Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) today released the House Majority’s 2012 alternative budget (link in PDF), which would cut trillions of dollars in federal spending over the next decade.

In preparing his budget, Ryan asked The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis to provide an economic analysis of his proposal (link in PDF). Appearing on today’s morning shows, Ryan summarized our findings.

Watch the video of his appearance this morning on CNBC:

In a Wall Street Journal column this morning, Ryan outlines Heritage’s analysis in more detail:

A study just released by the Heritage Center for Data Analysis projects that The Path to Prosperity will help create nearly one million new private-sector jobs next year, bring the unemployment rate down to 4% by 2015, and result in 2.5 million additional private-sector jobs in the last year of the decade. It spurs economic growth, with $1.5 trillion in additional real GDP over the decade. According to Heritage’s analysis, it would result in $1.1 trillion in higher wages and an average of $1,000 in additional family income each year.

Ryan’s plan tackles unsustainably high federal spending at a crucial point in American history. Absent reforms, runaway federal spending will soon consume more and more taxpayer money, potentially leading to economic crisis.

Under Ryan’s alternative budget, a better scenario lies ahead. In today’s Morning Bell, Heritage economist Alison Fraser, director of our Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, explains what the budget accomplishes:

No budget in decades has had the potential for so fundamentally improving the nation’s prosperity and restoring its vast promise. This is a monumental budget proposal for monumental times, and it opens a serious and necessary conversation about the future of our nation and its great legacy of freedom, opportunity, and self-government.

Update: Our experts have submitted additional information to Ryan’s staff to adjust projections of the budget’s employment effects.

What do you think about Paul Ryan’s proposed budget?

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Claire Vila - April 5, 2011

about time someone stands up for the people of this country! thank you Rep. Ryan!!

JW Culbertson - April 5, 2011

I whole heartedly approve of this. We have to act now or lose everything that generations have worked so hard to gain.

Don renner - April 5, 2011

I am all for the House passing Rep. Ryan’s budget bill….. however, it will likely take a different President (R)in 2012 along with about 10 more new Tea Party Senators in order to become law.

We need about 10 more like Rep. Ryan in the Senate to replace Democrats/”my friends across the aisle” Republicans.

Jack Watkins - April 5, 2011

Congratulations to Representative Ryan for his courage in bringing a budget proposal forward that tears into deficit spending and provides hope that America can pull out of the fiscal tail spin currently led by liberals and progressives.

Col Myron F. Curtis - April 5, 2011

Congressman Ryan’s new budget is great.
Time to really get tough with budget deficits.
Democrats will have a hard time arguing against the budget with anything that approaches factual truth.
They will certainly decry it a draconian and harmful but without giving examples and without offering an alternative.

Genevieve Clevenger - April 5, 2011

As a 66-year-old retiree on both Social Security and Medicare, I wholeheartedly approve of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, including changes to all entitlement programs to bring them to the point of sustainability. I, along with many in my age group, understand that these changes are necessary. My only comment is, as Glenn Reynolds says, “Faster please!”

Jeffrey Mangum - April 5, 2011

Way to go House Republicans! Keep up the pressure on the socialist and we will get some more help for you in the Senate in 2012. Don’t give an inch, because in spite of the MSM leftist tilt you have more Americans on your side.

You house republicans are making us conservatives very proud today!

Robert Sims - April 5, 2011

This is it! The first and essential step in restoring our great country. We must not fail. We must be strong and relentless. We must be the generation that restores our destiny. We can win. We must win. God’s speed America.

Laurnece J Witort - April 5, 2011

I love it. Perfect. Don’t change a thing.

james - April 5, 2011

Great idea… We must get this uncontrolled spending

Ellen Vermokowitz - April 5, 2011

A statesman at last! Keep it up. Don’t let America down, please. Thank you for having courage.

Yvonne Caldwell - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan’s budget bill is right on target. If the Republicans pull this off I may regain my faith in the party.Maybe our republic will survive.

Geo. Lovejoy - April 5, 2011

A lot of work and research has obviously gone into this proposal. I think it has more promise to return our economy and country to world leadership than anything I have yet seen! Super Job!!!

Barry Minnich - April 5, 2011

Congressman Ryan is brilliant and his budget is what our country desperately needs. We can only hope he decides to run for president.

Anthony Perinich - April 5, 2011

Keep strong and keep fighting. I have three grandchildren and 1 great grand daughter, and while I am 69 todays battles won’t effect me much, but it is necessary in my family is to have any kind of a life as we have had in this great country.
Thank you

Byron Crowell - April 5, 2011

I am so relieved that Rep. Ryan has re-framed the debate with this budget. I was literally despondent at the direction I thought the House Republicans were taking us based on their negotiations over the 2010 budget.

This is really wonderful and it’s got me and my family back on the bandwagon. Please don’t shy away from this. We have the facts and morality on our side in this fight. We MUST bring the country back from the fiscal cliff.

J C Alvey - April 5, 2011

This is great. This will make Obamo and Harry Reid and Pelosi look like the fools they are.

Mike Gabel - April 5, 2011

I thank Mr. Ryan for his effort and bold stroke here, and will advocate for the budget’s passage.

Mr. Ryan is confident that the American people are ready for this argument, ready to be treated like adults. I believe he is right regarding a majority of Americans, but we will need strong efforts to overcome a determined union leadership, a statist left wing and an all to compliant media.

I see Paul Ryan as the leader of the conservative movement; certainly, the most articulate. He is one person, of few, who is not intimidated by Obama, easily cleans Obama’s clock in debates, and who could defeat Obama in 2012.

vince - April 5, 2011

We need this budget passed as it reads. This is the a great test of republican will to save this country, we need this done now not later and include every single word of Paul Ryans budget proposal. Stand tall and be counted.

John Sherrick - April 5, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan-Your new budget sounds great. Thanks for having the courage to offer this. Its about time.

Pam Perkins - April 5, 2011

I am thrilled!

John - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan is brilliant. During the second half of G. W. Bush’s eight years, he and Senator Sununu put together the plan to reform and save Social Security. The president pushed the plan, which was ingenious and the dems demagogued it to death. They are not interested in fixing anything they have screwed up. Power and money is their goal and their only goal. I hope to God the American people are smarter this time and force the dems and Obama to support our country for change.

John H Ross - April 5, 2011

I say go for it! It does appear that we now have some people in Congress with “strong backbones” who are willing to take the necessary steps to reverse the trend of the past decade. Let us all give them the support they need. We, tegether, can do it.

Joan McDaniel - April 5, 2011

This young man has just developed one great piece of bill writing. His efforts have revived my spirits and my faith in the American Dream.

Lynne McDonell - April 5, 2011

Thank you for your boldness. As in home management it takes drastic cuts and the ability to say NO to spending. Why our government thinks it has to spend money like it does is beyond me and so wasteful. Amen to all the other comments too!!!

Barrett M. Lampp - April 5, 2011

It may stimulate enough interest to stir other’s to participate. If it doesn’t lead to radical and needed change, I believe Porter Stansberry’s predictions will rapidly occur, and it may be too late already, at least, to retain our role as the world’s currency? My prayer is that our Representatives will determine that they can become effective at representation and the American Voter has sense enough to recognize their courage!

Neal Bloomquist - April 5, 2011

Finally, someone with courage…go Ryan!

Dorrie Kasmar - April 5, 2011

I love it! We need heros like Ryan that will stand up for cutting spending, aka, government. It is a beginning. there is much to do to get us back to a country of independent people but we must decrease dependency on government.

johnny Shepherd sr - April 5, 2011

His budget should include abolishing the Department of Energy and Education including the IRS and going to a flat or fair tax. or at least end “withholding” a make people pay themselves every payday. A balance budget requirement. No Death taxes. give up on ethanol
repeal the 17th amendment and give the power back to the states. .

Diane L. Parry - April 5, 2011

I think it looks fantastic! Logical, yet creative. Our household is very supportive of this proposal.

Roger Loomis - April 5, 2011

This would be a great start for returning America to its former greatness. Thank You Rep. Ryan!!!!

Bill Cory - April 5, 2011

This is what we need. The nation — even the democrats — must be made to realize what a truly dire situation we are in. the only way to do that is to shine some light into the darkness of their befuddled minds. Sen. Ryan — Never Give In! Never … Never … Never!

Crystal Fleming - April 5, 2011

This is a no-nonsense approach and a real solution to the current economic crisis. Congress must address this NOW – before it is too late. Smaller more efficient Government, spending only revenue collected — not raising taxes to support reckless spending that cannot be sustained in any prospering economy! Restore conservative values in America so we can continue to be the Great Nation we’ve always been.

Jan Carr - April 5, 2011

Refreshing…to see a new set of eyes and attitudes in Washington. Agree with previous posts…will most likely take a different President and certainly some NEW Senators with like mindsets. Congrats to Rep Ryan and the Budget Committee for rolling up their sleeves to write a new page.

Dale, El Paso, TEXAS - April 5, 2011

I see something here that has not been in place for quite some time…LEADERSHIP! I applaud Rep. Ryan and I hope he and his colleagues continue to press hard against the Progressives in the Democrat Party. I also hope one day in the not very distant future to see this man’s name as the republican candidate for President of the United States. He will certainly get my vote!

Donald Hornbostel - April 5, 2011

This is what the last election was all about.

Marlene Angelo - April 5, 2011

Hearing this budget proposal give me hope for the future. With morale so low and expenses so high it is what I needed to hear and pray it will be put into effect. Senior citizens, I am one of them, need not be afraid of loosing our So. Security and we should encourage younger folks to believe in it. It is so much better than what Obama has done – or hasn’t done to the country. Congratulations to Rep. Ryan for taking the bull by the horns which needed to be done.

J.W. VanDer Sluis - April 5, 2011

Budgets are fluid to say the least and are always based on a set of assumptions. Understanding the assumptions used and minor effects of these can have major impact on final results. With that said at least we would have a “Budget”. It is encourageing to read the remarks from Genevieve Clevenger a 66 year old retire. There is a natual “human” tendancy as we age to not care…the I just want to slide out routine don’t bother me with it attitude. We need all “Americans” and I mean ‘all” older, younger and middle aged Americans to care and have a willingness to scafirice. The Burden can not just be borne by the wealthiest amoung us but must be sholder by “all” Americans. The need for “entitlement” reform is needed after 40 plus years of expanding “entitlements” and not paying for them or at best grossly underfunding them. My hope is that after the 40 plus years we have finally truely come to a point where we will face the enemy of passive ingnorance and have the strength and courage to actually and finally choose the harder rigtht over the easier wrong !
Very kindly submitted with encouragement to all,
I am yours,
J.W. VanDer Sluis

Sofie Kellogg - April 5, 2011

Thank you, Representative Ryan, for having the courage to bring this budget proposal forward. You and your fellow Real Republicans are doing the job we conservatives sent you to DC to do. Rino Republicans, take note…..get behind this budget. And you Democrats who say you love America, here is a chance to prove it!. God Bless America.

Gary Gann - April 5, 2011

Thank GOD, I finally see some leadership in Washington. He’s someone I would vote for president. Our country is in dire straits and it’s time we make some tough decisions.

Howard L Schwend - April 5, 2011

great wisdom
great stewardship
great “gonies”
saving the republic and ensuring the prosperity of our grand children
great opening to the 2012 campaign
thanx for finally coming forward with the courage and character needed in governing the Republic

Jack Carlsen - April 5, 2011

What about Social Security? We need to raise the age. Should people take out more than they put in?

Bill Miller - April 5, 2011

Kudos to Mr. Ryan. Now it is time for the rest of the conservatives (and not so conservatives) in both the house and the senate to get on the same page as Patriot Ryan.

Anne Barrett - April 5, 2011

I trust Congress will stand its ground to get this budget passed. It is difficult for me to understand those who think we can go on spending over and above our income. Our country and our grandchildren’s lives are at stake. We can wait no longer to take action.

Becky - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan is my hero!!!

Calvin Willis - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan for President.

Well, maybe later. But he is definitely right about the budget.
Step 1) Pass it in the House, and send it to the Senate to get those clowns on record (as if that’s necessary again)

Step 2) Pass it in the Senate under conservative control after the 2012 election.

Step 3) A conservative President will sign it in 2013.

Step 4) Keep fighting to shrink government and the deficit in the meantime.

Thanks you, Rep Ryan.

Lesley Sand - April 5, 2011

It is about time that cuts were proposed that can actually make a difference. However, it seems that a large majority of our senators are not serious about making the necessary cuts to get our country back to financial prosperity. If we can’t get this passed this year; it will be time to change more seats to make it happen. I am tired of the politics, and the only thing that the politicians care about is getting re-elected. I hope that the citizens of this country wake up and realize that our country is changing; but not for the better.

Tom Trout - April 5, 2011

I think we need his budget proposal.
I don’t think we ought to back down.. This will put us on the right track to solving our defecit problem..

Please pass this on to Bob Latta..Vote YES!!!

Jeanette D. Tornga - April 5, 2011

Rep. Ryan’s budget bill is an intelligent, workable solution to the debt reduction and prosperity of the United States of America. Obviously, he cares about very much about the success of the American people of the United States.

Jan Tornga – April 5, 2011

R.S. H - April 5, 2011

Thanks Mr. Ryan. However I believe it to be too little too late.

Laura Litterine - April 5, 2011

Now, here is the hope and change we really need!!! Finally a representative who is serious about getting our country back to fiscal and personal responsibility. What we need is 100 more like him! Way to go!!!

John Demello - April 5, 2011

Congressman Ryan is the type of person this Country and Congress in particular needs many more of. I am in complete support of this budget and saving our childrens future. I do however believe that none of this will happen as long as Obama is POTUS. The man knows nothing except how to waste taxpayer dollars and destroy the America as we know along the way!

Richard Eccles - April 5, 2011

I like his proposal to reduce governement spending. I urge congtressional republicans to go for the greatest cuts in governement spending, now! Do not comprimise with the democrats as they will try to water down the cuts even more if the Republicans cave in. The fight is now, not down the road. I hope they do not settle for piecemeal cuts in hope that they will attain larger ones in the future when Republicans control the
I like Paul Ryan’s proposed budget. Go for it . Ask for the largest amount to reduce the deficit, Don’t comprimise with the Democrats. If the Republicans cave the Democrats will ask for fewer cuts. The fight is now, not down the road when Republicans control the White House and possibly the Senate. Press forward and be firm in your resolve to change the course of the direction this country is facing.

White House in 2012

Arthur G. Christean - April 5, 2011

Absolutely great. Hope Heritage can help Rep Ryan combat the the liberal media spin that is sure to follow.

Jeff Finney - April 5, 2011

Thank you for your wisdom and courage Representative Ryan! I hope the GOP leadership and the Conservative Tea Party movement will unite and fight for this to make it happen- this is the start of a huge battle we cannot afford to lose leading up to 2012 when we take our country back!

All Erhart - April 5, 2011

Finally someone with enough courage to Lead this Country from the Brink of Disaster. Great job Paul and thanks for your vision and hard work.

A senior citizen

William Inman - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan, is absolutely on target. Now we all need to get behind him and give him our support.

Tom & Sharon - April 5, 2011

Being retired military ond on SS we expect to have a little pain as we get out of this mess that we are leaving for out kids and grandchildren. Lets do it and maintain our status as great country – that is being strong via our economy, military and morals. Congratulation to Rep. Ryan for really caring about the country and its people.

Robert Bigham - April 5, 2011

Excellent…I approve of this plan.

Kanith Stone - April 5, 2011

This is the greatest statement of responsible government that I have seen in the current political atmosphere.

May God help Ryan and the rest of the House to adopt this resolution.

Bruce A. Frank - April 5, 2011

As a 63 forced retiree (unemployed) I am NOT on Social Security, nor Medicare. My wife and I have saved all our lives in preparation for retirement. We have our own healthcare insurance. We have another insurance policy to pay for the eventual nursing home. We have a 401K plan and invest heavily in the stock market, gold, silver, oil and several years of food storage. We have solar to make us independent of the electric grid and a wood stove to get us by, if it becomes necessary (as global cooling takes hold) in the mild CA environment. Our intent is to stay below the radar as much as possible. Government, keep your SS and job-killing Obamacare. Leave us alone. Leave our EARNED money alone. The Honorable Paul Ryan’s budget will go a long way in keeping my wife and me alive and self-sufficient for the rest of our lives. Lives not shortened by excessive taxation and the imposition of the death advisory councils mandated by Obamacare.

C D Glass - April 5, 2011

FINALLY, it’s about time that SOMEONE stepped forward to propose a solution that attempts to solve the real problem. I’m tired of politicians talking about 33B and 61B, when the problem is with a T, not a B. And I’m tired of the Resident of the White House ducking the issue. That’s not leadership. It’s time for those who oppose such bold action to make equally drastic proposals. It’s “put up or shut up” time.

John Ruthven - April 5, 2011

It’s certainly about time someone has stepped forward to plan the cuts necessary to save our country. Rep. Ryan’s budget bill needs backing by everyone in the Congress and Senate who have the interests of future Americans in the forefront.
Let’s hear it for Congressman Paul Ryan!

Marjorie - April 5, 2011

Thank you brave Representative Paul Ryan. You have shown courage and honor for our country. We need to hold fast and stick to our proposal of cutting taxes. May God grant this for us all and we pray for continued courage and stability for Paul and his fellow statesmen.

Barry Muldrey Sr - April 5, 2011

Thanks and congratulations to Representative Paul Ryan! If we can find MANY more like him, we have a chance to save our Republic! Keep up the good work. We, the real American people, depend on you!

Terri Berglund - April 5, 2011

I may be prejudiced, since he is my Congressman, but this is what we need to fix so many problems that our country is facing.

Charlene Giguere - April 5, 2011

I agree with Representative Ryan’s budget bill and hope that the house and senate pass this bill without any or few changes. It is time that the country gets serious about reducing the defiicit.

Patricia Oliver - April 5, 2011

Representative Ryan is to be commended for an excellent budget plan at a very dangerous time for our country. He has put the people’s business at the forefront when the future of our children and grand children depends on good governance and fiscal discipline.

James Marker - April 5, 2011

Impeach and imprison Obama, exile his czars and elect Ryan.

William Casey - April 5, 2011

Right on! Great work and long overdue.

Susan D. Haines - April 5, 2011

An economic plan that reflects common sense and truth.
Thank you Rep. Ryan !

rowley - April 5, 2011

Ryan budget tops. It must be passed in toto.
However, we will never recover economically until Obamacare is repealed in it’s entirety.
Ryan budget proves at least one member of Congress has wisdom and common sense.

Milton Burford - April 5, 2011

Lots of good ideas in the Paul Ryan budget… However, am I reading it right, that there will continue to be, year after year, deficits in the hundreds of millions of dollars? If so the proposal has not gone far enough.

Here are some additions and thoughts some of which coincide with the proposal

25% Tax/Tariff on all good imported from China and other far Eastern Countries. Receipts use to increase (not totally pay for) reductions in the national debt.

Impose a fee on all US companies for every non US citizen employee they hire in foreign countries that perform work for that company at a rate of $10,000.00 per person. When I hear an Indian from Calcutta telling me how to adjust my computer, that person should be a $10,000 fee the company pays the government. There are tons of examples.

Forced budget in cuts in the amount of $400 Billion in the 2011 budget proposal, not $61Billion as proposed by the Republicans and the even paltrier $31Billion as proposed by the Democrats.

Takes a 5% hit on all federal government retirement and yes, Medicare (potential suicide). That should also grow the value of the dollar.

All funds paid into Social Security go to a Social Security reserve account which prohibits other uses. Raise the Social Security tax 1.5%.

De-fund Obama Care and in addition, kill it with legislation. Let Obama Veto it, keep killing it and don’t fund it.

Stop the expenditure of funds snuck into the legislation on Obama care.

Start talking in terms of a 600 ship navy, not the diluted Navy we have to day at less than 280 ships. Do you think these numbers are pulled out of a hat?

No medical payments via any vehicle that comes from the federal budget for illegal aliens.

Initiate a deportation program and get serious about keeping illegals out of this country. Initiate a deportation of all harden criminals in US prisons to their own homeland after you have secured the boarder.

Establish the intelligence to locate drug “nests” and begin preemptive strikes into Mexico and destroy such “nests.”

Put limits on Doctors liabilities for being sued by attorney/clients for medical practice and follow up with standards, not requirements, for medical exams, and testing…

Stop allowing some really stupid tests such as Bone Density Scans. What lunacy. And, I’ve seen it done on a 90 year old woman.

OH by the way, as a former Federal Employee, I worked for years when the shoe was on the other foot, i.e. the private sector was paid considerably more than the Federal Sector. I almost have to smile at the reversal… By the way a lot of the reversal is due to these fruit cake projects which went berserk in terms of pay for performance and reducing the pay caps of alternating GS/GM levels.

A federal pay freeze through 2015…… I’m not sure that will work. It’s liable to come back and bite…

I pay about a $1000 on Medicare every year.. I also pay about $4800 on my retired health insurance (GEHA) every year….. WHY IS MEDICARE MY PRIMARY INSURANCE….?

Medicare insurance is too cheap.

Mary Kay Palmer - April 5, 2011

Bold and necessary. Finally a credible proposal that can put us back on track. We need to collectively show our support. This is the most viable budget to return America to the country we love and for which we are so proud.

P Johnson - April 5, 2011

In many ways a fabulous improvement over previous RINO budgets, yet it already seems to have offered too many compromised — albeit rational — approaches that our Dear Leader will assume are ‘starting points’ for negotiation. It may have offered up too much, too soon.

Jane Luhr - April 5, 2011

I like it and hope it passes. We need strong reforms in this broken system. I like the “No Earmarks” as I believe that Earmarks are just a different way of saying “Bribes”.
Our government works for us, not the other way around.
Go Paul Ryan!!

hugh donlan - April 5, 2011

i can’t think of a better plan. we need someone like him as our conservative candidate for pres. i hope we can get at least 50% of what he is proposing. i’d like it all, but, realisticly, we can’t expect it all till we get control of the senate and the whitehouse.

Jim Riordan - April 5, 2011

I am pleased to see someone finally addressing the problem in clear, unambiguous terms. We now need to honestly explain to the American public that the total Federal debt far exceeds the 14 or so trillion that everyone is referring to. We need to capture all of the obligations, funded and unfunded, and show that to the American public so they will finally realize that that sum can never be paid back. A sad but true statement.

Bill James - April 5, 2011

I’m encouraged to hear it and definitely approve. I’m sick of all the maneuvers that have been tried in order to get around what we must do to save our country.

Gerald Stenstrom - April 5, 2011

Thank you Rep Ryan, finally someone with some common sense. This is what we need….this is what our representatives should be about…

Thomas W. Hutchinson - April 5, 2011

I think it is a GREAT start. I am so happy to finally see someone come forward who is a leader putting out a rational and reasonable plan to start getting this great country of ours back on track and headed in the right direction!

Kathleen - April 5, 2011

A true hero. We need more like him in Congress and I’m talking about Republicans!!

jennifer bollinger - April 5, 2011

Wow. Is this for real? This is something I would do. That never happens in Washington. What’s going on over there?

Dana Postiglione - April 5, 2011

I first heard Paul Ryan speak at the “Healthcare Summit” and he was the only politician who addressed the issues of cutting cost in our health care system and explained clearly why the Obama Healthcare Plan would not cut cost. He truly has a firm grip on defining the problems and solving them. Paul Ryan did not waste time spouting the same partisan comments with his few minutes at the summit. I truly believe our country has a great leader in Paul Ryan as well as a great mind.

WA Miller - April 5, 2011

I’m sure Ryan has a great bill, but what an anticipation let down! I was expecting to hear something specific and exciting. The short interview was just more talking points that could have been lifted from hundreds of other political blah blahs! Let’s hear some specifics..”where’s the beef”???

Neil Greiling - April 5, 2011

About time!! Neil Greiling

Mike Nussman - April 5, 2011

Rep. Ryan is brilliant and articulate. It is clear that he understands the financial cliff we are about to go over. Because he is so smart and his arguments and plans are logical and virtually irrefutable; we must carefully watch for the personal attacks and demonizing the dems are planning for Rep. Ryan. They can’t beat him on a level intellectual playing so they have to (in their usual style) resort to personal attacks. We must support him as should the entire republican/conservative folks.

J Hattan - April 5, 2011

A leader with guts. Great job and it is about time. Hopefully you can pound sense into the pasty Republicans who don’t get it. The Dems never will.

Joseph Whtney - April 5, 2011

Its not enough,he is a joke, and a bad one at that

Barb Harrison - April 5, 2011

We are all for this budget. It won’t correct every problem, but it will go a long way to get us back on track and reduce our deficit spending. We MUST do some painful cutting if we are to save our country. If we crumble financially, we will have no country to leave to our descendents and America as we knew it will be gone forever. If the Conservatives have the strength to stick to their principles, our country can be saved.

Peter T. Koch - April 5, 2011

This is the proposal we have all been waiting for. It is definitely what is needed now!! This will be demagoged by the Democrats but the Republicans cannot waiver. this is eaxctly what the voters were voting for last November.
Keep it going!!

Bob Armbruster - April 5, 2011

It looks great. It took a lot of courage to do this and will take much determination in the legislative process.

Barbara Bell - April 5, 2011

This is a thoughtful, worakable proposed budget. What has got me fired up, angry, is the way the White House, Reid/Polosi are twisted it using the same old cliches…. They area the ones that truly are doing harm to our country with their tired, old blatter, so much so don’t know if we can recover if they continue.

Bob Tropfenbaum - April 5, 2011

Great next step. If we don’t do this, or something even more aggressive, and do it quickly, people are not going to believe how bad things will get in this country.

Jim Logbeck - April 5, 2011

.Right on Ryan!
It is time that someone in Congress has the ability, the intelligence, and the intestinal fortitude to formulate a plan that will save this country from disaster.
Congressman Ryan has done it. All Americans need to put pressure on their own Senators and Congressman to sign on to this task. It will affect every one of us in some way, but whatever that effect is; it will in the end benefit us all. I know that the ultra left will do everything to stop this, as they derive thier power from give away programs mostly for the poor. Those left wing policies have effectively enslaved many Americans who don’t marry, don’t work, and don’t learn because they fear losing thier income which is all derived from the federal chest.
We now are on the verge of bankruptcy as a country, there will be no one to save us, as we have saved others, so we must save ourselves, Ryan’s plan will put us on that trail. Thank You Congressman. Lets help him folks.

James Fry III - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan should be the face and voice of the Republicans until the next election and beyond!

Dave Cavena - April 5, 2011

Ryan’s budget is a good start. He needs to get the GOP on-board before trying to get the anti-American party to pay attention, though. As long as the Dems can say even the GOP is not united, it won’t stand a chance.

The GOP better figure out real soon why we just gave them this majority – it was NOT to continue to spend; it was to take a scorched-earth approach to the entire budget and get it under control responsibly with free market policies and ideas.

And if the GOP won’t do that they will be REPLACED with the Tea Party.

It’s up to the Congressional GOP: Fix the problem or we’ll send YOU home next.

Maureen Briskar - April 5, 2011

Sure hope we can get this passed. It is important that American stays strong. The world needs a “good” leader, and in order to continue to do this we have got to get our fical house in order.

Boyd McFatter - April 5, 2011

It is about time someone in Congress has common sense – it sets up the battle for the next presidential election!

Darren Sonderman - April 5, 2011

This is a rational, realistic and achievable Bill, which is good for America and not geared toward perpetuating the goals of self-absorbed, entrenched politicians. Small sacrifices by all can achieve prosperity for America. Maintaining our current direction will destroy us all, liberals and conservatives alike.

Shirley Sweeney - April 5, 2011

I like it alot – stick to it – don’t give in, please.

ron hey - April 5, 2011

Make it happen!
I already wrote my congressman to support it!
We need a few more like Mr. Ryan

Valerie McCarney - April 5, 2011

I think it is great !!

Jane MacFarland - April 5, 2011

Finally a republican who is willing to go bold and challenge the democrats to rebuff him with their usual “you are killing seniors and children”. That used to work and republicans were scared to death of the media. What a breath of fresh air!

ElizabethWilson - April 5, 2011

For all of us whose ancestors fought and suffered for this wonderful country to br a beacon for all freedom seekers, thank you for Rep. Ryan and his honesty and bravery.May the same God who protected George Washinton and his troops put a light around him and you who are fighting the world=wide internet communism.

Paulette - April 5, 2011

I cheer Congressman Ryan on at every opportunity! It is time we recognized an intelligent and workable solution to our spending disaster. It is a wonderful start at returning our nation to a prosperous home of individual liberty. All supporters must educate on the problem and the benefit of this initial action to reform. We need an individual of Paul Ryan’s stature to defeat the rising Progressive left under Obama.

Kirby Simmons - April 5, 2011

Outstanding work!! Please STOP the insane spending in Washington. The Government has been wasting money for too many years. Keep up the great work and DO NOT stop pressing for the cuts!

Nancy Yeager - April 5, 2011

Thank God in Heaven for reps like Paul Ryan who still believes in the American way and our ability to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in our own way, in our own time, as individuals. ENOUGH of government control through subsidizing everything. Let us be! We will survive because we are the offspring of the survivors from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s! Let us thrive without being under the thumb of government control and influence of those who cannot take care of themselves. Rules, yes. Regulated to death….no! Subsidized..not as a lifestyle. Be proud of your ability to take care of yourself and your family without being ‘carried’. Get back to basics.

E. Caldwell - April 5, 2011

This budget plan is long overdue, and those of us who support it and its authors need to be supportive of these cuts. It is incomprehensible that President Obama appointed the debt commission and then completely ignored the result.

Robert C Lanman - April 5, 2011

I have watched this government’s attack on our constitutional form of government since the Great Society of Johnson. It has been a progressive destruction of everything I lovbe about thjis country. I hope I live long enough to see the end of big government, the rebirthy of the states to govern themselves and the return to sanity in DC.

jeff smith - April 5, 2011

It’s about time someone got serious with budget cuts. Thank you Rep. Ryan!

Jim Stoddard - April 5, 2011

Ryan. like Reagan, understands that clear, direct, principled, factual statements are the foundation of leadership.

David Miller - April 5, 2011

Gutsy and setting a good course for today and in the future. Clone Rep. Ryan!

Sue Bican - April 5, 2011

Greetings from the nearly frozen tundra of MN! I love Paul Ryan’s plan, and I encourage him along with Republicans not to back down no matter what on this strategic plan to get our country back on track. This is brilliant! I would also add this: #1 All federally owned lands minus long existing national parks, must be sold – back to Americans to whom it belongs, so that it may be mined, drilled, farmed, recreated and lived on. The sale of these lands would definitely put the k-bosh on the Wildlands Project, (Agenda 21) and would give America back the land She needs for oil, coal, natural gas, and other natural essentials, so that America may be completely dependent free from foreign oil. Our government has long been purposely hamstringing us, and we know why- it’s all about ‘control.’ Oil has now become a national security issue, hasn’t it? This is a no brainer. The sale of lands would certainly help pay down our debt our government has gotten us in to by their flagrant disregard for limited government- mocking and ponzi scheming their way for years using hard earned tax payers money! The time to stop the insanity is now!
#2. The Federal Reserve must be dissolved immediately! We must make this a top priority. Just think if we didn’t have this nasty entity our government is tied in to, our country would not be in the mess that it is in!
#3 Corporate chronyism must cease as well as professional lobbyists- including once politicians – ever from being a lobbyist- this is one way to get a leash on corruption!
Yours in freedom,
Sue Bican Co-Chair and Co-Founder Mille Lacs Tea Party Patriots

Ron Johnson - April 5, 2011

CUT!!! CUT!!! CUT!!!

Doris Strouse - April 5, 2011

It is certainly about time that someone had the courage to present a budget that will help this country get out of the financial morass it is in. Thank you for your courage & committment, Rep. Ryan!

Bill Cavage - April 5, 2011

This is a great start. We still must tackel all the waste and size of the Government.

Paul Roberts - April 5, 2011

I fully support Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget bill. We need leaders who will bring the fiscal house of America in order.

Terry Darakis - April 5, 2011

God bless you Congressman Ryan… hang tough! I am beaming with American pride tonight…

Now let the rest of the Congress get some spine and back him as he stands up for this great country. Take the country back boys! Take it back while we still have breath to breathe and stand for what is right. God Bless America and the brave souls (and we know there are many) like Congressman Ryan.

Kathleen Sallah - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan is GREAT! Let’s support him as the left have already started the DEMONIZING!

Chuck Keltch - April 5, 2011

I am for passing Paul Ryan’s Bill as is. Its nice to have a Congressman with some back bone to make the tough choices.

Darin Alvord - April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan has proposed a budget that our current national fiscal situation requires in order truly to fix the Democrat idiocy of the recent past; and the liberal ideology of the past 70 years. His budget proposal has shifted the debate. Excellent. Now watch the demagoguery begin.

Bob Petrella - April 5, 2011

I love this budget and pray that somehow it will get put into Law some day. But lets be honest its never going to ever get passed into law with this Regime in power. Unless we elect a true conservative in the whitehouse and take over the senate it will never make it to law. I don’t even trust a RINO President to pass it if elected.
Its an awesome Bill though.

Blake Perry - April 5, 2011

I like Ryan’s budget prop. I can get very specific with program and agency reductions and eliminations. We could save a little more money and reestablish a lot more liberty.

Steven Sass - April 5, 2011

I think this is a GREAT proposal, although I hope MORE cuts occur both after these are implemented and even as it is implemented. As a FORMER strong supporter of the Libertarian Party, I find their OBJECTIONS typical unrealistic talk that does much harm and little good. We CAN NOT move immediately from what is happening now to an end goal of government at 5 or 10% of the economy — there are too many parts of the current system and too many feeding at the government spicet to thing one can JUMP to the ideal all at once. I for one, thank the Congressman for his praxctical proposal

Kerry Nipp - April 5, 2011

I think it’s time someone in government stood up and make the hard choices and stand their ground! listen to the people of our Great nation when they speak, and do what they were elected to do, represent them!

Lori - April 5, 2011

Thank-you Paul Ryan for providing vital leadership and direction! I strongly approve of this bill and will promote its’ passage!

Tom Moxley - April 5, 2011

GREAT! Do not accept any watering-down by the Senate.

Jan Smith - April 5, 2011

Finally….a sensible, proposal based on facts and common sense by a mature man who loves this country.

Wayne Holley - April 5, 2011

Thank you for taking a stand for “we the people”. Stand by your principles and don’t allow the “establishment republicans”, ie McCain, Lindsey Graham, et al,, sway you from your stated goal.

Walter D.Gaisford M.D. - April 5, 2011

Congressman Ryan is right on ! Congratulations!
His budget proposal is what this country must follow to return America to the great economic leader of the world it used to be before and what it should be to foster true freedom and eliminate government tyranny that our President is purposely fostering… We need more true Patriots with the courage of Representative Ryan to truly represent the people of the United States of America.

Fred Guard - April 5, 2011

It should have been enacted a long time ago.

Wendy Amendola - April 5, 2011

I approve wholeheartedly of Paul Ryan’s proposal. We need to have a bold and firm stand if we are going to make any progress toward reducing our debt. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and future generations. Thx Heritage for the part you play in our conservative politics. We appreciate all the hard work done by your staff to bring us the facts and the solutions. I know Mr. Ryan was assisted greatly by your organization.

Louis Bonin - April 5, 2011

The budget sounds great and just what we need to get this uncontrolled spending in check.

Keep up the good work.

Rick Bos - April 5, 2011

Conressman Ryan is “spot on” with his assessments, and it is about time someone in Washington stands up for what is good and right for the country. He is exactly right about the moral decline in this great and exceptional country weakening it and it is offensive to me to see the way the liberals are trying to buy off the American people and increase their dependency on government for the answer to everything. We should be (and were) a country of shakers and movers, but we are increasingly becomming a country of loungers and takers, and the trend is appalling. Kuddos to Representative Ryan and those with the courage to stand with him.

Louis Wilson - April 5, 2011

Representative Ryan’s budget proposal lands where the rubber meets the road. It is so right on. We, the House, Republican supporters, Tea Party members and other clear thinkers must marshall every effort to see the proposed budget substantially installed. This is no time for half measures. Praise the Lord for Representative Ryan and his vision.

Annette Ryder - April 5, 2011

BRILLIANT!!! Thank God for real men, real statesman, real leaders! Thank you, Rep. Ryan and company!

Elizabeth Maslanka - April 5, 2011

I salute Rep. Ryan’s courage. We need more statesmen like him.

Von - April 5, 2011

Hurrah, good going,, fantastik, great, brilliant, fabulous, wonderful, super, terrific, stupendous. THANK YOU Rep. RYAN, it’s a great start to fiscal responsibility.

Lucy Brown - April 5, 2011

Very impressed and back him 100%. Saw this on Chris Wallace Sunday AM, too! BRAVO! great start in the right direction! Let’s back him and get this country back on the right track for a positive change! Proud of Ryan’s courage and convictions!

Joseph F. Blasi - April 5, 2011

It’s about time someone is taking our over inflated Government to task.It doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat. What matters is we get our fiscal house under control,and reduce the Governments role and size much like our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Constitution! It was written to prevent the very thing that has played out over the last five administrations. Achieving fiscal solvency is not possible without some pain suffered by everyone.

Frank Dallahan - April 5, 2011

Isn’t it remarkable that another young man from the mid-west with focus and excellent persuasive communication skills was able to work with others to craft and present a plan that addresses both opportunities and fixes problems of long standing duration. Oh, that he were the one in the White House now!

Helen Spingola - April 5, 2011

Rep. Ryan is to be commended for his budget bill. He is a
leader in this and we need more like him! Go Paul!

Connie Egger - April 5, 2011

Thank you for telling the truth so simply and plainly so citizens can understand we can not go on increasing the debt which will destroy our country. I agree completely!!!! Continue to stand!!!! You will be in my prayers.

Stephen Fox - April 5, 2011

I actually experience a glimmer of optimism about America’s future in reading about this plan. I can only imagine how it will be dismissed by the most anti-american president in America’s history (and his lap-dog media).

Ed Cerny3 - April 5, 2011

It is a sign of sanity in the DC not seen since Ronald Reagan; but only a first step to recovery. We will not recover until we learn that government may not force one man to pay another man’s personal bills, especially a federal government under our Constitution.

Fred Wiegleb - April 5, 2011

This is a very gutsy move and I hope it will be an inspiration to the rest of the Republican caucus to join Representative Ryan to stand for the people and the Constitution. We need more Conservative Representatives like Paul Ryan, an intelligent man who stands up and fights for his principles.

William Hughes - April 5, 2011

someone once said, when Obama walks into a room, one thing is for certain. He is the least qualified of anyone in that room. This video, goes to prove that point…

Greg Hines - April 5, 2011

A very big step in the right direction. Our country is headed down the path of financial slavery if we don’t wake up soon. To most Representative Ryan’s proposals will be seen as shear lunacy until one arms themselves with the facts. My only real negative is that after getting through the shock and awe of the text, it is a light on the details. These will have to be filled in before the approach becomes diluted.

It’s a good first step, a good rallying point. The next step is to contact your individual Congressmen and give them your opinion. One person’s voice, even a Congressmen, is barely audible, but millions of voices in unison will be heard – even by Obama himself.

Barbara Douglas - April 5, 2011

I had printed out Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for the Future last year when that came out. I am so glad to finally have a chairman of the Budget Committee who is committed to getting spending under control, eliminating major parts of the federal government, and building the economy. This is in direct contrast to what Obama wants to create which would destroy us. I think, hopefully, this time the Democratic Party will not be able to demagog the Republicans and accuse them of
“forcing senior citizens to eat dog food”. I’m a senior citizen (72) and I understand completely what Congressman Ryan is trying to do and, also, that anyone over 55 will not have any changes made to their Social Security and Medicare. Both my husband and I are still working and we have also saved for our retirement besides putting 2 kids through college and they had no school debt when they finished. The Republicans have to make very clear on an ongoing basis the true nature of this plan so it is not misunderstood or they will face defeat in 2012.

Svend Hoyer-Nielsen - April 5, 2011

Good job, Mr. Ryan. Finally, the Republicans are putting forward THEIR plan, instead of just knocking the opposition. I think we have a winner here.

Robert Thompson - April 5, 2011

This is the most sensible thing to come out of Congress in decades. It demonstrates true leadership not evidenced in either Government branch for a long, long time. It uses CBO estimates and appears to be in concert with Heritage Foundation’s basic principles. Excellent

Truman Trekell - April 5, 2011

If it includes the defunding of Planned Parenthood and
the NPR, it’s darn near perfect. No extension of debt

jim bonk - April 5, 2011

What has taken so long for some good common sense budget management to come to DC…I was a manager at Chrysler in 1980, part of the the Lee Iacocca ‘Turn Around Team, and the first thing we did to save the company was ” Put Everything on the Tablle”…, there were no bad ideas and no exemptions.LETS ROLL!!

Sandra Driscoll - April 5, 2011

A brave necessary step forward..I hope both sides of the aisle recognize that Congress must pass this budget. More debt will further handicap our country.

Vickey Austin - April 5, 2011

I agree, Rep. Ryan!!! The U.S. government is trillions of dollars in debt, they MUST cut trillions from the budget. This should be cut from the real budget, not from some inflated proposed budget. As a senior citizen, I assure you I will not starve.

E J Pelka - April 6, 2011

I would like to see “bullet” list of the key provisions of the proposed budget, along with the issues addressed by each, and the anticipated savings.

John Lawrey - April 6, 2011

Let me see if I got this right. Budget for 2012 is listed at 3.73 Trillion dollars. Now Rep. Ryan is going to put in a bill that appears to achieve 5.8 Trillion Dollars in cuts over 10 years. Here is where I have a problem, we see 3.73 x 10 years = 37.3 Trillion dollars over 10 years and they only manage to cut it 5.8 Trillion dollars. So that means instead of spending 37.3 Trillion we spend 31.5 Trillion dollars. That means on average the budget went from 3.73 trillion dollars to 3.15 trillion dollars. This is a reduction in the budget of about 15.5%, but it does not even meet what the republicans said they would do. First they said they would move the budget back to 2008 levels. That would be a budget of about 2.5 Trillion dollars. Now if you use 2.5 Trillion over 10 years you get a total spending of 25 Trillion dollars. Thats at least 6.5 Trillion less that Rep. Ryans current proposal. Don’t get me wrong though Ryans proposal is fairly amazing but its no where near enough to even give this economy a chance to survive the rest of this year alone.

I will be the first to say this is the first budget I’ve seen with any real cuts. Its amazing but then again it is still not passed yet. So far that means its just smoke and mirrors and good feeling time, but nothing else.

Now as good as Rep. Ryans budget bill is, it has no hope of creating the jobs they say it will create. There are fundamental flaws going on here. First the rate of debt gain is what must be reigned in. So far there is nothing in this budget that actually does that despite all the cuts. From CBO’s own numbers right now we are borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spend. That means in order to cut the debt growth you must cut 40% of the budget at a minimum. That would be a cut on the 3.73 Trillion dollar budget of 1.492 Trillion dollars to have a budget of 2.238 Trillion dollars. Therefore over 10 years that would mean we spend 22.38 Trillion dollars. This means from 37.3 trillion we cut to 22.38 trillion which would save 15.08 Trillion dollars. Anyone see a big difference here? The budget Rep Ryan has proposed will never reduce the debt. It simply does not cut enough from the budget. By every analysis I have done of the housing, and manufacturing side of our economy, its on deaths door and is simply waiting for the end. I’m afraid very few folks actually realize just how bad things are yet. But by the time this summer is half over you will start to understand just how bad things really are and how bad they are going to get. Keep in mind to make sure there is no debt growth, we have to put the budget even lower than the 2008 budget was (2.5 Trillion down to 2.238 Trillion). If the debt continues to grow, nothing is going to change and I’m afraid there is not enough time left to this economy to let things go out well beyond 10 years. In fact we have to cut debt growth to 0 or the economy wont get to the end of this year. So a much as I like this budget proposal its not good enough in the condition we find ourselves in. 3-4 years back it would have worked. But now its going to fail and our economy will come to an end. When it does the dollar wont be worth enough to buy a single nut from a can of nuts and that will be it.

Robert Paulson - April 6, 2011

This is the first understandable and sensible approach to come from Congress in years. I hope the Democrats are smart enough to recognize it and agree with the proposed budget.

Marty Bledsoe - April 6, 2011

This is the most encouraging news we have had on our economic horizon in a very long time. The genius is in the practical improvement on our future economic tragectory and its disabling capabilities to those who would destroy our current and future prosperity.

Louie Baker - April 6, 2011

Fantastic, if his proposal is only 50% enacted, it’s a great start!

John H. - April 6, 2011

I hope the Republicans in Congress have the courage to remain steadfast behind Ryan.

Jeffrey Harris - April 6, 2011

thank you Congressman Ryan, you have a major majority of the nation behind you. Keep up the good fight!

David L. Van Tassell - April 6, 2011

I believe the cutting of spending should be doubled so as to eliminate even more of our debt. THERE BEST BE NO COMPRIMISE WITH ANYONE, ANYONE, ON THIS PROPOSED BUDGET.

Lloyd Baldwin - April 6, 2011

Congratulations to Representative Ryan and the voters who will support him. The New Budgets and New Congressional mandates must control the Federal Government and get it out of everything that can be done by the Individual, Families, Cities, Towns and States in that order. Free-Enterprise Businesses must be allowed to competitively provide everything that is not specifically constitutionally mandated to Governments. Individual Freedom is not possible without this. The Constitution must be enforced as the founders envisioned.

Anita Foelsch - April 6, 2011

YEA! At last a plan to start moving this country around. I know this will most likely stall until we can win more support in the 2012 election, but we are at last starting this debate in a meaningful way!

June M. Hawkins - April 6, 2011

Hooray for Paul Ryan…I hope to see him someday run for president. He has courage and is young enough to know that his and his children’s futures are seriously at risk with the spending and debt we are incurring. I am a retired police officer, receive a decent pension but not yet social security. I would give up some of my pension, and soc sec to save my son and nieces and nephews and grandchildren from the slavery they face from China. I am also an active Tea Party member. Lets recruit Chris Christie and Paul Ryan for candidacy for 2012!!!

Steve Edmunds - April 6, 2011

It’s now or never.We need to keep this proposal very clear for the American public—because we know the media and the current administration will distort it’s meaning.

Dave Zander - April 6, 2011

One last chance! I love everything about is budget proposal, but question is legislators on both sides of the aisle have the courage to do what is right! If we don’t tackle our budgetary problems real soon we will see inflation that far surpasses anything we’ve seen before and we will see the United States default on its debt taking the entire economy along with it! As I said before ONE LAST CHANCE…………

vic smiles - April 6, 2011

it’s about time. go baby ! don;t pussy foot around ‘the tea party is behind you ! keep your eye on mcconell i don’t trust him for second! thanks

Mary C. Abell - April 6, 2011

I think Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is extraordinary in its scope and sequence. The Democrats can no longer accuse Republicans/conservatives of now having a plan!

If this course of action is put into play, the USA can emerge from its decline and begin to prosper again. I salute Senator Ryan for this brilliant proposal.
Mary C. Abell, Dallas, TX

Mitch Gornto - April 6, 2011

Finally a plan with merit,and because of that it will be a large target. I hope the REPUBLICANS have the resolve to stand up to the barrage of arguments against it’s implementation , with backbone and NO COMPROMISE !

Pete Stevens - April 6, 2011

What is wrong with Congressman Ryan’s proposal is that it ignores — as does he — the original and basic blueprint, the United States Constitution, original meaning. Any worthy plan will be based on the 18 enumerated powers of Article 1 Section 8.

Either we will be a nation of laws or we will be a nation of men, and we should eschew the latter, even in the person of Paul Ryan.

Kathy Hook - April 6, 2011

Paul Ryan’s budget is an excellant start. I do believe it leaves more to be done. I understand we cannot get everything we need to stop this steam engine the first time. But I hope that this is just the beginning. We have a long way to go to get back to the basics of limited government. I am more hopeful today. We must elect more new Tea Party conservatives and a true conservative President in 2012. It imperative we do so.

David - April 6, 2011

Very good! We need to cut. It will be painful, but slimming down and getting healthy always is. This is the best budget proposal I have seen!!!

Dayona Dodd - April 6, 2011

Finally some no nonsense talk and truth about what needs to be done. It’s a shame that the Democrats will demonize this plan. I’m sure their plan to cut spending is good also — oh, that’s right, they don’t have one! I’m 54 and grew up believing that SS wasn’t going to be around when I was able to retire, and if it was it would be icing on the cake. I’m all for reorganizing the entitlement programs to make them sustainable for future generations.

Mary Bossen - April 6, 2011

We applaud the cuts however, conservatives must do a far better marketing job than they have done to date.
For example:
Explain the real effects of a “government shutdown”.
When using the term “middle class” better define who the middle class really is.
Advertise more broadly and by name, the ridiculous amounts of money,benefits and time off that most public servants receive.
Mary Bossen

Jerry Camp - April 6, 2011

GOD Bless America and GOD Bless Mr. Ryan and Stafff for giving US a plan to get OUR country back on track!!!!!!!

Ronald Cates - April 6, 2011

Best thing I have heard coming out of DC in 10 years. Republicans need to stick to their principals and not give in even if it means shutting down the government. The bulk of the country stands with you, myself included. We also badly need to start drilling for oil any place we have it. I am sick of this green energy crap put out by both sides. I will not vote for Senator Luger from Indiana if he continues standing with the Democrats on this green energy. We need to do something about our energy crisis NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Smetanka - April 6, 2011

I just got a reply from Senator Sherrod Brown about the Federal Budget, as usual he sent his spineless letter about how we need to do like Clinton did. I reminded him it was mostly Republicans like Congessman Ryan that made Clinton balance the budget!

Greg Christy - April 6, 2011

A courageous and necessary step.

Tina M - April 6, 2011

Finally, a budget! I applaud Rep. Ryan for proposing cuts & solutions to the mass spending in our government. Paul Ryan for President!

P McDermet - April 6, 2011

Thank you, Representative Ryan…this is a good start. Washington has been spending too crazy for too long. Stand strong, and perhaps we will make some real progress.

Len Samela - April 6, 2011

Finally a grown up in Washington with the courage to actually tackle an incredibly difficult issue. Our only hope is that there are enough grown up Americans out here to understand the need for making the sacrifices that will need to be made and are willing to support Paul Ryan and his proposed budget.

David Coyle - April 6, 2011

I am happy that there is someone in Washington that is willing to take this step. Very good start. I would like to see more cuts.

H F - April 6, 2011

Guy is nuts!

Virginia Murrell - April 6, 2011

I agree and applaud Paul Ryan and Heritage. Our country is in dire shape. I want my grandchildren to enjjoy the freedom that I enjoyed during my life on earth. If things don’t change they will be shackled for life and the thought of that saddens and frightens me.

Olin Ladwig - April 6, 2011

Yes, listen to “my friends across the isle”, then show them the right thing to do. We can be a great Nation again.

Proverb - April 6, 2011

I guess elected lawyers do not take business classes. They do not understand that a trillion is exactly a thousand piles of a billion. Ok, a million dollars in hundred dollar bills is 4 inches high. That means a trillion dollars in hundred dollar bills is 63 miles high! That is what Obama, Reid, and Pelosi forced upon us, 100% borrowed, with their Stimulus Bill. That was Obama’s vision for America! These liberal-progressive-socialists only care about one thing, gaining power and retaining power and using your money to do so. Buying votes with other peoples money (our kids and grand kids) is IMMORAL. Are there enough educated and decent Americans to form a large enough majority to end this worst kind of greed? The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT. It is the job of the elected to fight over a finite amount of tax revenue according to our national priorities, it is not their job to abuse the public purse infinitely so they can get re-elected through buying your vote.
Be a responsible American and tell your elected Democrat or Republican to do their proper job. Balance the federal budget as fast as you can.

Tim - April 6, 2011

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, !!!!

Thank you Mr. Ryan!!!

Susan Woellhart - April 6, 2011

Finally, Republican with conservative principles and the courage to back them up! Let’s hope the others get in line and support this budget bill. We simply can’t pass this mess on to our grandchildren! God bless you, Rep. Ryan!

Gene Rogers - April 6, 2011

I undestand his proposal reduces Federal employment by 10%. It should be more but instead of an across the board cut, all the thousands of unneeded Programs which exist should be eliminated and the employees administering those programs let go. This would be a much more permanent solution. Thus Defense and other really essential programs would be saved. Note I am not military. Gene Rogers

Jim Deal - April 6, 2011

Thank you!, Someone needs to execute this beyond the talk arena. Let’s get this done right away and get America back to what she does best.

S. Jaramillo - April 6, 2011

Yes! Yes! Yes! I totally approve. This bill is so necessary for saving our country. God bless the United States of America!!!

Dick Piersma - April 6, 2011

We need more of this… desperately! And we need it now. It’s time to start doing the right thing in Congress. I know it won’t be easy but the alternative is far worse.

Sandy Logsdon - April 6, 2011

Thank God for politicians like Ryan! I see so much evidence that our country is in a rapid decline; it is brave, articulate and intelligent individuals like Ryan that give me hope for my grandchildren! We need more like him!!

Robert Calabro - April 6, 2011

Mr. Ryan’s proposal is a step in the right direction. I hope that he has incorporated all of Heritiages suggestions that are worth 343 billion dollars. Thankyou Congressman for your outstanding leadership. Regards Robert Calabro.

Carl Busch - April 6, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan, job well done Sir!

As a small business owner, I feel we need to do what it takes to get this mess sorted out. I believe Rep. Ryan has launched a budget debate that needs to happen now. This is the only way we can preserve the American Dream for not only us, but for our children!

Carol Geiser - April 6, 2011

Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is probably THE most exciting news I have heard from anyone inside the beltway for more than 3 years.
Please – we MUST get that horrible obama/reid/pelosi attitude of government owning everything and all of us out of our governance and our politics and our public arena. We MUST get to fiscal discipline and Paul Ryan’s budget proposal will get us on our way to doing just that.
We MUST get rid of obama in 2012!!!!

Robert Hoffman - April 6, 2011

Thank God for addressing the reality of the budget and the defecit. Please do not “work together” with the opposition and stick to this plan. There is hope for the country yet.

Stanley Mitchell - April 6, 2011

Another among a growing number of courageous legislators. If only we could overcome a corrupt President.

Paul Z. - April 6, 2011

Thank God for Paul Ryan. He has long been studying and suggesting policies for a limited, responsible government before it is too late and collapses. He focuses on our nation’s truly serious problem of unsustainable debt even though it may be unpopular politically to do so.

Lylah Saunier - April 6, 2011

YES! It is about time someone got serious about runaway spending and runaway regulation! Thank you Congressman Ryan and Heritage!!!!

Alecia Garzand - April 6, 2011

Wonderful! Finally somebody with a plan…I am for the House passing this bill. Yes, there will be cuts, but each and every American is having to make tough cuts in our own budgets because of the way the economy is going. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel for our children. It’s time for Americans to be Americans and be tough. Lets have no more Mambie-Pambie crybabies about entitlements and such. That’s just being selfish…lets call it what it is. Thank you Rep. Ryan and the others who have put this together!! I stand behind this!!

Jim Juracek - April 6, 2011

It’s a great start. The best, most courageous effort I’ve seen in my life. Now, Boehner must get this through the house and force the Senate to reject it. Then Ryan can hit the PR trail for 2012.

Thanks to Heritage for the assist. The job growth numbers are most impressive.

DHammon - April 6, 2011

Excellent! Now we have to make sure we take this direction. Thank you Rep. Ryan!

Edwin P. Heideman - April 6, 2011

Outstnding! Hold the line! Do not give in to the Dems!

Donald DaCosta - April 6, 2011

If a majority in the Congress, most especially on the Republican side, get behind this, stop waffling and whining about the need for bi-partisanship and concentrate on reeducating the American public, an intervention to refute all the predictable talking points of the Socialists that have taken over the Democratic party.

There will be screeching and moaning and dire predictions; the sky is falling, the oceans are rising, the air will no longer be fit to breath, the water to drink, children and the elderly will starve and die, the homeless will freeze in the streets, the rich will get richer and the poor poorer, blah, blah, blah. Those evil Republicans, the party of the rich.

All of this needs to be forcefully refuted and exposed as the blatant lies and hypocrisy it represents. Otherwise this proposal, America, all who drink the Socialist Kool aid and votes for the hopey/changey/feely thing and those of us who see it for what it is will be inexorably dragged into the dustbin of history.

Congressman Ryan is a breath of fresh air, a voice of reason in a chamber that seems incapable of it. Prove me to be a disgruntled, old, skeptic……..please!

Mary Jo Lewno - April 6, 2011

I fully support Rep. Ryan’s budget and hope all the Republicans have what it takes to push it forward. It’s going to take a miracle to get it through the Senate, however…but we have to try, and stay committed…and vote in more conservatives in 2012…including a new president!

William G Peddy - April 6, 2011

I’m 100% for his budget.

Peter Wiese - April 6, 2011

It’s about time some-body hjad the nads to stand up to the spenders and say enough is enough.

Ray Markham - April 6, 2011

Awesome job, stick to your guns and get it done.
Good luck, gods speed.

Jay E Boudreau - April 6, 2011

This is the first time I can recall where a politician has tackled all of the “third rails” of politics simultaneously. I am deeply grateful for Cong. Ryan’s courage and intellect. It is about time!

As a young man, I never counted on social security, medicare or medicaid in my planning for my family because I knew the government could not be trusted to hold up their end of the bargain. It is time to get back to what the founding fathers intended in the management of our great country.

Rock Cramer - April 6, 2011

I’m thrilled with Mr. Ryan’s budget. It’s a true game-changer for the Beltway crowd. My concern is about how competition is to be enhanced for medical care providers and associated insurance. Does this new budget include compelling incentives for states to open the door to multi-state insurance providers and establish limits for malpractice claims? How quickly does it defund the federal Medicare and Medicaid bureaucracies and relieve providers of the massive and onerous compliance and reporting burdens? How quickly does it end the “DRG” type billing mandates and “batch process” billing that render billing for medical services impossible for the consumer to understand? There is much more.

If there is a “poison pill” in this budget, it’s the missing path to free market competition in all aspects of medical services and insurance. If the business model that healthcare providers are now forced to follow is not changed, someone other than the consumer must be the “gatekeeper.” If this new budget were to pass without free market competition in medical care, we either revisit the failures of the HMO model on a national basis or necessary “support” to individuals from government is chronically underfunded or both. Regardless, absent free market competition, liberal demagoguery is odds on to prevail long before 2022.

JG Siamouris - April 6, 2011

You want to save the country from financial disaster? Ryan’s plan is a great start. Honestly however, I believe that we need to do more than Ryan’s plan. Bring ALL of our troops home; even those in Europe and Asia. Let the Japanese, Germans and Koreans defend themselves. Also, eliminate ALL corporate subsidies. Let the markets determine winners and losers.

Diane Winston - April 6, 2011

Terrific, and not a moment too soon. Thank God for principled Representatives like Paul Ryan. I pray the entire Republican membership will support him. My Representative had better!!!

Lynn Costello - April 6, 2011

I encourage all Republicans to stand with Rep. Ryan and his budget proposals as they are a road map to bringing our country back to solvency. This is only the beginning but it is extremely important for future generations that we start this process now.

Doug Bradle - April 6, 2011

The reforms that would be achieved through Ryan’s Path to Prosperity program are imperative to our national sovereignty. I worry, though, about the fallout from those who are comfortable and dependent on the current system. Are we going to see riots and civil disorder arising as necessary cuts are made, much like we see in Western European nations who face austerity? How can our nation address this and keep it under control?

Kenneth Pausewang - April 6, 2011

Yes to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. This must be only the beginning.
Do everything necessary to save our Country!!!!

John Hazzeltine - April 6, 2011

The overarching goal should be to starve the government of oxygen (funds) so that the sprawl of bureaucracy, regulation and control is severely turned back. I don’t think he goes far enough & fast enough. He says his plan “puts the nation on a path to actually pay off our national debt.” Let’s see a plan to wipe out the debt and have him negotiate from there. Regarding welfare to individuals and crony capitalists he doesn’t show clear goals to roll back the welfare state to zero.
What needs to be done is to starkly show the degree to which the current track of spending and taxation will lessen the standard of living for all citizens (except for those running the govt), and how lowering taxes and spending will increase prosperity for all. Let’s recruit Walter Williams to explain this in plain English!

Joe Flynn - April 6, 2011

Wow! Are elected officials actually listening to US? Facts and truth are soon to be the basis of Washington’s actions – finally!

Pat Jennings - April 6, 2011

Rep Ryan – can we move you to Georgia? Thank you – I appreciate your stand!

Gary Noerenberg - April 6, 2011

The first sensible proposal on a budget issue coming out of D.C. in the past four years.

Donald Greene - April 6, 2011

A most welcome breath of fresh air, which if enacted will lessen the stench of unbridled spending that symbolizes the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress. But enactment will take some doing in the face of a Harry Reid-controlled Senate and a socialist President. The Democrats are reprising their usual antics: spending like drunken sailors (my apologies to the slur against our Navy personnel) when the Dems are in power, aided by a fawning media, and squealing like stuck pigs about “inhumane and draconian” cuts when even relatively small reductions are proposed by Republicans.

Robert Mutchler - April 6, 2011

Great job Rep Ryan, now we need you to run for President. We need some one who will rebut the lies and misgivings of the Democrats.

craig jensen - April 6, 2011

This is great news and very refreshing. Please take this to the people and talk it up, promote it giving the people hope for a better tomorrow based on facts. Thanks so very much! Heritage and Rep Ryan.

Samuel H. Fields, Jr. - April 6, 2011

I certainly agree with Paul Ryan’s proposed budget. It’s about time, must be accomplished, it’s what this country needs to get us back on track.

Dennis Sullivan - April 6, 2011

Kudos to Mr Ryan for addressing this critical issue in a comprehensive way.

Bud Adelhardt - April 6, 2011

Rep. Ryan is definitely on track. We must get this crazy spending under controll. I just hope ALL his fellow Republicans stand behind him.

Larry Frazier - April 6, 2011

Hats off to Rep. Ryan common sense approach!
One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)

ann clark - April 6, 2011

My husband and I are all for Rep. Ryan’s budget, our ZRep’s are doing the right thing and they need to stick together. Do not give up the fight, the Democrats are liars and bullies. We’re 100% behind you.

Wanda - April 6, 2011

I agree and approve. If we eliminate all those ” czars” which are unconstitutional; the dept of education; aid to regimes in hostile countries; and declare unconstitutional government unions (two factions using tax payer money to ‘hash’ out gov. employees pay, benefits,etc, (neither side has a dime in the negotiations)) we could pay back the debt.

Diann Capps - April 6, 2011

Finally some one with the courage to tell us the truth!
Thank you Paul Ryan

Mike Allehoff - April 6, 2011

Great Work! Rep. Paul Ryan. This is a reasonable, fair and a realistic budget proposal. A major step in the right direction solving our deficit. You have my family’s support.
Mike & Leanne
Portland, OR

Cristina Saffer - April 6, 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Congressman Ryan has proposed to get this country back on track. Please, all you Republicans sitting on the fence, get some backbone and stand behind this budget 100%.

Dean G.Newman - April 6, 2011

I am most happy to finally see a more aggressive approach to reducing fedeeral government spending and the national debt.

Ruby - April 6, 2011

Glad to hear that at least one Congressman has the guts to stand up for America. This political game that has been going on for years is destroying our Great County. It is time to stop and work towards Economic Growth! I am hoping that more of the Congressmen and Senators will begin to see REALITY instead of just playing their Childish games which are destoying America instead of making America Strong! We need more people in Congress with the Courage to Stand Up To The Politicians who like Spending as Usual. Thanks.

Scott M. Anderson - April 6, 2011

This proposal’s “point blank” common sense is a breath of fresh air! I loved the phrase, “the saftey net was never meant to be a hammock”! We’ve all had to, as individuals, face the music economically now it’s time our government does the same!

Douglas Reed - April 6, 2011

Not perfect but a great start. Rep. Ryan should be President for his willingness to take on the tough issues. When the going gets tough, Rep. Ryan proposes a budget. The weak go golfing.

Mary Ann Barner - April 6, 2011

This is the kind of truly, real ,conservative and highly courageous representative we need many more of to get this wasteful spending under control. Too bad we don’t have a man like this in the White House. Now if we can only find some courage in the US Senate….

clif phalen - April 6, 2011

It is about time our representatives in Washington decided to do what is best for our country instead of what’s best for their political career. Paul Ryan did just that and I think it is a bold and coureagous step, necessary and long overdue

Buffalo - April 6, 2011

In regards to federal civil service salaries his conclusions are a total distortion of the facts driven by Heritages distorted data. So is comparing an average to a median.
Comparing average federal salaries to the average US salary is comparing apples to oranges. The organization I worked for has virtually no government public works personnel (gardeners, janitors, building maintenance, etc.) except for contract administrators. Most government technicians are gone. Government supply department personnel (warehouse workers, etc.) are mostly gone. There are no government fast food or cafeteria workers. They have eliminated virtually all government secretarial and administrative support positions – like the aforementioned jobs, almost all have been contracted out. I also believe that studies have proved contracting out to be a false savings as after the initial low-bid contact that beat out civil service costs the new contracts rise faster than civil service costs would have. We also have no salesmen or sales clerks like the rest of the US. We’ve necked down to almost all highly specialized, technically degreed personnel and a high percentage of those personnel have advanced degrees. This greatly exceeds the “average US” education, experience, and ease of replacement (very few history, English, physical education, or “employable only in a school or college” degrees). I have a feeling those agencies whose salaries fall outside the “standard” civil service pay schedule (such as Fannie May, Freddy Mac, the SEC, and the Federal Reserve) are a major contributor to the perceived pay imbalance. Their similar jobs in the “average US” pay as much or more only as they’re a much smaller percentage of the “average US” they don’t impact the “average US” as much.

Patricia Nalitz - April 6, 2011

Paul Ryan’s budget is right on. I wish all Republicans were as serious about it as he is. He seems to be one of the few who are willing to get this out there and educate the public. The mainstream media certainly doesn’t. We need a candidate like him for President.

Kenneth Jordan - April 6, 2011

Thank God for Ryan! Let us hope that the Republican party gets with the program.

Jayson Jordan - April 6, 2011

Although I believe that we could and should take vastly deeper cuts than Rep. Ryan presents, this is infinitely better than everything the Democrats are proposing. Now we need to make sure it is passed as-is, and that it isn’t mangled and deformed by Democrats who would seek to ruin it.

Ron Violette - April 6, 2011

It is great to finally see someone who knows what he is saying, to put out a budget out that makes sense. We have to do something, and he deserves praise for taking this on.

Jim Freeman - April 6, 2011

The talk is wonderful like always. The proof is in the moral determination to do whats right for american
citizens. It will take a conviction and a SPINE!!!

Barbara Rogus - April 6, 2011

I agree with his proposed budget. I believe most of the
country agrees with Paul Ryan. Since he came to
Heritage I’m even more convinced the House needs
to pass this budget.

Parke Messier - April 6, 2011

Paul Ryan is exactly the kind of leader we need in the Republican Party. FINALLY we are hearing what the voters have been waiting to hear since the November elections. Boehner and Cantor must have been on vacation and didn’t get the memo. They are unfortunately not the strong voices required to counter the constant barrage of demagoguery and outright lies put out by the Democrats and their complicit minions in the media on a daily basis. Now is not the time for compromise and conciliation. Would someone PLEASE tell John Boehner and Mitch McConnell that?!! It is exactly that losing strategy that has contributed to the economic crisis where we now find ourselves. It is TIME for drastic action, not just on the budget but against an administration that is shredding the Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law daily in every conceivable area of our lives.

Marvin Merritt - April 6, 2011

I agree 1f00% – should have been done at least two years ago.
Marvin Merritt

Gloria Hauser - April 6, 2011

Kudos to Paul Ryan – we are behind his proposal 100%.

Al Luedecke - April 6, 2011

I admit to a limited understanding of the Ryan budget, the tables in Appendix II point to the result of the two approaches to the problem. It appears that Ryan has the first draft of an exciting budget for the US. It is also important that he has put a lot of work into developing his budget before the push began to present it. I think since the American public generally does not watch the news, a presentation needs to be developed and marketed through TV outlets for show during prime time. Just a short commercial that might interest more of the public than the ten percent who will search for this information.

Keep pushing Representative Ryan!

Margaret Kuska - April 6, 2011

I particularly like that this budget proposal is so wide spread and even addresses medical issues as part of the “entitlement” cuts. I do believe that it is time to get going on this, write it up as a bill and get people voting on it. Our Members of Congress of both parties should be aware that we are expecting them to work to drastically reduce spending as their number one priority. The time for compromise is over. We need this bill as is.

Kort Hutchison - April 6, 2011

I salute Rep. Ryan for his service and compliment him on his budget.

Dump the RINO sign are needed.

John Aldax - April 6, 2011

I love Ryan’s budget. I hope the Republicans in the House and Senate will have the courage that Palin and Bachman have shown and fight the good fight. Stand up for our Constitution and freedom.

Laraine Benyo - April 6, 2011

We all know he and his staff have been working very hard on this proposed budget.. I, for one, think it is great.. I just hope the majority in this country put on their thinking caps and will do something to make sure this proposal is implemented. .. The Dems, and the left wing media, as usual, are poisoning the simple minds, but hopefully these people will educate themselves and not allow themselves to be prey to the suggestions of the left and will know that the dems will put the country in more danger if allowed to go on with their spending…

Ronald J Lotterman - April 6, 2011

This is a very good start. PLEASE!!!!! Stand Firm!! Our Nation is ALREADY bankrupt.

Bruce M Piepho - April 6, 2011

Finnaly some common sense in Washington D.C. Too bad we do not have 10 more senators with common sense to support Paul Ryan’s excellent budget proposal in the House of Representatives.

John Loubert - April 6, 2011

We need more people like Rep. Ryan , I support your budget plan 100%… and special thanks to Heritage..
I also support the tea party… which is helping along with Heritage to bring back some sanety to the Government,

timothy - April 6, 2011

Best budget proposal yet by far. Where are all the other representatives we elcted last November to get behind this? We were not kidding about CUTTING the budget, spending, and taxes!!!

Ralph McFillen - April 6, 2011

Ryan is on target and let’s not let the Democrats derail this excellent plan

george - April 6, 2011


Anita Grant - April 6, 2011

We can’t give up. A lot of hard and thought went into this budget. I am encouraged. Thank you Rep. Ryan.

Janice in Reno, Nv - April 6, 2011

I am a senior and believe we all must be willing to sacrific to continue living in a free world. We have to make changes now or lose the country we have known. I agree with what Congressmen Ryan has proposed.

Robert L. Bongo - April 6, 2011

People say that his budget only slows the deficit but doesn’t bring us into a balanced budget, is this true???????

Mary Kiewlak - April 6, 2011

God Bless Rep. Paul Ryan. Now if we could only get it past Harry Reid.
They are already using the “starving seniors” argument. What about the retirees who are hurting because they are running out of savings because interest rates are non-existent?

angel solano - April 6, 2011

I do believe the time is now before get worse, this is not about political party is about us the American people, we must stop the fishing dream and get into the action now. In a few years we are not going to have China or Saudi to support us, because we are on everybody else business and people in this country going to sleep hungry, shame.

Bonnie Black - April 6, 2011

Thank you Rep Ryan for being man enough, strong-minded and actually truly compassionate and realistic about the direction we must take to keep America strong. Thank you God for this man and others that will fight for us and our children and grandchildren. There will be no future if our leaders do not act quickly and in the interest of the people. Isn’t that why they are there?

SueD - April 6, 2011

America and its people are in serious trouble, along with a dollar of little or no value here and throughout the world. Representative Ryan’s budget bill is a necessary, good start that must be continued to regain our status and the status of our currency both here and abroad. Getting this through the Senate and past the President may be another story. I wish Paul Ryan much success and courage. He will need it and deserves America’s full support.

Salvatore A Apicelli - April 6, 2011

It’s just what we need. This will spur a great debate about what and who this country is. The liberal/progressives do not know how to deal with the truth. I pledge my life, my fortunes, and my sacred honor to back leaders like Paul Ryan and defend our freedom.

Karl Sauter - April 6, 2011

The budget bill presented by Rep. Ryan is a significant step towards good constitutional government and reducing wasteful federal bureaucracy. It should go forward as is in order to prevent further financial collapse. The federal government has no business funding Planned Parenthood.

Clay Binkley - April 6, 2011

Don’t let Boehner cave in on this. Cut away and let the government shut down. They’ve shut down on any usefulness anyway, since this spend (U.S.) into oblivion started. Stop the spending now, or there won’t be any country to save. Someone needs to make Obama accountable for all the dole out to his union voters, banks and big business buy offs like GM, GE etc.

Ed Stokes - April 6, 2011

I would like to know where we should not be spending money, from his prospective. I agree that we need to take major steps with budjet cuts, and fat bill legislation.

Ed Stokes

Ozz Diessner - April 7, 2011

This is a great start. We must show by example. Obama must get rid of his Socialistic Czars, Stop using Air Force One on his numerous vacations. Obama should stay home any try and be a leader. Next, Pep Ryan’s budget should defund the Department of Education (dumbing down group (DDG)), Foreign Aide (for the most part), Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protectioon Department, and reorganize the Homeland Security Department.

John Lawrey - April 7, 2011

One more time for those who approve of this budget. It wont work. I like ryans budget, its something that should have been tried 3-4+ years ago, but doing it for 2012 is worthless. We have maybe six months before inflation hits full force, no recovery in housing or unemployment is happening. Since we borrow 40 cents on every dollar we spend right now. We have to cut this years (2011) budget by at least 40% to have any chance of making it to next years budget. And here we have squabbling over a mere 61 Billion dollar cut when we need a 1.5 trillion dollar cut. Dont you folks realize the dollar will be dead as a door nail before the end of this year if we dont cut massively now? Rep. Ryans budget will not be worth the paper its printed on by the time the new budget even comes up. Here I see 250+ comments by folks who have no clue the economy or the dollar will be dead by the end of this year. The government has lied repeatedly about the Unemployment rate (which is really at 23% and growing), the inflation rate (which is currently running at 8%), the housing market (which is still headed downward at a frightening pace), and the debt rate. I have gone over the numbers folks and if we dont cut the 2011 budget, there will be no 2012 budget to worry about. It will have been made null and void by the collapse of the dollar before the end of the year.

So all of you ask yourself right now, if the dollar is worth nothing, what will I do? Thats where we will be in 6 months time or less if there is another japan type calamity in another industrialized economy before then. Wake up folks! We have to force these spineless republicans to cut this year or we wont make it to 2012 with Ryans budget! The clock is ticking and its not on our side.

W Faulkner - April 7, 2011

Finally, somebody tries to do something. Thank you for speaking the truth and standing up for us Congressman Ryan.

Dave Zornes - April 7, 2011

I think its great.Its about time someone started thinking about helping the American people and our Great Nation,instead of themselves.I also believe that criminals like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should be thrown out of office as traitors to our country.This White house is a disgrace to America and it sickens me.

Donald B. Haile - April 7, 2011

Paul Ryan should praised for his courage in his agressive attack on big goverment. I am with him and will support his plan any way I can. I hop there are others in bdth parties with Representatibve Ryans courage.

Martha Perry - April 7, 2011

Kudos Paul Ryan for your map to prosperity. We are enormously fortunate to have Congressman Ryan..

Katherine Wilder - April 7, 2011

Fabulous! Nice to see someone actually doing some work and trying to figure out solutions to this mess we’re in! I wish he would have included the FairTax, which I think would speed up our recovery substantially. But, at least he has a good plan and has obviously put forth more thought and effort than anyone else so far. Glad to see a Republican not caught up in all the insufferable bickering! Thanks, Rep. Ryan!! Great job!

Patrick M McClure - April 7, 2011

Ryan’s budget is a good start. It still only cuts about half the amount necessary. Also the 10 years it’s based on is enough time for changes in DC for reversals and changes that would put us back on the same path. And it keeps us on the same big government path providing “social safety nets”. Bravo to Paul though!

Doris Anderson - April 7, 2011

Keep up the good work….do not grow weary in well doing! God Bless you and all that you are trying to do for our country.

erick-NY - April 7, 2011

Thankyou Congressman Ryan. Please continue to stand for common sense and our Constitution. Thankyou Heritage for all you do. We all need to continue to educate our friends, family and neighbors about this administration’s underhanded power grabs. And volunteer as poll watchers to keep our elections honest.

Jim Walling - April 7, 2011

This budget proposal is absolutely necessary if we expect to get our spending under control. However, do we really expect the Senate and/or the President to take it seriously?

erick-NY - April 7, 2011

Note to John Lawrey, above. I believe you are right sir. The wise are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Because of government indoctrinated and dependent citizens,there are too many career politicians who are afraid to tell voters the truth. Not to mention all the corrupt ones.

Michael Dennis - April 7, 2011

Finally a politician with the courage to stand up for what responsible and logically thinking folks already understand. Message to Republicans-DON’T BLINK!!!

Joe Norwood - April 7, 2011

A great first step towards fiscal sanity. Spending borrowed and printed money has not worked, it’s time to get dead serious about this. NO MORE COMPRIMISES, govt. shut down or not.

KEN - April 7, 2011

Hang tough! So important and time to see the truth and necessity for this budget!

james reilly - April 7, 2011

thank you rep. paul ryan and the heritage foundation for telling the truth about the only way to bring this great nation to fiscal sanity.4% unemployment by 2015 looks like close to full employment to me.dont give in to the libs.!

C Shultz - April 7, 2011

Thank you Rep. Ryan for thinking “out of the box” and making a proposal that can help America get back on the right track.

anonymous - April 7, 2011

I agree 100% with his proposal. I watched Rep.Ryan
as spoke on the panel against the “Obama Care” package. He understand economics and is a “fiscal conservative.” As a small business owner, we have to balance our budgets and if there is not sufficient income, we don’t pay overselves. We can’t excercise the option of borrowing or increasing taxes to balance our budget. This country needs to operate like we do as small business owners. I also think the salaries of all federal employees and their benefit package should closely match the “private sector”.

Debby - April 7, 2011

Thank you Rep. Ryan. This is a CHANGE we can Believe in!

Carl Raine - April 7, 2011


sue - April 7, 2011

Thank You Paul for helping the American people.
Stand Strong but never alone sir….:)

S Schwanz - April 7, 2011

Great work Rep Ryan. I pray that the House will not compromise. We need to get this approved as is so we do not lose the America that we have known.

Douglas Phillips - April 8, 2011

I like the new budget, however, the Democrats will never agree. The Republicans must be prepared to put the government into shut-down and hold it there until the radical left gives in.

David - April 8, 2011

The budget is bold and realistic. Let’s do it. I just need to know what I can do to help support it.

Nancy Jewett - April 8, 2011

I am impressed with Rep. Ryan’s budget. I hope the rest of the Republicans will have enough sense and backbone to fight for this budget. We need many more strong conservatives in both houses.

Marilee Rodgers - April 8, 2011

How about adding Term Limits-and Cutting the NEA along with Planned Parenthood and EPA. Cut the ACORN funds also – they seem to be hiding under their new name.

David Paul - April 8, 2011

The Liberals are going ballistic. It must be good.

Rudy Lawrence - April 9, 2011

Great start, but to long to get action. Front play should
be quicker!

Jeff Clausen - April 9, 2011

Tell the truth. Tell it like it is. Take the America people to a better place. Thank you, Paul Ryan. Jeff….

Richard Randol - April 9, 2011

It’s about time that we faced reality!

John Herbert Sullivan - April 9, 2011


Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal is smoke and mirrors and a waste of ink and reading time. He compares his proposal to what Communist Obama proposes, not to what Americans want and America needs. His Budget does not reduce the debt limit by the amount Obama raised it, now !! It does not offset, reduce and repeal Obama’s spending over $1 Trillion over the past two years by the amount he spent, now !! Instead it kicks the can down the road for another 10 years. And it is deceptive. It is Washington Politics as usual, with better lip stick. For Heritage to promote this is an insult to Heritage Foundation members.

John Herbert Sullivan

Gary Politte - April 9, 2011

Great plan I’m all for it and will tell my congressmen and reps. I think they should support it

John Toman - April 10, 2011

Long overdue. Let’s get this passed and get started on Social Security!

Sue Werner - April 10, 2011

I think his budget is an excellent start and appears to be a bold, but honest plan. Go Rep. Ryan!!

Don R Sherwood - April 10, 2011

Sadly, as demonstrated in the just completed FY2011 budget negotiations, Republicans simply aren’t up to the task of enacting Rep. Ryan’s plan.

Rep. Ryan is a good policy wonk. Reason and logic is insufficient to get legislation enacted, particularly when dealing with Democrats.

Republicans have proven themselves to be INEPT at negotiating, even when they have a strong position. After promising a TRIVILA $100 Billion cut in the Democrat planned $3,800 Billion FY2011 spending plan, they quickly rolled back to a “prorated” $61 Billion cut, without any real arguement, then accepted an even more TRIVIAL $38 Billion in cuts, without any concessions on defunding of ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood, PBS, FCC, NLRB, etc.

There is simply NO CHANCE these weak Republican leaders are up to the task of enacting a $6.2 TRILLION cut!

Any dreamers thinking otherwise will be sadly disappointed.

Phil McConathy - April 10, 2011

I am very proud of Rep. Ryan and this is a good start. We need the same drive and effort to save this country shown in the Senate. In 2012 we must take over the Senate and White House to get this country back on track to a free republic.

Edward A Watkins - April 11, 2011

If we can not manage to pass at least 75% of Paul Ryan’s budget the future of the The Republic certainly will be in jeopardy. While The Hertage Foundation, talk radio and few others are major players, most Americans are not educated on the dark future we face if spending is not cut substantially. Somehow the word must get out if we are to survive. Rep. Ryan is one of my heroes, one of the few people in Washington who is willing to stand up and be counted.

James Gunderson - April 11, 2011

A good begining for as long as the polititions understand that we do not intend to fund forever and fervently wish the end of most if not all of federal agencies.

Alton McIver - April 11, 2011

Paul Ryan is a deep breath of Oxygen. Heritage’s study confirms what I feel. So many people that I talk to have half hearted beliefs that the Goverment has the will to make his budget happen. When Paul Ryan mentions 1 million jobs he will stick a cord with many voters. Our McAllen Tea Party will do anything to get this country going in the right direction.

ObjectiveAnalyst - April 12, 2011

This is an excellent start, and should be commended; for it is the first time in memory that anyone is actually talking about cutting spending, not just cutting the rate of growth. It does fall short in a few areas however and I would cut further since it does not cut more than the increases the Democrats are imposing in other areas. There are many politically necessary vagaries in this document. For instance it speaks of reducing corporate welfare but does not say all, and only mentions a few like the ethanol/farm subsidies. All should be eliminated including big oil. To offset this all impediments to domestic production should be lifted. There is need to eliminate more waste/graft in military spending, and the SS benefits should have a graduated scale to adjust for the increased lifespan, as well as means testing (regardless of who handles the funds State or Federal) for all social benefits SS, Medicaid, Medicare etc. There is also a great disparity in the number of public workers versus manufacturing (takers versus makers), as well as compensation, which only the details can address. Some of these issues have been addressed but only in a cursory way. The devil is in the details. Overall this is an excellent place to start negotiations, but I fear the propaganda machine driven by the MSM and the left will demagogue this to death. The best plan is to rid us of all activities not authorized by the Constitution and give us a Fair tax, or eliminate them all together and fund the Federal government as our Founders did. This must only be the beginning!

Denise - April 12, 2011

It’s a good start. Now how can we sell it to the Republican Party RINOs?

Ellen Burton - April 15, 2011

Paul Ryan’s plan is excellent. It is my hope that he will continue to make appearances promoting his plan and informing Americans why we must do something now. How I wish he would run for President.

joe - April 19, 2011

You people are seriously nuts. Head on over to and enjoy the company of like-minded folks. Your praising of Paul Ryan for his sophomoric philosophy would just be hilarious if it weren’t such a serious issue.

Pat Garske - April 27, 2011

You have a lot of educating to do so that people understand what your budget proposal actually is. But stand strong we really need the changes in your budget.

Dianna - April 27, 2011

Government must plug loop holes in Medicare:
Hospice in nursing homes is a big drain of tax payer dollars, if the guidelines are side stepped and abused instead of followed. My mom is in a nursing home, I
stopped ( what I consider abuse) in connection with Hospice, for $35,000. dollars in 5 months. This is the second nursing home that has tried the Hospice trick.
My mom is not in the end of life stage.
When I complained to Hospice I was told “well you don’t have to pay for it” their attidude irkes me. I wish all patient advocates would do as I have done and not let nursing homes rip off Medicare….That would help !

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