Heritage believes that our nation’s current and future political leaders should us the guiding the principles that animated the Founders. Furthermore, they must be equipped with policy recommendations that apply those principles to today’s problems. That’s why we started the Candidate Briefing Program, which helps state, congressional, and presidential candidates understand, articulate, and apply conservative principles and policy solutions.

This year, Heritage experts briefed 84 candidates in need of conservative answers. Heritage was able to provide each candidate with a briefing and impactful parting gift: Solutions 2018, a compendium of our latest policy recommendations.

Fourteen of the candidates, briefed by Heritage, won their races. Soon, they will be putting what they’ve learned to use. But Heritage doesn’t wait until they’re sworn in to help them be effective advocates of conservative policy.

On Nov. 20, Heritage welcomed almost two-thirds of the incoming House Republican class to our 2018 New Members Orientation. In addition to reminding them of the conservative values they promised to uphold, the two-day program provided practical information on organizing and staffing a congressional office. And each new Member left with a binder containing resumes of over 300 qualified, conservative job-seekers compiled by our Truluck Center for Leadership Development.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to inculcate conservative ideas in aspiring national leaders, to inoculate candidates against progressivism, and to build relationships that helps produce better policy.

If you had one thing to tell candidates before they became elected officials, what would it be?


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James Fiero - December 22, 2018

Before you open your mouth, think about what you are going to say, because words have meaning. If you cannot do or believe what you say, then you have no credibility and people are tired of being lied to and miss lead. Its called character (honesty,integrity,honor,morals) putting job and country above self; not party and reelection.

Joe Feiler - December 22, 2018

The one thing I would tell a candidate before becoming an elected official is build the the wall on the southern border. Support this issue with everything you’ve got and make sure it gets done. Don’t waiver. The wall, other border security measures, stopping illegal immigration is more important than you getting re-elected. In addition the savings realized by the country over a few years will more than pay for the wall. Do it.

Bob Ludwikowski - December 22, 2018

The Interest of the Country always comes first. Not your party or your constituents. If you have a problem with that get the hell out

Judy Simmons-Leone - December 22, 2018

Stick with your principles no matter the political consequences to yourself….

William Coates - December 22, 2018

Western civilization is based on the Bible. American prosperity is derived from following the Constitution. Understand them carefully in their cultural context. Human nature has not changed. Everything you say must be objectively, factually true.
The general principle behind the Ten Commandments is that humans are not to seek power over others.

Sandy S - December 23, 2018

It is great that this organization is open to the legislators for “continuing education” in conservative principles. If those legislators adhere to the Constitution as it is written, it will be their guide moving forward, there won’t be a problem with taking our country back including building the wall. Then, there should be the return to honest and clean elections beneficial to all who are and want to be American.

Millie Kirschner - December 24, 2018

Put God back as head of America by humbly praying, praising and petioning Him in and for all that you do.
Respect the real founder of America.
He was here before you and will be here after you.
Be smart and be humbly empowered by Him.
Stop beating the wind and your own chest.
Every thought and word counts.

Fred Rudow - December 24, 2018

The legitimate role of the federal government is set forth in the constitution of the U.S. Revere it and follow it.

Daniel T Saluri - December 26, 2018


Alan Scott - January 2, 2019

No one running in our Federal Government before getting any Federal Office (incudng all in Congress) should nnt be able to runj such Offices until or unless he or she has 20 years experence in our PRIVATE SECTOR and has won any elective Office befor havng run for said Office because few today in our Federal Offices have had that Private Sector backlground. PERIOD. Less than that, they are totally unprepared torun any Federal Office. They do not understand reality without that 20 years in our Privte Sector AND there can be NO workers in Governmment above more than 1 Milliobn NEVER 3 Billion as of now. They are all a COST that the Privatge Sector workers have to covetr every one such Federal worlker who has no baground workng IN COMPETITION (and that is where reality likes!!!)

Alan Scott (age 92, work 50 hours/week and self-employed!) - January 2, 2019

No Federal Office allowed before that person has worked 20 years in the Private Sector and has risen to MANAGEMENT level SUCCESSFULLY but has come UP to that FIRST from down 20 years UPWARD on the way UP! THAT person is a realist!

Alan Scott - January 2, 2019

OurPlanet is dying because of we human beings. I was born in 1926 to 2 Billion humans here who had tken thousands of years to get that many of us here at that time. Yet today, only 91 years later!!!!! We are heading for EIGHT BILLION. Come on people, THAT is why our air and water and land are being overcomb by our species (it was fine before we humans came along! SELF CENTERED caring only about ourselves and Now and ME and SELF iinstead of the Intellect we have been given ahead of SELF and our non-used Intellect that knows better.,

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