Heritage held its New Member’s Orientation for new members of Congress. Nearly two-thirds of all newly-elected conservative Members of Congress attended the two-day orientation. Those attending received Heritage Job Bank-prepared binders and flash drives filled with hundreds of resumes representing experienced conservative staffers. For 35 years, Heritage has provided The Heritage Job Bank, a free resource for job seekers who would like to work in organizations across the conservative movement, in the Administration, on Capitol Hill, and state governments.

Prior to the midterms, the Job Bank hosted a career event for the staff of retiring Members of Congress representing both the House and Senate. This event provided one-on-one resume and career consultations with staff from these offices. After last month’s disappointing election results, many conservatives working in congressional offices knew they would need to start job-hunting. Luckily for them, the Heritage Job Bank was there to help. Following the midterms, Heritage Job Bank Manager, Kyle Bonnell hosted a career fair to connect staffers and recruiters from 15 allied conservative organizations.

Heritage can invest in the development and advancement of conservative professionals because you first invested in us. Thank you for supporting us as we build the professional experience needed to drain the swamp and preserve our nation’s future.

In addition to the Young Leaders Program and the Job Bank, what else can Heritage do to prepare young conservatives to change Washington? 

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Larry Smith - December 15, 2018

Liberals need to see clearly that a wall between the U.S. and Mexico will work. Take the example of what Israel did which is working.

William Coates - December 15, 2018

We need an ‘enemies list’ of those organizations and companies that have spent time and money writing legislation so staffers didn’t have to do so much work. This is what brings crony capitalism and monopolies. Staffers should be wary of their money and lobbyists.

Zuby Jansen - December 15, 2018

I read through your posting and find it curious that little credit is given to Pres. Donald Trump. I am becoming a little suspicious that this organization which talks a lot about conservatism is actually embedded in the Washington establishment. Comment please!

June Ann Humphrey - December 21, 2018

Reach out to conservative groups in colleges & universities
Work with The Tea Party to help spread conservative messages and goals
Help support Pres. Trump
Support outstanding Republican Women and publicize them nationally & in conservative programming

DAN ZARYCKI - December 27, 2018


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