Obamacare requires members of Congress and their staffs to ditch their existing health care plans and purchase coverage through the law’s exchanges.

This provision has proved unpopular with lawmakers, who had become accustomed to paying as little as 28 percent of the cost of their premiums.

But the Obama administration feared that amending the law would open the door to other changes or even repeal. So President Obama created a loophole for his Congressional cronies so they can keep their taxpayer-funded plans.

Heritage Foundation legal experts Andrew Kloster and Joseph Morris explain what happened:

President Barack Obama, in a closed-door meeting, promised the Democratic caucus that he would devise an administrative fix to the problem. Subsequently, on October 2, the Office of Personnel Management issued a final rule amending the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program regulations to authorize “Government contribution for ‘health benefits plans….’”

The Obama administration’s decision “to provide subsidies to Members of Congress and their staff contradicts the plain language of both the [Federal Employee Health Benefits] Program statute and Obamacare,” they conclude. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and a member of his staff are now challenging the Obama administration in court.

Update: The original headline for this post implied that members of Congress can keep their health care plans. That is incorrect. The health law forces lawmakers to drop their existing coverage and purchase new Obamacare-compliant plans, just as millions of Americans have been forced to do.

Do you think members of Congress should be able to keep their health care coverage?

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Roby Bass - March 14, 2014

Members of Congress should have their rights trampled under foot the same as everyone else. If WE have to do Obamacare, THEY should have to do Obamacare. No loopholes.

Linda - March 14, 2014

No no no

Margaret Boeing - March 14, 2014

They should be in the same sinking boat with the rest of us.

roger Conklin - March 14, 2014

Absolutely NOT! What is sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander.. No exceptions!

Katherine DiBitetto - March 14, 2014

Absolutely NOT! They should have to live by the laws they pass for all other citizens of our nation. It’s abominable the things they get away with, i.e., insider trading that is illegal, except for congress persons. Laws need to be made by the people to curtail the excesses in Congress.

William Meador - March 14, 2014

Congressmen should not be allowed any privilege in acquiring healthcare coverage. They should be considered temporary employees and not eligible for coverage at government/taxpayer expense, but rather forced to swim in the murky water with the rest of us.

William Laird - March 14, 2014

NO, Congress should not be allowed to keep their health plan if ordinary citizens cannot keep their health plan. It is time for Congress to be subject to the laws it passes for everyone else. If the legislators had any character they would know such an arrangement is not right. They should be ashamed, but they have no shame.

Wilbur - March 14, 2014


Robert Weiland, Sr. - March 14, 2014

Congress should have the same health care options as the citizens. No better no worse.

Charles Bachman - March 14, 2014

No ! The should have to suffer with the rest of us we the little people of America. If they vote for something then they too should be have to do exactly that as do we the people of this country. I am so sick of the games and I think all of them need to be put out of a job.

Clyde E Randolph - March 14, 2014

the president and every member of Congress should be made to have the same health coverage as every American, They are the servants of the country, and should be the same as every day american.

thank you for standing up for these crooks!!!


Dolores Adams - March 14, 2014

Congress should not be able to keep their health plan if the rest of us has to buy the UNAFFORDABLE plan called obamacare.

Ronald Derby - March 14, 2014

“The law of the land” should be just that for EVERYBODY!! No exceptions, Congress, Aides, Unions, Cronies, bla bla bla! ‘King Hussein’ has destroyed the the orginal law but the original intent is still the ‘law of the land’ as written, voted on and signed into lawy by the Democrats and the King – ACA, Obamacare, Democare or Demoscam – your choice!

Rita - March 14, 2014

No! Congress should have to follow the same laws the rest of the country. All of the laws that are passed should apply to Congress and all our political leaders. They help make the laws, statutes and mandates, they need to follow them as well.

Peter Pogoda - March 14, 2014

sure why not, congress should not only keep their Cadillac health insurance plans maybe they deserve something even better, they deserve their limousines, their grand lifestyles, lifetime grand pensions and all the other Benefits of American Royalty. Like it’s said these days we the people work for their benefit so they should live like the Royalty they have now become.

Lula T Moehrbach - March 14, 2014

Not only should Congress BE REQUIRED to have Obamacare if we are required to do so…BUT surely the PRESIDENT & his family should think it’s the best health care plan for them! They should be the first to sign the LIST!

Jeanne Sella - March 14, 2014

Another audacious, outrageous defiance of our constitution by this administration !!!

David Christianson - March 14, 2014

Absolutely NOT!!!!!

Elaine - March 14, 2014

Anctics like this are the very reason no one trusts Washington. And why aren’t any of the Repubs who are supposed to be on the “good” side, saying anything about this?? I’m not voting for a SINGLE incumbent in 2014.

SPENCER MATHEWS - March 14, 2014

We need an entirely new Congress – one that doesn’t think of itself as a privileged class. Accepting special privileges – even codifying them in law – disgusts me. How many times does the Bamster get to re-write the law before someone files a bill of impeachment?

jim jennings - March 14, 2014

NO. after all they represent the people not the other way around. NO NO NO

Richard Armstrong - March 14, 2014

Hell, no!
Repeal this monstrous [unconstitutional] anti-American bill!

Robert Gliwa - March 14, 2014

Absolutely not! ANY law Congress passes should apply to them also. ANY LAW! They then might give more thought to their legislative endeavors. And, whomever gives signature to a law should live by the law.

Robert Haggerton - March 14, 2014

These prima donnas -the beltway elitists are a bunch of spoiled brats who think they are entitled to as many benefits as possible!! The entire lot makes me puke! They are big time out of touch with us peons out here in hinterland because they never come home to hold townhall meetings! They never have the guts to face us face to face and hear our concerns! They are a bunch of spoiled brats who think they are above everyone else – shame shame on them all!!!!

Ken Curry - March 14, 2014

He’ll, Yes…but only if they vote to repeal Obamaca…excuse me…the Affordable Care Act!

James Wade - March 14, 2014

Absolutely NOT. The only way Congress will learn is if they have to be subject to the same laws that they pass. What makes them think they are better than the rest of us. The laws they pass should hold for every citizen.

Pamela Wiley - March 14, 2014

Why are they so special? If electing these men and women to a government position made them no longer like the people who voted for them, then we need to remove all of them and try again. If we have to have Obamacare, then so do they. After all they thought it was a GREAT IDEA!!!

Paul Anderson - March 14, 2014

This is the final straw! The executive branch is changing a law as passed by Congress. Administrative adjustments be damned!!! We didn’t vote for an emperor.

Francis DiNenna - March 14, 2014

The House and the Senate personal, should have to pay for their own Health insurance. They don’t pay any way, It is the tax payers that pay for their taxes, salary, benefits, vacations and every thing they do.

$175,000 a year, should give them extra spending money, too pay for their own Health Insurance.

Paul Zahn - March 14, 2014

ALL Legislation made by OUR “Representatives” MUST live under the same Legislation, NO exceptions. You are there to serve US! ! !

Cathy - March 14, 2014

Members of Congress should not excuse themselves from requirements they put on others.

Alva Anderson - March 14, 2014

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If no one is above the law, how did they rise above it? Corruption & greed.

Janice Starkey - March 14, 2014

Katherine DiBitetto’s comment was perfect!!! And I think we have too many spend-thrift crooks in the White House that are only thinking of themselves and they need to STOP!!!

Duane Karjala - March 14, 2014

All men are created equal. Laws written by man should apply equally to all citizens. Congress has no special rights, nor, does anyone else.

Judy Gitchel - March 14, 2014

No. My Medicare will soon be paying MUCH less to my doctors and hospital than they cost. How will I survive??? All federal workers should have the same troubles as the general public.

alleen - March 14, 2014

They are just normal citizens like we are so no they should never have extra privileges over us. So no they are suppose to have the same coverage we do. No special privileges.

Ray Arvish - March 14, 2014

What good does it do to complain about what these arrogant princes and princesses can get away with when we all realize it will continue to go on unabated until an uprising of the serfs ( i.e. you and me) bring down this lopsided system that no longer resembles a democratic republic the founding fathers created!

Richard Kurtz - March 14, 2014

Heck NO!!! A Thousand times over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph F. Smith - March 14, 2014

Members of Congress should be covered under the same terms as the rest of the nation!

joanne sauerwald - March 14, 2014

NO, NO, NO. I am sick to death of their lies and incompetence.

William Berry - March 14, 2014

Before he died, Senator Kennedy was adamant that Congress would not be part of any national health plan; so this isn’t surprising. Pres Obama has now concurred. None of the present members of Congress deserves a break any better than the rest of us. In other words. we should all have THEIR plan.

Edwin - March 14, 2014


Mike - March 14, 2014

Of course not. What makes them think they are so special? They can well afford to pay for their insurance without subsidies.

ANTHONY ARRUDA - March 14, 2014

What a bunch of hypocrites.
We should push for an amendment that stipulates that Congress shall pass no laws under which they are exempt.

Robert Baareman - March 14, 2014

No, there is no reason to give Congress additionl perks.
The White House and congress should be subject to Obamacare. After all they voted it into law and are afraide to appea it as we desire. what is good for the goose is good for the gande.

Lyndell Godfrey - March 14, 2014

Every law passed must be applicable to every person in this country. Any thing that does not meet this requirement is unconstitutional.

Elisabeth S Hall - March 14, 2014

They are federal employees and should at least get a subsidy, or better yet get to keep their old plan.

Bill - March 14, 2014

It is time to vote out the RINOs and vote in Tea Partyers. The current Republican establishment is too cozy with the Democrat (Socialist) side. I will have to recognize that there are a few Democrats who are not Socialist, but certainly not in the California delegation…

Mary Matthews - March 14, 2014

This whole UNaffordable Care Act needs to be repealed entirely. What a tangled, unconstitutional web it is!!

Burtoeb - March 14, 2014

If you like your insurance you can keep it. Period! Now we know the President of the United States meant the politicians could keep their insurance. The worker Bees will just have to suffer.

Patricia - March 14, 2014

Soooo, what’s “fair” about Congress or any other government entity being give the privilege of running out on their own ballyhooed ACA?

Marilyn Nielson - March 14, 2014

There should be no exceptions to this terrible law, especially for the ones responsible for its being passed.

Helen Morley - March 14, 2014

Members of congress should have their rights trampled
under foot the same as everyone else. THEY should have to do Obamacare. NO LOOPHOLES.

Bruce - March 14, 2014

Congress should have to live with what they passed just like the rest of us. This elitist treatment that they are receiving is disgusting. I really laughed when Feinstein was all up in arms about the CIA spying on the Senate. Welcome to the club lady!

Gary D Welch - March 14, 2014

Those outlaws deserve the same fate they have designed for us, the citizens who put them in a position to abuse us at their whim!

Dennis Robbins - March 14, 2014

Not only should members of the Congress be required to use Obamacare, the entire act should be enforced. Let those who support it choke on it. Maybe then it will get changed.

Charles Weitzel - March 14, 2014

Hell NO!! These “Royal Pigs”have more than enough “benefits” and super salaries. I have heard that “amost all representatives and senators are millionaires”!! If not when entering the Congress than shortly thereafter with all the “benes” gained thru “scratching each others backs with government contracts to friends and family!
Time for change BIG TIME!

Agnes Tillerson - March 14, 2014

Absolutely “NO”! The laws they pass are for ALL citizens. This includes the President as well!

M Willey - March 14, 2014

Congress shall make no laws that make its members exceptions. The old cliché that “politics is a dirty business” plays out in real life as a truthful statement. We need to hold each and every one of them accountable and make certain they are not, above the rule of law. Liars and thieves make are poor choices to do the citizen’ political bidding for them.

Barb - March 14, 2014

Just like the American people, Congress should receive and pay “their fair share” regarding Obamacare.

Diane Winston - March 14, 2014

No. Members of Congress get enough perks. This is one they should not get..This is not a profession or a permanent job. Being in Congress is a privilege they asked for and the people in their districts gave them. The Founders expected them to serve for a while and then retire to their home districts. Now it seems to be a lifetime position. And by the way, it’s the good old taxpayer who gets to pay for their great health plan.

Randy Williams - March 14, 2014

NO. They get enough perks in addition to their retirement plan. These people become millionaires as a result of serving as our representatives. Many, but not all, are more concerned with staying in office than they are for representing the people. It seams the members of congress are the only ones that can keep their current health care if they like what have.

Mary Barney - March 14, 2014

This is why we need an Article 5 Convention. The power should be with the States and not the Federal Government as the Founders intended.

Clark - March 14, 2014

Yes, they should have what they want. If we as voters are so stupid that we let them get away with it, then by all means they should have their just rewards.
We’ve watched them create this boondoggle, excuse themselves from it and we find that we can’t legally do a thing about it.

John - March 14, 2014

Members of congress SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP THEIR PLAN. Where is the jutification? Another
Obama “pay-off”.

Virginia Heyler - March 14, 2014

They are citizens just like the rest of us and should live by the same rules that apply to us!

Virginia Heyler - March 14, 2014

They are citizens just like the rest of us and should abide by the same rules as we do.

E. Sandberg - March 14, 2014

Isn’t it amazing that most of the people that feel they should be exempt from obamacare are the very ones that wanted to force it down the throats of the rest of us. Of course they should get no exemption. It’s hard to believe anyone even thinks this is debatable. Let congress pass no law that doesn’t apply equally to it’s members as it does to the people. The Constitution should be amended to say this.

Ellen Elmore - March 14, 2014

Congress should never be exempt from a law that the rest of Americans have to live under. Obama and his partners in crime in the Senate and the House comprise the most lawless administration in history.

Susan Brown - March 14, 2014

No They should have to do everything we have to do.

Jeannie Nelson - March 14, 2014

If congresss had to abide by the laws they pass,maybe they would give more thought as to what they are voting into law.

David Barnard - March 14, 2014

First they past the law without reading it and now they want to be exempted! Too bad; they must abide by the law they created. That should be a given. Only in the USA could this happen.

Peter W Hebert MD - March 14, 2014

Those Democratic idiots and RINO’s who voted for Obama care should be forced to accept it as their health insurance; no exceptions! NONE! After all it is the law even though they didn’t bother to read it before voting for it.

Linda Stowell - March 14, 2014

No!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Jacque - March 15, 2014

No Congress should not have tax-payer subsidies. It seems that they are preparing us for just two classes of citizen: The Ruling Class and the rest of us.

Leon - March 15, 2014

No, Congress should and must live by the same rules they force on us.

Frank Comly - March 15, 2014

I believe the proposed 28th Amendment that has been floating around the Internet would solve the problem.

Michael Bentley - March 15, 2014

Do unto them that they do unto us !!!

Eugene Jones - March 15, 2014

Every politician should be in the situation as the rest of America, as Congress is supposed to subject themselves to the same laws they subject the rest of the country to.

Philip - March 15, 2014

Congressional members and staff should take the full brunt of “Obamacare.” and all other laws and regulations. Perhaps if these people had to live with their own crazy legislation we would not be strapped with such nonsense. I’m sick and tired of the “Do as I say, but not as I do” tyranny of these jerks. I’m also sick and tired of the retirement benefits these folks receive, which are way out of line with what ordinary folks get.
These are really not special people even though they believe they are.

Beth Caummisar - March 15, 2014

They should be the first ones to put the system to the test since they were so eager to vote for it before they even read what was in it. Surely if they had that much confidence I. The President and his plans to “improve the system” they would have been the first to volunteer themselves and their families and all of their constituents!

Gabriel J. Wiggins - March 15, 2014

If our Congressmen and Senators had to live by the same rules as we do, the affordable care act would have already been repealed.

jean kruse - March 15, 2014


Sig Maika - March 15, 2014

Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert F. Sanford - March 15, 2014

No, they should be subject to the same laws as every one else. Repeal this unfair law entirely!,,

Leon Borches - March 15, 2014

No. It’s the no-brainer of all time!

Gerald Battle - March 15, 2014

I tried to “vote” on whether Congress should keep their health plan, but got no response from the computer when I clicked on the question. Blocked? If so, by whom? I can only guess ——

Richard - March 15, 2014

The law should be applied equally. The whole thing is a con on the American people. Who is dumb enough to sign something they didn’t read and who would employ a representative that would sign something they didn’t read?

Russ Marineau - March 15, 2014

We don’t need an imperial President and an imperial Congress. Both should have to live with Obamacare and any other laws that affect the rest of us.

JAMES MULLINS - March 15, 2014

All govt Employees should be forced tobe in Obamacare . Why should they be any better than ordinary citizens. This is the way Obama thinks, that he is above the law & better than us Peons.. We meed to Impeach him, he is a meanace to society……

Donna L Rott - March 15, 2014

I agree with Roby Bass’ comment: Member of Congress should have their rights trampled under foot the same as everyone else. If WE have to do Obamacare, THEY should have to do Obamacare. No loopholes! Our healthcare costs for insurance and expenses we paid for for 2013 was 50% of our gross income, what is it going to be in 2014?

Steve Fitzmaurice - March 15, 2014

Congress should not be any different from the average US citizen. They shouldn’t have a gold plated pension plan and should certainly participate in the disaster that Obamacare is. Then they’d feel the pain of the people they’re supposed to represent.

james - March 15, 2014

I believe that no laws or restrictions should be imposed on the citizenry that the ELECTED OFFICIALS don’t have to comply with
what ever happened to public SERVENTS?

Judith Martin - March 15, 2014

Of course not, they passed the damn law and they should have to abide by it, just like the rest of the country.

Richard Fisher - March 15, 2014

Congress should live under the same laws they pass for us little peons.
Let us set the laws they live under for a while. Let the people vote on their raises and benefits. The congress has gotten out of control and think they are the ruling class. It is time they come down to our level!!!

alwander - March 15, 2014

How about “2 years service” and life time benefits? Six for that matter.

marylou - March 15, 2014

Members of Congress MUST live under whatever laws/bills they pass for their constituents. We are the Masters…they are the Servants elected to do our bidding…not to get special privileges not available to everyone!

bill pratta - March 15, 2014

members of congress, including the president, should be tarred and feathered…thrown out of office for what they have done and are doing.

John Downer - March 15, 2014

ABSO . . . F – ING . . . LUTLY NOT!

John Messner - March 15, 2014

Im tired of Congress and the Executive Branch exempting Congress from the very laws which they pass and enforce upon the American people.

Virginia Decker - March 15, 2014

They told the American people it is the greatest program and passed Obamacare even though citizens didn’t want this health care and now they don’t want it for them selves. Tough, they need to suffer with it along with us or get repeal it for all citizens. No subsides for them.

John H - March 15, 2014

No one in the government should be exempt from this hideous law! After all, they are the perpetrators of Obamacare, and they should be forced to live with it if the rest of us must do so

Michael Phillips - March 15, 2014

For too long the American taxpayers have funded congressional health care as well as lucrative perks and retirements, again at the expense of taxpayers. In America, there were supposed to be no aristocracy, no exceptional individuals under the law. No, they should fall under Obamacarew just as everyone else with subsidies distributed just as if they were not congress people. We would see a change in Obamacare if congress fell under it just like all others. It is time that congress start paying their own way just like everyone else. They are not elite but think they are. This was Obamas’ Bribe for congress passing “ACA” and they find the affordable care part of it offensive, unaffordable to them and oppressive. No wonder they needed a bribe to pass it. No wonder also that then speaker of the house “Nancy Pelosy (another Progressive/Statist) said that they had to pass it to find out what is in it refering to ACA”.

Just like Social Security where they do not pay into it but can when retiring draw from it just like any ilegal that has not paid into it. Bring Congress under the SS requirement and cancell their lucrative benies and retirement for SS and it will get fixed. Right now, there is no incentive for Congress to change either.

Michael Phillips - March 15, 2014

Yes, Congress should fall under Obamacare just as everyone else is required to do. For far too long American taxpayers have supported Congressional members in health and retirements to the detriment of all others. If they fell under either the “ACA or SS” these programs would get fixed in a heartbeat. As long as they enjoy special persons status under either of these programs what incentive do they have to fix them or any other program that the are exempted from? Congresses’ payoff for passing the law. Corruption and bribery of public officials? Absolutely but then in the last few Administrations has this not been evident?

There were supposed to be no elitists under our system of government

George the tax man - March 15, 2014

Members of Congress should have to suffer the same pain and expense as the rest of us. They have become elitist snobs who need to either be taught a lesson or be thrown out of office by the voters next time around.

Ann Rave - March 15, 2014

No they should not. They should have to abide by the same laws they foist on us.

Janet Barrett - March 15, 2014

Members of Congress should have to follow the same rules as we do on everything especially Obamacare. They should have to do Obamacare. NO LOOPHOLES FOR THEM. The President and his family should also have to do Obamacare. No loopholes for them either.

Donald Jameson - March 15, 2014

A law such as this should apply equally to Federal employees as it does to any others. This is the common sense of honest leadership!

William H King III - March 15, 2014

Congress should live by the laws passed for the people. They have placed their self above the people of this country. They have the best health care,expense account.retirement and most of the time they are working for the betterment of self instead of you and me.

William Riggs - March 15, 2014

No, I do not think that Congress should keep their special benefits. They should be held to the same rules and regulations as the normal, private enterprise USA citizen.

John Breeden - March 16, 2014

NONONONONONONO lets get some honesty our every liberal out !!!!!!

JULIE DILL - March 16, 2014

If Congress had to abide by the laws they promulgate with such stealth and quantity, or better yet would demand enforcement of the ones already enacted i.e. no Executive work-arounds, perhaps this great country could get back on track. I really like the idea of treating members of Congress as temporary employees – which is what they are meant to be.

tedd - March 16, 2014

I don’t think it is lawful to recreate a law as you go along.

Bernadette Petrick - March 16, 2014

Let’s not forget, they shoved it down our throats at the last minute with no transparency, what have they done to earn any thing better than the rest of us?

Daniel Boone - March 16, 2014

June 28th, 2012 will be the day most historians site as the end of our Constitutional Republic. The day that our Supreme Kangaroo Court upheld the ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’ as constitutional. Anyone who has read and understands the U.S. Constitution along with our Bill of Rights knows this law is unconstitutional. It violates the body of the Constitution along with the 4th, 9th, and 10th Amendments. The Court’s decision goes why beyond healthcare, it basically says our government can now do anything it wants as long as they call it a tax or use some unintended interpretation of the ‘Commerce Clause’. So much for and so long ‘limited government’ and ‘self government’.

Nicholas Alban - March 16, 2014

No. Constitutional amendment is required to mandate that Congress must comply without exception with all laws it imposes on U. S. citizens and that Congress can make no laws solely for itself.

Holly Chapo - March 16, 2014

No!! Since when are there laws for the rest of us and special laws for the Washington establishment? Or should I say, no laws for the Washington “elites?” If it’s good for us, it’s good for them.

Garrett Blackwell - March 16, 2014

No! This should only be done if THE LAW specifically provided for it. It appears that this is not THE LAW “Affordable Care Act” but Obama Care Executive Order Act. When is Congress (both sides of the isle) going to stop this. If they do not, it is obvious that we do not need them. They have to stand up to their Constitutional responsibilities!

Albert Kegley - March 16, 2014

They should have to live with what they passed.

Robert McWain - March 16, 2014

Whats good for goose is good for the gander.

Dale - March 16, 2014

Congress should be able to keep their health care plans
ONLY if we can keep ours!

Genny - March 16, 2014

Absolutely not! I think that the current affairs in DC are prime reason for term limits. We need to remember that DC does not generate its own money- they are wasting our tax dollars and misusing them- way too much of our money goes to them. Time for real hope and real change!!

Joan Middleton - March 16, 2014

Absolutely not. If it is so great then they should come under the requirements of Obamacare just like everyone else!

Joan Middleton - March 16, 2014

Absolutely Not!

Joe Ballas - March 16, 2014

Congress an there staffs should live under the same laws as the rest of us.

Michael Barbuck - March 16, 2014

No special privlages for congress, their staffs or families

Linda N. - March 17, 2014


Rebecca McClaskey - March 17, 2014

NO Members of Congress should be subject to the same terrible health care law as the American tax payer is.

Stephen Thorpe - March 17, 2014

I don’t know if any congressmen have opted for Obamacare, but I would like to challenge the Democrats who voted for it: Who will be the first to publicly ditch their existing health care and opt for the exchange? Maybe Connecticut Senator Richard Bloomenthal?

John - March 17, 2014

Any member of Congress that accepts this “loophole” should be charged for criminally defrauding both the Obamacare and their [Federal Employee Health Benefits] Program.
There should not be one damned exemption for any member of Congress or their staff that ALL American citizens are not eligible for, not only concerning Obamacare, but for all laws that they inflict upon us. In addition, “we the people” should make sure than any member of Congress that attempts to take advantage of this loophole is out of a job after their next election cycle.

Bill Putnam - March 17, 2014

Whatever laws congress passes, MUST apply to them also. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO TAX BREAKS! NO PENSIONS, NO RETIREMENT pay! Aren’t they public SERVANTS? Who, in GOD’S name is serving who?

Dick Gutru - March 17, 2014

Absolutely NOT! The public should be made aware of the loop hole and who is taking advantage of it now before the elections.

BETTY - March 17, 2014


Joan - March 17, 2014

They supposedly read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) prior to voting the Bill into law. They voted to stop their special health care and now they need to follow the law and get their health insurance under Obamacare.
They should not keep their health care coverage!

Joan - March 17, 2014

The majority voted for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), It was signed into law. Now they should follow the law and have their health care coverage under Obamacare. They supposedly read the bill and thus knew they would also be under Obamacare.
Congress should not keep their former health care coverage!.

frank and marilyn early - March 18, 2014

Congress and the administration should not be subsidized anymore than anyone else that is covered under Obama care. This is just another of President Obama’s tricks to favor his croanies.

Lillian Grabowski - March 19, 2014

Our elected officials must comply with Obama Care just as they have forced us to. We are seniors and our insurance has gone up 20% while it looks like theirs may be going down.
Is this what we voted them into office has gotten us?
Under the guise of Obama Care, it is a move to control people by controlling their health care. That is how socialism and loss of freedom started and eventually led to the old Russian communism. We are changing our Constitutional freedom. Is that what we want in our country? If you do we will become a third world country.

Susan Jung - March 19, 2014

If Obamacare is good enough for the general population, then it is certainly good enough for a bunch of do-nothing politicians, if they get any healthcare, AT ALL.

Lona Mewbourn - March 22, 2014

If we can’t keep our doctors and our plans, the administration, all of congress should not keep theirs either! They are not the elite, not exempt, not any better than the rest of our citizens! They needs to get off their thrones and work for the people not for their own selfish needs. It’s a tragedy what our politicians have done and worse yet for the ones who have done nothing to put a stop to it. They have used the American people’s check book long enough, no bridle, no boundaries , no accountability , no integrity.

Linda Dryden - March 24, 2014

No. Members of Congress should be subject to the law just like every other law abiding citizen. They passed the law without reading it now they should have to suffer the consequences of their decision just like everyone else.

Shirley Durmon - March 27, 2014

They are no better than the rest of us and should not have any advantage over the public they are supposed to serve. I also don’t believe they should receive the kind of retirement plans they get for even short terms in office.

Steve Walters - May 3, 2014

We need a new message to fight the ACA. Despite the cooked numbers, the Democrats will continue to claim victory with enrollment numbers. Our position should not be to start with that premise in discussion, but to focus a larger strategic point. The ACA has or will harm ALL Americans. Once stated the debate shifts from enrollment numbers to all of the harm baked into the ACA, and allows us to expose the dangers of socialized medicine, which is their goal. See my recent Blog “315 Million Americans Hurt Or Will Be Hurt” at for more. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Paul Tobiason - September 28, 2014

Looks like most of the comments want Congress to NOT have special privileges. But I doubt that “Joe Six Pack” and the majority of voters will even read about this. Therefore, they remain ignorant and can’t get hopping mad.
The unlevel playing fields should be published in newpapers in an easy to read format. Advertisers know how to reach the mainstream population.

Pirate Bay - March 10, 2015

Now that’s all fine and dandy whether or not this target cyber criminals, hackers,
and true thieves. This means in case you are given one of the
links to download a film, the person giving you the
link technically just broke the law. The cause of this is because fiber optic cables are made-up of conducting light material and so transmit the light from the end to another end.

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