The Daily Signal’s latest video report shared the heartbreaking story of one doctor’s encounter with the harsh realities of insurance companies pressuring doctors towards physician-assisted suicide as opposed to life-saving treatments.

According to Dr. Brian Callister, two patients he cared for recently were both denied life-saving treatment by their insurance companies.

They told me flat out, “Brian we’re not gonna pay for the life-saving procedure. But oh, by the way, have you considered assisted suicide?”

As Dr. Callister continues:

I’ve taken care of somewhere in four figures worth of terminally ill patients. Compassion and care is what I’m all about. But this hurts people. This is not about compassion and care. This is about limiting choice and taking care options away from everyone…

Now the most important part to me are the people who have nothing to do with this, the people who are not terminal, the disabled, the depressed, the poor and marginalized, being forced down this road because they’re gonna be denied treatment by insurance companies just like my two patients were denied treatment…this is a travesty of social justice.

Watch The Daily Signal’s video below to hear Dr. Callister’s full story.

Tucker Carlson watched this video on The Daily Signal and used Dr. Callister’s story to introduce a segment on his Fox News show.

Thanks to your support, The Daily Signal was able to bring this powerful story to a much broader audience and frame the argument against physician-assisted suicide for other news outlets.

What do you think can and should be done to prevent the horrors of physician-assisted suicide in the future?

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Jerry Metcalf - July 7, 2017

Hold federal funds.

Len Young - July 7, 2017

Suicide should be against the law—ALL FORMS of it!,

Gail - July 7, 2017

I think arduous checks should be out in place to insure the patient truly wishes this option and not insurance companies or people waiting to inherit. But human beings should absolutely have the right to exercise this action if they so desire.

Michael Smurthwaite - July 7, 2017

Require any assisted suicide or euthanasia decision to be made by a panel of doctors, not just one. This decision would have to be approved by the nearest living family members. MBS

Liz - July 7, 2017

You ar not to take your own life to die is when god appointments us to die. one does not have to keep taking treatments or medicines or operation but can refuse and let nature take it s course.

Tom Lanners - July 7, 2017

When we started killing the unborn, I knew it would take a toll on our society. Insurance Companies advocating for physician assisted suicide, to save a buck, is just part of the price we are paying, and are going to pay.
How to stop it, America needs some of that good old time religion, and fast!
Cultural rot really accelerated under Obama, I knew it would.

Kathleen - July 7, 2017

Agree !

John Spang - July 7, 2017

I am actually “FOR” physician assisted suicide. As an owner or a homecare agency I have come into contact with numerous clients that have said they would go that direction given the opportunity. Even my own father, faced with a long painful death, confided that “this was no way to live”. Given the right circumstances and checks and balances this could work. It would also serve to reduce our medicare and medicaid spending as most of monies spent in these programs comes from the 6 month period prior to their death. This is a WIN for the patient, a WIN for Medicare/Medicaid systems, and a WIN for those that value the thoughts of those afflicted with terminal illnesses.

ROBERT MCWAIN - July 7, 2017

Pass a Federal law stating that it’s illegal to refuse medical help.Also put the head guy nail for murder.

Elaine - July 7, 2017

It’s not a surprise that suicide would be an issue. Insurance companies are always investigating a way to “save a buck”. And this law would enable them to do that. All suicide should be against the law. It’s outright “unlawful” – and not a Christian thing to do.

DHJ - July 7, 2017

Restrict such practices to liberals. Eventually we’d get rid of them and perhaps people would regain good sense.

G. ALLAN BARNES - July 7, 2017

While all life is precious, I often ponder what the prospects for the quality of life is for that person. I personally have seen cases where there is no hope for recovery, to live a productive or rewarding life and it pains me to witness that level of suffering. However, the biggest fear is that some bureaucrat, insurance company, doctor or “death panel” will make the decision based on the “bottom line” (money)

Barbara Jan Tully - July 7, 2017

Do insurance companies have the right to decide the time to die to those they insure?

The insurance industry is really out of line in this case and it makes me fear for those who grow old, handicapped or compromised in any way. Sounds as though the medical profession and those of us looking for a “good, ethical” insurance company, need to take care. With our Senate currently preparing bills in secret and planning to push them into law without the traditional vetting process…I leave to your imagination.

Rita Misero - July 7, 2017

Tom L. You are right. We need God.
We need to pray, pray, pray. Life is precious. We need to let state and federal legislators know that insurance companies and others need to stop playing god.
GOD IS GOD!! Not us!!

LoAnn Twedt - July 7, 2017

Physician-assisted suicide and euthinasia should never be made legal in the US. It is murder just as killig unborn babies.

Kay - July 8, 2017

Is it in fact legal under the Constitution which protects our enaliable right to life? In the case of human life, how can contract law – insurance terms – prevail over criminal law?
The threat to all individuals may spread if we allow a single insurance system that all doctors must join. That system would deprived all lives further if one could not pay out of pocket because no doctor is allowed outside the system. Perhaps we should quarintine the harm by vigorously preempting a single system, in addition to enforcing the laws against bodily harm at the patient level.
Also, the psychological harm of suggesting selfdestruction to vulnerable people while gripping with loss of wellbeing and independence, if prohibited under psychiatric standards of care, would certainly not be appropriate to suggest so causually. At the risk of creating red tape, the insurance contact’s suggestions could be required to be in writing and not oral. There may be less overeaching when there is evidence of it. The insured person can then have more oversight about the denied services. And there may be less inappropriate denials.

Kathy Russell - July 8, 2017

Take healthcare out of the hands of insurance companies. NO ONE should be REQUIRED to buy healthcare insurance. (or any other kind of insurance). Before the gov’t got involved in healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid), we paid our providers directly or made financial arrangements with them directly. Doctors & other providers should revolt against the insurance companies, refuse to deal with patients’ insurance (they used to – patients had to file their own claims, just like for auto insurance). Then patients & doctors can make their own decisions about care.

Sonie Thompson - July 8, 2017

While I am a Christian, I do believe unnecessary life-saving measures for a terminally ill person, should be the choice of the patient and no one else! I have seen treatments for cancer rob people of what few days they have left, while putting the person through disastrous consequences. Medical treatments have depleted a family’s resources. When is enough enough? When the patient wants no more!! Yes, there is a fine line, but the patient must be in control, not insurance companies!!

Alice Cokefair - July 8, 2017

Sadly, this is the direction gov’t healthcare has taken us (see Charlie Garde situation). To gov’t bureaucrats healthcare is just a dollars and cents game.
The solution is individual free-market health insurance. People make the best decisions concerning their own lives, allow them to purchase as much insurance as they want. Personally, as a 61 yr old retired health care worker, there are many treatments available to us I would never consent to (examples- I would have cardiac catheterization and stents placed if needed, but I would NEVER consent to open heart surgery, I would also not endure chemotherapy or radiation. These are just MY personal opinions, for myself, not suggesting what other people may choose for treatment).

Jaime L. Manzano - July 8, 2017

Free adult individuals to make the decision to live or die, independent of physicians. Permit access to information and end-of-life technology.

J Bynum - July 8, 2017

Obama said if you are over 80 you should not be treated just kept comfortable. Next will be people with disabilities. How sick is this. Should be against the law for a insurance company to refuse medical help for anyone who has paid for protection.

Maxine - July 8, 2017

Death is only in God’s Hands. This assisted is to cut costs. If we got rid of big Pharma and it’s explosive costs and used the things that have HEALED not kept them on the pills – to put money in Pharma’s pockets. Go there and all will break loose. Check healing items that have been concealed for YEARS. Drs. murdered to keep from using, and quieted…I have heard. Lets check it out.

Reverend Lydia Lynne Fuller - July 8, 2017

First of all “assisted suicide” is wrong; it is murder. This is why OBAMACARE must go, completely. And we need a more competitive insurance industry allowed to sell across state lines.

James. Mullins. Sr - July 8, 2017

The patient should always be in control of what treatment is given. No Government beauocrat can make life or death decisions. This is why we must never have only Government single payer system. Look @ the baby in England with the courts deciding the fate. We must pray we never get to that point.

Virginia Stough - July 8, 2017

Tucker Carlson was a good place to start. I record it every night &I never miss it.

Cheryl Grosser - July 8, 2017

Here in California I voted against euthanasia. There is always hope in cures. This brings to mind the forms a person can fill out regarding your wishes during life and death situations that would be placed in your medical file. If you wished for no extended life-support or CPR to revive, how far will the doctors go in making a decision on the extent of your life. Now we have the insurances to consider what is covered or not covered and read the small print.

teresa nazareth - July 8, 2017

Physician-assisted suicide – take away their licenses to practice medicine

Sharon Louk - July 8, 2017

It should be against the law for Insurance Companies to refuse to pay for life-saving services and they should be penalized for even suggesting physician-assisted suicide. Humans have not become God and we do not get to decide our death. That is in the hands of our Creator. We are going doing a very dangerous path with this mentality the insurance companies are adopting.

Beverly Clore - July 9, 2017

I knew that this kind of thing would happen. The disregard for human life began widespread acceptance with Roe vs. Wade. With the passage of the expensive healthcare mandate, death is only way insurance companies can make money. Satan is sly. He uses good words, such as women’s rights or universal healthcare to deceive so many. Welfare states encourage such things as assisted suicide because there are not enough resources to care for all. Put people to work, take away universal healthcare. We will see less of these horrible decisions by insurance companies!

JOHN EMMI - July 9, 2017

No entity commercial or government should be permitted to fund directly or indirectly an intentional life terminating action.

Judy Wagner - July 9, 2017

Life is a precious gift from God. Our times are in His hands. Insurance companies ‘practice medicine’ to make profit, not do what is best for the insured that has paid all those premiums. Where are the ethics in that! And pharmaceutical companies are in an even bigger scheme to make profit at the expense of those who need medications. Those big fingers point at our doctors and say they are the problem. Not so. Get active and demand better coverage than what is being shoved in our faces.

Jim Demonbreun - July 9, 2017

We can’t force insurance companies to be compassionate, but we can expose the bad ones. These are the kinds of issues Congress has to deal with in the healthcare mess. They might have to modify contract language to specifically ban this.

Christina Price - July 10, 2017

Pass a federal law forbidding insurance companies from pushing or even suggesting physician assisted suicide. Pray God to intercede more aggressively for those who cannot defend themselves.

Richard Powell MD - July 11, 2017

Expedite the FDA approval of promising new treatments and the use of such treatments yet to be approved.
Promote the fact that pain and suffering can be controlled humanely without resorting to murder.
Point out the social dangers to those with marginal health or those with illnesses expensive to treat. If it is the terminally ill we kill today, it will be groups such as those mentioned above in the near future. The diminution of reverence for life is one of the unintended consequences (or was it a desired consequence?) of the “progressive” push for abortion. We must continue to support life in all its stages from beginning to end and the case against abortion should be expanded to point out the dangers to all of us who at some point, as the unborn now are, may be considered to be of marginal value to society and thus expendable.
I whole heartedly support Mr. Lanners comment endorsing a religious revival. I also recognize that death is a part of life, but only the patient himself or herself should have the power to make or authorize withholding any treatment and in no case should death be deliberately caused. The sixth commandment does not say “Thou shalt not kill, unless you mean well.”

Sheri - July 12, 2017

My father didn’t want to be in a nursing home, they signed it into their directive. He woke up from being sick after they took the breathing tube out, and he felt pain when touched. So they didn’t give him water for a week until he died. He died from thirst. Oh they kept him drugged so he didn’t know. It’s better this way. I didn’t have any say.

Sheri - July 12, 2017

I meant to say that the people in control said it was better this way

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