Heritage's Israel Ortega, right, leads Heritage's efforts to educate Hispanic Americans about the importance of conservative ideas.

Heritage's Israel Ortega, right, leads Heritage's efforts to educate Hispanic Americans about the importance of conservative ideas.

Israel Ortega has made a career out of his two passions:  promoting conservative ideas and celebrating his Hispanic heritage.

As The Heritage Foundation’s chief spokesman to Spanish-language news media, Ortega is involved with communicating The Heritage Foundation’s message to America’s fastest-growing minority.

“This is a very impressionable demographic,” says Ortega. “If we don’t reach out to them, they are likely to become open to bigger government. We must focus on this group to advance the conservative movement.”

He reaches out to Hispanic coalitions and members of Congress with Hispanic constituents to ensure that they have access to The Heritage Foundation’s information.

One way to do this is via the influential Spanish-language media, which can often be as biased as the English-language mainstream media. Ortega makes regular appearances on major Spanish radio and television outlets, including Univision, Telemundo, and CNN International. He has also discussed issues (in English) on Fox News and Fox Business.

Ortega also spearheaded development of Heritage Libertad, a website providing Spanish-language versions of Heritage research. Libertad is among the only online sources of conservative content in Spanish, offering a useful counterpoint to media bias on the web.

When traveling the nation to deliver lectures and speeches, Ortega especially enjoys connecting with Hispanics he meets. The American idea is universal, he says, and it’s important that the newest Americans understand conservative principles.

“It’s important to share with these people what makes our country so exceptional and how we can preserve this exceptionalism,” he concludes.

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Patty Asplund - July 20, 2012

Fantastic! This is SO needed! I work with Hispanics as an interpreter, and know what they are hearing all the time–and it is not conservative in any way, shape or form. I’ll be getting onto the website mentioned in the article, so I can become familiar with the materials that are ‘out there’ for Hispanics.

Alex Vallecillo - July 20, 2012

We must communicate to Hispanic-Americans the fact that they are an essential part of what makes our country exceptional. They have made our country great, and we should all together, be proud of what we have achieved. The best is yet to come. We must pull our nation together and make it even better. Mr. Ortega I applaud your good work in enhancing freedom, and preserving our conservative values.

Pedro Giralt - July 20, 2012

Let me suggest that the next time Israel is in the Miami area that he contact Oscar Haza from America TV to appear in his show “A Mano Limpia”

The show has a huge following. Another option is to appear in the show via Skype.

Joan Hamblin - July 20, 2012

I am so glad that someone is reaching out to the Hispanic community. It is way overdue. Hispanics really embrace family values and it is our fault that they have not been shown that conservatives care most about the integrity of the family. Others could help Ortega if we were shown the way. I speak fluent Spanish, still (at age 78) teach Spanish in public schools, travel occasionally to Central America with dozens of “baby kits”, and lived in Guatemala for 18 months with my husband as the vehicle for our church to help poor people in five Central American countries.

Susan Miller Repasky - July 20, 2012

Dear Israel – God bless you for your woork. It areally bothers me that the only thing that people of Mexican heritage love God, their families, and all things good but they don’t get correct information through the liberal media. I was so surprised that so many at our church didn’t know that Obama not only supported abortion, supported partial-birth abortion, including leaving the baby to die if it happened to be born “after” an abortion. He is for homosexual marriage, will not enforce DOMA and is working towards doing everything possible to take our religious rights away from us.
Hope all these things are discussed when you are out there doing your wonderful job. God’s blessings on you.

Gene Grimaldi - July 21, 2012

Mexicans come to the US not only for jobs but we have laws that are enforced fairly. Courts that are fair to all.
If Mr.Ortega can show that the road that Pres O is taking will eventurlly result in a strong Dem party and a weak Rep party. we will look like Mex with the PAN and PRI.

Dianne Franke - July 21, 2012

Excellent! I agree this is vital.

Pola Hansberger - July 23, 2012

Thank you for what you are doing. It is an overwhelming job. I’m Nicaraguan-American and
have experienced enormous and passionate opposition from hispanic family and friends.
The left has had a monopoly of the airwaves. The Democrats offer freebies to the poor hispanics which makes it irresistable to pass. A little history helps.
Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican. He was the
best president we ever had, and felt the pain of the
people of all color. He was a UNITER. We need
to work together to overcome the obstacles we face.

Bob Moncrief - July 23, 2012

Mr. Ortega,
Have you been to Corpus Christi, Texas? From there you could go to Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen and any other city along the Rio Grande River. Some of these counties are 90 per cent Hispanic. If you come to Corpus Christi, let me know. I can take pictures for you(and Heritage—no charge).

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