When Jim Carafano works with his Heritage team to develop a policy solution, he asks his analysts three questions: “Does it keep America free? Does it keep America safe? And does it allow America to prosper?” If anyone on his team says no to any of these questions, then it’s the wrong policy.

A leading expert in national defense, Carafano appears regularly on television broadcasts, is quoted frequently in major news publications, and often testifies before Congress. He is the vice president of Heritage’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, and also our E.W. Richardson Fellow. “I’m honored to carry the title of one of the greatest generation, a decorated WW II veteran and POW,” Carafano says of the Richardson fellowship.

Long before Carafano found a home at Heritage, he was a student at West Point. He studied a diverse curriculum there, which would later set a solid foundation for his conservative values. From the classes he took, Carafano developed a sincere appreciation for the Constitution. He spent the rest of his career defending those values.

Carafano served in the Army for 25 years before joining The Heritage Foundation as a Senior Fellow for Strategic Defense in 2003. He advised Donald Trump on foreign and defense policies in 2016 and, after the election, led the transition team to staff President Trump’s State and Homeland Security departments. He and his team at Heritage continue to shape the administration’s defense and diplomatic strategies.

Despite all his accomplishments, for which he seldom takes credit, Carafano says that some of his proudest moments at Heritage arise from seeing the young colleagues he has mentored become tremendously successful. “Olivia Enos, who is not even 30 years old, is already a world-recognized expert on human trafficking and human rights,” he says proudly. “Michaela Dodge,” he continues, “started out as an intern at Heritage and now she’s a top nuclear analyst.”

Carafano loves how Heritage has successfully empowered exceptional, hardworking people to keep America free, safe, and prosperous. Heritage, he says, is “fighting for you to make a better America.” To him, Heritage members “are family.”

He thanks you for giving him and his colleagues the opportunity to fight for U.S. interests and improve the state of our nation.

So thank you again for being a part of the Heritage family and supporting those who pursue what is good and true for the United States.

Do you have any questions that you want to ask James Carafano and his team?

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Stephen Metz - August 11, 2018

Would you please consider providing information at the next President’s club meeting summarizing the current threat of cyber warfare and the efforts being taken by the government to counter it?

John Wagner - August 11, 2018

Why don’t you ever speak about the free online courses Hillsdale College offers to the general public?

I suspect you’ve never taken. them yourself, and that you are just as ignorant of the Story of Our Country as 99% of all Americans.

Sam Lybrand - August 11, 2018

Good Fellow,
Let us face it. Nothing of real importance will happen until we curb the extra money that comes into members of Congress. If you good people would expose these unearned funds and where they came from then you would be national hero.

Jeffrey T Reese - August 11, 2018

When you can please give us your thoughts on implanting a space force and how it would affect all of the branches
Thanks so much

Val McClure - August 11, 2018

Dear Mr Carafano, welcome to the Heritage family. You will be a real assist to the good works of the organization. I am a sustaining member of long standing. I have been trying for years to get people (and Heritage) to look at “The Fair Tax Plan”. I received a nice letter from Christie Fogarty
lately regarding my interest. This may not fall into your assignment but perhaps one of your wonderful interns could take it on. Have them look up the book “Fair Tax, The Truth” by Neal Boortz and John Liinder, published by Harper. Good luck on the new job. Sincerely Val McClure
474 Seabright Av. Grover Beach, CA. 93433

Russ Ray - August 11, 2018

Dear Jim, what is the position of Heritage Foundation on the matter of a new and separate military service dedicated to space defense?

Henry Vance - August 11, 2018

Take social security out of federal government control and set it up as an organization run by a company of investment professionals who will invest the money to grow the fund rather than purchase government bonds. The investors will be paid from profits from their investments and not by fixed salaries.

Henry Vance - August 11, 2018

Invite the critics of the way we enforce immigration law to come down and see for themselves how it is being done.
Suggest that critics should take illegals into their own cities and states and support them rather than using federal funds,

Henry Vance - August 11, 2018

Provide opportunities for people who prepare government regulations to go where the regulations are applied and see how they should be written and enforced.
I spent many years in a major industrial company and saw how ignorant the authors of the regulations were about how they were applied and the problems they cause.

Harry R McCutcheon - August 11, 2018

Welcome, I have a pet peeve. In my working career I worked for a radio, T.V. Station. When election time came around the company would increase the cost of advertising to those running for office. double it or more I wouldn’t expect them to offer public announcements but they gloat over how much they can charge for advertising time. I think of this when I am bombarded for contributions from those that are running
They jack up the price of political advertising which causes those running for office to as for contributions to cover the cost hikes the stations charge.
Advertising is necessary today for any candidate running for office, considering the fact that it’s part of our freedom of selecting the people who run our government, can something be done about the outrageous
cost of political advertising It’s not patriotic there should be some limit they can boost their normal ad cost.

Constance Van Metre - August 11, 2018

How do students get help from you? Is there criteria. How do you find them?

Thanks for all the work you are doing. The success stories.

Michael Ragland - August 12, 2018

What is Carafano’s age?

Michael Ragland - August 12, 2018

What is Carafano’s age? I am 80 and was only in the first grade when the war ended. My father served in WWII and died at 85 some 21 years ago. The numbers do not add up for that story.

Paul Hudson - August 12, 2018

As a long time advocate for victims of terrorism and air travelers, I would urge you to look into the TSA ammo loophole that enables mass murder at airports which it refuses to close, the lack of security at schools and hotels to deter or contain mass shootings, the dangerous positions of the Trump Administration to defund federal airport security, deny passenger reps any voice in TSA security measures, deny whistle blower law protection to DOHS employees, refusal to require fail safe tracking or registration of aircraft and drones capable of new terrorist attacks, refusal to require public notice of airline flights over conflict zones, lack of funding for the terrorist
reward and witness protection/relocation, failure to acknowledge and remedy passenger abuse and overreach by TSA. To name a few.

Charles Vaaler - August 12, 2018

He is not old enough to be a WWII veteran. Please correct the article.

Tod Torrence - August 12, 2018

Your professional efforts and knowledge to educate citizens and politicians are so vital to Keep America Great!

Harold Rust - August 14, 2018

I have a general question about America’s inter-relationships is the world right now. As you add up improving alliances and then discount those going more negative, where do we stand? Have we alienated more supportive economies/countries than we have encouraged and befriended, or are we actually making any kind of progress in a world-sense of “Friend and Foe”?

Owen S.Surman M.D. - August 14, 2018

DearMr.Carafano,Ireceived a telephone
call( ( Monday Aug. 13 in reference
to the book that I am completing,
that may prove advantageous in regard
to the forthcoming election.
Unfortunately I was taking another
call at the time, but did learn that
there is interest in the book. At the
moment my email is not responding.
I can be reached at **********
at home or by cell phone: **********
Title of the book: “Cracks in The Gift of
Life.” ( Owen Stanley Surman M.D.
I will be reviewing my writing in detail
for typos and such clarification as may
be required. Much of the book evolves
quotes from a series of sources ending
with the work of George F. Will.
The book is 101 pages.
My closing note is as follows:
” The above addendum in our extensive visit with George F. Will leaves us with
reference to brain function that serves
individual function individual and group
survival. From my view as physician, psychiatrist,
political centrist, and Unitarian Universalist,
we can step aside the complexity and
tangled communication at this momentinthe growth of a PEOPLE that are America!
I write in hope and expectation that our future as a Nation will yield our best days to follow.
(In four years a non combatant Vietnam
Veteran attached to care of Naval and Marine Corps personnel, I am bound to the
concept of “CanDo” It Rocks!)

Alan Feuerwerker - August 15, 2018

Surely the FISA judges now know they were “taken”. Are they bringing back to their court the signers on those FISA applications to hold them accountable? Are the warrants still valid? Why? It seems to me that any discovery from the warrants should not be permisable in any legal proceedings.

Elliott Arthur - August 17, 2018

I have long advocated a requirement that all persons upon leaving high school, whether graduated or not, complete a 2 year obligation in their choice of the Job Corps, Peace Corps, or military service. No one would be allowed to attend any college until this obligation had been met.
I’d like your thoughts on this concept please.

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