One of The Heritage Foundation’s goals is to educate the American people about America’s First Principles and how they apply to today’s issues.

In the last four years, Heritage has distributed nearly 60,000 copies of our literature on First Principles, including a summary of the Federalist Papers, a Citizen’s Guide to the Constitution, and an introduction to Ronald Reagan’s political thought.

To get your copies of these information-packed yet accessible pamphlets, you can order them from our online bookstore. Here’s a list of the available pamphlets:

  • How to Read the Federalist Papers: A brief guide to The Federalist, a road map illuminating the major issues treated in the essays and explaining their continued relevance for us today.
  • Reading the Right Books: A practical list of thoughtful and accessible books — not the “classics” but solidly good books — recommended to provide a general framework around which the reader can build a firmer structure of political knowledge.
  • Citizen’s Introduction to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution: The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are the greatest statements of human liberty ever written. They are the highest achievements of our political tradition, powerful beacons to all who strive for liberty. Taken together, these documents represent the liberating principles that America seeks to conserve for itself and proclaim to the world.
  • A Brief History of the Modern American Conservative Movement: An exploration of the fundamental ideas of conservatism and the American political tradition.
  • Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in America: The rule of law and constitutionalism are important concepts not because they are old, or unique, or exclusively ours for that matter, but because all together they form the architecture of freedom. This monograph explains the story of the development of these principles and explains how they were established in the United States
  • Why States? The Challenge of Federalism: Making the case for federalism, this booklet tells of its early practice and explains how modern bureaucratic government, the rights revolution, and judicial supremacy have come to take its place — all to the detriment of liberty and civic virtue. Only by understanding the principle and knowing its history can we hope to restore the primacy of American federalism, the future of which will shape what this nation is to become.
  • Religious Liberty in the American Republic: This booklet explains the Founders view of the relationship between religion and politics, and demonstrates how the Supreme Court radically deviated from this view in embarking on a project aimed at the secularization of American politics and society.
  • Ronald Reagan: A Basic Introduction: Explains how Reagan restored the confidence of the American people in themselves and in the future, how he set in motion the forces that produced the longest peacetime economic expansion in the 20th century.

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