Presidents Putin and Obama. Photo: Newscom

Photo: Newscom

The Obama administration’s flawed foreign policy strategy, which lacks both strength and consistency, has allowed major crises to develop in Ukraine and Venezuela, Heritage Foundation experts explain:

The Obama Doctrine has been a monumental failure because it fails to protect and advance U.S. interests. It is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan’s bold approach, which was based on powerful American leadership on the world stage, including a willingness to firmly stand up to America’s adversaries. Perhaps even worse, many of America’s traditional allies are questioning America’s resolve to transatlantic relations and NATO’s security guarantee.

Rather than continue to waffle on the developing crisis in Ukraine, the U.S. should send a strong message to Russia, Heritage experts urge. That means demonstrating American commitment to Europe, guaranteeing unparalleled American strength, and confronting tyranny when it threatens American interests.

President Obama’s approach to the unrest in Venezuela is equally misguided. Heritage expert Ana Quintana explains why it’s high time for the U.S. to get involved:

Latin America has fallen out of the Obama Administration’s purview, and it is long past time for the U.S. to reclaim a leadership position in the Western Hemisphere. The U.S.’s foreign policy toward the regions needs to be grounded upon promoting democracy, expanding economic freedom, and protecting human rights.

The inexcusable and politically motivated violence against unarmed protestors demands international condemnation. It is important for the Obama Administration to show leadership and respond quickly, as the continued lack of action will only serve to further embolden the lawless government of Venezuela.

President Obama needs to send strong messages to both the Russian and the Venezuelan governments. What do you think these messages should say?

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Timothy M. Siggia - March 6, 2014

I do not believe President Obama has sufficient credibility to be taken seriously on the world stage.

margaret collins - March 6, 2014


Bruce Moran - March 6, 2014

Where is the GOP Leadership collaborative Senate / House effort in responding to National Security and Foreign Policy Matters?
It is non-existent. We have passed by many key opportunities to use our Congressional Oversight with our GOP Leadership to bring these critical and crucial matters before the American Public in a clear, concise and cogent manner. We are playing 1990’s chess when the Obama administration and Democratic Party (top to bottom) are playing 2014 three dimensional chess.

Paul Thutt - March 6, 2014

1. Resume missile defense program in Poland.
2. Approve and start Keystone pipeline project.
3. Commit to penny plan to balance budget
4. Stop military senior officer purge
5. Commit to appropriately sized military for tomorrow’s needs.
6. Commit to NASA manned space launches.

Zuzana Livingstone - March 7, 2014

Protecting EUrope when it does not want to protect itself but rather lets the enemy impregnate it in the interest of self preservation is a very difficult thing. Obama should understand that Russia’s experience with Afghanistan and Chechnya dictates to Putin to do the exact opposite of what the Crimean Tartars cry foul about. They are asking the international muslim community and the UN for help against opression and help in self determination. Putin simply says no to death but yes to order which obama refused to do in case of the previous several Middle East political debacles. How can countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia remain peaceful and sovereign when only their Eastern borders were islamic influence free and safe until now? If obama reduces Putin’s influence in Ukraine he is directly threatening and weakening Europe further. That is what most ordinary people, taxpayers living there know and it is, of course, in direct opposite of the Brussell politics. Those who cry h u m a n r i g h t s loudest get the grease and Muslim Brotherhood has it figured out right. Politicians in Brussell are not subject to the laws they create for the Union just like in USA where Congress makes laws it doesn’t have to abide by. So obama and Barrossso will keep playing in the rich kids sandbox and destroy the castles built in the past by someone else. Here is an article about Crimean Tatars claiming there is only 12% of them in Crimea but 36% of them in the government. Just like everywhere else, the tumultuous past played havoc on ordinary people as they are just peons in the chess games of the rulers. However, to use the history of the todays 12% to abett the muslim caliphate and destroy the western culture is plain wrong.

William Bartlett - March 7, 2014

I believe that it’s time to ask Poland if they are still interested in the missile defense network that was pulled out from under them.

pastor George Lucas - March 7, 2014

“If Almighty God uses Russia to put a Divine Ads Whipping on a Rebellious House, America and Europe is in Deep Trouble.”

Dean Jenniges - March 7, 2014

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out we have a major leadership void.
Putin took his lead from the comments made during an open microphone with Medvedev. Obama told him he would have more freedom to do what he wants after the election.
Then he stopped the deployment of the Missile Defense shield.
Putin weighted the repose of Obama to Iran, Syria and military cutbacks.
The most inane observers have determined Obama is spineless
So Putin made his move and will continue to destabilize Ukraine.
I agree with Paul Thutt. I would add to freeze Russian assets. Increase American presence in the Europe. Move a battalion of military from Germany to Poland and Lithuania.
Remind the world that Russia had signed an agreement to maintain Ukraine sovereignty. Reaffirmed by Obama 4 Dec 1909.

Jim Thompson - March 7, 2014

I agree with Zuzana Livingstone. First of all Obama and his socialist administration will not be taken seriously by an intelligent leader like Putin. Putin has the respect of most of Eastern Europe, however the muslim/islamic people will try to persuade anyone to give up areas for their foothold and expansion.
Putin and Russia is not going to let that happen, as is the case in Crimea. I say good for Russia. The United States should applaud Putin and become a stronger ally with Russia. Russia is not our enemy.

Michael - March 7, 2014

Who is Orchestrating this Polotical Coup?
Look up:
Petrol Dollar
Central Banking
Natural Gas Reserves
Natural Gas Pipeline From Middle East to Russia
That will give you an idea of what is going.

w. June - March 8, 2014

All these decades of brush fires we fight but never really put out are hard to address. Tactics to ware one down. It is working, for the time being. The whispering between Obama and Putin when they thought their microphone was cut, makes one hesitate about stating any opinion.
I am not a fan of Ukraine because of they’re leaning during WW11 and the holocaust. However no home should have to tolerate an uninvited guest / intruder / trespasser. If they cannot put the culprit out on their own, they do need to call for back up with the authority to remove them. I do not know of a single authority that has the power to do that. Now we have to have “committee” meetings. It is hard to tell if Crimea wants them out or no. Especially since Russia has cut off social communication? If the people of Crimea do not want Russia in there, Ideally we would simply say “Step away are we will step in there with you.” No halting, half measures, or compromise.
But as the pot and kettle are both burning, who knows what to do until the brush fire blaze escalates into a full blown wild fire. Until then pray it will not be too late and the committees are in unity for freedom.
If it is Global rule they want it is a safe bet they will get it for a time and a season. They always start with the weak saying, to hell with History. Just know there is an army of Great people on this old Globe who declare freedom will not die that easily. We Wait.

Holly Chapo - March 9, 2014

Verbal messages mean nothing without actions to back them up. This president can say nothing that will matter or be taken seriously. His inaction speaks volumes for his true beliefs. He has no idea what to do. He seems to presume that his blathering will be so charming, the entire world will fall at his feet and pay attention. As long as this person is in the White House, we cannot expect effective leadership. It’s something he knows nothing about.

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