in America. I obtained my citizenship and am now a proud American. But I see our country slide into a deep socialistic system if we do not continue to fight hard! Thank you for all you do.

Celia Picazo - October 23, 2013

I definitely believe we should continue to fight against Obamacare.

Bill - October 23, 2013

I concur and support the effort to repeal and stop Obamacare (ACA). Common sense told us at the very beginning of the Obamacare debacle that one cannot get something for nothing–it was obvious then as it is now that people will have to pay more for less healthcare. Our healthcare choice and personal freedom is being diminished by ever increasing regulation and bureaucracy.

Mario Fiori - October 23, 2013

There were better ways to fight Obamacare than trying to unfund it. Let it die of its own weight. I would like to hear the President blame Republicans for this one! There are so many good things to go after in the liberal agenda, we should try to educate the American public! Why not push for showing how the President is violating his own constitutional responsibilities?

Greg Clements - October 23, 2013

Absolutely! We are getting overwhelmed with all the ridiculous bills, rules, and regulations that this administration is generating. Individuals cannot stay on top of all of them. Thank you Heritage for what you do!

Sandra Kaiser - October 23, 2013

yes.I agree that it is right to fight Obamacare

Steven Johns - October 23, 2013

I think Brian Will is on the right track.The big picture strategy needs to be cooperation among conservative elements to keep control of the house, and take the Senate in the midterm elections, while remaining appealing enough to voters to take back the Presidency in 2016. Only when and if those things have happened will we be in a position to undo Obama’s bad policies. Conservatives need to stick to general principles we can agree on and not announce too many specif intentions until our Candidate sits in the White House.

Glenn Bingham - October 23, 2013

I thank you for fighting the “Good Fight”. This law was passed late at night and before it was properly reviewed by the members of Congress. There should be an investigation of how enough votes were garnered at the last minute to pass this economically disastrous bill, and how many legislators (And their home districts) benefitted from a “yes” vote.. In any event, this law is discrimmatory since it exempts members of Congress and a small number of other exclusive groups (Unions, etc.). If it burdens me, it should also burden the members and staffs of our Congress in equal portion,

William Benton - October 24, 2013

The left will not give in but we got to see who was on
our side. So we need to get busy finding some good
people to run and get some common sense and honesty in congress.

Brian Boyette - October 24, 2013

In a recent Fox interview with John McAfee (founder of McAfee Inc. security software) says the Obamacare website is a “haker’s delight,” and points out why. It opens the door for ID theft of millions of people. Note that with rampant ID theft, no one’s credit will be good. Without verifiable credit, we could have an economic crash far greater than 2008….

Richard G. Bristol - October 24, 2013

Lenins was clear in his intent to control the Russian people when he said, “For Socialism to succeed, we must control the people” Obama adopted the tried and true philosophy of English colonial policy, “Divide, conquer and rule” to the U.S. and has, to a large extent, succeeded. Obama is the means for the Socialists to succeed in controlling the people. If implemented to its fullest measure, Obamacare will be the beginning of the end of Democracy, as we have known it, and we will begin the long slide into a European-style socialist state.

Nick Siener - October 24, 2013

I read the Comments section at this point. I read those that say: Damaged the Republican Party, damaged the tactics, elect more Republicans and a Republican President. Well, electing more Republicans is well and good, providing those that are elected are not quickly subdued under the leadership of the cocktail coalitiion and punished into silence. Any of you out there who have worked for a living understand how that works, I don’t have to explain.You elect many of them and they turn into milk toast. Also, in so doing we are nibbling around the edges of so much work that need be done to unfold what the progressvie mindset has accomplished over the last 100 years, it will take a lifetime or two to fight, fight, and fight more to undo this horrible state. So, I say to all of you, it is time to fight NOW. Allowing the current Republican Leadership (IF you want to call it that) to move along slowly in order to ‘compromise’ our way to oblivion is NOT VIABLE in order to move towards Constitutional reinstatement. This is what the old goats in the House and Senate do not understand, we are in a political ideological ‘war’ here. Requiring tenacity, courage and bold moves. I applaud The Heritage Foundation as well as Heritage Action for thier ‘will’ to FIGHT.

Beverly - October 24, 2013

Obamacare is NOT patient centered. It is NOT capitalism at work. We need tort reform NOT someone getting between the patient and the doctor. I have been a RN for 42 years and I have never seen anything worse for healing people’s ills than this bloated takeover of our personal decisions.

Ed Rippstein - October 24, 2013

Yes I fully agree we need to dismantle obamacare!!!

joe verdoorn - October 24, 2013

dont delay use the roll out failure as a metaphor and kill it now

Jack Schutte - October 24, 2013

Yes i agree with the fight to stop the Non-affordable Patient Care Tax.

John Huston - October 24, 2013

I don’t just agree to fighting Obamacare, I submit it is necessary to protect the future of America. Look under the surface of this program. It is not an error. It is a thinly covered effort to bring social dependency on every American. Karl Marx said to control a people, you must first control their health. When this takes away your earnings, increases your premiums beyond your ability to pay, then takes over you life with fines up to and including placing a lien on your property, then you will be under the UN Agenda 21 Program for a truly socialist America.

Sorry, but even Paul Harvey would say, “and now, you know the rest of the story.”

Roland Johnson - October 24, 2013

I believe the Obama subsidization of ObamaCare for Congress and their Staffs is nothing more than a veiled BRIBE to all our elected representatives. I hope Heritage( or better the Republican Party) attacks it in that manner.

JoAnne Froemming - October 24, 2013

Yes, I agree with the fight to stop Obamacare. As we can see from this disastrous opening of the exchanges, this whole bill needs to go!!

sui winn - October 24, 2013

Why did the rino’s vote with democrats to destroy our healthcare in America?
Republicans need a humorous spokesman who use democrats words AGAINST THEM?

Doug Johnson - October 24, 2013

The grave ongoing effects of Obamacare on the US economy already–job losses, movement from full time to part time jobs, companies dropping their employees from health care coverage, insurance companies dropping folks from coverage, establishment of huge government databases of everyone’s personal information to spread to many government agencies for other purposes, establishment of death panels, Trillions more in debt, etc., etc., are greatly more damaging to the long-term health of the US economy and individual freedom than shutting down the government or failing to raise the debt cap. Keep up the great work, Heritage!

Lynn - October 24, 2013

Yes, I do agree with the fight to stop Obamacare. It is already costing us jobs, full-time and part-time, raising current insurance rates, causing medical personnel to leave the profession because Obamacare reimbursements are too low for them to function. And I DO NOT WANT a single payer system.
The government is notoriously bad at running things. Too many entitlements, too many social programs, all of which are full of fraud and abuse.
Get rid of Obamacare and take care of the small bits that government could do to help keep costs in control.

marie colombo - October 24, 2013

What else is there to say, this is going to break America if this isn’t defunded, thrown out and what ever else you want to call this. We sure don’t know what else to do to get Obama to stop the destruction that he is going to do to America!!!!!!!!

S Norris - October 24, 2013

Obamacare is a planned disaster. He knows it will fail, and plans to step in, in the emergency HE created, and institute socialistic medicine. This country needs to DEFUND OBAMACARE and reform our present system. We need to get rid of Obama ASAP. He is killing our country.

De Ette Moon - October 24, 2013

Except for glasses, I don’t use medical doctors, so why would I want to buy coverage I don’t need?

Also, I very, very much value personal liberty and the way our country has worked so very well when we followed the guidelines of our founding fathers.

Holly Chapo - October 24, 2013

Of course we need to fight to stop this debacle. And we need to fight with whatever means are lawfully available.

Cheryl Armstrong - October 24, 2013

Yes I agree with stopping ObamaCare, anyway it can be done. Fighting it with all we have and more! I appreciate what Heritage Foundation is doing and I agreed with what Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz tried to do. Liberal polices are harming our great country, our economy and all Americans.

Grant Richter - October 24, 2013

Obamacare is truly one of the worst bills ever passed by Congress. It does prove however how ignorant the American democrat is. How could anyone vote for someone that all they can do is read a teleprompter and give flowery speeches….but that is exactly what they did. Additionally if the bill is so great, why did Congress not want it applying to them. Durbin begging Obama for a wavier.
So the real proof is that this law is bad…because Congress themselves can’t stomach it.
Time to cast out every senator and congressman that voted for this stupid law.

Zoli Althea Browne - October 24, 2013

The battle was lost but not the war. Let us continue with persistence and hope that the populace will rise to greet the challenge…we the people are the only ones who can stop this mess.

Roy C Dickey - October 24, 2013

I have been against the Affordable Care Act since it was passed without anyone knowing what was in it. Now we still know less because it has been revised or amended to accommodate so many special interests by Executive Order, and we must not forget how miserably it is performing when individuals try to use it. Finally I am convinced that the future will prove it to be a financial disaster for most people in multiple ways.

Victress Jenkins - October 25, 2013

Put it back on the “drawing board” and take out the penalties and the “immoral” mandates. If congress & the senate can’t come up with sensible reform of our nation’s healthcare, they should all retire. And when they do reform it, they have to include themselves in the mix. No more separate healthcare system for them or any other government agency including the administration.

Anthony Landry - October 25, 2013

Personal, Obama Care should be done away with and hope to God never seen again. We in Louisiana have all the health we need. If you work hard, it is not cheap, but if you work for a large company or for yourself, you can get or buy health insurance. If you don’t you will still be covered at the hospital, you will be required to pay so much each month until it is paid off. NO ONE IS FORCED TO BUY HEALTH INSURANCE. That is the American way.

Elva Colter - October 25, 2013

I agree stopping Obamacare and every thing that “O”
has his fingers into. He is bad news. I thank you for the good fight that no one else seems to think is important.

Dale Head - October 25, 2013


Ray Elliott - October 25, 2013

The writings of Marx and Lenin note that no Government can control it’s people…without first controlling their health care.

Judith Hunt - October 25, 2013

I absolutely agree with stopping Obamacare (Obummer care)! I do not want the government to dictate my healthcare. There are enough broken federal programs already interfering with the lives of Americans!

Rachel Verdon - October 25, 2013

If conservative minded organizations – including the Heritage Foundation do not offer a viable successful alternative to the failures of Obamacare, we will be saddled with the Public Option – aka socialized health insurance = socialized medicine.

Let’s start talking about the American Health Care Reform Act today, Does anybody on this forum know about this bill of Representative Steve Scalise?

This House bill reforms the insurance industry, opening up interstate commerce, making policies portable, expands Health Savings Accounts, and creates a special subsidy for preexisting conditions, all this will restore a competitive market and free choice in the medical and insurance markets.

Rachel Verdon - October 25, 2013

So let us ask, why haven’t we heard from our politicians about this new House bill,: The American Health Care Reform Act, that enforces the anti-trust laws and opens up interstate commerce amongst all 1700 health insurance companies?

Oh, yeh. Our politicians on both sides of the aisle are bought and paid for by the health insurance industry. Maybe the Republicans will introduce this bill after the November 2014 election ???

Could we hear some advocacy from the Heritage Foundation and our more conservative constituents?

Dorothy Cox - October 26, 2013

Thank you for your stand and work to defeat Obamacare.
It will hurt small business and individuals.
The fact that Pres Obama special money and time to Congress and big business, shows that he knows the truth about Obamacare but doesn’t care.
It will hurt the people who don’t have money and those who do. Thanks again for all the work that Heritage does.

Terry Daniels - October 28, 2013

Obama must go and take Obamacare with him!

Jack - October 28, 2013

Yes!! But left to run its course it will self destruct.

Carol Vrooman - October 30, 2013

I agree with Robert. Tea Party principles should be the guiding force here not RINO ideology. Stop trashing Cruz, Lee et al and get back to the work of defeating the libs.

william tappan - October 31, 2013

I agree that the aca must be stopped at all costs. It,the aca, is an assault on American freedom and it is extremely bad law. Beside the moral slide America is in, the aca is the greatest threat to America’s future stability and to individual freedom. Keep fighting to preserve what is left of the American economy and freedom.

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