President Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugee policy is a good step in keeping America safe, Heritage national security expert James Carafano says.

Citing his work on the administration’s transition team, Carafano explains in The Daily Signal that this order’s purpose is to protect America against an influx of terrorism.

He also defended the order several times on CNN. Watch the videos below:

Do you agree with President Trump’s executive order on immigration?

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Mary Ellen Stroup - February 3, 2017

Yes, I do! I feel that is exactly what was necessary to do on the immigration issue.

Nancy Norton - February 3, 2017

I totally agree!!!

Kate Adams - February 3, 2017

President Trump promised to and, as part of his oath, swore to protect and defend the United States of America. By this temporary action, he is doing what is swore to and what he promised during his campaign. God bless Donald Trump!

Margot Watson - February 3, 2017

A smart move. Can’t understand the young people of today. Instead of protesting they should be in class studying history.

Jeffrey Jon - February 3, 2017

Yes. We finally have a president who is willing to take the steps necessary for the protection of the people and nation he has taken an oath to protect. His “ban” isn’t a ban, and the countries cited are the same countries under Obama.

Jan Kreider - February 3, 2017

Yes we agree with the decision. It should have been done a long time ago. We are very tired of all the fake news and distorted news from the big media networks. Will they ever settle down?

Jerry Metcalf - February 3, 2017


Rhondi Sabo - February 3, 2017

Absolutely. It’s good for Americans safety. And it’s temporary.

Bonnie Brasic - February 3, 2017

A pause on immigration to get better vetting procedures in place is a prudent method in working to keep our country safe.

Ginger Curtis - February 3, 2017

Absolutely agree. In fact it may not go far enough. The vast majority of the world does not understand that Islam has been mandated by their beliefs to invade and conquer. I am reminded of the blindness of the preponderance of European Jews in the 30s and 40s who didn’t understand the very real, true danger until the Nazi regime came for them to annihilate them.

Morris Weyers - February 3, 2017

Carafano’s comments are helpful to those of us who listen to them. It’s hard to hear when your mouth is open like the CNN people’s are. If you listen to the comments they make a lot of sense.

Joanne Wright - February 3, 2017


Eldred G. Alexander - February 3, 2017

You reap what you sow, The left had
Better change there ways.
Thank you Heritage Foundation.
Republicans need to help the
President with all their good ideas.
Don’t let up.
Go President Trump.

Bill Kirtley - February 3, 2017

We know who our admitted enemies are. Limiting their access to the US is good common sense. That’s why we lock our doors.

Helen - February 3, 2017

Yes, Trump is a real American. He is no
Lefty!! Unlike Obama he will keep us safe and free.

JoAnn - February 3, 2017

Absolutely agree! President Trump has done more for this country in less than 2 weeks than the former White House occupant did in 8 years!
Thank you Mr. President

Fred Babb - February 3, 2017


Diane Sporl - February 3, 2017

Absolutely agree. . President Trump is doing what he promised to do. This is why we elected him.

Gail A Daley - February 3, 2017

Most Definitely…YES…

Nancy Moody - February 3, 2017

I absolutely agree with this temporary stop to immigration from terrorist countries and putting a temporary hold on refugees from Syria. President Trump is trying his best to keep us safe.

RON LAVENDER - February 3, 2017

I hereby pledge $100.00 US dollars to THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION. Just tell me where and how..
I was born and raised in the United States
and served in the United States Army Air
Corps in WWII, graduated frp,m Grinnell College in Iowa in 1950 ,but have lived
in Acapulco for sixty three years I enjoy dual citizenship and still have family in Iowa.

Pat Ewers - February 3, 2017

Yes. It is common sense.

Marlene Inverso - February 3, 2017

I agree with President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Rebecca B. Cocke - February 3, 2017

I fully support President Trump on the temporary ban! I am appalled at the mainstream media bashing of a President that is trying to keep another terrorist attack from happening! If the Hollywood elites are so against it why don’t they take them in THEIR homes!

Var - February 3, 2017

We have the right to defend ourselves, though some Liberals adamantly disagree. I believe we should be strong, we have a lot more options that way. I do not want war. However, if some country or militant group decides to make war with us, as ISIS is want to do, then I believe the war should be fought on their soil, not ours. Let it be their infrastructure that is destroyed, not ours. Let it be their civilians that die, not ours. Let it be their land that is war-torn, not ours. Some anti-Trumpers say Trump is acting to quickly to defend our boarders from militant Jihad. And yet, if Trump did not act quickly, as he is, perhaps we would have yet another 9-11 event. Then those same anti-Trumpers would be saying Trump didn’t act quickly enough. Yes, I much prefer Trump act quickly and decisively. Let’s solve this problem before it gets any bigger.

Dante - February 3, 2017

Yes! Isn’t it a novel idea for an elected official to actually keep their word. If Trump can keep this up he will prove that we need more non politicians in Washington.

Carolyn M. Johnson :-) - February 3, 2017

Yes!!! As long as Trump defers to GOD
as the ultimate ruler, he ROCKS!!! We are
so sick of being lukewarm in the defense
of RIGHT and the attack on WRONG, we
are delighted that Trump seems to still have his “head on straight” for this country.!

Stan Lore - February 3, 2017

Yes. It is not what the protesters clam Meredith against. Another case of people protesting something that did not exist. When you read the order, you see it carefully adds protections against letting the wrong people into this country. And adds deference to Christians at peril in Muslim countries.

Tom Shaffrey - February 3, 2017

Yes, Yes, Yes….,.,.

James Sciullo - February 3, 2017

Yes, I agree with President Trump on immigration policy. It has been sorely neglected through the years.

william smith - February 3, 2017

We cannot afford to let Islamic extremists into the country if we are to protect our safety (and our civilization).

Patricia Kerkis - February 3, 2017


Mark Kolnsberg - February 3, 2017

Yes! Anyone trying to enter the USA that embraces sharia law is an enemy. Period
Keep it up President Trump

Larry Colbert - February 3, 2017

Yes, I agree with Pres. Trump, We should stop immigration from terrorist countries for our own protection.

F Wag - February 3, 2017

ABSOLUTELY AGREE! How refreshing a candidate does what he was elected to do. UNLIKE GOP “LEADERS.”

Pamela Williams - February 3, 2017

Yes, yes, yes. Mr. Carafano is EXCELLENT!!! In his explanation he helped me to understand President Trump’s decision. Before hearing him I agreed dammit just because I agreed, but with the explanation and his willingness to let the CNN reporter know “that was an excellent question” and than blow them out the water with his response, staying on point and asking them to let him finish, felt like a wonderful one two punch for the President. You go Mr. Carafano! And keep doing what you’re doing Mr. President.

Rocky Stone - February 3, 2017

I am glad Carafano got in front of the CNN cameras to explain the decision process. Particularly why the seven countries were chosen. I agree that this will help, time wise, in our ability to put together a policy that will better protect the United States,

JOHN EMMI - February 3, 2017

Dittos, absolutely!

jeremy freimund - February 3, 2017

Immigrant scrutiny is very important, but legal residents should not be held in abeyance!

Duane - February 3, 2017

The only way to keep us safe.
There will always be objections to
any measures taken. Just ignore
them and plunge ahead

Daniel W. Lewis - February 3, 2017

yes. Would like the ban to be stronger and permanent. We should reverse all the damage done by the last pro-terrorist and anti-American administration in this area. No political correctness here but the muslims are enemies of the US

Al Neuman - February 3, 2017


Don Davis - February 3, 2017

Yes A pause is needed after Obama’s immigration policy of trying to bring in as many dangerous unvetted people as possible from those seven countries!

Julianne Wahtola - February 3, 2017

YES. It is temporary and focused only on countries that do not provide sufficient visa information to allow an accurate assessment of the potential threat an individual might pose to the U.S. It is NOT a Muslim ban. Reasonable and necessary.

Carl Taylor - February 3, 2017

Keep hold on immigration.

G Thomas - February 3, 2017

Absolutely- it’s a no brainer. The USA has no moral obligation to allow a population estimated to be 5 to 10 % radical jihadists into our country. Trump is right – far better to work with willing people in their countries to create safe zones over there.

alton duke - February 3, 2017

yes; on another subject, us should encourage japan to build islands in the south china sea to stop china aggression.

Laurence Fitzpatrick - February 3, 2017


Cathy Adams - February 3, 2017

Yes, finally some common sense for protecting the citizens of the USA.

Art Bohlinger - February 3, 2017

I totally agree with the President Trump’s Executive Order. Finally the U.S.A. has a President that is putting the nation’s security above political correctness. God Bless President Trump and his family.

Howard Guthrie - February 3, 2017

I agree with the executive order on immigration from the 7 countries already previously designated as potential threats by Obama. However I am more concerned about issues not addressed here, the future impact of muslim residents with respect to practicing sharia law and protection of women’s rights.

Karl P. Schaaf - February 3, 2017

This recent decision by President Trump is a proper step which provides citizens of the USA the assurance of protection and safety by the federal government.

Debbie K Smith - February 3, 2017

I Absolutely agree!! If the young people holding these protests were to watch the hour and hours of news coverage of events from 9/11, they might feel differently. The younger people don’t have memories of 9/11; but those of us who sat glued to newsfeeds for hours in sorrow and concern for the people on the ground remember. I sympathize with the families affected by the temporary ban and also realize the immigrants who have made a positive difference for our country are Also being protected by this temporary ban. Debbie from Arkansas.

Pamela Beight - February 3, 2017

In a word, YES!

Maco - February 3, 2017

Yes!! I’m so tired of hearing all the protests concerning this, including on Fox News. Finally someone is standing up for the average American who is busy WORKING and doesn’t have time to protest.

Shirlee Hollingsworth - February 3, 2017

I agree with the President concerning his change to accepting refugees for at least 120 days. Let’s make sure we get proper vetting in place, and keep Americans safe. We have had too many coming into our country and many cities are overwhelmed with the costs to assist them. Take care of current American citizens first & then help other countries as we can in a very sensible vetting & follow up of their activities.

Charles - February 3, 2017

I believe it (immigration) was a reasonable and appropriate move.

The Big Q - February 3, 2017

In spite of media reports I can say that everyone I know totally supports the President. This is a great move that we have needed for a long time.

Gene Helms - February 3, 2017

Yes I do, and if people would stop consuming their brains and lives with all the nonsense going on in the country, they would realize it was the right thing to do.

Lenny - February 3, 2017

YES!!! 100% We as a country better start sticking behind our president, or we will NOT have a country. I do NOT say this lightly….I have 25 yrs in Special Ops.

Janice Starkey - February 3, 2017

James Carafano was able to answer our concerns and questions in a satisfactory way and was respectful yet firm when he was interrupted several times before being allowed to fully finish answering the questions he was asked. I appreciate the respectful way the women ended the reports. This was remarkable considering how previous interviews have gone. We are all making progress in more amiable conversation!

Ben Putriment - February 3, 2017

It’s common sense!

John Breeden - February 3, 2017

Yes it is simple common sense of which the left seems to seriously seems to lack. John

Stephen Schiller - February 3, 2017

Absolutely! Could even be stronger! Why can an illegal get away with robbery murder rape etc and we just send the bastard back to where he came from? Would that happen to an American citizen if he committed a crime in a foreign country?

Donald Bowers - February 3, 2017

Emphatically YES!

Robert Gianino - February 3, 2017

The executive order was a necessary response to a clear and present danger to our homeland. I find it hard to understand why the liberal/progressive media pundits rousing the ignorant rabble protesting in our airports think all the refugees are innocent victims of political oppression. Certainly the probability of ISIS fighters masquerading as asylum seekers isn’t too far-fetched.

Dr Richard Schmidt - February 3, 2017

Yes of course and anyone over 40 yrs old can see the wisdom in a temporary freeze to establish the risk. Its been done many times before. In fact US Citizens were prohibited from travelling to many eadtern bloc countries during the cold war. There were no “demonstrations”. Travel resyrictions with hostile regimes or regimes with no diplomatic representation are just common sense and historically utilized.
Ignore the hysterical left who champion ideology that would condemn them if allowed to flourish here.

Edward Marr - February 3, 2017

I believe his ban did not go far enough, in that it should have been for at least 6 months in each case, if not 1 year. We need time to figure out the best way to seriously vet so-called refugees, before they are even considered to come into our country. It will take more time, and we cannot risk anything less. And I believe his ban should have included at least a half dozen more Muslim majority nations. Our nation is already at serious risk from Islamic radicals, and we need to know how many that number really is.

Donna Blair - February 3, 2017

YES!! Know your history the origin of this conflict began in the time of the Crusades escalated from the 16th and 17th century. Do you know the Marine Corps anthem. . . ?! Genesis 16 – 21 records why we are in this conflict to this day.

Linda G. White - February 3, 2017

Yes, I agree with President Trump’s pause in refugee immigration based on security and appropriate vetting.
I hope we may also do this retroactively for some of the groups that P. Obama’s admin. pushed in without any vetting to small towns taking many jobs from the citizens with no indication of assimilation or desire to have respect for our laws. Here for the welfare benefits and complaining they are a square in a round hole, not learning English, etc.

Karen Foust - February 3, 2017

Yes, I think it is important to be discriminating about who comes into our country. My grandparents on one side and great grandparents on the other came to this nation as immigrants and worked hard to fulfill the requirements to become citizens. People who legitimately want to adopt our nation and way of living as their own should be given a chance to do so. Anyone else should remain in their own country and initiate their changes there.

John Diehlmann - February 3, 2017

I will not agree or disagree with this order
untill I see what follows.

Sharon L.Young - February 3, 2017

Yes I do it’s about time our Government puts us First and does what is its most important job to protect America. NO one From those 7 country’s is safe to allow in America without EXTREM VETING and maybe not even then. Sharon

amy lumet - February 3, 2017

yes , overdue and desperately needed. But it’s not a travel “ban”; it’s a temporary suspension of entry privileges from counties lacking infrastructure to properly, and that means 1-to-1 interviews w trained, experienced operatives, similar to Ben Gurion interviews.. I suppose that sounds like another dirty word, “profiling”.

RD Brown - February 3, 2017

President Trump’s temporary ban was needed and justified. Opposition arguments of “Muslim” ban is incorrect and ignores the obvious threat of radical infiltration into the USA. Thank you President Trump. More Americans support this than you hear. Stay strong!

Jackie Chantler - February 3, 2017

go back to the immigration rules of early 1960’s….front door only !
yes, I agree with president Trump !

Martin Markiewicz - February 4, 2017

Of course. This was a no brainer.

Bruce Higgs - February 4, 2017

Definitely. There are countless stories of European countries having unsuspecting citizens who opened up their homes only to be raped and/ or murdered. A federal judge just issued an order to stop Trumps executive order. Left over liberal no doubt from the Obama era. Their lawyers state “no one is above the law,” indicating Pres Trump of course. How ever the hypocrisy of these people ignoring Obama’s lawlessness during his term is blatantly political as well as dangerously careless and disingenuous. Leftist have no bench Mark to go to. They believe in a living and breathing constitution that must fit their situation. Situational ethics that they must control.

Betty - February 4, 2017

Absolutely. It would be insane and chaotic to let immigrants without a vetting process, because not everyone trying to enter this country has an interest in becoming a good citizen, nor obey the laws of this land,. It is very dangerous to just open the borders for everyone that comes across the border. Example: look what has happened to Germany, and other parts of Europe where refugees were invited to enter the countries without a vetting process and the result has been total chaos for the country, citizens and immigrants.

Geminiano Bulos - February 4, 2017

Notice the nonchalant way this EO was rolled out. My sense is, this is a good strategy because we are at war with the terrorists. In war, you don’t telegraph your move nor announce your plan like Obama did. He vehemently announced he will not send boots on the ground no matter what happen. if you were ISIS would you not march to Iraq knowing full well no foreign power would come and save them. This EO is not a ban on muslims. It is a way to add a couple more layers of scrutiny over Obama’s vetting process. If President elect Trump announced his immigration plan before his inauguration, people could’ve jumped the gun and returned under Obama’s vetting process, which they are already vetted. This EO not a Muslim ban. It’s a ban against people who are originating from the seven countries designated by President Obama, which were codified by Congress. These countries have histories of having visited by known terrorists like the San Bernardino gunman and the Boston marathon Bombers. President Trump has surrounded himself with brilliant people. Please just stand back and watch him keep his campaign promise of keepin our country safe.

T. Slater - February 4, 2017

Absolutely the right move! We cannot dishonor the cops and military who give lives to protect us from terrorists guised as immigrants. Extreme vetting necessary now.

Jimmy Standley - February 4, 2017

Yes, but add about 100 more countries.

Robert C. Pinketon - February 4, 2017

Until the law is rewritten and clarified and immigration laws are enforced such protective measures must be put into place.

Phyllis - February 4, 2017

Yes, I agree & support President Trump regarding this ‘common sense’ HALT on immigration from those terrorist countries. It is ridiculous and incorrect that people are calling it a muslim ban, which it is NOT! This is only a temporary (90-day) halt while better vetting procedures & border security are put in place. It is OUR country and we want it safe for everyone … citizens and visitors alike. Stand FAST, support and PRAY for the endeavors of the current Administration to right the past years of the previous administration(s) & the slimy Swamp people.

Robert Raynor - February 4, 2017

Totally Agree with every move our President is making. Hope he (and all of us) can hold on through the disgusting displays we are forced to endure every day by the far left who I’m sad to say seem to hate our country so much.

Alan Schug - February 4, 2017

Yes, I agree.

Edwin Foley - February 4, 2017

Right on Pres. Trump. Keep up the good work.

jet328i - February 4, 2017

Yes I agree with President Trump. And I strongly disagree with that worm Bob F. in Seattle—this is NOT unconstitutional. The first amendment doesn’t apply to this case. But let’s pretend it does… does the Bill of Rights cover the ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE GLOBE, or just U.S. CITIZENS? I believe only the latter.

Charles Nevaril - February 4, 2017

It is about time that we take control of our country’s borders and make sure only those who have the capacity to assimilate into our culture are admitted.

John - February 4, 2017

I agree with the travel ban. We keep our doors locked and only let into our homes who we trust. Same difference.

Forrest Eisenrich - February 4, 2017


Betty Haimbaugh - February 4, 2017

I do understand how messed up people are today because of Progressive teachings and have lost their way of what our country really was founded upon. I do agree with the Presidents executive order because for the first time in 8 years we have someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the American people and doesn’t go around bowing to all the leaders of the other countries. Those who are marching, carrying signs etc would be the first to scream if they were the ones being attacked! Kindness is good, but being intelligent is better when it comes to keeping America safe.

Phyllis Troia, MD - February 4, 2017

Absolutely agree! I cannot understand why we need to allow increasing numbers of foreigners into our country. We don’t need more people and more dysfunctional cultures to deal with. Of course t such an influx sponsored by the Democrats has been allowed for decades; consolidating a pro Democrat voting block! Dems know they can’t win with the American citizen

Larry Kalmbach - February 4, 2017

100% in support.

Richard Monsen - February 4, 2017

Yes, We need to make America Safe Again

Gerry Spraitzar - February 4, 2017

I would like to convey to Mr Carafano and the Heritage Foundation my appreciation for their engagement in this issue. It brings a rational understanding as to why President Trump is doing what he is doing. Armed with this understanding, the people I engage with on a local level are stunned to “silence” as it gives a rational reason for what is being done neutralizes the political speak being promoted on network news. This goes a long way in my effort persuading people that President Trump is doing this for the protection of the American People and NOT that he is trying to victimize a minority, being racist, or he is acting emotionally.
Thank you Mr. Carafano and Heritage for your careful and responsible analysis of the facts.
I have always supported the action being taken, but now have a firm understanding what is being done and why it is being done. It also brings clarity to my mind why the executive order was implemented the way it was done. The purpose was to prevent Visa’s already issued by the previous administration from being exercised prior to going through a more thorough review process prior to reissue.

Cliff Hanscom - February 4, 2017

How soon we forget things like WW11. Do we remember how it started? I agree with Margot but lets remember that to day we teach a watered down history,ie. the holocaust never happened. Schools have become progressive and social playgrounds where the truth and facts are omitted. They should be teaching what the greatest democratic president said back in the early 60 ” ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Vet all immigrants through Ellis Island. No one comes on until totally cleared. Not cleared GO HOME !!

Sam - February 4, 2017

This temporary measure makes perfect sense. Most important, is that we develop a security-centered, clean and fair immigration policy going forward.

Cap Parry - February 4, 2017

In spite of the interruptive arrogance of the CNN inquisitors, James Carafano was able to elucidate on the real reasons for the executive order and on the reasons for choosing the seven entry/exit points of the terrorists. Getting squeezed out of their :caliphate”, the terrorists need a place to go and Saudi Arabia doesn’t take refugees. Not too tough to figure out where they’ll come from.

Jim Pfister - February 4, 2017

yes yes yes

Samuel W. Baugh - February 4, 2017

100% full agreement

Reynold - February 4, 2017


Connie Brady - February 4, 2017

Yes, I agree with the ban. To the ones complaining, how would you feel if your spouse, child or parent was killed by a terrorist from one of these countries? Would you be on board then? I would rather try to fix the problem now and stop the bad people coming instead of after a bad thing happens. We already have a large number in our country already.

Edna Joss - February 4, 2017

I fully agree with this temporary ban until we establish a much better vetting process. It is an inconvenience for some but protects us all. Something needs to be done with all the destructive protesters.
I do not understand how a federal judge can override a presidents order & give the criminals a chance to enter this country.

William Sabin - February 4, 2017

Yes, I’m tired of risking American lives to avoid offending Muslims.

David Lopez - February 4, 2017

You Bet!!!!
I have been saying for a very long time and years that the US is the only country that has been allowing people to remain beyond their visa expirations and allowing them to cross the border without any consequences. You can not do that in other countries.

Denise Toicen-Zindler - February 4, 2017

This temporary order is absolutely necessary to start the process of keeping America safe. I would welcome a longer complete stop to all immigration until systems for tracking and removing unwanted immigrants can be instituted. Immigration is a privilege, not a right and we should be allowing only people who will have a positive contribution not every mentally ill Pakistani push cart operator and his entire bomb throwing family. Our benefit programs are overwhelmed with these non-producers.

Theresa Lancaster - February 4, 2017

I am no expert in the law, but I know that President Trump’s executive order is supported by federal statutes going back to 1952. I support the President’s executive order placing a temporary ban on travel and immigration from these 7 countries. I keep hearing people make the argument that our vetting process is one of the strongest in the world. However, I can’t help but wonder how the background information we rely upon to make informed decisions is reliable if the governments supplying the information are in a constant state of chaos or corrupt. In matters of national security, the President and his advisors are always privy to sensitive information that the ordinary citizenry are not. I will defer to the President and the Department of Homeland Security on this one. However, I hope that before rolling out any further executive orders, this Administration will ensure the implentation has been well thought out.

Ruth Lane - February 4, 2017

I believe a higher power has placed Pres. Donald Trump to lead our country and I feel that he is capable of doing whatever is necessary to save our USA.

James A Smith - February 4, 2017

Yes I do agree with the Presidents actions
On illegal immigration and his ban. I feel
There should be more Countries included.
Coming to this Country for any reason is a
Prevledge not a right.

Spencer L. Poston - February 4, 2017

I’m in total agreement with this action. At 76 years of age you would think I’m past being surprised at the tings Democrats can get behind as well as their convoluted reasoning(?) for doing so. We must get back to America first & politics second!

Robert Dixon - February 4, 2017

Thanks for presenting the real untold story. If your organization will publish the real story as you are doing and play up the radical Democratic reactions, we will gain more Republicans from those moderate Democrats that are shocked by slash and burn protesters.

Jan F - February 4, 2017

Yes, definitely a good idea. We have a right to use this type of strategy to defend our country. It’s not meant to discriminate against muslims. The liberal left has twisted the intent of this security measure. Go Trump!

Raymond Bostard - February 4, 2017

God Bless President Donald Trump for keeping all Americans Safe.

Wayne Guo - February 4, 2017

Agree with Carafano’s response. CNN asked the logic for the 7 countries and he explained it in a convincing way. This is where the dangers are in early 2017, and so should be our focus. Clear narrative is a most powerful weapon.

The assertion that the President’s order would give recruitment tool to terrorists is baloney. Obama’s 8 years appeasement policy made the terrorists stronger by giving them time, space and resources to “recruit”. Islamic extremists are sworn enemy of US anyway, they do not need any new excuses. The executive order was a first step to defend America and defeat the enemy.

Stan Watson - February 4, 2017

Right man … right job … right time … right now!!

Art - February 4, 2017

Yes I do, but I have to say the implementation was poorly executed. Even the Secy of Homeland Security found about it on TV!!! Things like this need to be vetted properly and thoroughly before announcing it to the world. However, I DO support his right and duty to make the order for reasons of security from countries without any infrastructure to “vet” proposed travelers to the USA.

janice lewis - February 4, 2017

I am always amazed at what college age kids are allowed to do on campus and no one in authority seems to care. AS someone else has stated, they should be in class learning about the constitution and our laws. God bless Mr. Trump

Norman Smith - February 4, 2017

President Trump is right! don’t give the Democrat sore losers any credence.

Sonie Thompson - February 4, 2017

Absolutely, his actions are welcomed! The leftists are doing all they can to discredit Trump, and this is the focus of news stations. It seems Globalists want all borders open to everyone….immigration laws be damned. If you look at England, their liberal policies have done much to hurt the Brits. Sadly, a prominent British author believes England will soon be predominantly Islamic. Is this what we wish for America? I surely hope not!

Sonie Thompson - February 4, 2017

Smart move!
Interesting how the media focuses on the wrong things, instead of the real why! In this way, they cause misinformation and upset with people.
How are you all countering all the fake news doing exactly this?
Your message must get out and soon!!

William Snedden - February 4, 2017

I Support president Trump’s policy, but it seems that a important reason for his policy is that the vetting process can not be done well on anyone from those countries. That is why bad people get into the USA and do unlawful things. Some of those countries have been at war with each other for 3000 years! Religion is not the issue, BUT shariah law allows wife beating! Their dying leader stated that it is OK to cut off the heads of the infidels (those not following Allah). That includes all other religions in the world. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN America, and should not be acceptable anywhere in the world.

David Del Prado - February 4, 2017

Yes, I agree with the presidents immigration executive order. It is within the law.

Maybelle Cross - February 4, 2017

I do agree with Donald Trump’s decision on not allowing evil American Trojans from coming into America without being vetted fully, because otherwise America could be annihilated from the map, but I still do not think God is going to allow those evil anti-American God Haters into America, ever!

E Hester - February 4, 2017

Yes I do. We need a starting point for getting the immigration system under control. It needs to be equitable to all who seek to become US citezens while providing a secure America.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - February 5, 2017

Absolutely I agree with President Trumps executive order on Immigration! I would actually like his temporary halt of Immigration from the 7 named countries be extended until ISIS, Al Qaeda and it’s affiliates are exterminated. I think that extension would greatly diminish the chances of terrorist infiltrating our country through Immigration.

Eileen Rapp - February 5, 2017

ABSOLUTELY…All the Exec Orders that BO passed nothing was ever done to cancel them. And none were to protect the U.S.A. You can forget about the 9th circuit and just move right to the Supreme Court. (Hopefully we have a “new” Justice in place by then. Not crazy about the current court. Robertson is a great disappointment.

Eileen Rapp - February 5, 2017

I meant Chief Justice Roberts

Wayne Guo - February 5, 2017

Notice the faulty logic of Judge Robart in 2016 when he said “police shootings resulting in deaths involved 41% black people, despite being only 20% of the population living in those cities.” No wonder he ruled against the President executive order.

Mary Landis - February 5, 2017

Yes! It is the job of government lead by the President to protect the citizens, something that has been lacking in the last 8 years.

Raymond E. Shaw - February 5, 2017

NON-citizens do not have the right to freely access our country. One of the federal government’s primary jobs is to keep the citizens of the USA safe. A temporary hold is both prudent and reasonable.

Bob and Bev - February 5, 2017

Absolutely agree. We as a nation will defend our borders. We support the quick action that Pres. Trump took.

Sylvia Berggren - February 5, 2017

Yes. This country had better wake up before it is to late.

Warren Winges - February 5, 2017

This is good!

Mary Roloff - February 5, 2017

ABSOLUTELY! Good job defending it on CNN Jim!

David Humphries - February 6, 2017

Absolutely! This is not uncommon for our government to impose restrictions on refugees/immigrants. This grandstanding by the liberals is absurd. The first duty of the Federal Government is to protect it’s citizens both here & abroad. There are other “muslim” countries that are NOT on the ban. This is not anti-muslim.

Retta - February 6, 2017

Yes! We all know that something must be done to stop illegal immigration of possibly dangerous persons. This is just a start. Much more needs to be done.

Leslie Gratz - February 6, 2017

The FIRST politician who is keeping his word to the voters! Congrats President Trump

Donald L. Cornelison - February 6, 2017

President Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from the countries was long overdue. It will be a deterrent to possible violence and increase safety for Americans.

Harry Treherne III - February 6, 2017

Before he won the election, Trump promised that he would take action to stop the flow of refugees as necessary to protect US citizens. He followed through on his promise to take action. So what is the problem?

clydejustman - February 8, 2017

Before all the dust settles remember today. Then look at four years from now. I bet your future will be better under President Trump.

Nancy Curtis - February 10, 2017

YES!!! Why does the inconvenience of Washington State foreign students preempt the safety of US citizens?

Nancy Ziegler - February 15, 2017

Yes I agree with President Trump’s immigration move. Keep pushing!!! Create order and use logic in running the Country!

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