Here’s a new chart released by The Heritage Foundation about the tax increases in Obamacare and how they affect the middle class.

The Obamacare Tax hits 3 million in the middle class

Find out how you can help fight Obamacare and its tax hikes.

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don ballew - July 3, 2012

I read a lot. Write some. What you have put here is not clear.
I wish it was

joyce auman - July 3, 2012

i am still skeptical
is this a tax or not
are all people in the US under this plan or not?

who are the exemptions and why?

Arlene Martin - July 5, 2012

Obamacare is way too complicated, it needs to be kept simple , KISS. And, keep the government out of it. I know there are plenty smarter then me to figure this out.

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