Next week Senators will begin to debate the “Gang of Eight’s” comprehensive immigration bill. Heritage President Jim DeMint has said the bill is “unfair, it costs too much, and it’s going to make the problem worse.”

Below is an infographic that explains some of the major problems with a “comprehensive” approach to immigration reform.

Do you think a comprehensive approach to immigration reform plan is best for the American taxpayer?

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John Koch - May 3, 2013

Close the damn border.
Enforce laws already on books.
Put in jail anyone who hires an illegal.
Stop unemployment for everybody.
Then would have people to work ‘undesireable’ jobs.
Remember the ‘Great Depression’ – no unemployment $
Govt. did provide WPA and CCC – did lots of good.
Get rid of IRS – Fair Tax or 999.
No/low coroporate tax = plenty of work for everybody.
Eliminate at least 40% of Government employment.
Then Govt. maybe could function efficeiently.
I could go on for some time on this.

Marvin Rohrs - May 3, 2013

I’m afraid that the “gang of eight”, like so many of the old style republicans, are selling us down the river by trying to look like they are compromising. They need to stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT according to our principles!

Deb - May 3, 2013

Government has too many regulations/laws now! We need to close our borders & enforce our laws on the books! We also need to do away with the misinterpretation of the law allowing “Anchor Babies”. No other countries Give Away Citizenship!

Frank Bilek - May 3, 2013

Simply moe failure on the part of thr DC beauracracy. What other laws will the federal government exempt these people from abiding?

David Person - May 3, 2013

The congress has already shown they can not handle a big bill ie, Obama care. Just do parts at a time. People who are here on expired visas,send them back ( students included) Tighten up the borders, lets get a handle on the illegals crossing the border. Once there are tighter controls; take a look at having people apply for citizenship,no amnesty. Also there has to be job opportunities for them, don’t increase the unemployment roles with new citizens. This is just a start.

Steve Browning - May 3, 2013

This bill will destroy our country if passed.

James Vaughan - May 3, 2013

I think all that should be done by Congress right now is to assure that our southern border is sealed and secured and institute E-Verify. That’s all! Until that is accomplished there is no point in even discussing all the other aspects of our illegal immigration problem.

E R lake - May 3, 2013

This i going to have the same results as the last one, oonly worse. If you do no secure the boarders 100% we are just asking for the same.
All this will do is cause us to lose the reserve status for the dollar because it will require the Fed to print more trillions.
The blind leading the blind again.

Jim - May 3, 2013

I expected more from The Heritage Foundation. For a lot of reasons a comprehensive approach is needed. Suggest that you read The Immigration Wars because this book makes some great points. The current system is so fragmented that it should be totally scrapped.

edward tegland - May 3, 2013

I beieive the only way is a step at a time. using single pieces of legislation to:

1 secure border
2 streamline legal entry
3 Streamline the system that governs legal aliens and their path to citizenship.
4 Legalizing aliens currently hear after expelling those that have committed felonies.

Mr John Richard Park - May 3, 2013

Amnesty is no problem if the path to Citizenship is long and hard, and the system is reformed to make it much easier to imigrate legally.
Costs? What costs? How about some specifiics.
Border Triggers? Okay, as long as there is continuous monitoring not one-time triggers. But you don’t specify.
What is your alternative? What amendments are necessary?

AMS - May 3, 2013

I disagree with Jim DeMint. Illegals immigrants who are not criminals should to have a way to become legal productive citizens. Hispanics share our conservative values and could become a majority of voters for Republican candidates like Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan. Jim DeMint’s position is totally racist and gives the Republican Party a very bad image. The Heritage Foundation use to be more reasonable. Now it is becoming more extremist, not more conservative.

Hal Vandervoort - May 3, 2013

I agree with Senator DeMint. I am sure there are many more problems in addition. Anything Shumer and MaCain endorse, scares me.

Accountant - May 3, 2013

I am a CPA. I hear so many legislators say that these illegal immigrants are here, living underground, working hard, paying taxes. STOP. Paying taxes? 50% of the population pays NO federal income taxes–where do you think these people fall? Yet no one every challenges that statement. I am sure they pay sales tax, maybe some state income tax, gas tax, and the like, but I am sure the outlfows such as social services and their wear and tear on our infrastructure exceed the inflows.

Jerry Allen - May 3, 2013

The problem with 11 million illegal aliens begins with facing facts. There are closer to 22 million illegals to start with ..ask the guys working the border. Next, if one has a very leaky boat you need to plug the holes before building upon it. This problem needs to solved one piece at a time. Build the fence first and tightened down the border before anything else. Already just hearing the rumor of “amnesty” has tripled the number coming across. My old Marine Corps buddy worked for the Border Patrol after he left the Corps and he knows.The people attempting to solve this are living in a bubble …Idiots ..!!!
Jerry A. Allen
USMC (Ret)

David Balanoff - May 3, 2013

I live in Southern Arizona, 20 miles from the open border with Mexico. Nothing can be solved until the border is physically closed. It really is just that simple.

Frank Kinn - May 3, 2013

There is no way 11 million Mexicans can be sent back to Mexico. In addition, it would be unethical to split families (children born here a re US citizens). Also, both political parties are responsible for the people being in the US. Better to make them legal first, then citizens if they are supporting themselves. But first, secure the boarders !

John Russell - May 3, 2013

I get so frustrated hearing voices I generally trust lauding this bill. THANK YOU HERITAGE for being a BIG voice that is shouting UNAMBIGUOUSLY what is wrong with this bill. I am a member of NumbersUSA who espouse a warm sentiment for immigrants in general while standing FIRM that we allow FAR TOO MANY LEGAL immigrants to sustain in our economy. Illegal immigration is the fundamental fight, but we must ALSO address LEGAL immigration! Thank You!!

thomas Hockycko - May 3, 2013

Comprehensive reform will not work. The Government has a history of breaking its promises and costing tax payers more then they say it will.
SECURE THE BORDER FIRST!! Lets pay for that first. Then tackle the problem of 11 million illegals who currently reside in the US. They should register and request US Citizenship. If they qualify (expel terriorists, criminals, etc), then they should go through normal immigration process starting with a temporary work visa leading to a greencard ,SSN. If they don’t register automatic expulsion.
If they can’t pay taxes, then no benefits other than emergency care. Must learn English. Full benefits when they become citizens and take the oath of allegiance to the US.

Joe Congdon - May 3, 2013

I’m with you. Trying to fix everything at once is wrong. Eat this elephant one bit at a time.

Please send link to an outline of what Heritage is proposing for the “reform the legal system” bite.

Thank you

Bajaron - May 3, 2013

It is not about ‘Immigration’ it is about VOTES! Millions of new Democrat votes, instantly! Another step towards oblivion and any chance for a conservative, Constitutional approach to solving any of America’s issues.

Allen Simon - May 3, 2013

Disappointing headline. The bill as described by Rubio is not amnesty. But how does the bill actually produced compare to the claims made by Rubio? The devil is in in the details, and I was hoping Heritage that identified the things that need to be fixed, and maybe even had generated legislative language for an amendment.

Stanford Redisch - May 3, 2013

The 32 years of service to federal government leads me to conclude these people need to be inspected! Jim De Mint has not as a person like me who is Legacy INS what think, because it represents the opinions of many DIINV retired special agents who had the duty under oath to uphold the law! Get a hold of the movie; Crossing Over, with Harrison Ford and you will fiction turned into everyday reality! The scenes in the movie have and do happen in the process of a normal work day at CIS/ District#23 in downtown Los Angeles Federal Building on Los Angeles Street! Your experience has not allowed to attend a Final Hearing (Oath Ceremony)! Therefore, your opinions carry no justification in fact! Life in law enforcement is lived by pattern and practice! Any decision in the DHS/ CIS has to be justified with this investigation of facts! It would be to have explained to a conference of members! I warn you I’m 6 days older than Rush Limbaugh with a different perspective, but the same truth and little eyewitness experience from inside the castle!

Joyce Takei - May 3, 2013

No, this is not a good approach.

Doug - May 3, 2013

It’s crap. NOTHING until there is a wall. Schumer is a lying devious scumbag and anything he is involved ion is not good for us! I am disappointed in Senator Rubio.

Joseph Hager - May 3, 2013

People who entered the USofA illegally should not be granted privileges before people following the law and requesting entry in to the USofA.
1. The United States government needs to implement COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT for one year to finally demonstrate that the government is serious about national security, national health standards and USofA sovereignty – No benefits to folks who are in the USofA without legal, certified authority/permission (no work, no health care, no education, no driver licenses, no financial accounts).
2.And, The US Congress must pass the “E-Verify” to work legislation; secure the borders; and not allow citizenship for any illegal immigrant for 40 years.

Dale Weber - May 3, 2013

I just don’t understand why??? I seems that there is something in the water in D.C. that effects these. When they get to D.C. they just do not get it ! !

Alan Robbins - May 3, 2013

Or, this is just another sleazy trick by the Democrats to make the Republicans look bad. If it passes in the Senate, and fails in the house (most likely outcome), they will blame the Republicans for being obstructionist.

Same tune they played on gun control.

Or, if we are very, very, lucky, this won’t pass the Senate and we can watch Obama throw another tantrum in the Rose Garden.

It’s pathetic, because the administration refuses to enforce the laws we have, in order to justify more draconian measures. At the same time, the areas that really do need to be improved, languish.

Roy Shute - May 3, 2013

I think we need to get rid of all the oldline Republicans and get people in Congress that will take the hard actions needed to stop the problems we have.

Betty Hanegraaf - May 3, 2013

Why do those here illegally get the breaks? Why not have them change places with the legally waiting people who did their work and deserve much more than the illegal people. I am sure they, the illegal, need help but not a hand out…NO ONE NEEDS A HAND OUT!

Richard Mills - May 3, 2013

No, let them(illegal aliens) follow the existing path to US citizenship. I don’t trust the “Gang of Eight” to carry out the conditions of their proposal and I think it would mean the death of the Republican party.

Paul Carroll - May 3, 2013

There is only one primary issue to fix with immigration policy: SECURE THE BORDER! Until that is an accomplished fact, no other immigration issues should even be discussed. Enforce present law, Mr. Holder. It is not your prerogative to make up laws as you go.

Jane Hamman - May 3, 2013

NO we do not need and should not support a comprehensive approach to immigration reform. It will be as big a disaster as our comprehensive approach to health care reform aka Obamacare! We need a series of small bills that are reviewed for constitutionality, common sense, affordability, unintended consequences and feasibility. We also need to repeal Obamacare and enact a series of small health care bill, too.

Charalotte Livengood - May 3, 2013

NO, I do not think a comprehensive approach plan to immigration reform is best for the American taxpayer.

Milton Bellis - May 3, 2013

I’m very disappointed in Heritage’s position on immigration reform. Opposing the “gang of eight’ proposal in its entirety is a foolish and losing strategy, especially when some of the blame points are misleading or downright incorrect. Everyone agrees that we need immigration reform and an illegal alien solution, but Heritage offers nothing except opposition. I regret being a supporting member of this DeMint mistake.

Gayle Villarreal - May 3, 2013

The rules of legal immigration must be upheld. All those who are here illegally must be deported to their respective countries. We cannot reward breaking the law. We cannot be using our tax money to give entitlements to those here illegally. The border must not remain porous allowing those who could enter and do harm to America. The border must be sealed and guarded against those trying to enter illegally. We are not safe until then.

brent Price - May 3, 2013

All the Democrats want is more dependency so they vote for more Government and get them reelected. Let immigrants come on work visa quotas not as citizens but keep track if everyone is working, if not send them back. We want higher educated Citizens to stay in our country. that can contribute to our high tech economy. Change birthright citizenship as temporary until they graduate from college..

Richard Gasch - May 3, 2013

Obamacare is and will be an abosolute diaster for this nation and the public in general. We cannot allow this terrible legislation destroy our way of life, that is what it will do. I am a senior citizen, but I am far more concerned about my children, my grand kids, my great grand kids and on down the line. This must be stopped, for the sake of those of us still alive and those that haven’t even been born!

Richard Dolan - May 3, 2013

I have been a longtime member of the Heritage Foundation.
Also, I do consider myself a strong conservative.
I am surprised at your strong push against the “gang of eight’s” immigration proposal. I too, do not like amnesty – but reality is a fact that we all must deal with. This proposed legislation permits illegal persons that are in the USA to apply for citizenship and then after paying the necessary penalties, and waiting for many years to pass, and not being felons – – then, and then only to become a legal resident and citizen is not exactly amnesty to me.

ed spitzer - May 3, 2013

Eye-opening. A 1986 rerun!

Julia Berry - May 3, 2013

For all the ways you serve our country as you serve us, the eager subscribers to Heritage Morning Bell, thank you, thank you!

Kathy Baratelli - May 3, 2013

Before any immigration reform takes place, the border must be 100% secure and strictly enforced so no further illegals can enter the country.
Nothing else should be considered until the border is secure; so, in my opinion, the gang of 8 have been wasting their time working on a comprehensive plan that will not solve our immigration problem.

Bobby G Runge - May 3, 2013

We do not need to take any more debt. Let them go back where they came from. Social Securty should be for the people that worked hard and payed into the program.

Wayne Peterkin - May 3, 2013

The following is my opinion regarding immigration reform. I have expressed this to my elected congressional delegation before and have updated and sent it to them again, simply because it seems to be a hot topic once more. I include an abbreviated version here so that if you agree, you may take it, send something similar under your name, or discard it. The original went to my two Louisiana senators but was copied to my congressman and several media outlets.

Dear Senator:

I have written you several times regarding the subject of illegal immigration. I am sending this today because of news reports claiming that compromises are being reached by some “Gang of Eight” that could lead to “comprehensive immigration reform”.

Any political group that includes people like Schumer, Menendez, Durbin, Graham, and McCain aren’t likely to ever do anything sensible or “right” so I have no faith in whatever nonsense they develop. Please ignore them as the irrelevant fools they are.

Principles matter even though some politicians like Schumer and the others can’t spell the word. Never “compromise” on principles.

We do NOT need any more 2,500 page “comprehensive” pieces of legislation and I oppose any suggestion of such a thing. “Comprehensive” legislation always results in rotten legislation.

Any bill that is longer than our Constitution should be summarily rejected with no consideration given to them. There is simply no valid excuse for massive legislation that no one can understand.

Immigration reform is needed. However, that reform can and should be a series of small, simple, targeted bills that address specific needs; bills than can be easily understood, debated, and hopefully passed without confusion and without adverse side-effects.

For example, a single bill can and should be created to address enhanced border security. Such security is not only needed to reduce the illegal immigrants crossing the border, it is needed to combat illegal drug trafficking and the possibility of terrorists infiltrating the country. It is a national security issue and should be treated as such. It should not take any special commissions or any “Gang of Eight” to draft sensible border security policy nor is there any reason to wait in doing so. It has been needed for many years.

Every single element of the illegal immigration problem can be handled as separate pieces of legislation; bills that are simple and easy for every member of Congress, the media, and the public to understand. One of the best reasons for creating individual bills is to stop the practice of forcing people to vote for things they do not want just to get some things they do want. That is not really “compromise”, that is intentionally creating bad law.

I have asked before that you look at the reasons why people cross our borders illegally and then simply eliminate the incentive they have for doing so. For example, eliminate any hope of them finding a job by harshly punishing the employers and you will dramatically reduce the problem. Yes, some employers and advocates for the illegal population will complain loudly about this proposal, but it’s still the right thing to do. It eliminates the problem and enforces our law while costing the American taxpayer nothing. Eliminate every possible benefit for being in the country illegally and illegals have no reason to be here. All can be small bills dealing with one or two issues at a time. I believe that most illegals here already would go home voluntarily were there no benefit for staying. Eliminate the automatic citizenship for children born of two illegal parents; again this is one simple, separate, targeted bill that eliminates an incentive.

A guest worker program of some kind is fine, but only after all of the other steps are taken to eliminate the existing problem. There is no valid reason why this needs to be included in some “omnibus” legislation.

Last, I have strongly urged you to never reward lawbreaking. That does nothing but encourage more lawbreaking. Any form of amnesty or “path to citizenship” is rewarding those who broke our laws, so don’t go there. It didn’t work in 1986 and will not work any better today. It will never work well.

I am not a politician and do not look at things from a strictly political standpoint as many politicians do. I try very hard to simply determine right from wrong, and I think my stance on this issue is right.

Thank you in advance for standing for common sense.

David Aleksa - May 3, 2013

What good does it do to say what is wrong with it if you don’t give any feedback as to how it should be fixed? As long as there is all of this in fighting on the Conservative side with the Liberals are marching in lock step to their goal the Conservative side will continue to loose ground. Right now, no one even knows how many illegals are here; no effort is being made to close the flood gate; no effort is being made to force illegals to contribute to the tax burden.

In the future if you want to point out the flawls then please give the answers to fix the issues.

Mary Seitz - May 3, 2013

Sealing the borders and enforcing the existing laws is all we need to do. This bill, if passed will be the end of America as we know it. Please fight this.Remember Reagan’s amnesty. Enough said. Let us not be duped once again.

Jeff Witt - May 3, 2013

The big secret; The number isn’t 11 million, it’s 30 million plus, because they can bring their extended families and live here at our expense.
Second, it will change our culture to a brown/black one. Three, it will bankrupt us completely. There is no country in the world that can absorb doing this twice. Remember, we did this once already and the Democrats said they would close the boarder and have not. They lied to us all and are doing it again. We the people are going to have to pay for all of this and our country will never be the same. Besides, Obama on his trip to Mexico said New Mexico, Arizona and California belong to the Mexicans. Bulshit

Dolores - May 3, 2013

Secure the border. Enforce the laws that are already on the books. Stop all of the freebies to illegals which encourage them to come.

Sandra Gaskill - May 3, 2013

I have not read anything in the immigration proposal that is “amnesty” so how does this author define that specifically? It seems that going to the end of the line and waiting 10 years to qualify for some benefits is far from amnesty. Thank you for an explanation of this. Sandra

Jacques Bakke - May 3, 2013

Illegal Entry into this country (or any country) has nothing to do with Immigration!
The two are separate issues and not the least bit related!

Gail - May 3, 2013

These illegals have broken our laws. What more is there to say? They are illegals! get it?
Deport them!

Barbara Fey - May 3, 2013

Laws are LAWS.
You break the pay the price…you do NOT get
amnesty from jail, payment, fraud etc., etc.
There is no such thing as being “a little pregnant”
You break our laws…you are OUT/ NOT forgiven.

John Fredenburg - May 3, 2013

The war is lost, the battle is over. We are beating a dead horse in frustration. The “elites/ruling class” have this right where they want it. Of course they pretend to fight for our rights, and the American way, and they put on the congressional inquests/shows, but, if you will notice, nothing of substance ever changes. Those government officials sometime have to hide their face like Tim Conway, and Carol Burnett so we will not see them smiling, as they accuse their opponents of misconduct.
The real travesty is the way our congressmen let our dictator wreak havoc on this nation, with absolutely no resistance. The marxist/socialist/communist/radical — is having his way with this formerly wonderful nation.

john p depetris - May 3, 2013

of course ,yes a comprehensive approach but lets not forget the blood ,sweat, an tears of the real American people an what they sacrificed to get to this immigration matter and what it really costing us and what it will cost us in the future;you no you can go to far with goodness.

Joan - May 3, 2013

I do not think a comprehensive approach to immigration reform plan is best for the American taxpayer. I believe we need to secure the border immediately before we pass any laws concerning immigration. We also need to enforce all of the present laws concerning immigration.

johnny contrereaz - May 3, 2013

massive border first!

Etelvina R. Patmas - May 3, 2013

Instead of an Infographic on what’s wrong with Senator Rubio/Gang of 8 proposed immigration reform, introduce The Heritage Foundation’s recommended changes/improvements to proposed legislation – – hopefully before the 2014 Midyear Election.

Sigrid - May 3, 2013

If we simply ENFORCED the laws already on the books, we would not need a massive, power-grabbing bill like this. Further, it doesn’t seem to SECURE the borders in the end at all…the so-called fence to be built is NOT mandatory…too much fine print & loop holes.

Mike Laughlin - May 3, 2013

Apparently illegal border crossings are up again, with the expectation of eventual amnesty and potential citizenship. Hope the Republicans are not opening themselves up to the Democrats’ “Wimpy” promise, again. “I’ll gladly close the borders Wednesday … for amnesty today.” We know how that worked last time.

Carol Vrooman - May 3, 2013

No a comprehensive approach will not work. It is too cumbersome. I tried reading the bill on Marco Rubio’s website….holy cow! No legislator will be able to digest over 800 pages.
Take each part in turn, start with securing the border. We already know the people are here why worry about that now. Stop the flow. Also have border governors, not Napolitano, verify the security.
Next get an EFFECTIVE E-Verify system so illegals can’t get jobs. Many will self deport.
Fine employers who hire illegals. There should be some lee way for employers to hire/train new employees to replace the illegals they fire.
Fix legal immigrant and visa process
Insist on assimilation; no benefits for illegals. Mexican immigration law says immigrants must be useful to Mexican society which implies they must speak Spanish. Immigrants must speak passable English.
Last, we can address the illegals already here.

Lynn Monti - May 3, 2013

NO New immigration laws. ENFORCE the immigration laws we have. It would be far more cost effective to deport all the illegals, compared to what we have been paying to keep them here, (ie health care, subsidized housing, education, encarsaration) etc. DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT until there are no more

Oren B. Kesler - May 3, 2013

Failures of the past include the lack of assimilation. This can not be obtained without an English ability. All immigrants must have at least a fifth grade English ability. This should be a condition of any law. Now is the time to include the language assimilation requirement in any new bill.

mary ann pennell - May 3, 2013

CLOSE THE BORDERS FIRST…. THERE IS A LAW IN PLACE NOW — ENFORCE IT for any immigrants from any country—- No citizenship –no assistance from Govnmt.. All Govnment seems to do is add to the burden on Americans rights and freedoms.. All bills written need to be very short–5-7pages.. THE LONGER THE BILL THE MORE CORRUPTION IS ATTACHED…

Charles F. Morton - May 3, 2013

What sets the US apart from other countries is that we follow the “Rule of Law.” If the law is wrong, we can change it. Until then, we need to obey it!

Illegal immigrants are illegal; they did not follow the law! We can not in good conscience now say it is not important to obey the law!

Build the fence first!

Harold Schendel - May 3, 2013

I am so disappointed in that some of the
Republicans are going right along with Obama to destroy our nation. I would like their names.

CARL ECKLES - May 3, 2013

Hasn’t Marco Rubio said that it would be 10 years before illegals would be eligible for entitlements?

joe sprouse - May 3, 2013

There should be no bill till you secure the border for this will not be done 10year down the line like they did 15 years ego

Rick - May 3, 2013

We need to secure the Mexican/US border and put a complete halt to illegal immigration; a suspension of issuing student visas to foreign students from Muslim countries for 2 years until we get a handle on who is entering and how to keep track of them; a Congressional committee to investigate what the fiscal costs are involving Amnesty programs for illegals presently here – if we can’t afford it, we cannot do it and start to figure out who is here now, where are they and what are they doing. Our illegala in America numbers are starting to sound like the casualty figures for Syria- those has been 70,000 now for weeks and weeks just as we repeat the 11 million figure for illegals every month.

John Larsen - May 3, 2013

I believe it passing this or any amnesty bill will be the death nel for the Republican Party. If Romney had gotten 70% of the Latino vote he would have still lost the election. The most any Republican Presidential candidate got was 41% by George Bush.Rubio & McCain can kiss their party goodbye if this passes.
John Larsen

Fran MacAnally - May 3, 2013

All we need is amnesty for all the illegals so that they can see that being illegal has more benefits than being legal, just like our illegal president. We don’t have enough employment as it is for the legal people in our country. There are too many idiots running this nation.

{atarick Mattingly - May 3, 2013

The Gang of 8 have to put the COMPLETE CLOSURE of the border FIRST. We cannot Janet Naplitano have anything to say about the border closure or what congress finally decides to do with the 11 million illegal aliens already here in the US. A double and triple fence works and before any AMNESTY talks begin, the fence must be fully contracted out!!!!.

Patarick Mattingly - May 3, 2013

BUILD THE FENCE FIRST before any Amnesty talks begin and Janet Napolitano should not be given any authority to change anything that is passed by Congress!!!

jane - May 3, 2013

Why can’t they just enforce the laws on the books, illegal is illegal, this also dishonors all the generations who have become citizens follow the steps set for them.

Ellen Elmore - May 3, 2013

The proposed comprehensive immigration bill should not be passed. The bill is too long and no one will read it. Therefore we will not know what’s in it until it is passed. We can not grant amnesty to the current illegals before securing the border. Congress should pass a clean bill containing legislation for one issue only – securing the border.

Dennis Winters - May 3, 2013

Immigration law should require English – require a job – require all immigrants to go through the legal process as was done in the past. They should be required to declare their loyalty to the USA before becoming an American citizen.

Bill Wolff - May 3, 2013

Build the fence first, then close the borders, enforce the no illegals crossing the border law for one year and make enforcement adjustments/corrections to ensure that compliance is occurring. Use data from the CBP, not the DHS, to verify border security. During this year of border closure verification, ask sheriffs across the country to find and deport criminals immediately without consideration of family status. Once these criteria have been satisfied to pre-determined goals as specified by the CBP, congress can begin working on integrating the illegals who are not into our work force, but not a minute before.

Those millions of illegals who are not convicted and are not being investigated for any felony or serious misdemeanor and who choose to remain in the U.S. must register with the CBP and carry permanent ID showing their status. As this is being accomplished, the illegals may apply for certain jobs as specified by the labor department.

BUT, bottom line, illegal crossing of our borders must cease and be verified for at least one year before any sort of forgiveness may be granted.,

Thomas Maier - May 3, 2013

Our elected Senators and Congressmen generally do not do what’s right for America, but anything that will increase their chances of being re-elected. I am totally disgusted with the entire process. This immigration bill and most of the legislation they put together have nothing to do with making our country better.

David - May 3, 2013

This bill will pass because there are too many Liberal bleeding hearts in this country and in Congress; the 11,000,000 legalized immagrants will think they owe more to the bleeding hearts than to the country they so want to take part in; the Conservative faction will become a permanent minority and The United States of America will become the Union of Socialist State Republics (and you thought there was no such thing as reincarnation). The irony is that these legalized emmagrants will help turn this country into something worse than they are trying to get away from.

George Cooper - May 3, 2013

Rubio has saidthat no illegal would be eligible for benefits and to remain in thestates will have been here for (time), employed, have no offenses recorded, pay penaltiy etc. andwill await their turn at citizen trip. As for securing the border, it will never be posible to make it 100%. I heard the number target as 90%. Securing the border must be done at the same time with, employer (people or business) shall have to verify citizenship or be punished in some way if they do not. (proper set up to ensure employers observelaw) . Must learn Enlish, etc. “New” caught without appropriate lawful recognition would be punished in someway, not simply returned to their country.What have I missed ?

Gary Gunn - May 3, 2013

I do not see good coming from another giant amnesty program following the Reagan era broken promises. I see nothing that will deter the constant and continuous illegal flow. My greatest consider the open flow of terrorists and mean no good for America. Nothing short of anything that does not produce a secure board first and foremost, I will fight. No more lies, promise and smoke & mirrors It is absurd to believe that a person deciding to break our laws and live in a state of illegality, will miraculously and suddenly stop breaking other laws while taking jobs, welfare, medical care, food stamp, or a free education through college.
Mexico is corrupt and these people need to stay home and fix their country. These people are forcing changes in our culture without permission, and with no responsibility for who or what we become. No one help my family pay for a college education for my kids. America cannot pay its bills, and we sure can’t pay to absorb 11 million (or whatever the real number really is)

Edward Coburn - May 3, 2013

The only benefit would appear to creat a large block of
comfirmed Democratic voters who have been provided something they did not deserve at great expense to the country.

Marie W - May 3, 2013

We do not have jobs for the people who are here legally,
We cannot afford more people receiving benefits
If we do no close the borders we are encouraging more

Virginia Lange - May 3, 2013

Yes, but those who hire undocumented people should be severely fined, etc.

Therese - May 3, 2013

There is nothing wrong with the immigration laws we have now except they are not enforced!! The border needs to be secured first and foremost. Then you can look at what to do with the 11 million illegals we have here.

Shane Nolen - May 4, 2013

Please control the border first! Why with $trillions in debt we want to take on more? High unemployment means we do not need unwelcomed illegal guest. Rubio has tunnel vision with his continued talk of his Cuban heritage leaving tyranny. Unfortunately we have squatters, drug dealers, criminals of all sorts making their way across our southern border – read Houston TX police reports. Even Mexicans that have become US citizens plan on retiring back ‘home’ in Mexico. Mexican teachers in TX are forcing students to learn the Mexican Nat’l antherm. 80% of the illegals from the south will never embrace America, they have no loyalty. American citizen’s safety and welfare should come before increasing our social welfare programs to illegal foreign nationals.

Owen Dykema - May 4, 2013

The only comprehensive approach to immigration is to clearly recognize the “I” in front of the words “Illegal aliens”. Absolutely refuse to recognize or give any special dispensation to anyone with an “I” in front of their name / description.

David Givens - May 4, 2013

I am going to try to post this again. I was rejected by the website before:.
I think the Heritage Foundation is taking the wrong approach on the immigration bill. The negative approach is only helpful to the Obama administration and harmful to the long term prospects for the Republican Party. Read two columns in The Wall Street Journal today (May 3), one by Kimberly Strassel and on by Senator Marco Rubio, to see what is wrong with the Heritage approach and why Rubio has the right approach.

Walt druce - May 4, 2013

I have been a member for several years and about as conservative as you can get, but you guys are way off base on this one. Item one the plan is not finished yet so we don’t know all of the details. Item two I don’t see the costs that you guys are opining about since they are not subject to entitlements. I do know that when employers pay them off of the books there is no revenue (taxes). You guys look bad going against a made up straw-man that doesn’t exist. We need to get this off the table so the Dems will have to pick another subject to cry about. There is no amnesty in this proposed bill.

Randy Reed - May 4, 2013

I have to agree with others like Limbaugh who have shared that a law have in it that states the individuals are not permitted to vote for 25 years after legalization, which prevents government leaders from buying votes.

I often think that my forefathers showed up in this land, pushed the inhabitants west and then onto reservations. It seems to me that we need to remember that we have made this “our” land by making laws for people to follow.
However, God created the land, and the seasons of the land eb and flow as the tide comes in and goes out.

This land used to be blessed but cannot when the country turns against the one who blesses.

More than Immigration, God help us!

dean auten - May 4, 2013

Can be. require all immigrants to have a job before they are given a green card. citizenship should not be a part of the bill

Pete Palmer - May 4, 2013

The only legislation that is more grotesquely complicated than IRS is Immigration. Reform of either is going to include things that I (or anyone else) does not like — but doing nothing and resisting everything will not help. Hence, I am in favor of working on the Gang of Eight’s framework to make it as good as we can — AND MOVING FORWARD.

Gary P. Winters - May 4, 2013

I oppose the new Amnesty Bill for Immigrants, sorry I should have written, “Gang of Eight” Immigration Bill. The bill is to complicated to be readable, let alone, understandable. The bill doesn’t ensure that our borders will be closed and properly monitored. The bill doesn’t designate how specifically funds will be spent. The bill doesn’t hold any one particular program regarding immigration or sub-agency accountable for money spent. The bill doesn’t exclude immigrants from using the benefits of Obama Care, Social Security, Workman’s Comp and lastly, the bill doesn’t take into account the cost of this proposed legislation will increase our debt ceiling. I totally oppose the bill as written.

Respectfully yours

Gary P. Winters

Henry S. Bradicich Jr. - May 4, 2013

One step at a time.
#1 Enfore existinfg laws. #2 Have each bordor Govenor guarantee their bordor is secure in writing. #3 Secure E verify for all states.

Then start comprehesive immigration

Paul Gieser - May 4, 2013

I see WHAT’S WRONG with the Gang of 8 immigration proposal. So what SHOULD be done?? What’s the Heritage proposal??????????


Edward Addison GILL - May 4, 2013


Richard Barrett - May 4, 2013

Is the mission of The Heritage Foundation to help get important issues facing our nation solved, as I thought it was when I signed up as a member?

I ask because President Jim DeMint’s stand against the “Gang of Eight” Immigration Bill under development, which is the best bipartisan effort yet to bring about a solution to our longstanding immigration problem, comes across as just more grandstanding, Washington’s approach these days to stonewalling progress, rather than making a sincere effort to bring about a bipartisan solution. I understand he will even be appearing on the Sunday morning talk shows, like someone running for office (President?).

Neither Jim DeMint nor conservatives in general will win with this approach to our immigration problem. Romney’s loss to Obama taught us that. Let’s stop grandstanding and start working together to solve our nation’s problems, importantly including immigration.

Richard Barrett

christine mcdirmid - May 4, 2013

i would like further explanation on the above stated facts.
? dont we already have illegal immigrants receiving welfare, food stamps and housing subsides.
? how does it allow congress to increase the budget
? once legallized wouldnt they have to pay taxes

connie livingston - May 4, 2013

Stop taxpayer-funded payments and housing programs. Require work for pay-contribute to society. Export criminals. Get in line for citizenship behind those who have applied.No amnesty. Protect our borders.

scott - May 4, 2013

This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. FIRST SECURE the BORDERS then start the task of prosecuting the law breakers and deporting..

Michael D. Swanson - May 4, 2013

I have commented before on this subject and hope that others my age (66) remember the “amnesty” program that was sold to Ronald Reagan years ago that if he would just “go along with the program” the border would be secured, that was not to be the case. In regards to this ”gang of eight” bill there are many areas that show that enforcement is not going to be the issue it should be , the problem with DHS is Janet Napolitano, who is at this time is being sued by CBP officers for telling CBP not to enforce our immigration laws, how can you depend upon DHS to confirm our borders are secure when laws are being not enforced today. It would only make sense to build fences, enforce present law to the full extent of those laws and have local sheriffs and CBP be the judge as to when the borders are secure, after 12 to 18 months of securing those borders.

Bob Stewart - May 4, 2013

Would it not be smarter to take a survey of Mexicans and Immigrants, ask wouldn’t they rather The U.S. Transform Mexico into an American State. Of course with their help. Just a little at a time, selectively choose areas to make them prosperous.
I’m sure they, or at least most would choose their own country heritage for their success.

Richard Horton - May 4, 2013

A national voter ID law must be included in the bill. All voters, local, state and national, must prove, with no waivers or exemptions, that they are citizens of the United States. State issued documents to illegals would not be accepted. This a must.

Gary - May 4, 2013

We the public have lost sight of the forrest because of the trees! This is another “vote getting” scheme to bolster up the Democratic party; Obama, Harry and Nancy.
Want to reduce the national debt? Get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, reduce foreign aid 10%, cut 10% from all elected officials, establish term limits, make lobbying illegal. Let’s face it, WE, YOU and ME are the only one’s who can make this happen!

Dud Cunningham - May 4, 2013

It may not be practical, but this bill is so massive and misunderstood, that the only way to pass this bill is to individualize each separate component and let it be voted on by the people on its merits, spelling it out the way you did on the infographic and the downside as well. As it is right now, forget it, It’s just another Obamacare sleight of hand trick. No thanks. We already have one on the books, let them enforce that one.

Will Z - May 4, 2013

Perhaps if the citizens now on welfare for over 2 years were forced to work we would not have as many illegals jumping the borders to fill vacant jobs.
Another thought; Our financial aid to countries that supply the illegals should be based on their effectiveness in reducing the number of their people now in our country illegally.
The head of the immigration department salary should be based on reducing the number number of illegals in our country.

Patricia S. - May 4, 2013

We do need to address the immigration issue, however, the bill is overly complex and should be broken down into smaller steps. Each of the steps should be thoroughly evaluated after implementation and adjusted accordingly before moving on to the next step. Border security MUST be the first item addressed. Government benefits are paid for by U.S. taxpayers and meant for legal U.S. citizens. We should never allow illegal immigrants access to government benefits period. Perhaps the left should organize private fundraising dollars for housing, food vouchers, and scholarships for illegals before asking the overwhelmed taxpayer for their hard earned and rapidly decreasing dollars.

Raymond - May 4, 2013

enforce the laws we already have. They must assimilate totally and if they wish to talk in their native tongue they can continue to do so at home. Our laws must be respected and obeyed by everyone including members of congress and the president.

Kristin Herendeen - May 4, 2013

Heritage’s critique is weak. Go with your plan first, it’s benefits, and then a stronger critique. Something has to be done with illegals. I prefer registration (photo, finger, tax id) then getting in line starting day of full registration with a ten year penalty.

Larry - May 4, 2013

The “gang of eight” are fools, including Marco Rubio–I had such great hopes for him–now this! He is no better than the rest.This bill needs to be trashed. There should be no amnesty, or pathway to citizenship for illegals, or their children–they are part of a criminal act. These folks should not be rewarded for breaking the law–but then that is what we seem to do in Washington–isn’t it? This bill is not fair to the folks who wait for years to come here legally. What is fair about this, King Pinocchio Obama? Amnesty gives approval to criminal activity. Under this bill illegal immigration will not stop–only encourages it–just look at the results of the 1986 immigration bill–the laws in that bill aren’t even enforced. What makes us think the laws in this bill will be enforced?
It is time we citizens take a stand and fight to take our country back. We need to make our politicians accountable. For decades, I have watched our society fall apart. It is time we put ethics back in Washington. We need to throw the BUMS out–even our own BUMS! Most are despicable!

Myrna Gable - May 4, 2013

Enforce the laws we already have. Build the fence, close the borders. “If they are here illegally, send them home, no exceptions.” Stop immediately handing out these taxpayer funded entitlements.
The border govenors should be able to enforce the present laws to the fullest extent without any interference from Washington. This “gang of eight” crap is so unnecessary. Just let the border governors
do their job with the existing laws. Companies hiring illegals should be fined. No exceptions!
Standing in line and going through the legal process to live in this country should always be mandatory. Speaking English and learning about our constitution and laws should also be mandatory. But then, our president knows very little about our constitution, nor does he have any respect for it. He considers it an outdated piece of paper. What a shame! The greatest country on earth, so blessed by our Heavenly Father, and he is constantly apologizing for us.

Lowell Starr - May 4, 2013

All we need to do to cleanup our current situation is to “Close the Border”-close it tight for Gods sake- we have more than enough resources to do it in a week– if anybody in this administration had the “guts” to issue the order. Then revamp the bill!!

Donna Thompson - May 4, 2013

This bill is too big and I do not trust it. Secure our borders first. Establish an E-Verify system that works. Fine employers who break it. Enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

Kenneth C. Comyns - May 4, 2013

We cannot and should not attempt to expel 11 million Illegal immigrants. They are here because of a failure of ALL previous administration. Suck it up and DEAL with it. First step is to CLOSE and MAN the southern border. Advise all current illegals that they will not be sent home but that they will no longer receive ANY benefits until they are identified and processed for some form of permanent residence. Prosecute ALL companies and individuals employing illegals unless they identify their ILLEGAL employes and make the employers pay for ALL the public funding that their illegals have received since arriving in the country. After they are identified, PROCESS them for permanent status after insuring that they have no criminal records other than crossing the border illegaly. Put the current Unemployed American citizens to construct the border fence after their current unemployment runs out if they wish continue receiving any Federal assistance. (Use the Irish Famine stone wall construction program as a model)
If any more illegals are caught, fingerprint them and drop them off inside the Mexican border. If caught agan, lock them up in an open air prison camp in the Arizona or Texas deserts and leave them there until the Mexican Government or their relatives come, pays for their “return ticket” and take them home. Make the prisoncamp uncomfortable enough that noboddy would want a second visit.
Have our congress work out the details of this plan , having them do something useful for a change!

Rick - May 4, 2013

“Comprehensive” – what bill with the word comprehensive in it ever did any good? Enforce current laws, secure the boarder (verified by the bordering states) – how many pages would it take to write this bill? Once verified, let’s take the next step – a path to deport illegal-alien-criminals, then – etc.

Don Clark - May 4, 2013

None of the illegal aliens work and will be supported by U.S. taxpayers. They also will vote to support democratic Congressmen. They can vote to rescind the
limited number of terms a person can serve as president (like Roosevelt). They can vote to put the US under UN control. Etc.

Arlin R. Johnson, Jr. - May 4, 2013

Come legal or not at all! all illegals pack up and head back to Mexico promptly,
No more entitlement junkies should be encouraged in to come to the USA. Impeach Obama, Holder and all czars and get this country back on some kind of responsible footing. Audit the Federal Reserve ASAP – the den of robbers need to experience a full audit by independent auditors – no federal employees allowed in the audit process. If America does not get some honest fresh air soon the future will be bleak indeed!

Jaclyn M. - May 4, 2013

What part of ILLIGAL does the Gov’t not understand? Secure the borders first, then let’s talk again about our immigration issues. No Amnesty for the 11 million+ here illegally! They leave their country of origin for whatever reason to come to America and then they attempt to turn this country into what they left behind. They must be returned to their homeland and apply to reenter our country legally. Let’s first try to help ourselves by voting out all current members of the Senate and House of Representatives as they come up for reelection. We need to regain control of our Country! We need term limits & all laws passed onto US Citizens must be applied to elected officials as well, no exceptions
…let’s start with Obamacare!!

Roger Mommaerts - May 4, 2013

I oppose anything which rewards those who thumb their noses at our laws. This new law would not be enforced any more than the existing laws. Appeasement does not solve problems!

Jim Peterman - May 4, 2013

Any Immigration Bill/Law MUST first secure the both Boarders and KEEP them closed before any path to citizenship is initiated. Worker visa’s also need to be tied to secure boarders. If the secure boarders begin to “leak” then all benefits need to be constrained until the “leaks” are sealed. We can’t afford to house, feed, school and provide medical benefits (and any form of Soc. Sec.) to millions of people who have viloted our
laws . . . and these people are not eligible for asylum
in the U.S. either.


B Kemp - May 4, 2013

Absolutely NO!! First secure the Borders of this Great Nation! Follow and enforce the Laws we already have on the Record. When the Politicians actually obey the Laws by enforcing them — then and only then shall we
trust them with this Nation!

Timothy J. Denham, SFC, USAR,FLARNG, Retired - May 4, 2013

Ditto the “comment” of Etelvina R. Patmas – May 3, 2013…I’m a Veteran and now “very disappointed in our Florida Senator Rubio for not already insisting that these “Comments” by the Heritage Foundation be woven “preeminantly” into any Immigration and Border Security Legislation, as Etelvina R. Patmas said on May 3, 2013, “Instead of an Infographic on what’s wrong with Senator Rubio/Gang of 8 proposed immigration reform, introduce The Heritage Foundation’s recommended changes/improvements to proposed legislation” – – hopefully before the 2014 Midyear Election. Both our Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our government owe every U.S. Citizen a very serious apology along with accountability for what they did not do, even though they had the technology, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and even 10 years ago to totally “SEAL” and “PROTECT” our borders from this invasion of “ILLEGAL” Aliens, many of whom hate and mean to do harm to America and its citizens. Our Federal Government has become so arrogant, they refuse to accept the blame for breaking their “Trust” in providing America and its citizens with “Secure Borders”. Until our Federal Government is purged of those arrogant individuals who put their “POLITICS” ahead of America and its citizens’, America and its citizens remain “AT SUBSTANTIAL RISK” and as a Veternan and son of a WWII USMC Veteran, it sickens both myself and my father and probably millions of others like us. So, Heritage Foundtion”, please take the comments of Etelvina R. Patmas to heart and do something worthwhile NOW for all of us in regard to this “Comprehensive Immigration Legislation FARCE”.
and we will be keeping a close watch on this activity.
Respectfully submitted by a concerned U.S. Citizen and 2 generations of Veterans.

James J. Pecora - May 4, 2013

One has to wonder why the word “illegal” is so hard for those 8 bumble heads to grasp. Rubio is the Judas goat for Slicky Schumer and he thinks he’s doing something for the immigration problem. I’ve lost all respect for his juvenile approach to a simple problem. First, close the borders! Second, listen or read the Heritage positions as well as the comments on these pages. Of course these 8 self absorbed, know it alls would have swallow their egos which says a whole hell of a lot about our political class.

Pamela Sherman - May 4, 2013

I’m a bit wary of suggesting this, but what if we just took Mexico? That would solve the whole immigration problem in one sweep. And the Mexican people would be forever grateful. We would get the natural resources of Mexico and they would get American Citizenship! A win-win. In addition, think of the effect on the likes of Achmadinejad and the like. Putin would also be impressed. And to hell with Europe.

Viva Jhensen - May 4, 2013

The border was to be secured with a wall while Bush was still in office. The past 4 years nothing, 0, was done to accomplish that. Every communication I received from my senators was always about “comprehensive reform”. That meant, put it off while more foreigners entered illegally. One didn’t like the current everify law, yet voted for one in this new bill. Any reform legislation was intended to be lots of pages of complicated wording so as to discourage members of Congress from reading it. They came up with a 844 page boondoggle. Everything is meant to bring in more foreigners with more goodies for them at the expense of the unemployed Americans and other legal residents here! It is a bipartisan attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. Just keep those eyes open wide and tell your senators to stop providing jobs for illegals and get Americans back to work – now! Push to start the Keystone Pipeline. Override your liberal master.

Robert W. Strahan - May 5, 2013

I thought this chart was unspecific and sophomoric. This sort of negative response to an admittedly stupid proposal isn’t enough. Heritage is failing to reach people because they don’t offer proposals. Why aren’t we talking about fixing the SS system so illegals can’t use fake id’s? Why aren’t we talking about cutting off benifits to illegals? Why aren’t we talking about enforcing an “insta-check” system before folks can get hired? Why aren’t we talking about sanctions to go after employers who look the other way when presented with fake id’s? Why aren’t we talking about getting rid of the Earned Income Credit which is a magnet for illegals? Heritage will continue to be irrelevant until it starts making affirmative proposals about this and health care reform. All we need to do in response to this current proposal is compare it to the 86 amnesty and ask how it’s different. Please go on the offensive and get outside the beltway.

Jack - May 5, 2013

When we make these people citizens. They will not stop
coming under the border not over the border in tunnels. They have over 100 tunnels being built now and maney more on the way. So you will not accomplish anything.
And have 30 million people and counting coming in from every where.
So it just pays to let two or three million in because you will anyways have illegals. The cost will be to great on taxes.

Lewis Chisholm - May 5, 2013

No, I think; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, i’m a perfect idiot.
Please, lets begin to call it for what it is, complete stupidity!
Let’s stop the crossings! Thats it for the first step.
But nothing else, no other steps until the first step
is taken and accomplished.
By definition; 2 steps at the same time is a jump.
Would you like to run a marathon or jump a marathon?
Please guys, don’t be afraid of words like lunacy, stupidity, greedy, poor management. We the people are with you!!!
Lewis Chisholm
cel. 305 822-3415

Constance Bennett - May 5, 2013

I agree with Jim DeMint on all points. Illegals should not be given a free pass. The cost would be outrageous.

Keith Luxton - May 5, 2013

Since the arrival of this fraud president and the idiocy of the left wing loons in putting in so many demoncrap, there have been an abundance of thousand page bills, which no one has read or understand, the loony left just pass them, so as Nancy pelosi says, we can find out what they do. Such absolute lunacy. For every ten pages of a bill there should be five days to understand it before it even discussed. That would mean a thousand page bill, what the demoncrap produce would need well over a year clearance. That would slow them down considerably.

Roger Wasson - May 5, 2013

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is, and always has been code foe amnesty. “Path to citizenship” is code for creating several million new Democrat voters. The GOP should be mindful that Gov. Romney would have needed somewhere around 70% of the Hispanic vote to win the election. He could have also won it with the 3-to-4-million CONSERVATIVE voters who sat this one out. Which group should they be trying to reach out to? Which group is the most likely to vote GOP in 2014, 2016? Unless, of course, they fall for this obvious Dem trap and go along with “comprehensive reform”; then, maybe 5 or 6 million will sit out the next elections.
What is needed is a GOP Senator to play Stephen Douglas to Rubio’s Henry Clay and break this monster into pieces – starting with BORDER SECURITY – and pass bills one subject at a time.
Senator Cruz, are you listening?

Joseph McKennan - May 5, 2013

If I go through a traffic light when it is yellow and it turns red I get a $90 ticket. If I put a candy bar in my pocket and walk out before I pay and am caught with no receipt I am guilty of theft- a charge that will be on my record. If I go to Mexico without a passport and am caught I might possibly end up in a fleabag jail for the rest of my life or even be executed or murdered by thugs when I get out.
If someone comes here illegally they get welfare, free tuition to college, ignored if apprehended by the police- who want to avoid ‘profiling’ accusations, and a country that changes its official language to accommodate them.
In the face of these facts, the gang of eight wants me to believe they are looking for a fair resolution?

Margo - May 5, 2013

Please…the border MUST be sealed before another step is taken!

Jan - May 5, 2013

While I am in favor of resolving the problem of the illegal immigrants that are already here, I do have reservations about the proposal from the “Gang of Eight.” I believe two things must be done before changing the status of those already here.

First, and foremost, we must protect our borders using whatever means necessary, and require that these security measures continue to be taken regardless of the party in the White House.

Simultaneously, we must modernize and overhaul our Visa procedures so that we are immediately aware when someone attempts to overstay a Visa. A warrant should be issued immediately for anyone who overstays a Visa. We should consider postponing all new Visas until we have corrected the errors in our current immigration system.

After these actions have been taken, we can then consider what should be done about those who are here illegally. I would propose that anyone who has been in the country fewer than five years should be deported – this would prevent the large influx of illegals entering the country now since they currently have an incentive to “hurry up and get here” before amnesty takes effect. Those who have been here longer than five years may then be eligible for permanent legal residency status. Note that I did not say that they would become eligible for citizenship. US citizenship is something very special, and should not be given so readily to those who have broken our laws.

Granting residency instead of citizenship also takes the political advantage of one party over another out of the equation. Since these immigrants will not be able to vote, Democrats would not be pushing to pass the law solely to create a new voting bloc; Republicans would not be pushing the new law solely because they are concerned about the results of the last election. Hopefully, this would create a bill that is best for the country, not just best for the politicians.

There are many variants that could be considered, such as allowing those who came here under the age of 12 to apply for citizenship after a period of time, and similar measures, but we must not reward law-breakers with citizenship!

President Obama frequently laments that people have to “live their lives in the shadows.” These measures would allow immigrants to come out of the shadows without fear of deportation or other reprisals. In addition, as legal residents, not citizens, they should not have the right to bring extended family to the US, which would be overly burdensome on our entitlement system as well as on our employment situation. As I understand it, the proposal from the “Gang of Eight” would permit these new citizens to bring extended family members to the US, and I am particularly concerned about this aspect of the bill.

Marco Rubio emphasizes the fact that the Gang of Eight bill would deny eligibility for foodstamps, Obamacare or other welfare benefits, but I find this to be implausable since many are currently receiving these benefits. Contradictions such as this must be clearly agreed upon before enacting any new law.

I fear that the “hurry-up and pass anything” attitude in Congress and the White House will deliver a bill that has not been well thought-out. Slow down on legalization, but get busy on our borders and Visa system immediately.

Charlie Norton - May 5, 2013

Fire Janet Napolitano! I’m not kidding.

john - May 5, 2013

No doubt border security is needed but it is irrelevant with respect to illegal immigration. Pols, including most Rs, are more than happy to talk border security but they resist E-verify. Unless there is workplace enforcement it’s all a smokescreen. A few wk ago we heard about the agreement between business & unions. Business gets an unending supply of cheap labor despite high unemployment and unions sell their members down the river for more dues payers, such a deal. How does Obamacare work when the “employees” are paid in cash?

William - May 5, 2013

Enforce the laws on the books now or maybe put the attorney general in jail

Holly Chapo - May 5, 2013

Any piece of legislation that requires 844 pages is already in trouble – and the American people will bear the burden of that trouble.
This so-called comprehensive approach is another train wreck.
We would be better off with a one page bill that deals with one subject – SECURE THE BORDER. Provide the funding for the fence, for additional patrol members, for drones, cameras, etc. And require the work to START IMMEDIATELY. Also, enforce all the laws currently on the books. PERIOD!!!
Once we have that in place, then we can consider other matters. And under no circumstances should amnesty be part of any new immigration laws.

Loris - May 5, 2013

The current administration is not enforcing our current laws. That too is illegal. What part of Illegal do some people Not understand??? This gang of 8 proposal is not the answer. There is only one way to stop illegal entry and that is to jail people who break in and after they serve their term they are placed on a black list so that by law they and their immediate families can never be granted amnesty or citizenship or residency.

Grover Trytten - May 5, 2013

We should not grab at this [Gang of 8] proposal. Our biggest problem with immigration is our porous border with Mexico. Congress must fix that problem by forcing the executive branch to terminate border violations as required by law. The Executive branch will do nothing on its own volition. Congress also has a poor record for
effective action; but each congressman’s constituents can deliver a powerful “stimulus” to act on this matter.
Congress, of course, would like their constituents to
“Like” the Gang of 8 proposal. Don’t let them off the
hook so easily. Close the defective borders and keep them closed except for those we wish to have arrive.
Then we can talk about the next step.

George Cooksey - May 5, 2013

Ask President Obama if he would like “Homeland Security” to assume full responsibility for his security in the same manner that they say our border is secure! Anyone who trusts Schumer’s words surely believes that ‘socialist-progressive democrats’ have NOT infested budget management and “centralized control” over individual freedoms. Secure the border FIRST!

Ann Cavage - May 5, 2013

Any bill that grants a path to illegals is wrong. If they have no job or welfare they will self deport. Not enough jobs for legal Americans. This bill is a slap in the face to our legal citizens and Rubio should be ashamed to try to sell this to us.

Dr. Cheryl Edwards - May 5, 2013

There are current laws against illegal immigration and hiring people who are in the USA illegally. We have been promised border enforcement for years and years and years. Congress needs to stop trying to ram a comprehensive bill down the throats of their constituents–We the People. Enforce the laws. Find out why the laws are not being enforced. Fix this first.

Dr. Robert Schwartz - May 5, 2013

1. Secure borders
2. Offer 3-to-5-year window of opportunity to illegals:
* Pay the legal immigrant fee, $600
* Secure legal and medical clearance from home country
and U.S.
* Take and pass course in English, oral and written
* Take and pass courses in U.S. history and government
* Submit all documents, e.g., social security, birth
certificate, etc.
* Indicate residence, employment
* Indicate intention for applying
* Document family members here and abroad

These are normal requirements. Some exceed those for legal immigrants. This is normal, given the large number of illegals and the need to assist them in understandng
our culture and how they will be better equipped here.

Dr. Robert Schwartz

Tadeusz Andruczyk - May 6, 2013

1. Close the border into USA – wide open outwards!!!!!
2. Use the existing legislation
– employers must check SIN (eligibility to work) and compare with Federal records
– High penalties for emloyers employing illegals
– Fast Track execution of penalties for “noncompliant” employers
– wait for year or two…
3. Start thinking about “Immigration Reform”

beverly - May 6, 2013


Ross Calloway - May 6, 2013

No matter what else is included in the final product, waiting their turn in line for citizenship is not paying any price for breaking our law and sovereignty in the first place. As a consequence, and since this is supposed to be a humanitarian issue and not a political one, all “amnestied” (by whatever standards) citizens should not be eligible to vote in federal elections. That’s the price they’ll pay for forcing themselves on and in the United States.

Denny Converse - May 6, 2013

With our inability or unwillingness to enforce current immagration laws, I’m skeptical about passing any new legislation. This is an important topic with enormous ramifications. I’m in favor of taking our time and doing a little bit at a time and see if those measures worked before any real comprehensive legislation needs to be passed.

William Siems - May 6, 2013

No comprehensive reform should be passed until the Mexican border is secure according to the governors of the border states – NOT according to “Big Sis”. We should have an immigration quota like we had in this country decades ago and which seemed to work well then. Immigrants from countries that have a history of terrorist activity should be intensely scrutinized, and this means PROFILING, which the Israelis do successfully in their country. And NO citizenship granted for 10 YEARS so immigrants can’t be turned into instant Democrats by the Dems giving them all the freebies. Then let’s see how anxious the slimy Dems are for comprehensive reform.

Donald Bradford - May 6, 2013

The term “Comprehensive is D.C. language for everybody gets what they want… and I mean everybody. Spend us into oblivion! Everything done behind closed doors means it won’t stand the scrutiny of daylight.I, for one, am sick of hearing we need more changes to laws that we don’t even enforce now. Just ENFORCE what we already have and let the cards fall where they may. If they word “Comprehensive” comes out of anybody’s mouth, don’t believe anything else you hear.

Doug Halbrooks - May 6, 2013

Securely close the border before anything else is done; then, and only then, can we address resonable amnesty. Some form of amnesty is a prerequisite for the mid-term elections, otherwise obama will probably have his way the “last” 2 yrs.

GERALD W EDWARDS - May 6, 2013

The Gang-of-Eight proposal is a sell-out of America into another 3rd World, poverty stricken, massive influx of outsiders to break down the individual’s self worth at the ballot box.

David Miller - May 7, 2013

Close and secure the border FIRST. Then, if and when that is done well, consider liberalizing immigration again. Implement everify and enforce the rules associated with it for employers. Most importantly, get rid of the idiotic idea that being born in the US, even to illegal immigrants, confers US citizenship. We are on a rapidly destructive path.

Dennis Rosolowski - May 7, 2013

I thank God that Im near my end in life! With the imagration,taxes,gangs,and the attachs on our rights as legal Americans, I pitty the poor babies born these days. The pleasures and freedom I knew growing up in Wisconsin will only be had by the eleit and well to do. Even now to canoe a river, fish, camp out, one wont know if they will be robbed assaulted, or even killed, because we were there.Its incredibile the changes even in our rural area. If akid needed money for gas and entertainment he could ask a farmer if he needed help didnt pay the greatest but now they have illegal Mexicans. The rules have changed.Pray for the babies!!!

A. Rowland - May 14, 2013

The worst thing we can do is tear the GOP apart. Then you can bet the Democates will be in office another 4 years. We cant have 100% of every issue. Yes, we need immigration reform but you can bet if we don’t take control of the senate and the White House we will see nothing done. At least the “Gang of Eight” has something on the table..

Tim Resovsky - May 19, 2013

Making more laws regarding illegal immigrants is just like making more laws for gun control. How about Congress putting on some stones (even you female members) and enforce the laws already on the books like Jan Brewer is trying to do in Arizona. I’m a little disappointed in Marco Rubio’s agreeing to this amnesty bill.

patricia davis - June 13, 2013

I oppose the immigration bill .there are 3 people working to slip a national ID for all Americans.JOHN MCCAIN ,LINDSEY GRAHAM AND CHUCK SCHUMER ARE SELLING US OUT.COMMUNISM COMETH

Dianka - July 22, 2015

People, why you are so mad? Just take care of your old parents by yourself, don’t hire illegals to do that, make American homelesses to pick up vegetables and do gardening, don’t hire illegal foreigners to do that. People, you are not honest, it is your job to change diapers for your kids and for your old parents because your parents did that for you! Don’t force illegals to do that!

Dan - March 12, 2016

Secure ALL our borders not just the Mexican border take a look at the babies coming from the Marianas Islands! The Canadians have been closing down the border between us maybe our Congressmen should get the HINT! How many congress members have even been to the border to talk to the border patrols and got a first hand education! Why has the Immigration Department been rushing immigrants through without doing background checks as they are suppose to do!

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