Last week during the Supreme Court’s Obamacare hearings, the media and the public turned to The Heritage Foundation for the facts and conservative analysis of this critical case.

Here’s a sampling of our media impact:

  • Our experts conducted 88 radio and television interviews about the Supreme Court hearings;
  • Heritage legal scholars Todd Gaziano and Hans von Spakovsky recorded YouTube videos on the Supreme Court steps viewed by tens of thousands; and
  • Heritage was quoted more than a dozen times in leading publications like USA Today, the Washington Post, plus the major Capitol Hill newspapers.

In the week surrounding the hearings, Heritage also hosted events for our members and the public at large to educate them on the key issues the court would be deciding:

  • March 20 – At a standing room only briefing widely attended by the media, Heritage scholar and former Attorney Genreal Edwin Meese hosted a panel of legal experts who wrote amicus briefs for the Supreme Court. Watch the video on our website.
  • March 22 – Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) spoke at Heritage about the potential impact of the High Court’s decision. Watch the video online.That afternoon, Meese hosted a conference call with Heritage members about the legal challenges to Obamacare. Meese answered questions from members questions about the constitutionality of the health care takeover and the impact the Supreme Court’s ruling will have. Listen to audio of the conference call.
  • March 23 – Heritage health care expert Nina Owcharenko joined a panel of women from the National Federation of Independent Business, the Independent Women’s Forum and the Judicial Crisis Network to speak about the importance of repealing Obamacare. Watch the panel discussion here.
  • March 27 – At last week’s Blogger’s Briefing, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Heritage’s Todd Gaziano spoke about the ongoing arguments.
  • March 28 – After the arguments concluded, Heritage hosted an event to thank the many talented and dedicated people who have had a hand in organizing the legal challenge to Obamacare. Among the 175 guests were six senators, five representatives, two of the attorneys who argued the case before the Supreme Court, plus journalists and representatives of other conservative organizations.

Heritage experts continue to post analyses and videos about the Obamacare case. Visit our Obamacare news feed to stay up to date.

Did you see the media use Heritage materials when reporting on the Obamacare case? 

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