Listening to the mainstream media, you’d think state governments are actively turning U.S. citizens away from voting booths because they can’t produce a picture ID. You’d think this is the beginning of the end of democracy as we know it. But most of these stories are based on bad data.

In a new Heritage Foundation report, Don Palmer offers an example of how bad data can alter the public debate:

[A] recent example of incorrect use of statistics occurred in Virginia when The Washington Post and advocacy groups claimed that anywhere from 450,000 to over 1.1 million Virginians would be unable to vote because they lacked a photo ID. Those claims failed to include any data on registered Virginia voters who possess forms of ID other than a driver’s license that are also acceptable under the law, such as a U.S. passport; a university-issued photo ID; a federal, state, or local government employee photo ID card; or a military identification card.

Surveys do show that 70 percent of the U.S. public supports voter ID laws, but the continued widespread circulation of inaccurate information may have a negative effect on the public’s perception:

Support for photo ID may fall if the public is perpetually fed partial data or inaccurate information. For example, a recent survey by the University of Delaware demonstrated that support for photo ID laws dropped by 12 percent when the survey question stated that requiring the presentation of a photo ID may ‘prevent people who are eligible to vote from voting.’

Opponents have worked very hard to change the portrayal of photo ID from being a common-sense election administration reform supported by a majority of the public and recommended by experts and organizations such as the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, otherwise known as the Carter–Baker Commission, to being recast as the reimposition of ‘Jim Crow.’ But turnout data from multiple states with photo ID laws show that these laws are not in fact preventing eligible voters from voting.

Using faulty data, the media masterminded the public’s change in perception of voter ID laws from a common sense solution to form of repression. This has real and potentially dangerous consequences because it inhibits rational policy debates.

What do you think? Are voter ID laws suppressing Americans’ right to vote?

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Ken Elve - January 29, 2016

I think the best way to make sure the voter is indeed eligible to vote is to ask for photo id to make sure they are who they say they are and can prove it.

Jerry March - January 29, 2016

It doesn’t prevent any citizen from voting.
Just keeps the game honest.

Anne - January 29, 2016

Absolutely not!!!

Gordon Kemmerer - January 29, 2016

Voter I.D. laws only suppress illegal voters. Both Georgia and North Carolina minorty voters numbers increased after such laws were implimented.

Georgia - January 29, 2016

A person has to have a photo ID to do most anything so how can it keep anyone from voting?

Jeff Hendricks - January 29, 2016

No. Voter ID laws prevent people from voting several times. The liberals/Democrats want to obfuscate the fact that they are cheating at the polls.

Jerry Metcalf - January 29, 2016

NO but the left is.

Michael - January 29, 2016

If you do not have a photo I’d, you shouldn’t be voting. You are too ignorant or too lazy to get one. The only reason to drop the requirement is to allow fraud.

Martha Beach - January 29, 2016


Ron Haag - January 29, 2016

I think it’s ridiculous to NOT require a photo ID to vote. I have to do so to cash a check, send something via UPS, rent hotel room, and many other things that are far less important than casting a vote. To use this argument is to minimize the sacrifices of so many who died for our right to vote.

Therese Roth - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws are Not suppressing Americans right to vote. How those opposed to requiring a photo ID in order to vote can actually say that with a straight face is beyond me.
The right to vote is a precious privilege and right, but it also requires thoughtful due diligence on the part of the voter. We must know who, what, when and where along with what is required to vote. It is the voters responsibility to be prepared to vote before they even head to the polls.

Pedro Wasmer - January 29, 2016

Photo ID’s are used for just about everything important we deal with…whether cashing a check, or boarding a plane. or driving a car. They should be used to vote, and not compromised by bad data and liberal efforts to permit voter fraud for the easier election of liberal candidates.

Edward - January 29, 2016

The ignorance of some are what hiners the laws of our nation. Most states require photo identification to vote as we also have to have a photo ID for a drivers licence and many other forms of Identification pending on our individual jobs. The democrat party would rather have anyone vote with or without being an American Legal Citizen and that is pretty apparent in some of our states that are predominate with illegal aliens..

Charles White - January 29, 2016

No. It will insure that our voting process will not be effected by illegal voting.

Roger R Stearns - January 29, 2016

Same-day registration in MN will be crazy this year with all the new potential voters and potential fraud without a required state ID.
Our DFL Governor seems to like it that way .

Martha MacLeod - January 29, 2016

Voter ID is basic to making sure only eligible people vote. Otherwise the election is fraudulent. We have to show photo ID many other places to get service, i.e. medical care.

Mike Kuehn - January 29, 2016

Hell No! The only people that could be prevented from voting are those that aren’t citizens or legally ineligible

Roger Dennison - January 29, 2016

All law-abiding citizens should welcome the enforcement of our voting laws through the use of a valid photo ID. I don’t know how you get through life these days without one as so many things require it. I bet I pull my drivers license out 2-3 times a month. People that don’t have one should desire to get out there and get one in order to keep their vote from being nullified by someone who should not be allowed to vote.

Clinton T Meneely - January 29, 2016

People who do not want to have voter ID cards should consider that the voter records can be accessed for any number of reasons and by most organizations and they show not only ID info, but party affiliation as well. What legitimate reason would someone give to not want a voter ID card?

Margaret Rosenthal - January 29, 2016

It is a must to have voters ID. We have to for every thing else

M Leroy perry - January 29, 2016

Any one that doesn’t & ID card is a fool.
At my age I need the ID card for selfpreservation.

Evelyn vidos - January 29, 2016

Yes, voter ID laws r suppressing Americans right to vote. The media is being just as vicious to Americans as terrorists.

David Smiley - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws prevent people from voting? InDEED not! At least not those who are legally entitled to vote! Those who claim otherwise are the very ones who wish for those in their graves to rise up on election day and cast ballots for those candidates who wish to tear down the very fabric of our great republic! Oh yes they are! End of argument!

Donaldd Cox - January 29, 2016

The only vote suppression that voter ID laws suppress is fraudulent voting. If voter ID opponents really wanted honest elections they would mobilize their troops to make sure every one of their voters acquired proper ID. Fraudulent voting undermines the whole concept of representative government.

David Lopez - January 29, 2016

If a US citizen does not have a picture Id-is his own fault. He can go to any Law Enforcement to be directed where to get one. We do need to block non-citizens from voting. !!!

Kitty Corbett - January 29, 2016

Photo ID and proof of citizenship must be required for voter registration. Proof of citizenship could be a birth certificate or passport. Documentation of name changes, if any, should also be required to show that the person named in the photo is the same as the person named in the birth certificate (or certificate of naturalization). A driver’s license is no longer enough, since some states issue a driver’s license to non-citizens. If a person cannot prove their citizenship they don’t need to be voting in this country.

Wayne Barbarick - January 29, 2016

Photo ID should be required and shown every time a person votes. Photo ID”s are easy to get and provided free in most cases. No excuses for not getting one. Election fraud is rampant in CA and in most other states where ID’s are not required to vote.

Dennis Winters - January 29, 2016

I thought voting laws nationwide required citizenship to vote. Proof of citizenship should be required for all voters.

Ruth Wall - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws definitely DO NOT restrict or prevent US citizens from voting in any election. I belong to a citizens election integrity group called True The Vote and actively work to support Voter ID laws and to clean up inaccurate and sometimes fraudulent voter rolls. In Texas a citizen can obtain a Voter ID card for no cost; so there is no reason to object to Voter ID. The ID requirements prevent fraud and other people, both alive and dead, from stealing your vote!

Duane Wicker - January 29, 2016

Not requiring a valid photo I.D. just encourages voter fraud which has been happening for years! Why would anyone or any group, unless they are somehow benefitting from this, object? I believe that in most states voters are allowed to vote by mail. Is this also being misused?

Wayne Lentz - January 29, 2016

No it does not! If some one says they could not vote did not make any effort to obtain one! Also many on welfare & SS disability probably have correct ID!

Margaret riley - January 29, 2016

Anyone voting should be required to show legal proof that they are who they claim to be and that they are legal citizens of the USA. They should also be able to speak and understand basic English.

Anne McDade Barrett - January 29, 2016

The distorted comments are only made so that those who want to use voter fraud to screw up the election process have a free hand to do so, particularly as it relates to providing for illegal immigrant voting. Pretty clear to me.

FREIDA fAST - January 29, 2016

Yes i believe in voter I.D. cards. this is an absolute must .

Gerald Nesbitt - January 29, 2016

The progressive left strives to create a victim mentality on every social level. They use partial truths as a tool to deceive every subculture into believing they have been discriminated against. Is it more difficult to go through the steps required to get a photo ID, or those steps needed to get public welfare? Personal responsibility has become an offensive concept. The idea of earning something somehow seems very unfair. Should non citizens have the right to vote or have any control over the way our country operates? No. Should a responsible citizen object to safeguards formulated to insure fair and accurate elections? No! Does this infer that those who object to the requirement of presenting a photo ID before voting are irresponsible? Yes!

Arlene Hanson - January 29, 2016

Needing an ID does not prevent people from voting. Many states give them for free. The people who don’t have one just have to have enough desire to get one. If they don’t have that desire they probably don’t have enough desire to go vote.

mach37 - January 29, 2016

Photo ID may suppress voting by those who are not qualified to vote, but that is as far as it goes. Simply saying that requiring photo ID may ‘prevent people who are eligible to vote from voting’ does not make it true. Just like investigations into voting fraud by unqualified voters, investigations into complaints of qualified voters not getting to vote will right any wrongs created. I am quite sure that there will be very few complaints sustained after investigation of qualified voters being turned away from voting.

Patricia - January 29, 2016

The people have been so confused by all the misinformation on voter ID. It will be very hard for them to feel safe to be able to go vote and not be turned down for lack of proper ID, as it has been presented to them by the MSM. Who wants to be embarresed to do what they have every right to do.

Someone needs to make it clear that there are many ways to get proper ID and it doesnt have to cost them to get it.

Gerald Bennett - January 29, 2016

No, I do not believe it has that effect on voters.

robert sprossel - January 29, 2016

I think a voter should have aphoto i.d. plus afingerprint verification to prove who they are,paid for by the gov,t if need be.

Steve K - January 29, 2016

They are today. The complaint is meant to undermine our voting system so it can be corrupted for political gain.
Even the poorest peasant in Mexico goes to vote with an ID on a lanyard hanging from their neck.
You can’t get anything done today without some form of ID. It is a straw dog & disingenuous.

Jerry Rovner - January 29, 2016

My god if we need a photo ID to get on the plane, to buy some over-the-counter drugs, and God knows for how many other things there’s no reason why we don’t need picture ID to vote.

I’ve seen so much voter fraud in absentee ballots it makes me sick, that will never be corrected,

I seen an election down here in South Carolina where 150 to absentee ballots voted straight Democratic tell me the statistical likelihood that happens

Paul Dichiaro - January 29, 2016

As long as people need to show an ID to take advantage of the freebies government hands out (SNAP, Medicaid, etc) and to cash checks, it is absurd to suggest requiring an ID inhibits the ability of poor people to vote.

Jerry Mabry - January 29, 2016

This is a no brainier. With illegal immigration running wild in our country we must have proof of citizenship along with Voter ID documentation.

Albert Castro,Jr - January 29, 2016

No. Voter ID laws do not discriminate. Voter integrity must be guarded. Any eligible US Citizen can apply for a state photo ID at very reasonable cost.

Deborah Maness - January 29, 2016

I believe that the liberal media, and the Democratic Party in particular do not want voters to carry Photo I.D. so that they are able to have people vote multiple times, let people vote for deceased people as well as illegal immigrants who are not citizens. With the refugees coming and getting free stuff from a Democratic President of course a democrat will continue to be elected . By the way I prefer Ted Cruz over all other candidates. According to the Harvard Law Review, the fact that he does not have to be Naturalized makes him a Natural born Citizen. I Learned that from George H.W. Bush, whose son George W. Bush was also born abroad and his birth was registered at the US Embassy per the State Department.

Anne Zuehlke - January 29, 2016

I totally support voter ID laws to insure the best possible accuracy of the final count.
I am also totally in support for provisions to insure that every voter who meets the requirements (citizen, resident for the appropriate length of time in that jurisdiction, etc)
Have access to all approved types of identification in order to qualify for voter rights.

keith patterson - January 29, 2016

NO. Voter ID is a common sense requirement that is only opposed by those WHO INTEND TO COMMIT OR PROMOTE VOTE FRAUD, in an effort to illegally affect the outcome of elections.

Terry Branham - January 29, 2016

the Requirement for a Photo ID to Vote Absolutely Does Not hinder Voting.
I am an election judge in a state that the media spreads the lies about poor people not able to get Photo ID’s. Most Voters who come in immediately show us an ID as they think that is what they should do.

Pauline - January 29, 2016

Picture ID is required for many things. The only time it is not required is when a birth certificate is asked for. I’d like to follow the Afghans lead and have every voter dip their finger in purple ink .

OTTO BEHUNIN - January 29, 2016


Phillip J, Sloan - January 29, 2016

Photo ID is required at almost every political venue in the U.S. To NOT require it to vote reeks of a totalitarian attempt to flood the polls with ineligible individuals in order to sway the election results. It is viewed as traitorist in some circles and dangerous as well.

Dieter - January 29, 2016

certainly not, an ID is needed for everything, even old gray bearded caps like me are getting carded in bars when ordering a drink. This is emotional nonsense. Pure Ideology.

Elizabeth Hestnes - January 29, 2016

Makes one pause as it appears as though many in the press have been “bought”!
It is difficult to stand up to do the correct thing!

Charlotte Kay - January 29, 2016

Half of Americans are able to get themselves on welfare. If that many people can figure out how to take from taxpayers, cannot see any reason why anyone unable to get some kind of ID to vote. Do not want ANYONE NOT ELIBABLE TO VOTE TO VOTE EVER!

Ronnie Edelstein - January 29, 2016

Only a fool wood think that voter ID cards would prevent people from voting
A person needs an ID to do most anything
in this day and time The” demoncrats”
want to sneak unqualified voters in

Charles Ganderson - January 29, 2016

Voter fraud will/would be prevented with appropriate voter identification. Those against “voter I.D.” have an ulterior motive that does not serve our Republic well.

DRB, Sr. - January 29, 2016

Every state should require the strictest standards regarding voter eligibility. If they don’t, enough people could effectively vote to dissolve government as we know it and create a state of anarchy. Keeping high requirements for voting in a democracy ensures the longevity of freedoms that we fight to protect.

irma waldo - January 29, 2016

It will NOT suppress legal voting..only illegal! We MUST have universal Voter ID to prevent fraud in our elections.


Hollis W King - January 29, 2016

If you are a citizen, an ID card should not be a problem to provide. Only citizens have the right to vote. Showing ID is something I do every time I go to vote. It doesn’t even slow the process. Voters registration and ID should be used at all times when voting.

Mike keller - January 29, 2016

Yes we need voter ID laws. It seems to me that it is obvious that the opponents do not care How they get their votes whether they’re illegal or not

David A Singer - January 29, 2016

If it was up to me I would demand a picture ID to vote.

Bruce Pellnitz - January 29, 2016

Tis better to have a gun and not need it,t than to need a gun and not have it.

B.J. Crossland - January 29, 2016

We need voter I. D. Here in SW NM. People who cannot read or write and appear to be illegal immigrants are lead to and through the voting booth. .

Pbill - January 29, 2016

I believe all of the misinformation and our departure from the basic precepts in our founding documents. The freedoms that we’ve been provided are the rights to pursue. There are no guarantees. You have the right to work, to think & plan; but no guarantee or promise of success simply for “trying hard “. Just he right to try.

Harry Davis - January 29, 2016

Voter I’D is necessary into today’s culture to ensure voter integrity.

Retta - January 29, 2016

No, it’s very important that we have Voter ID. If we don’t, it leaves everything open to voter fraud. It should be easy for everyone to get Voter ID and make sure it is legal for them to vote.

Edith Daniels - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws will keep fraud elections from taking place, at least until someone finds a way to get ID’s with several different addresses.

ted lyons - January 29, 2016

For a long time I have expected much more voter fraud than what we know about…I’d be very much in favor of picture ID for all. Let’s make it happen!
Where do we start? State effort or Federal? TED

Sean - January 29, 2016

No! It is a great privilege to be able to vote. If you are truly eligible to vote here,put forth the effort to do it.

Ernie Edwards - January 29, 2016

I firmly believe that the people objecting to photo ID requirements for voting are the ones who perpetrate voter fraud. They don’t object to photo IDs for check cashing or credit card verification so what’s the big deal?? Without some sort of check like photo ID, people will be voting long after they are dead

Suzanne Zopolos - January 29, 2016

If 70% of the population favors voter I.D. why isn’t it a simple idea to implement. Why is it that the opposition to requiring a photo I.D. is stronger and more powerful than those in favor? Do you know why? 70% is a lot of people. Conservatives are not as effective at promoting their ideas as Liberals….who shout, lie and make a fuss.
Not that I recommend these tactics are.

Evelyn F. Wiegert - January 29, 2016

In Florida we had ID voting for decades.
The only problem occurred in 2010: busloads of migrant farmworkers were taken to registration offices where 5 state employees had been paid to give out false IDs. The State guys went to jail. No one to my knowledge has been prevented from voting.
Of course, in Michigan you need an ID to get water from the National Guard.

Vieva Johnson - January 29, 2016

I have never heard of anyone who was prevented from voting because of Voter ID required. Some states provide FREE IDs. If I recall correctly, the Voter ID law that passed in North Carolina resulted in a greater increase of minority voters. Those who know the facts but continually oppose voter ID, have ulterior motives. Elections have been won based on counting fraudulent ballots, i.e. voting in more than 1 district/state; illegally registered; voting on someone else’s ballot (often done) while posing as the real voter (who may be dead). Support integrity in our balloting system by requiring purges of state voter rolls – AND Voter ID.

Willmen D. Hesler - January 29, 2016

While recently working as a pole watcher I observed that those without proper ID were allowed to vote a provisional ballet. No one was turned away.

Doris F. Pappas - January 29, 2016

Photo ID’s will make voter fraud much harder. One must question why some politicians are so against voter ID’s when it is a requirement to obtain marriage licenses, library cards, and is proof of identification in doctors’ offices across the nation. Voter ID’s certainly will prevent dead people from voting; perhaps that’s why Democrats are so adamantly opposed. A voter ID will NOT
suppress one’s right to vote.

Frank - January 29, 2016

NO, Voter ID should be required.

Don R Schaefer - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws would only keep non registered or other ineligible voters from voting. Voter ID laws are a good idea.

Alton Patton - January 29, 2016

Eligible and legitimate voters are not deterred. Those with fake documents may be deterred and of course they should not be voting. This is simply a Democrat strategy to motivate their uninformed base.

Harley Hunter - January 29, 2016

Absolutely NOT!! Voter ID must be passed

Amos Martinez - January 29, 2016

Without Voter ID there can be voter fraud.

cynthia paugh - January 29, 2016

there;s nothing wrong with an id to vote. the democrats require 1 for their events. it;s the best way to keep the vote honest. its even more important now that there are so many illegals enticed into our country by obama and the radical left wing socialist agenda. give us a break and get rid of political correctness.

R. Dawson - January 29, 2016

Voter ID does make good sense. You can’t use your credit card for many purchases without some kind of photo ID, or board an airplane and the list goes on. Just need to do it!

William Perkins - January 29, 2016

The liberals decry voter ID laws for one simple and apparent reason. It makes voter fraud much more difficult! Why do I specifically name the liberal left. That too is simple and apparent. Conservatives advocate for voter ID!

Holly Erickson - January 29, 2016

Voter identification laws protect every American from voter fraud. The problem exists. For example, in the 2012 Presidential election, 247 non-citizens were still on Ohio’s voter rolls. In Florida, it was even worse. Only American citizens are legal voters.

Don Glitschka - January 29, 2016

Photo ID voting requirement suppressing
the vote? How is that possible when in more than a few precincts there are more people “voting” than are registered?

Jerry McIntyre - January 29, 2016

I am strongly in favor of ID laws that have a photo. It is the only way to be sure that one is not voting for other people. It does not prevent all fraud in voting but it is a step in the right direction.

Nancy McConnell - January 29, 2016

Voter Photo ID works fine in Michigan with little real argument except from democrat party/unions. Safe for now with GOP Control of state gov’t. The more new technology comes along, the more vigilance required to deter fraud.

Noel Brinkerhoff - January 29, 2016

Voter ID will be the first step to reducing voter fraud. The second step might be to eliminate fraud at the ballot box. It doesn’t matter who you vote for if you can’t trust those counting the votes.

Charlie - January 29, 2016

With use of photo ID’s there is no racism , nobody is being denied the right to vote , the ability to corrupt the voting system is squelched exponentially,photo ID’s are easy to obtain even for non drivers .
Now reasons for not using photo ID’s the ability to vote multiple times , enabling corruption within the voting system so that out come of the vote is rigged or not honest , to achieve a political agenda that unconstitutional .
Further records of legitimate voters should always be up-to-date ..

Douglas Weise - January 29, 2016

We must show photo ID to drive a car or board an airplane to name a couple of instances where required. I do not believe the requirement of showing photo ID in order to vote is unreasonable.

Joseph W. Allen - January 29, 2016

I think requiring voters to produce an ID is just common sense. It is the best way to prevent voter fraud.

Joseph R. Galaske - January 29, 2016

Anyone with any common sense knows that this is all a ploy to allow illegal democratic votes – as is the immigration fiasco.

Louis Sokowoski - January 29, 2016

No, we must have voter ID laws to preclude fraud!

Karon Gary - January 29, 2016

Absolutely not, even my grandchildren in both middle and high school have a photo ID that must be worn on their person while on campus. This is nothing but a Democrat tactic to influence the low information voters into thinking they are being disenfranchised.

Jan Williams - January 29, 2016

NO, they are not.

Richard Wilson - January 29, 2016

Among those who truly desire to vote, the only votes suppressed will be those who do not have the legal right to vote.

Jerry Kuennen - January 29, 2016

ID laws do not put an undue burden on voters. Sure, it may make it a little harder for some to cast their vote, but that is the price of maintaining a legitimate election.

William Blair - January 29, 2016

An absolutely contrived problem. A thinly vailed plan of the far left to pack voting booths with ineligible voters, notably illegals and paid impostors to vote twice or more. If bonfide citizens followe the rules to register to vote,everyone with a viable (pay taxes) address will have a voter registration card.

Roger Bergmeier - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws do not prevent Americans to vote. The only reason those people are against them is that voter ID laws prevent voter fraud.

Rod Singer - January 29, 2016

The problem we face today Exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living. YES you should show some form of I D along with a picture.

Randall Carney - January 29, 2016

I am sick and tired of all this crying over requiring a photo ID in order to vote. Most “voters” already have to produce a photo ID when they purchase their liquor, beer, or tobacco products at the local convenience store. If they care enough to get out to vote then they should care enough to have their vote protected by a photo ID so their vote will not be nullified by a fraudulent vote cast by someone who currently “resides” in a graveyard.

A related matter is the current crusade for “same-day” voter registration. This is a disaster waiting to happen for ballot box integrity.

Leonard Lipowski - January 29, 2016

As we live in devious times as present, we should enforce ID, for voting purposes to maintain an honest outcome without fraud and corruption as our current administration admits and supports, in fact, they have sued states that enforces IDs. This is not acceptable, and is totally corrupt and should be investigated and stopped with criminal deterents!

Warren Ross - January 29, 2016

No. Voter id reqmnts do not repress or prohibit legitimate voters from voting.

Frederick Pope Jr - January 29, 2016

Not in any way are voter ID laws suppressing Americans’ right to vote. Quite the reverse, they are badly needed to prevent ongoing abuses that are encouraged by progressives and Democrats who hope to unduly and improperly influence the vote.

Wayne Rollis - January 29, 2016

must have v oter I Dforother things besise voting

Darryle Owens - January 29, 2016

Absolutely not. We should all have a photo ID in order to vote. A potential voter should have to prove he or she meets the criteria of a voter, which, I believe, are quite minimal.

Albert P. Bushey - January 29, 2016

Liberals do not want voter ID of any kind because they would lose Democrat votes and elections. There’s no rocket science here. The hand-outs secure the vote, pure and simple, eh.

Dan - January 29, 2016

Anyone who is too stupid or lazy to get an acceptable ID shouldn’t be able to vote anyway.

Shirley Hane - January 29, 2016

Voter ID is imperative. As recently as 15 yrs ago in a small beachside community, I was required to give voter registration card & driver’s license. If one is legal, what could possibly be an issue with ID ….anywhere, anytime? Absentee ballots could be another voting issue.

Norman Amper - January 29, 2016

I am totally disgusted with the politics as it is today. The candidates talk out of both sides of their mouths. You can tell when a pollition is lying is when their lips move. They are all in the pocket of big money. When the donors hurt they jump. We need someone who has no ties to Washington who can run the country like a busness. That;s why I am supporting DONALD TRUMP. He knows how to get things done and has the guts to standup to the old timers who have made their position a full time job. That is not was the intent of our founding fathers. They go in poor and come out millionaires. NO WAY.!! Am I angry? You bet I am.

Jim Kirk - January 29, 2016

No, but voter ID laws do make it harder for people to vote multiple times in the same election, from graveyards, or as non-citizens. It is hard to imagine anyone who has things together enough to want to vote not having things together enough to get ID unless that person only wants to vote because someone is paying him to vote a certain way. Those who are inclined to buy such votes want it to be easy to do so.

Duane Stavnes - January 29, 2016

I have worked as an election judge in Illinois for the past years. Yoou cannot believe the looks and the comments we get as judges when we tell the voter that no ID is required. Most voters cannot understand why an ID is not required.

Ina Pipkin - January 29, 2016

NO, NO, and NO. Every new immigrant in the US can find everything from the clam beds in WA state, to every feebie under the sun, whether they speak Eng. or not. Those who want to vote and are eligible can get the necessary ID.

pat plesh - January 29, 2016

No, of course not. We need voter ID laws to stop the fraud that we know occurs in all elections. It is vital that we make and enforce voter ID laws nationally before the
2016 election.

Virginia Hamlett - January 29, 2016

Voter ID laws would be good if they are done correctly. Illegal citizens should not be able to vote.

Fred Summers Sr - January 29, 2016

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having to produce an ID to vote. People have to produce ID to cash checks and a lot of other things. They are just wanting to pull a fast one is all. Probably aren’t registered to vote anyway.

Janet Spyksma - January 30, 2016

We should use ID’S that way we stop all these illegals from voting. People can ask questions from the voter registration office for the right answer. People don’t think they just act and open their mouth.

Mark Terrill - January 30, 2016

IDs are available if anyone will truly make the effort. If a person cannot figure out how to get an ID card, perhaps they are not informed enough to vote.

Arthur Huey - January 30, 2016

Voter ID laws are definitely needed, and do not prevent registered voters from voting. Liberals fighting to remove them, can have only one possible reason, to make voter fraud possible to get their candidates elected.

Vasily Shatalov - January 30, 2016

Obviously, that a contingent without ID does mostly comprise people of some sectarian groups who do not recognize public institutions and never participate in voting. Anyway, getting ID will be the first step to converting outcasts in responsible citizens.

Howard Burger - January 30, 2016

All states should have voter I-d laws in effect.

Thomas Hauck - January 30, 2016

Voters in North Carolina have had two years to get a free ID and have been reminded each time they voted, in the past two years, that they will need an ID for this coming election. No excuse should be accepted.

Glenda Alley - January 30, 2016

No, they are not. Getting appropriate voter ID safeguards our voting system. It is not difficult, or expensive, to obtain voter ID.

Pat Parker - January 30, 2016

I think that requiring voter ID is a great idea and hope that continues to be required

Lloyd Shaver - January 30, 2016

The only thing that voter ID laws would do is to make it impossible for voters to take advantage of lax registration.

Jerry McAvoy - January 30, 2016

Voter ID laws only suppress illegal voters. I am concerned that Colorado votes by mail. The only voter verification is the signature on the ballot. Who really checks the signature to see if it is authentic. What prevents the ballot being taken from the mail box and voted by the thief.

Paul van Loenen - January 30, 2016

NO!!! Every state should have some means to determine that those who come to vote have the legal right to vote – we don’t want “dead people” and other “tricks” to be able to sway the outcome of elections

Patricia Galle - January 30, 2016

Everyone should have to show a picture ID to vote, and proof of citizenship as well. All ballots should be in English only as well. You have to know English to become a citizen in America. Voting is not just any right, it is also a privilege in America. We must guard against voter fraud, that has been rampant in the last 2 elections.

Dan - January 30, 2016

Voter ID laws are not restricting legal votes. The US is already saturated with requirements for proof of identification and the fact that anyone can vote as many times as they want makes a mockery of our overall system.

Lou Lomheim - January 30, 2016


Robb Hicks, MD - January 30, 2016

Of course they are not suppressing American’s right to vote. The problem with appealing to a common-sense approach to anything these days is the fact that what we know as common sense is no longer commonly believed or understood.

Barbara Bledsoe - January 30, 2016

Voter ID laws are necessary. Good grief, we have to present a valid PHOTO ID to open a checking account, board a plane, get a library card, join a health club!!! Surely, protecting the sanctity of elections is more important than any of the above activities? Let us please restore common sense to our country.

terri lyskawa - January 30, 2016

I believe ALL VOTERS MUST provide a photo ID. Period! It is a necessity to prevent voter fraud. If Americans take any election seriously, then they will do their duty as an American citizen and get themselves a photo ID. In my opinion, most people have them anyway and this issue is a bunch of BALONY!

Joanne Millum - January 30, 2016

It is absurd to say that people cannot get ID to use for voting purposes, when everyone is required to have ID’s for applying for welfare and the like.

James E Leute - January 30, 2016

The right to vote is one of the most important rights necessary to establishing and maintaining the will of the people. Why would any responsible American not want to see the integrity of this right protected? The idea that we would potentially compromise elections because a small amount of Americans may be slightly inconvenienced obtaining identification seems to me incredible…

Pat Shouvlin - January 30, 2016

NO. Amazing it’s even a point of discussion or disagreement.

Thomas Michaels - January 30, 2016

Requiring positive identification to vote should be the law of the land. The claim that so many people lack the ability to get photo or otherwise positive identification is belied by the way most of the voter ID laws are drafted. Further, the idea that minorities are especially affected must be verified since many of them receive public benefits which require an initial screening and identification. Since September 2001, each of the states has implemented stringent requirements to obtain a driver’s license and one cannot cash a check, fly on an airplane, or in some cases, enter public events without having this or some other official identification. Saying, as the liberals do, that voter fraud is not widespread and no reason to encumber potential voters is a red herring. Any voter fraud disenfranchises the legitimate voter. Finally, citizens should be made to go personally to register to vote and be required to bring their registration card with them. Today’s computerized systems could easily determine if the attempted vote was valid and record it accordingly.

Richard L Jones - January 30, 2016

Of course not.

Dale Berge - January 30, 2016

Why should we allow foreign nationals to vote in American elections? Almost everyone has some form of ID in their purse or wallet (other than driver’s license). If anyone can go the grocery store they can get an ID and vote. There is too much voter fraud. Voting is a privilege and if your too lazy to get an ID, you shouldn’t vote. There are, of course, exceptions, such as handicapped people which the state could help get them valid IDs. Its about time voting was made strictly for Americans, not politicians.l

Gerald A. Pilley - January 30, 2016

Voter I.D.’s are essential in the prevention of the proven, rampant voter fraud that occurred in both of Obama’s elections. The democrats argue that it impedes minority voting and rely on the politically correct senses of the fearful to acquiesce.

Joanne - January 30, 2016

Requiring an id to vote will not create a hardship on anyone.That is ridiculous. I do not care how much the media lies about this. I do not believe much that they have to say anyway. They are not informing when they speak, they are pushing an agenda.

Jeff Cox - January 30, 2016

I think most of what the liberal media reports is skewed and this is only one example. What I fear is that so many people are being misled but I don’t know how to get the truth out.

Linda Vance - January 30, 2016

I had the mistaken notion that ID is always required when voting – and absolutely necessary when registering as a voter. It would not be a good thing to find out someone had voted using my name and demographics. Americans use these same demographics to apply for credit, to buy a house or a car, or apply for work. Stop listening to the media hype and use common sense.

Karl Rothrock - January 30, 2016

Every person should have a voter ID if the want to vote. Voter fraud needs to be prevented in this Country.

Harold Price - January 30, 2016

With all the different forms of ID available, from passports to EBT cards, I doubt no one is without some form of photo ID.

gsw - January 30, 2016

Those laws preserve the integrity of votes lawfully cast.

William Porter - January 30, 2016

Please do everything you can to get this info published

Mary Lou Johnson - January 30, 2016

Absolutely voter ID is a very good solution to keeping our country’s voting records honest. It is hard for me to believe anyone would be against this matter.

Bob Leavitt - January 30, 2016

Do they think NO-ONE should EVER be asked to IDENTIFY him or herself ?

Devillo Boll - January 30, 2016

Voter ID is necessary, it mainly id’s the individual who is voting and helps precinct worker’s that you are a citizen of the district… It does not prevent you from voting.

Dave Beaman - January 30, 2016

Voting in America has always required citizenship identification. At this point in our history, photo ID is still the simplest way to confirm “membership” and permission to vote. I would think anyone privileged to vote would be proud to declare their citizenship and smile for the camera.

Frederick Kadyk - January 30, 2016

I believe that voter ID is critical to the accuracy of voter records and counting votes in any election. It seems that we have considerable potential for fraudulent voting if a person can not or will not provide positive ID before voting on any issue or person. Requiring ID to vote is easy and a privilege for the voter who is proud of his/her vote.

Mary Lou Rilee - January 30, 2016

It’s not just misinformation that may cause concern over voter ID but the PC culture. Anyone supporting voter ID is also considered racist. I am a strong supporter of voter ID. If you have nothing to hide why would you object.

James - January 30, 2016

It is so obvious that many legal voters don’t vote liberal and votes = power so any way to have liberal votes is desirable. I.D.s thwart that.

rick tucker - January 30, 2016


velma steele - January 30, 2016

ID laws are vital to for the democratic process to take effect in our beloved country the United States. Voting ID laws makes it less complicated to actually see who’s voting legally and who’s not. Because the liberal left wants to advance voting fraud so that they can win the majority of the Hispanic votes speaking of illegal aliens and are even registering dead people to vote which is wrong. Voting ID laws is essential to conducting free and fair elections which is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Melinda - January 30, 2016

No, we are not suppressing citizen’s ability to vote. If someone wants to vote, get a proper ID. We get a license if we want to drive. We get a debit card if we don’t want to use cash. I bet most people who say they don’t have time or money or transportation to get an ID went to the trouble to get some form of cable/satellite TV or a mobile phone. They went to the time, money and effort to get these things and spend hours watching it or using it. If they didn’t do make arrangements themselves, they went to the trouble to have someone help them. Why then, if you’re legal, would it be more difficult to get a proper ID? If it weren’t for criminals we wouldn’t have to get an ID to vote, but this is now the state of things so deal with it and get it done.

Patricia Bauman - January 30, 2016

All states should use picture IDs for voting. It doesn’t hamper voting, it only prevents people from illegally voting.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - January 30, 2016

Voter ID laws protect the validity of each honest vote, preventing fraud, and are necessary and common sense.

Darla Thompson - January 30, 2016

A photo ID is required in so many other areas cn’t imagine that not having one to vote should be allowed!

Mary Fran Dietz - January 30, 2016

absolutely not!. We need ID’s for medical care and a host of other places. This is not a hardship for anyone since they are issued for free

Margaret E Barnes - January 30, 2016

I believe a photo ID is a good idea, and I believe it should be a requirement for every state. (It is not in Vermont; we simply give our name and if it is on the list we are allowed to vote. In our small town, most of the people who check in already know who it is anyway, but that is NOT true in larger towns and the few ;cities we have in VT.

John G. Wells - January 30, 2016

Voter ID Laws are helping prevent voter fraud. Those that oppose it have been committing this fraud to advance their agendas.

Judith Coonse - January 30, 2016

I have no problem in proving my identity when I go vote. I have to prove who I am at other places, so what is the big deal about doing it when I go and vote?

Ann Tillinghast - January 30, 2016

As a senior-seasoned-citizen poll watcher in numerous local, state, and national elections I am an enthusiastic supporter of photo ID as essential in the voting process. I remember “poll taxes,” when serious voters PAID for the privilege of voting!

w johnson - January 30, 2016

all voters should produce proof of US citizenship and a picture id by the state they reside in. this is a non issue for legal voters, it is always an issue with illegal voters. i served as an election deputy and have seen voter fraud but issued provisional ballots to solve the problem at the time.

Doris Atwater - January 30, 2016

Voter ID laws are not suppressing Americans’
right to vote.

Ed Watson - January 30, 2016

Of course NOT. It is just an excuse to avoid voting.

Claude Wiseman Jr - January 30, 2016

No. I do not believe that a required photo ID stops honest people from voting. It only stops the legal action of those that want to do illegal activity.

Christopher Scherer - January 30, 2016

I agree with you that voters SHOULD be required to present photo ID before voting. How ELSE can we be sure that un-qualified people are NOT able to choose our future leaders ? !

Stephen Sather - January 30, 2016

I’m from Minnesota the “state with no voter froud)” but the 600 or so votes to elect a senator can all of a sudden be found I wonter how many others voted more than the one time allowed or were not supposed to vote there were.

Mary Barker - January 30, 2016

It seems to me that the only people being affected by voter ID laws are the people who should NOT be voting in the first place.

Joseph m Olivetti - January 30, 2016

They are not . To vote you should need to prove who you are . If you can’t go to a courthouse, a place of worship and ask them to help you . A food kitchen , any service organization . How about your family.

Jim K - January 30, 2016

Unfortunately some people manipulate “statistics” to prove a point when it actually distorts reality. To me this is outright lying yet it is protected free speech.
Lucky you live in America. God protect us.

edwin cox - January 30, 2016

Voter ID should be mandatory nation wide.

Lawrence Lafary - January 30, 2016

We need honesty in voting. I am concerned that “illegals” will use the drivers licenses we are are now issuing them to register to vote. Now that Obama wants voter registration to be part of obtaining a drivers license. I am really concerned.

Dennis Rapp - January 30, 2016

Nope. No more than driving tests inhibit Americans from taking the roads LEGALLY. Once upon a time you had to be a property-owning male to vote in this country. The bar has been rightfully lowered to include all citizens of age but you should have to prove you are who you are to vote….a much more reasonable requirement. If you aren’t responsible or resourceful enough to obtain a basic commodity of this era (photo is) you shouldn’t have a voice in shaping the future of our nation, and should be grateful that although the system prevents you (part of what will surely be a shrinking minority after this common sense law is passed) from voting it also protects your nation from the corrupt who would steal your future and that of those you love by driving the Mack truck of voter fraud through the door that had been left open to accommodate your situation no matter how legitimate it may be.

Art - January 30, 2016

NO I do not believe requiring a photo ID inhibits anyone from voting. For pete’s sake, you need a photo ID to board a plane, a train, a cruise ship, or to purchase alcohol. Well, I for one, think voting is much higher on the list and it SHOULD be REQUIRED everywhere. What’s so hard about getting an official photo ID — when there are so many avenues and types of cards available. It’s just more political hogwash — time to end it once and for all.

Carla Martinez - January 30, 2016

Voter ID ONLY make sense. There is so much voter fraud out there that Voter ID laws are more than necessary. Attacking voter ID laws are just another form of voter fraud. This nonsense has to stop!

Richard McBee - January 30, 2016

I do not believe that Voter ID deminishes qualified voter turnout. Photo ID is required for many things such as travel, credit and should be required for voting.

Evelyn Bayne - January 30, 2016

We should be certain that th poor eligible voters have a picture id

Richard P Chagnon - January 30, 2016

As an election prescient officer for past 25years in Tucson, we never had problems with ID and no one is block from voting unless they are in wrong area,. We have provisional ballots that they can fill out that would be check at headquarters and then notify if they have a problem. The only time we had problems and turn away a voter( maybe on 3 occasions) is when the person has spoiled a ballet three times and refuse to listen to instruction.

margie - January 30, 2016

I think voter I.D. is important and SHOULD B E REQUIRED. Any legitimate citizen can get proper I.D. An illegal resident has NO right to vote.

John Cullens - January 30, 2016

What’s wrong with voter ID? Don’t you have to show photo id to get on an air carrier, at the bank to get into safety deposit vault, hospitals for care. on and on.
They make me show mine when I vote in Ga, NC(when I lived there), TX(when I lived there), sometimes when you use a credit card.

Fran Natale - January 30, 2016

NO I do not think requiring voter IDENTIFICATION prevents anyone from voting.
Identification is required for most important things in this country.
Voting is our most important privilege and duty. If we treat it as such we will find a way to execute that right.
Like anything else we want to do we manage to find a way to get it done.
For instance if we apply for food stamps or other government programs, we manage to find a way to get that done.
Additionally there are agencies and forms of assistance readily available to help anyone secure identification. So there is NO EXCUSE for not having proper ID to vote!!! Voting is a federal matter and we need a federal law passed requiring every voter to have identification when they register.

Carol Mattick - January 30, 2016

If you do not have an ID in todays world you would not be able to get a bus pass, food stamps, cash a check, get a passport, get a bank account. It is next to impossible to even go to school without and ID of some kind. I have never been able to cast a vote without my PHOTO ID. I have been voting since 1961 and have always been asked for my PHOTO ID. This propaganda is just the LIBERALS way to force us to do away with ID,s .

Janice lewis - January 30, 2016

I think everyone should have a photo ID. When they try to say it’s not possible, that is a very tall tale. They can provide people with rides to polling places, so why can’t they take them to a place to get a photo ID sometime before the voting begins. It’s not that hard to do and just seems like a foolish excuse to me.

Frederick R. Galdi - January 30, 2016

As is typical of the rhetoric of the left, it doesn’t have to be true. All it needs is the willing participation of the liberal media to either twist the meaning of what the voter ID entails or sink into ad hominem attack when when confronted with the facts. I am sure that if it were to the left’s advantage, they could find enough “community activists” to get every allegedly disenfranchised person in the acceptable ID to vote.

John Hollon - January 30, 2016

What do these 450,00 to 1.1 million folks do when they have to go the doctor or hospital and have to show a photo ID. This is never mentioned.

Edward Wilbur - January 30, 2016

If you need valid ID’S to get a job, get a passport or even get on an airplane, it makes no sense not to show valid ID’s to vote. It is all about protecting fraudulent voting.

Marty Holland - January 30, 2016

I volunteered about 7 years in a neighborhood food pantry where most of our clients were poor, black, or both. An ID card was required for them to receive our services. In all those years, I never met up with a client who could not come up with an ID, whether a driver’s license or the ID you can obtain as a non-driver. Just about everything you do nowdays requires some kind of ID. The excuse that some are kept from voting because they do not have ID cards is ridiculous. In my opinion, it is an excuse that allows people to vote more than once or to vote for dead people. And the local politicians are the ones who receive the benefits of those kinds of voters.

Darla Hawley - January 30, 2016

The same people who they claim won’
t be able to vote have id’s available for everything else they do in life. Drive, Drink, School etc.

Lori Ruttenberg - January 30, 2016

Individuals that would not show up to vote because of articles that could be misinterpreting information regarding voter eligibility based on photo availability could only be a ‘low information voter’ that would most likely vote democratic anyhow. That is my synical opinion.

Joyce Barnhart - January 30, 2016

we must show I.D. to cash cks., buy certain products, pick up certain med., even checking into hospital for tests. Pic. I.D. is available, voting is important, and we should be I.D.ed

Frank Watson - January 30, 2016

ID”s are required for a number of things, so what is wrong with ID”S for the important freedom we have to vote.

Gloria Keenan - January 30, 2016

Photo ID’s are required in many instances….a person cannot enter many establishments without a positive ID, the photo id is simple and used throughout society. It is the least expensive method which can be used by all voting precincts.. Voter registration could include a picture and issuance of a card and be used in lieu of the driver’s license with picture for those who don’t drive. Often the driver’s license is used when a credit card needs to be confirmed at a store or other establishment. Why not present a picture ID to affirm the identity of the person casting a vote for our elected officials.

Charlotte Guyaux - January 30, 2016

For many years, I worked at the polls as an Inspector! There were many times I was concerned about the legality of a voter. But legally, I was not permitted to question! Back in the sixties, I registered people to vote. I had to ask, “Can you read and write in the English language”. If they said, “NO”, they were not permitted to register.

Voter I.D. is long past due!

Mary - January 30, 2016

ALMOST EVERYONE HAS A DRIVERS LICENSE OR ANOTHER ID . Many of the complaints to stop id is so more votes can be made illegally however if these people want something they always get an id so they can get it! Ids are necessary for legal voting picture ids should be required!

Bill Coates - January 30, 2016

It is necessary that informed voters (Heritage members, etc) use email and social media to demand retraction or correction of misleading ‘news’ articles, and the presentation of truth. This is our duty. Identification can be obtained without charge in virtually all cases.

John H. Patten - January 30, 2016

Photo IDs and Voter Registration Cards should be required to be shown before a person can vote. If a person is not responsible enough to obtain a valid photo ID, they should not be allowed to vote.

Tom Reth - January 30, 2016

We absolutely need voter ID in every state.

Chauncey Isenhour - January 30, 2016

Voter ID is a must to clean up voter lists at polling boths.

Jeanette Alltop - January 30, 2016


Scott Brooks - January 30, 2016

No we need stronger ID laws to prevent fraud. Here in NM illegals can still get a drivers license and that has lead to complications on getting on federal installations and almost prevented people getting on airlines but that requirement got postponed for 2 years.

The democrats still control things in the Senate and have virtually block all bills that got through the republican controlled house via the speaker killing them in committee. The Democrats have shown themselves to be partisan jerks.

Janet Zanoni - January 30, 2016

We need to help those who do not have voter ID to get one; perhaps a grassroots move to get these people to a place where they can receive one. Voter ID’s are essential for honest voting and accurate tallying of votes…too many dead people voting and too many live people voting more than one time!

Judy Levine - January 30, 2016

Heck no. Voter I D is the ONLY way to guarantee only eligible voters are casting ballots.

Lucy Combs - January 30, 2016


Renee Hicks - January 30, 2016

Requiring photo ids are the BEST way to prevent voter fraud and are not an overwhelming burden on the individual. Every day we have to provide some form of officlal id, most often a photo. There are also many hurdles that elderly deal with outside of this issue that is much more complicated such as maneuvering through medicare and medicade, social security bank accounts. Going to get a photo id is not difficult. I live in a state that requires it, Indiana. Thank goodness! Every other state should get on board!

Lavonne Hunt - January 30, 2016

Absolutely NOT! !

Sharon Enright - January 31, 2016

I say NO. I was a poll worker in Ohio for several years. Ohio requires confirmation of current address. The vast majority of voters showed a drivers license or other state issued photo ID. A very small number showed other “proof” of address, such as a current utility bill. Voters who had no address documentation could vote with a provisional ballot. I saw no voters turned away.

Ray Daugbjerg - January 31, 2016

Why would I want my legal vote cancelled by someone else who is not legally authorized to vote simply because we fail to confirm their identification.
Not checking identification is a far more serious program of canceling valid votes than suppressing votes.

Ken Romine - January 31, 2016

The left’s argument against voter ID Laws is just another example of”if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it.

Gary Rockhold - January 31, 2016

I do not believe that they do restrict voters. I believe that the ID should have been required for years now, and I believe that now more than ever. There is little in the media that relates to politics that can be taken as written. A huge percentage is slanted or a Liberal bias. They want all the Undocumented people to vote, along with their dogs.

John Lifrieri Jr - January 31, 2016

No, I think anyone that wants to vote should be required to show some form of ID with a picture of themselves on it

Henry J. Miarka - January 31, 2016

The political parties against voter ID laws want illegal aliens to vote in their favor. We must stop all the corruption in government.These people are destroying our great country.
Any person coming into America must assimilate and pledge allegiance to America.

Henry J. Miarka

Robert Scheehl - January 31, 2016

Now that both sexes can serve in combat, let’s have them both register for selective service and issue the photo IDs at the post offices. Soon everyone would have an ID or face a fine, draw not welfare or get any free college grants!
Solves several problems at once.

Phil - January 31, 2016

Of course not! Since those “undocumented Democrats” seem to always find a way to get the “free stuff”, they can certainly find a way to get a voter I.D.

Margaret Brand - January 31, 2016


Ken Taylor - January 31, 2016

I served as an Ohio poll worker judge for the past six years. Ohio requires a photo ID or other government ID In these years in our county there has been NO problem wth voters not being able to cast there ballot,nor peope complaining about the process.

John Clough - January 31, 2016

Voter ID should be required in all 50 states. There should be easy ways to get picture ID’s for those who don’t have them.

Angela Hardy - January 31, 2016

Voter ID is a must to keep our Country safe, free, and led by people chosen by the legal voters.

Ruth - January 31, 2016

It is a ridiculous claim with all the numerous ID requirements every where you turn these days! Lots of peoples’ purses must be in peril.

donald oesau - January 31, 2016

The absence of photo id has allowed democrats to steal elections for years and I think obamas second term was stolen.

Maureen Saucedo - January 31, 2016

Absolutely not.

Anne Woods - January 31, 2016

Not too long ago the areguement was put forth that people shouldn’t have to have their fingerprints taken to get a driver’s license. I feel the Voter ID is on a par with a need for identification to vote as there have been and still are many listed on different states voter rolls that are deceased and illegals, felons, etc, and many others that should not be allowed to vote. Voter ID is necessary!!!

Joan Borsari - January 31, 2016

I think photo ID is great. It will eliminate folks voting under a false name, the name of a deceased person, the name of a child, names that for one reason or another can not vote.

n.r.courchene - January 31, 2016

how do they cash checks or fly anywhere

Mike Hertel - January 31, 2016

My wife who is French got her driver’s license in 1975. Every time she renewed they asked her if she wanted to register to vote. She always said no as she was not a citizen. Two years ago she became naturalized and now votes regularly. A picture ID is minimal to ask one who wants to cast a vote even though it might not guarantee eligibility.

John Gray - January 31, 2016

The only thing that voter ID restricts is voter fraud and the plan by some to cheat.

Carolyn Carruth - January 31, 2016

I believe Voter ID is essential and should be required!

Teena Perkins - January 31, 2016

It is only reasonable that voters have a photo ID to prevent fraud. If someone really wants to vote they will be able to meet this requirement. If they don’t care enough to provide this maybe they don’t need to vote.

tom hodges - February 1, 2016

if they are a citizen and want to vote they will get a i.d.

J.R. Nagelkirk - February 1, 2016

If we don’t have and enforce voter ID laws, then we will never have any assurance of integrity in voting. Those who purport disenfranchisement are, in my opinion, the same ones who have been and would continue abusing the system generating illegal votes.

Barbara - February 1, 2016

To register to vote is both an honor and a right. This right is protected by the voter laws on the books – picture ID. Even renting a house you need to show your picture ID. Unfortunately, opening up voting to anybody without proper ID is opening up our voting right to voter fraud.

Henry C. Holder - February 1, 2016

Only when those individuals are too lazy to get a recognizable I.D. Card. It does not have to be a national card. A card developed by respective states will provide a means to vote. Every one in America should have an I.D. Card made, controlled and distributed through various State offices, much like the drivers license.

Linda Rice - February 1, 2016

Photo ID laws do not suppress a US citizen’s right to vote. Photo ID is required for everything else where proper identification is necessary to eliminate the risk of fraud.

Judy Drone - February 1, 2016

Absolutely not! There are hundreds of places and situations where people must show ID. When I want to use my built up credits to purchase a cup of tea in a local casino I must show ID – value of tea is under $3. Political elections are far more important than a cup of tea at a casino.

Clair Williams - February 1, 2016

I voted for Voter ID at the polling place. The laws do NOT prevent legitimate voters from voting and prevents those who would defraud in order to vote.

John E Allen - February 1, 2016

No. requiring voter ID only prevents people who are not eligible to vote from voting.

John Thoren - February 1, 2016

I think photo ID’s should be required to prevent fraudulent voting which has become a serious problem.

Helen Powell - February 1, 2016

Proof of ID is common sense, but then when did our legislators have any sense. It’s amazing how the truth is always twisted by the left.

JJB - February 1, 2016

Every registered voter should be in favor of voter ID laws. They protect each legitimate voter from having their vote diluted by illegitimate voting. It’s a no-brainer.

Wanda R Mitchell, BSN 1950 - February 1, 2016

NO< at least not legitimate voters

Jerry Helander - February 1, 2016

NO!. Without Voter I.D. laws the power of my “vote” is negated by an illegal voter.

Jerry - February 2, 2016

As a GOP supporter for 50 years it is very
disappointing that the Rs have not represented the people the way they should and let the left get away with this ridiculous deceit of the democrats. Being able to vote in elections should require positive ID. Really a no brainer !!

Keith - February 2, 2016

I firmly believe in a picture ID and that should not include any illegal immigrants.

Keith - February 2, 2016


BETTY MUNSON - February 2, 2016

What has happened to Voter ID in CA by combining motor voter registration and drivers licenses for illegal aliens? How long before they are legal voters?

Dennis Gehlhausen - February 2, 2016

Voter ID laws are important and basic to our culture. You have to have an ID to do just about anything. If someone needs an ID and has no way to get to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles, I will take them.

Jack Elkins - February 3, 2016

SC requires ID to vote. I’ve yet to hear any complaints – every one has an ID that they need for everyday business!

Stanley Varlas - February 3, 2016

Look at it this way, if any person without an ID needed something that was a handout, free, then you must believe they would seek out the process necessary for them to get it on the dole!
Generally they are too lazy or disinterested to vote.

This is the honest path.

Peggie Allan - February 3, 2016

Voter ID laws suppress fraudulent voting by those who are not legal citizens, are not registered, or reside in a cemetery! Fraudulent voting is a big problem in this country! Other things that may encourage fraud are same day registration, automatic registration when acquiring a driver’s license, and vote by mail. If voting is important to a person, it should not be too much effort to go to the polls or vote early in person.

philip scardino - February 3, 2016

No, but, hell no!!!

Joyce Hardin - February 4, 2016

No, It helps eliminate fraud.

Alfred Lopez - February 4, 2016

Voter ID laws do not stop anyone that wishes to vote and can legally do so. We have to present photo ID’s for many different reasons and our voting rights are too important not to be protected from fraud.

Tommy & Kathryn Carter - February 4, 2016

At some Jr. High Schools, students are required to have photo IDs. This includes all students, staff, teachers, janitors, etc. Even our little grade school here in Creston requires staff to have photo IDs. Those complaining about photo IDs for voting are just trying and very often succeeding to create trouble.

John R. Eaton - February 4, 2016

I have worked the poles many tines in my precint including after Texas had ID laws. No one to my knowledge was ever turned away for lack of ID. In addition we have the ability to obtain a free photo ID from the drivers license bureau. A lot of places here require a Photo ID to get a job and no one objects. I think the quarl over photo ID is to try to direct illegal votes to specific candidates. We do need to clean up our voter lists.

Lee Lehrer - February 7, 2016

I think a photo I D is a positive steep in the right direction to keep our elections honest.

Bruce - February 9, 2016

I support the photo ID laws. Also, I support the U..S. Constitution in full and Bill of Rights. I don’t believe that B.O. ever met the requirements for President, his Executive Orders, nor support the trickery use to pass the “Affordable Care Act”. I have little respect for our ‘Congress’ or our stacked court system B.O. and Holder has really did a job on America. QUESTION, how is it OK to teach ‘islamic’ religion in our public schools, while U.S. religions are not?

Joe Gregorio - February 9, 2016

Like many others have pointed out, photo ID is required to be produced at several locations one encounters on any given day. It should especially be required for something as important as voting for elected officials who impact, for good or ill, many areas of our lives.

Diane Woodard - February 11, 2016

The voter ID laws are to protect the integrity of “the vote” American citizens should not have a fear of proving they do have the authority to Vote. Our state made it very easy for every citizen to be ID and receive a free legal ID card.
Only those who should not be able to vote are the illegal activity and alien “voters” To vote is the Right and Priviledge of true American Citizens.

Kent Arnett - February 12, 2016

People need to prove who they are and if they qualify for voting.

Jackie Schoggin - September 8, 2016

An ID is required to get food stamps, welfare, medical care. If you are to lazy to get a photo id you don’t need to vote. Photo id is not suppressing anyone! It insures the voting process is not comprimised.

Jackie Schoggin - September 8, 2016

The only thing that voter ids suppress is the ability for fraudulent votes. You need some kind of id to receive welfare and medical care. No id is ridiculous. It only encourages voter fraud.

BJP - September 13, 2016

A photo identification should absolutely be required to register a vote. It is pure propaganda to suggest that a requirement of I.D. is discriminatory as we are well aware that one is required to purchase everything from a plane ticket to cough medicine. More significantly, in the 2008 Obama election in North Carolina, more African Americans voted than white or others, demonstrating the absurdity of this propaganda.

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