Up until now, it’s been hard to find good information on judicial nominees as they make their way through the nomination process. The sources tend to be biased, offering faulty comparisons between current nominees and those selected by previous presidents. The legal minds of Heritage’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies have a solution.

Under the leadership of Deputy Director Thomas Jipping, the Meese Center has created the Judicial Tracker. It will provide both current and comparable data for six different components of the appointment process: vacancies, nominees, hearings, cloture votes, roll call votes, and confirmations. We believe activists and Senate staffers alike will find this tool useful.

John Malcom, Director of the Meese Center, had this to share about the Judicial Tracker: “President Trump can be expected to continue appointing constitutionalist judges to the federal bench, building upon his remarkable success over the first two years of his administration. Heritage’s new Judicial Appointment Tracker will enable the public to get current and accurate information on an ongoing basis about how President Trump is doing with respect to his judicial nominations—as well as the unprecedented procedural hurdles being thrown in his way—compared to past presidents dating back to President Reagan. It is a valuable tool that should bring attention to the critical role that the federal judiciary plays in upholding the rule of law in this country.”

Conservatives are making a lasting difference on the court, and now you can see how the nominees are doing on the road to confirmation. Thank you for making it all possible.

As a Heritage Member, you will be among the first to see this innovative new tool (in beta version) by going to heritage.org/judicial-tracker

How do you think the conversation about Justice Kavanaugh and lower court nominees impacted the election?

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pat langevin - November 9, 2018

I think the way Judge Kavanaugh was treated got all the Reps. off their BUTTS!

Robert Rowe - November 9, 2018

I think that the DemocRAT character assassination attempt fired up those that Hillary calls ” Deplorables” to get out the vote. I find it interesting that almost all the “discovered” ballots seem to favor the DemocRATs , not just in this election, but in recent past elections as well.
We need to get the election process cleaned up NOW ! That should be a primary goal for Heritage and Heritage Action,. Our country is doomed if election fraud is allowed to continue. Those officials found guilty of election fraud or failure to remove the deceased and aliens from the voter rolls should be charged with TREASON, and when convicted be imprisoned for a minimum of 10 years before parole can be considered. That would go a long way towards reducing election fraud.

David Hamilton - November 9, 2018

Certainly brought out the vote particularly on the left. Also demonstrated how incredibly important these nominations are and the character/quality of the nominees
(and the knuckleheads that tried to destroy him)..
Also pointed out every election is very important to vote.

Dave Mosby - November 9, 2018

I live in MO. The way Kavanaugh was treated was concerning to the majority of folk. The fool Senator Claire McCaskill announces her vote against him prior to the FBI final investigation. This sealed her fate and firmly established MO as right of center.

Garry Zatarain - November 9, 2018

I was watching much of Kavanaugh’s congressional debate. I found this debate to be morbid at times, and substantial at times. With his moderate and constitutional balance he truly one of the best candidates for a Supreme Court Judge. However, the left was focused on vilifying and smearing him as a Superior Court Judge Candidate and as a person. He persevered and stood his ground. He is a true statesman and constitutionalist. I believe his presence in the highest court in the land will help return this country to a nation founded in the constitution and the laws of the land. This country needs to be healed from the divisions and lawlessness.

Dave Parker - November 9, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh will make a significant improvement on the Court

SCOTT C GIRARD - November 9, 2018

Our election has proven once again that legislators who strictly ignore the truth and vote only based on party lines are punished, especially in the Senate. This is a victory for the American people. I am also pleased that more states have approved voting privileges for ex-felons. It shows that Americans are compassionate. Lastly, our veterans deserve our love and respect. I met a WWII veteran who served 440 days in combat recently. He is 99. God bless all veterans.

Eddie Vaughn - November 9, 2018

Positively; quality information is often hard to come by.
Keep providing facts to THE PEOPLE.

Randall Carney - November 9, 2018

The outcome of several senatorial races speaks for itself. Several of the senators up for reelection who voted against conformation of Justice Kavanaugh went down in defeat. Consequently the Republican controlled Senate will serve as a check on the now Democrat controlled House of Representatives. The voters have spoken.

Jim Marino - November 9, 2018

Given the clear partisan aura and the often vitriolic and wholly irrelevant remarks by many of the senators on the committee conducting the hearing, one thing came through very clearly. Those Democrats who have chosen to call themselves “progressives” (an oxymoron at best) are committed to the mantra that the ends justifies the means. This bodes ill for the future of this country when there is neither moral, social or legal constraints on personal behavior and there remains only only some weak excuses and justifications for such totally disgusting and unacceptable innuendos and vapid.. Comments which included false accusations, boorish and dangerous actions coming from our Senate and any committee, representing our highest legislative body who demonstrated both their ignorance and disregard for such basic Constitutional principles as the presumption of innocence, the requirements of credible evidence to convict and the right to confront and cross-examine one’s accuser. The impact was to expose the ignorance of many senators.

Brad Studebaker - November 9, 2018

Never thot that I would not vote, but that Circus convinced me that that was the most important thing I could do in the past 2 weeks.

The Left is truly lost right now

Linda M. Watkins - November 9, 2018

Watching Judge Brett Kavanaugh go through those two hearings reminded me of what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas went through. The liberal democrats will stop at nothing to get their way. I prayed and cried for Judge Kavanaugh. The prayers were answered and the tears helped me to cope. I pray for this country almost every day. We have two young, adult daughters that we would love to see be successful in this country. That will happen if the left is beaten back.

Sue Clyatt - November 9, 2018

I think it is disgusting and terrible the way
Judge Kavanaugh was treated and that
the investigation of his personal life was
degrading to his character of a decent
and christian man. I was very proud of
him. We need more men & women that
will stand for truth & justice.

RP Lee - November 9, 2018

I believe INFORMED voters were influenced to support Republican Senatorial candidates because of the despicable way the minority Democrat Senators and their collaborative biased media partners played politics against the superior qualifications of Judge Kavanaugh. Regrettably, there appears to have been more uninformed voters using Democrat-provided “sample ballots” (in Virginia, at least) this election.

Donna Orr - November 9, 2018

Thank you for sending this well written and important information, and for including the Judicial Tracker, which should be very reliable and helpful to all who want to know the facts and consequences of actions taken.

Horace Busch - November 9, 2018

To answer your question about how about how the conversation about Justice Kavanaugh… Personally, I think it impacted the election by causing more people to vote than ever. What’s sad is that so many spineless Republicans fled the House, in effect giving the House back to the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi. They thereby fulfilled their own prophecy. That’s what sickens me! President Trump needs a Congress he can trust, a Congress that’s not afraid to support his policies to make America great! Thank God we held onto the Senate and gained additional seats! He may soon have more chances to appoint more judges like Justice Kavanaugh.

Roger Brown - November 10, 2018

Apparently not enough. It has been generally reported that the Senatorial misconduct exhibited during the hearings had a direct impact on several Democrat Senators losing their seats to Republicans. Sadly, not enough impact in the sorry House race losses. Once again, as I’ve had to too often say, the raging ignorance of the citizen electorate that elected an incompetent and unqualified Barak Obama…twice, has resurfaced in the deplorable House losses, due only to voters voting mostly on emotions rather than reasoned facts.

Stephen Ruble - November 10, 2018

Not only is Judge Kavanaugh a true conservative but also a true constitutionalist. I think will make a great supreme judge He will be interpreting the law instead of making law. God Bless him for a long time.

Colin Gallagher - November 10, 2018

Basically the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation showed the lengths to which Democrats are willing to go to destroy our ability to exercise rights under the Constitution. And it definitely impacted the election, because Dems tried very hard (and are still trying even now) to take the Senate, not just the House. Though the Senate is in Republican control, if the Dems take the Senate in the next election they will override anyone’s ability to confirm judges dedicated to the Constitution, and liberal interpretations will be seen in every judicial decision.

We have a unique opportunity with the current Republican Senate composition to get good judges confirmed. The window for action is short – less than two years, effectively a year from now the opportunity will be over, since Congress is “away” so much campaigning.

It also shows that we must get much more serious about confirming federal judges who are ardent constitutionalists in the originalist sense. If you confirm judges who think that rights are fleeting and should be “interpreted out of existence,” which is the overall perspective of the 9th Circuit Court judges most of the time, you have a problem. For this reason and others (namely because if Democrats end up getting to confirm numerous judges anytime soon, they will make the whole judiciary across the country look like the 9th Circuit, and their policies and court decisions would turn the U.S. into a North American Venezuela), it is vital that Heritage focus on getting conservative judges confirmed to fill the (over 120 if I am not mistaken) federal vacancies now – judges who understand and will defend the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, past U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the 14th Amendment incorporating rights against the States, and the rest of the Constitution as it was originally written.

The judges to be confirmed should also be prepared to act against State Attorney Generals like Xavier Becerra of California who has repeatedly ignored and even directly undermined U.S. Supreme Court precedent decisions, by his enforcement of various California laws which are designed to completely ignore the rights as understood in cases like the Heller and the McDonald case (referring here to the Supreme Court decisions ultimately holding the 2nd Amendment is applicable not only to federal government, but that States must abide by it as well). Ultimately his refusal to follow the direction of the highest Court of the land should result in not only reprimand but in a determination that he is in contempt of the U.S. Supreme Court. Such determinations and fines resulting from the same, if indemnified, are allowed to be applied against him and the State’s budget, as the U.S. Supreme Court has determined in the past that there is an application of contempt charge and fines corresponding tgat can be applied to the States so as to overcome obstacles which normally exist due to state sovereign immunity claims. It is not enough to confirm judges dedicated to the Constitution, we must also press for Becerra and his ilk to be found in contempt, rather than letting him continue to run roughshod over people’s rights by pretending that certain U.S. Supreme Court rulings don’t exist.

Phyllis - November 10, 2018

I think the Kavanaugh debacle motivated more Republicans to vote, but was disappointed that a greater percentage of them did not. Usually an election is about “the economy, stupid” but that did not prove to be true this time. All the negative press on anything that President Trump accomplishes must be part of the problem.
But he does not help us by all of his questionable rhetoric.

DR DWIGHT SANDERS SE - November 10, 2018

good post and thank you heritage

Peter Lowry - November 10, 2018

It appears that the Senate elections led to more Republican conservatives in the Senate as a direct result of the Democrats disgusting display of partisanship. That’s the good news. Too bad it didn’t affect the House elections the same way.

Diane Jones - November 10, 2018

It caused an uproar with the ME Too groups that spread the word. Some took her word for it to be the exact truth. They voted this way. Now he said he would be following the Constitution and not making laws. Fake news right away blared he’d change the laws. This country is so split up I don’t know if we will ever come back.

H J Raehn - November 10, 2018

All in my sphere of influence were appalled at the way Kavanaugh was treated and suspected that Christine Blasey Ford was part of a setup by the Democrats. Consequently, all that I know of voted Republican so as to put a brake on this behavior going forward. I hope when the next Supreme Court justice position opens up, that the discussion will be on merit, not political ideology.

Penny - November 10, 2018

I think it’s a pity that people like George Soros, Hillary Clinton, M. Bloomberg, and so forth are still trying to ruin our elections, destroy our second amendment, and take down our Constitution along with our AMERICA! These are evil people who belong behind bars. Here in Florida, they have still to redue counting votes because of those who cheat. California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, for sure had voters who cheated, and now here also because of these Communist Billionaire Leftist. We do not have fair elections. The way they treated Justice Kavanaugh was a disgrace. Not only for his wife and children, but for all of AMERICA. I use to be proud of this country, but now I am ashamed. Nancy Pelosi and her group of screamers belong locked away.

TJ Larson - November 10, 2018

The attack on Kavanaugh was an atrocious, sad thing, which had a GOOD outcome in showing the unmasked liberals at their “finest worst.” I agree with Pat Langevin (see adjacent comment) and only hope the Reps. “STAY off their BUTTS!”

Anglin - November 10, 2018

Conscience, is not previous. God Is. God Created The Heavens And The Earth. Law is the result of Fools. America Is Under God, not Man. No Man Can Judge Our All Mighty God. Law is the Judgment . . . to break Judgment is to defy God.

Colleen Rae Sidley - November 11, 2018

I believe more Republican Conservatives voted RED because of the despicable way Justice Kavanaugh was treated by the horrible democrat committee.

Excellent article in Atlanta Journal today by Heritage President especially since the paper is a liberal democrat paper and very biased but I only buy it on Sunday!

Shelley Teal - November 13, 2018

I believe the Kavanaugh nightmare was definitely a part of how the election played out. The democrates play on emotions and people tend to listen to their feelings and don’t think about what is really going on behind the story. What went on during Kavanaugh’s march to the Supreme Court was very sad for our country. I am thankful for all you do to help this country get back some form of civility. We voted for Trump. We are from Massachusetts. We can’t say anything or we would be ostracized. May Jesus’ name prevail over the White House.

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