For three newly-elected members of Congress, this past weekend’s Heritage Foundation briefings for freshmen lawmakers should have been a refresher. That’s because they participated in Heritage’s educational programs before.

  • Rep.-elect Andy Barr (R-KY) was a Heritage intern in 1996 while an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. He worked for Heritage scholar Matthew Spalding before moving to the Hill to work for then-Rep. Jim Talent.
  • Rep.-elect Tom Cotton (R-AR) interned at, which was then a Heritage project, in 1997 while an undergraduate at Harvard. Inspired by Heritage, he spent a year at the Claremont Graduate School, before going to law school and joining the military after 9/11.
  • Rep.-elect Richard Hudson (R-NC) participated both in our educational programs for Congressional chiefs of staff and in our James Madison Fellows program while serving as chief of staff to Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) and Mike Conaway (R-TX).

One of Heritage’s chief missions is to educate rising leaders in the conservative movement. Our internship program, part of our Young Leaders Program, is just one part of what Heritage does to educate the next generation of policymakers.

That three freshmen lawmakers have links to Heritage indicates that our efforts truly pay off in the long run.

Do you think educating interns and Congress members alike about conservative principles is the best way to ensure the future of the conservative movement?


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Dale Morfey - December 30, 2012

Education in “conservative principles” does not seem enough
of a vaccination to prevent “Potomac Fever”. Few options are

Christine - November 8, 2014 is a wonderful way to learn about conservative principles. Not only does it introduce young people to the basics, it goes above and beyond offering courses and opportunities to see how the principles actually work in real life. Ground up training is the very best!

John H. Kellogg - November 8, 2014

Thanks for the news on educating future Conservative Congressmen and women. That is one of the reasons I am a member. The Young America Foundation is doing the same kind of education of young people. Both of you are on the same track and that is wonderful. I am 91 on Nov 11 and I am happy to know where my donations to both places are doing the job that is needed,

Author Katie Nielsen - November 10, 2014

Thanks for your very kind words, Mr. Kellogg!

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