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Serving as an intern at The Heritage Foundation this summer has been an unforgettable experience.

I had the pleasure of working in the Development Office. It allowed me to talk to hundreds of people around the country and learn about national and local issues concerning them. I got to hear what mattered to them and realized that the conservative movement is stronger than ever.

As a student at a relatively conservative university, I had a firm understanding of our nation’s founding principles — and I was eager to spend time in Washington D.C. so that I could learn how to apply these principles to public policy.

While I expected to be informed, what I didn’t expect was to be inspired.

Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, which implements the internship program, invests in every intern. From one-on-one help preparing my resume, to policy discussions with leading experts, the program has gone above and beyond all of my expectations. No wonder it’s known as THE internship in Washington D.C.!

I truly believe we are fighting the good fight and I know that I want to work to further the conservative movement. The Heritage Foundation has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and refine my skills to be a stronger conservative and a better American.

Learn more about the Young Leaders’ Program here.

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James Ord - August 9, 2014

You are missing the point. I want them to win. Sameo, sameo up till now. I am disgusted with politicians preaching to the choir.

I fear we have lost the fight, that it is too late.

One intriguing thing nobody seems to have picked up on, but worth considering—Just WHAT did the young 23 year old running David Brat’s campaign do to upset Eric Cantor? There was virtually no money there. $5 million versus $100k. Yet, Brat won easily.

I’m thinking it wasn’t any Tea Party XYZ. Though, they might have knocked on doors. And, it wasn’t Brat’s stand on immigration, though that might have helped also.

I’m thinking when Zachery Werrell said “grassroots, grassroots, grassroots,” this must also be reflected in the result. But, the words themselves, those expressed to a Cantor supporter which caused that person to vote for Brat. I think this is the real “what.” Just what logic did he use?

There is something there people are not picking up on. Something happened, some technique. I argue this man should be contacted, interviewed, listened to./jimo

Tom Funicello - September 19, 2015

Mr. Ord brings up an excellent point. How to defeat huge money Democrats. The 1st problem I see is trying to take on the leftist media. Tuesday’s CNN debate, for example, was followed the next day by Wolf Blitzer giving Ms Clinton FREE airtime on his prime time show. A soap box which she happily jumped on. Keep up the good work folks! I’m following you every day.

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