Budget Control Act Sequestration Would Hit Defense Hardest

The defense budget will suffer the greatest proportion of cuts under the Budget Control Act’s “sequestration” procedures, Heritage experts Steven Bucci and Alison Fraser explain.

“These cuts are alarmingly disproportionate: 43 percent of the sequestration cuts would come from defense, though it is only 11 percent of total spending,” Bucci and Fraser write.

Congress needs to undo the cuts to defense and instead offset them with cuts elsewhere. They should not raise taxes on Americans to bolster defense readiness.

Raising taxes for defense would only increase the sting of the massive Taxmageddon tax hikes coming January 1. Rather, President Obama and Congress need to sit down and hash out a common-sense budget:

The ideal solution is for the Administration and Congress to solve the budget impasse today, as each day delayed makes it more difficult for defense suppliers and military leaders to plan ahead in a very risky world. Thus, staying within the spending cuts agreed to within the BCA means offsetting sequestration with spending cuts elsewhere.

Every day without a deal that replaces dangerous defense cuts with cuts elsewhere increases the risk to America:

Like Taxmageddon and the economy, sequestration is hurting defense now. Congress and the President should protect defense—this is not negotiable, despite the wishes of some on Capitol Hill, and it is not an ideological issue, as some have tried to portray it. Gambling with the readiness and security of America is not leadership; it is exactly the opposite.

Do you think defense sequestration is the best option for America?


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Gary - August 28, 2012

I would like to maintain the proportion of military cuts, and then also see an equivalent or larger block in the above diagrams in the leftmost two squares of your diagram and maintain this until the interest block is gone. All areas must be on the table, and our military spending is too large and gives no economic return. There is no money, and we all need to admit it.

Sally Vose - August 28, 2012

The defense sequestration will be so harmful to the defense of America, I can’t believe Congress would have agreed to such a diaster! What were they thinking? When will they start believing in a strong America again and stop apologizing for this great Christian nation.

Mike Townsend - August 28, 2012

I think the congress and the current President will take this down to the last moment and then the Democrates will give in and we won’t have taxmeggedion.

john - August 28, 2012

no, cut out those self made spending habits of washington and have american people be accountable rather than sending them a check and buying a vote. the unemployed should get a job rather than get a check.

Michael Joenks - August 28, 2012

Having spent twenty-four years in the Navy, I understand the need for a strong national defense, However, as much as I might not like it, the defense budget along with all other segments of the budget need to be cut. The simple fact is, there is not enough money to go around.

David Reynolds - August 28, 2012

I totally agree with the August 28, 2012 comment from Sally Vose. I couldn’t have expressed it better. Thank you Sally.

Fred Opper - August 28, 2012

With the inevitable nuclear threat from Islam led by Iran, we must have a strong military with a plan to defend America from direct attack, terrorist cell attacks and attacks on our allies like Isreal. Sequestration cuts of our defense budget is the last thing we need at this time.

Judith Weiss - August 28, 2012

There is no doubt that there is a great deal of waste in the defense budget. I have no problem in reducing this waste as much as possible. I have no confidence that the President will ever sit down with members of Congress and negotiate a workable solution that will keep America safe.

Ronald DuBois - August 29, 2012

I knew this would happen when the sell-out by the Rep. leaders, led by Boehner, first agreed to raise the debt ceiling. They knew agreement would never be reached on spending cuts, so the automatic cuts would happen. They sold out America.

Oscar Brown - August 29, 2012

It is consistent with everything else the president has done during his tenure that he disproportionately cuts the military budget to bring about a slowing down of spending. He has consistently trod on the Constitution eevr since taking office and has led others to do the same. He MUST be removed in November.

Bill Scott - August 29, 2012

Without a strong defense, “everything else on the table” becomes irrelevant. There is no second place in war.

Mike Sheahen - August 29, 2012

So-called “sequestration”, such as in this case is another conjured-up word for yet more responsibility-dodging politicians in all parties; politicians who find getting and keeping themselves in their grand-standing, vote-buying, money and power-grabbing “gravy train” simply too irresistible (and thus also showing and proving how “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and, by how “sequestration” is in this case rigged, set-up, and primed to be triggered “automatically”, indeed avoid responsibility for the “loose cannon” consequences of again comming up with another “band-aid” – which is poisonous to (private) businesses, jobs, and our economy, along with national defense and security – instead of the remedy to the problem…their out of control regulating, spending, and taxing like drunk sailors selling-out our freedoms and our republic to everything from the highest bidder to the lowest modern-day “barbarian”. So no sequestration is not the best option for America.

J E Houser - August 29, 2012

NO. NO. The members of Congress should read, study, know the contents of the Constitution. It very plainly, affirmatively states the primary function of the federal government is the protection of the several STATES, but not its throwing money all over the world or silly projects within the several partially indepentent STATES joined together to form the United STATES of America.

Lynne Bradley - August 29, 2012

The left always goes for weakening our military. We need to keep our defences strong. A strong military is good for the econome and will help keep us out of having to fight more wars. The left does not understand the enemy or they are on their side. They have so much fat they can cut before they even get to the military.

Joan Lenahan - August 29, 2012

I am against any cuts to the military by at this time. What happens on Nov 6th will determine the outcome of sequestration. I only hope it will put Obama out of a job and reason may return to Washington. That’s my HOPE for CHANGE.

Bob - August 29, 2012

Sure, the military budget contains waste which should be excised but it’s still our most vital investment. Where would the rest of the economy be without a strong military? BTW who thinks the military was established for economic return?

Mike O’Connell - August 29, 2012

The short answer to the question is “No.” That’s not to say that wasteful programs and spending shouldn’t be targeted and eliminated whenever and wherever they exist. But our defense department must receive the funding necessary to remain the strongest (and thus most respected) in the world. Peace through Strength and Freedom through Vigilance. Those principles are not meaningless, for if we fail to sufficiently fund for a strong defense we’ll be unable to maintain the peace or remain vigilant enough to ensure our continued freedom.

Lula T Moehrbach - August 29, 2012

If the defense budget continues to be cut vs. increased…the “President” & “Congress” will not have to worry about budgets at all. This country will be a sitting duck for all our enemies…which is what I think some of them intend!

Barbara - August 29, 2012

Why not a 10 % cut across the board…..everything! Also eliminate retirement packages for congress.

Robert Bigelow - August 30, 2012

Cutting our Defense spending now is the last thing we should do. The list of our enemies continues to
grow. The global economy is getting more unstable
all the time and may lead to even more conflicts. We need to cut spending on all the B.S. “pork barrel”
deals and balance the budget. We need NEW
leadership in Washington!

Lorna Nelson - August 30, 2012

I think that Congress should do the job that they were elected to do and draw up a budget that includes cuts that are “fair” and “equal” since that is such an important concept for this sorry administration.

Janice McCaffetey - August 30, 2012

A weakened military makes us much more vulnerable to attacks from countries such as Iran and North Korea. When we can no longer defend ourselves, we will fall as a nation losing the freedoms and prosperity that have been a trademark of American for so long.. Unfortunately, we are rushing to this end following the policies of the current administration. A strong military
is a deterant to would-be attackers.

Charles R. Eno - August 30, 2012

Federal Speeding must stop, but not for what the Constitution says is one of the main responsibilities of the Federal government. Do not cut the Defense budget!!
We are weak enough now. More cuts will make our country no stronger than the weakest of the world. China and Russia are just waiting until we cannot defend ourselves, to take us over. We must fight this Budget cutting and get rid of programs that waste our tax dollars, like the UN and Gifts to our Enemies.

Robert Seklemian - August 30, 2012

It may be possible wisely to cut the defense budget by rethinking some of our defensive strategies, but across the boards cuts, particularly of this magnitude, are foolhardy and dowright dangerous.

J. Hopkins - September 4, 2012

The problem with focusing on just the fraud waste and abuse is that government incompentency, corruption and stupidity will remian. Think of government money as providing incentives for certain behaviors – military spending provides us protection and production, entitlement spending encourages sloth. Let’s face it, the less we give government, the better. And, we all need to get smart and hire good, fiscally responsible people for government.

Margaret - September 6, 2012

Cuts to our defense budget is inane. With illegals flooding over our borders with no control how safe can we be? With the United Nations wanting to rule our military how can we stand to weaken our defenses? As it is when Hillary signed the agreement/treaty it gave the U.N. the right to control where our Navy will patrol the seas.

We don’t need to go to war to protect ourselves if our defense systems are strong. And we do not need to be on foreign soil. We need to bring our military home and put them into jobs here protecting our borders, but on call if necessary for active duty.

Capt. Kenneth Moore - October 1, 2012

The primary reason to have a central government is for the national defense. Everything else is superfluous.

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