(L-r) Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, discuss their thoughts on immigration and border security with The Daily Signal’s Rachel del Guidice. (Photo: The Daily Signal)

The illegal immigration crisis at America’s southern border is unprecedented. A surge of migrants is entering the United States seeking asylum, encouraged by America’s “catch-and-release” policies. Border apprehension rates are 330 percent higher than in 2018, and a staggering 915 percent higher than in 2017.

Despite this crisis, Congress has delayed taking action. On Thursday, a $4.6 billion package was signed that will finally provide much needed resources to those who are responding to this emergency.

In an op-ed published in The Daily Signal, Jessica Anderson, vice president of the independent advocacy organization Heritage Action for America, said Congress needs to take three steps to address this situation:

  1. Give our law enforcement and judicial systems the funding and tools they need to do their job, process asylum-seekers and migrants, and secure the border.
  2. Reform our “catch-and-release” asylum process, which is the root cause of this wave of mass migration.
  3. Fund border security.

“Those on the left may not like it, but we have to control our border and enforce our laws,” said Anderson. “Our current crisis has made that abundantly clear.”

Read Anderson’s full op-ed in The Daily Signal.

Interview: A Border Patrol Agent Shares What It’s Really Like at the Border

Listen to a conversation with Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson, R-La., and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, on how they want to tackle the border crisis.

Is the $4.6 billion border package sufficient to address the border emergency for the time being?

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Randy Hagood - June 28, 2019

Congress needs to realize that the U.S. can’t save everybody by their stupid ideas and superfluous spending habits. Don’t separate families. Send all illegals back to their country of origin. Get rid of the druggies and people who drive down the living wage. Humanity goes 2 separate directions.
Let’s not confuse the two!!!!

Tom Howe - June 28, 2019

It seems ironic to me that President Trump wanted less money ($3.5 Billion) to secure the border but this Congress needs almost a third more just to process those illegally crossing the border because it is not secure. Actually it is much more than ironic, it is absolutely insane.

Kathleen Parr - June 28, 2019

Where are the Leaders of Guatemala El Salvador…Honduras…they should come and pick up they’re people…I feel bad for the babies in the womb…If the pregnant mothers get sick with just the measles the baby could be born Blind…those Mothers aren’t going to take care of the baby…all these emotions are a tool used by other countries for freebies…Think about it Our Angel Moms have lost children for no reason because they were Murdered…and the murderers WALK! I see it where I live …Girls are raped and then they turn to drugs…If it was up to me I would close all Borders…Guatemalas National Anthem They Spit on theyre Own Flag and Drag it around …What will they do to Our Flag…Where is Congress…Close the Borders All the Borders…We need more Ships!
I Stand With My President Trump!

Susan Redwine - June 28, 2019

Congress should fix the border crisis. Only law abiding citizens should be allowed here, but we should also help and teach other countries to promote democarcy, law enforcement, and economic development, through our peace core and UN summits.

Susan Redwine - June 28, 2019

See above comments.

JanP - June 29, 2019

First off, we continue to send money to Central American countries to Help thier economies or some such blather. What happened to the millions we sent them BEFORE Pelosi et al sent them 10 BILLION more? we need an accounting! No monies should be given away to ANYONE without a performance clause.
Second, Pelosi et al…there should be some kind of law that persons who do not uphold thier Oath to Protect the United States need to have their lose thier jobs and face legal action. ..traitors! Just the fact that they could lose at the ballot box is not enough.
Third, what is this crap that the armed forces cannot protect the border from invasion, only tell border patrol that someone is coming over here or there? Whoever came up w that needs to be shot!
So thank the idiots in Europe who didnt stop the INVASION from Syria, etc. Lefties over here saw how well it overwhelmed the establishment, and repeated the process here.
I’d also start taking names of illegal immigrant supporters, and make them take on a family and be COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM both monetarily and criminally…and they cant apply for any kind of govnt assistance to do it.

Allen Martin - June 29, 2019

Fully support building the wall/fence.

Stop calling the invasion ¨migration.¨ Tell members about Atzlan–no, the movement is not defunct.

Stop blindly using leftist source material, e.g. Google.

Glynnda White - June 29, 2019

No 4.6 billion is not near enough to address this crisis. We need to start with 10 billion which would be used to hire temporary policing force to help deport ….the money can pay for military, private planes which would be guarded by military personnel, to fly these people home in large groups, daily. Refugees also need to be sent to their country of origin and placed in safe/secured camp which is where the next 10 billion should go….the third 10 billion should be for expediting the building of the wall and the southern border should be completely shut down until we have reduced the estimated illegal population in our nation to less than 1,000,000. Once the borders are open, the process of deportation should be ongoing, legal immigration should be reduced to no more than 500,000 per year and be merit based so we can fill the jobs that now outnumber workers. The next 10 billion should be to clean up voter rolls nationwide, increase tech monitoring at the border, etc. Once these have all been done, we can begin using money to help the nations (direct help) not sending money to pockets of corrupt politicians, providing aid (food, economic growth opportunity, etc).

Dee J - June 29, 2019

1st. we teach Congress the laws of this land. They don’t seem to know them.
We need the wall and to put our armed forces to help the border patrol with the needed ammunition. Simply put; they are invading our country illegally. invasions are met with force. We protect so many other nations borders with force.
We have to stop being so yellow bellied suckers and start enforcing our laws including inside America. Judges don’t want to enforce; police don’t want to. Political Correctness has gone too far.
whining idiots in this country have to stop. Some of the budget money is needed for the detention centers; a lot of it. They get better care than we do at times. I WOULD CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER IN AN INSTANT.
If Mexico doesn’t want to stop them then we stop Mexico at the border. Show force. We have seniors hurting in this country, we have children homeless in this country. We have a drug problem in this country that has to stop.
We have idiots that don’t give our American Flag the honor it should be given and the National Anthem. And these idiots make millions of dollars. They may not really have passed in school but because of sports they were pushed thru. Many.
We just saw that two homeless kids surpassed and got accepted into several colleges. So what’s the excuse for the others? They want Gimme’s.
no work, just gimme. It has to stop.

Dee J - June 29, 2019

NO I didn’t already say all of this.

Pat Ellis - June 30, 2019

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said in an interview on Fox News that Cartels are passing out flyers in South America about USA free healthcare, free college, guaranteed wages, welfare and MORE!!! This will increase the flood of illegal caravans to our Border!!!
We need our ambassadors to those countries to contact the leaders and media and people to tell them the truth!!! We need to start the asylum process THERE IN THEIR COUNTRY, not at our border!!! If our ambassadors will start doing this and advertise THERE, they will stop the awful caravans..

Ron Wright - July 1, 2019

We need to protect our sovereignty
we need to stop paying for illegal aliens and charging Americans for the exact same this
it has to stop

John Sears - July 2, 2019

I say “NO” to any funds supporting Illegals.
Put the money in Social Security where it belongs and increase social security benefits.

Chris Milord - July 2, 2019

The amount of money appropriated for border security isn’t nearly enough and should have been doubled. That would allow for interior enforcement, expedited deportations of criminals and construction of the next 600 miles or so of the border wall.
Illegal migrants who are apprehended slipping into our country should be turned away instead of being placed in holding facilities. After all, they haven’t been vetted for health or national security concerns. Children without parents need to be protected from the cartels before their cases can be adjudicated, but adults with or without children must be sent back.

Another solution to the border crisis is to pressure Latin American nations to develop economically and politically so that folks will want to stay home instead of immigrating unlawfully. Some foreign aid could be utilized to help these countries, but recipients of the aid must be held accountable and use it wisely. National leaders in these states must do more to reduce the flow of northward illegal migration. Obviously, Congress must be committed to border security for the sake of economic security, national security and the rule of law.

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