Heritage is pushing for Congress to use the Congressional Review Act to crack down on federal agencies’ power and undo Obama administration excesses.

Too often, government agencies in the executive branch bypass the legislative process and issue rules with the force of law–and then enforce them on the American people. This administrative state is far from the government the Founders imagined.

The CRA is one of Congress’s best options to reduce the excesses of the administrative state. It allows lawmakers to invalidate agency rulings with a simple majority vote.

“The CRA provides Congress with an opportunity to invalidate an agency rule while satisfying the Article I Bicameralism and Presentment requirements,” Heritage scholar Paul Larkin explains in a detailed report on the CRA’s inner workings.

At an informal working group at Heritage earlier this month, experts from Heritage and other conservative groups helped Capitol Hill staff understand the scope of the law and how it can advance conservative reforms, the Wall Street Journal explained.

To further advance this idea, Heritage is hosting an event next week on “Reawakening the Congressional Review Act.”

Do you believe federal agencies have too much power?

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Marcella Dellaposta - February 17, 2017

Absolutely they do and they are not above being bribed! Most agencies should be completely done away with. The Founding Fathers meant for the Federal government to be small and power remain in each state. The way it is now the evil doing money boys have been controlling it for years!

Karl E Rothrock - February 17, 2017

Yes, Way to much.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - February 17, 2017

WAY too much!
Rein them in and scale them down, please.

Norman Coker - February 17, 2017

America is in grave danger. Patriots need to rise up and come to the aid of our country! America is not a banana republic and we must not succumb to the organized anarchy and sedition of Obama or anyone else.

robert jamison - February 17, 2017

Obaa care was soros and obama way to bank rupt america and it will do that.BOB

Don Hamilton - February 17, 2017

Yes–eliminate programs and have the congress oversee conscientiously rule writing.

Gidget Todd - February 17, 2017

Absolutely! Way too much…!

Lawrence - February 17, 2017

Please have someone look at changes Obama made to National Security Rule Book two weeks before leaving office.

Enables a shadow bureaucracy! Reverse these changes, Please!

Maggie McMullan - February 17, 2017

This is a good way for Congress to shirk its duties. They don´t have to take the flak for unpopular rulings and can always blame the agency, They don´t have to take any blame. Is it written in the Constitution that Congress should set up these agencies? Why not give a more active role to the ¨oversight¨committees?

juanita douglas - February 17, 2017

They have way too much power…look at what the EPA has done to privately owned land…if one little insect, deemed to be endangered, the poor land owner can’t improve his property and may not be able to sell it if he wants to. This is only ONE example!

James Glennie - February 17, 2017

The Obama administration fostered the “dictatorial” concept of the executive branch running everything. NOT GOOD!
I fully support the CRA application and bringing the ‘agencies’ back to administrative duties and leave the laws to Congress.

Donna Donaldson - February 17, 2017

The states should have the power. Federal Government should stay out of everyone’s business. If we let the Federal Gov’t get any bigger it will turn into a tyrannical system.

JR - February 17, 2017

The Federal Government impacts our daily lives more than we realize and needs to be curbed to a minimum. Various departments have made our lives miserable like the EPA, Education, and Energy. Prior AGs not enforcing existing laws and playing politics and Homeland Security playing Fast and Furious scams. Bring accountability and prosecute those who break the laws.

Charles - February 17, 2017

States should have these powers now hijacked by the Feds.
Get Fed gov’t back to protecting us and limited interstate issues.

Buddy Jones - February 17, 2017

Federal agencies absolutely have to much power and the fact that our elected officials have allowed so much of their power to go to these agencies is an indication of an obese and out of control government.

Harvey Ross - February 17, 2017

I am not as concerned about the original bill and what is meant by it BUT the dirty little fine print of any bill ! Case in point: affordable care act and other such bills. I like the bill to remove the EPA – one sentence! Again, cut out of any bills that favors ANY pork or favor any project. That includes GRANTS that, again, favor a stupid concept.

David Ercanbrack - February 17, 2017

As a decorated Veteran and a Civill Service veteran of 30 years of service, including 20 years as a GS-1811 Federal Criminal Investigator I would be ashamed to admit to same, had I not had the success of recovering $40 million to the Treasury in a criminal fraud case against a foreign owned company, in 1976-77. I have seen government overreach, detrimental inter-agency fights, intelligence failures from lack of coordination and partisan operatives in the Intelligence “community” – in every aspect of my career. Loyalty to the Constitution seems to have been supplanted by loyalty to partisan politics and leftist ideology. Entrenchment of disloyal civil servants and their leaders’ selfish or partisan empire building cannot be overcome in one Presidential administration nor, perhaps, two. Congressional oversight of Civil Service, if not radical reform, seems to me the only viable path to mitigating many long years of damage.

Cindy Rettig - February 17, 2017

I wholeheartedly agree with JR

Robert Gianino - February 17, 2017

Yes. Abdication, by Congress, of legislative responsibility to the federal bureaucracy is probably the single greatest threat to our Constitutional rights. There is no recourse to administrative justice. Administrative law is the way a political minority can circumvent the will of the people.

Janelle Nowell - February 17, 2017

Federal agencies have too much power if unlawful immigrants are working in any agency . Even one unlawful immigrant can create fraud and other crimes in the agency. With the CRA, how will they bring about a vote to invalidate an agency regulation? Does the CRA watch all new regulations made by every agency and analyze them and take a vote to invalidate them or not?

James Schultz - February 17, 2017

Bureaucrats have been running the government for too long; they are too powerful and there are too many of them. In my opinion “draining the swamp” really means getting rid of a lot of them. .

Judi Bowen - February 17, 2017

YES they most certainly do!!! How did this happen in America? It’s time we took our country back by straightening the mess out!

James E Anderson - February 17, 2017

I believe this is the biggest threat there is to our Constitution.

Pat & Paula Hamper - February 17, 2017

The laws should be made only by the law makers.

Roy Taylor - February 17, 2017

I believe most federal agencies have no basis in the Constitution to exist in the first place. The “Commerce Clause”, for one, has been abused by Congress and the federal agencies under the executive beginning in the late 1800’s. If we are going to be true Constitutional Conservatives, as we claim, we can’t just try to reign in at the margins federal agencies, we must dismantle them and send their “work” back to the individual states. And once sent back to the states, the federal govt must aggressively oversee the states, and crack down on unconstitutional laws and regulations, when the states overstep the bounds of the Constitution as drafted in its original form and intent. I live in CA and know all too well not only the out-of-control federal govt but also the out-of-control state govt in CA. We need relief out here, and we need it quickly.

William Perkins - February 17, 2017

It’s misplaced power! Congress has been hiding behind federal agencies for too many years. Congress has failed its legislative duties and convienently allowed federal agencies to expand its regulatory tentacles. Our economy has struggled at a snails pace and we are comforted by the soothing balm of “this is the new normal”. Hopefully it’s not too late to save this great country.

Jon Addison - February 17, 2017

Absolutely, time to slash post 1996 rulings and Fedral Agencies in half. Time to once and for all for the allowing of firing of civil service employees!

Rick Nadler - February 17, 2017

ABSOLUTELY!!! Congress has abdicated its responsibilities for far too long. We should expect Congress to accept responsibility and be accountable for every major regulation we are burdened with. It’s unconscionable for them to hide behind unelected bureaucrats and let them do the dirty work…

Tim Myers - February 17, 2017

These Bureaucrats get drunk on the power of that Agency. Congress has to write appropriate Laws to govern how these Agencies work, unfortunately we do do not want Laws so detailed that they end being hundreds of pages long. BUT, detailed enough to limit runaway Bureaucrats. If there is a financial burden to individuals (a pond on one’s property becomes governed by the EPA and Internal waterways), have these rules become reviewed by someone other than a LAWYER. Every law should be written so that non-lawyers can understand them. The Northwest Ordinance comes to mind!

paul simon - February 17, 2017

drain the SWAMP

Mike Riggs - February 17, 2017

We definitely need the requirement that federal agency action be evaluated for a dollar impact and anything over a certain dollar amount must be approved by Congress. That would at least slow this epidemic down.

Dennis Fowler - February 17, 2017

There’s too much independence and authority (a free hand) given or taken , unimpeded, by federal agencies. In effect, they write law and implement their own rules. Limitations and controls need to be placed to prevent agencies powers to act against the rights of citizens.

Don Glitschka - February 17, 2017

YES! I question if some of them should even exist. The work of most of these agencies should/could be done at the state level if really needed at all.

J R Cole - February 17, 2017

Definitely. Follow the Constitution!

Jerry Hinderman - February 17, 2017

Yes!!! I believe federal agencies have too much power! Is there any doubt? Congress should commit to ongoing oversight of all federal agencies, with the poser to do whatever is necessary to improve accountability and efficiency within those agencies.

William Bryan - February 17, 2017

Way to much. Thank God for the Heritage Foundation. Clear, honest thinkers who have common sense in play.

Pat - February 17, 2017

Yes! Too many Federal agencies have become Gestapo like organizations that can use their power to “punish” those they do not like or disagree with. I.E. the IRS and those individuals or companies that supported the TEA Party.

Charles Fickling - February 17, 2017

Not only are they too powerful, they are overloaded with beuracrats who are more concerned with their on interests than the welfare of the American people.

Timothy R Eby - February 17, 2017

Absolutely, and that’s just within the established bureaucracy. I am at least as concerned about the shadow government headed by the czars. Please expose how obama’s czars have operated below the surface, if they are still in place, and what damage they can still inflict even if they are now gone. They get now exposure at ll.

Tim Craig - February 17, 2017

Definitely, hence the Founders included the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. That says it all and it says it succinctly.

Victoria Wehe - February 17, 2017

We cut ties with England because of taxation without representation. Now it is back. We must stop unelected bureaucrats from regulating our lives.

James Crownover - February 17, 2017

The federal bureaucracy has grown so much in power and numbers that a massive overhaul of the need for the agencies and the overhaul of federal personnel standards is needed. For too long, legislation by regulation has been the rule rather than the exception in nearly every agency in the nation. The massive overreach of EPA concerning waters of the US, and the ATFE’s Fast and Furious scandal are prime examples. The GOP controlled executive and legislative branches will not have an opportunity like this for a lifetime. If Congress does not act to curtail this runaway bureaucracy, GOP has no business in power forevermore.

Linda D. - February 17, 2017

You only have to look at the fact that they go into public service making a living wage and come out multiMillionaires. Temptations from lobbyist and entrenched politicians are too great. Yes, there is too much power centralized in Washington. Term limits is the way to bring power back to the states as our Founders intended.

Carole Mansfield - February 17, 2017

With the Freedom Caucas we have a chance to change the laws so that people in the EPA and others, can be fired. Right now, they can’t, so if there are bad actors in those agencies, they are there forever. I personally think we should desolve a lot of those agencies!

Timothy R. Buttner - February 17, 2017

Cut the bureaucracy and get rid of the embeds. Start with Education, and continue with Treasury (esp. IRS), and the EPA. Put those folks to use tracking down illegal felons…

Judy Brown - February 17, 2017

They definitely have too much power and the individual states should make decisions based on what is best for them, not some corrupt beaucrat deciding we all have to follow their stupid policy.

Jerry Metcalf - February 17, 2017

Yes tie their hands. Reduce personnel, reduce budget and salaries.

Jack - February 17, 2017

Every agency should be reduced to a minimum number of positions. They should only be advising, or suggesting ideas/finding to the States so the States can implement what is best for their needs. The agencies suggestions cannot be binding on the States. If there is any dispute, court action, law suits, etc, filed against more than 5 States, before any action can be taken, the problem must be taken to the House for consideration, and allow the people to have their input to their representative their finding must be given to the State Legislature’s. The State Legislature’s will decide what their state will do If it’s State specific, only the Congressmen of that state will conduct the review with proper input from their constituents. Then they must give the results to the State legislatures to make the final determination to accept/reject the dispute, and determine the best course for their State. The Federal Government, Courts, and the petitioner(s) shall stay out the the process save the House Representatives as out lined. Rein in the control of the non-elected bureaucratic agencies who make laws without the populace input. The people within their States should have the power.

James P. Smith, Sr - February 17, 2017

Too much power, yes, but that power comes with agency funding. I believe funding for the EPA, for example, is excessive, which permits some sub-organizations within EPA, etc., to engage in mischievous activity, such as writing abusive, unnecessary rules. Cure: cut funding by say, 20%, then have abusive agencies defend why further cuts should not be made – but make sure cuts are not made to must-have elements. The House controls the funding.

Francis montgomery - February 17, 2017

Way too much. Return power to the states and indivdules and quit telling everyone how to live. The first responsibility of the fed is defense and security of the country.

Dr. John R. Vasko - February 17, 2017

Without a doubt!

Melonie Power - February 17, 2017

Absolutely!! And for way too long!!! Drain the swamp, reduce Fed Gov., give power back to the states! Reinstate the constitution our forefathers took so much time to establish.

Elizabeth - February 17, 2017

Yes, I wish they could all be shut down, save the orig four.

scott - February 17, 2017

It is time to impose a MAXIMUM wage for all public sector employees and that maximum is tied to the median income of the private sector tax payers who provide their income. Military is excluded but all public sector cannot be paid more than the median income for those who pay their wages..tax payers.. that will drain the swamp faster than you think!

Peter Smith - February 17, 2017

Absolutely. is there any aspect of our lives beyond the reach of the administrative state as not functioning? The founders did NOT intend it to grow this way. Get out the trimmers.

William F. Miller - February 17, 2017

This power to hide illegal legislation must be stopped, and the CRA is needed now as the first step. A change in Civil Service rules to allow removal of long time politically appointed staffers in all agencies would be step 2. The next step wold take longer but is the most important one: Term Limits!

Nelson Whipple - February 17, 2017

The Agencys have only the powers given to them by Congress. It is up to Congress to take responsibility and correct the errors of the past. The Administration has to help and encourage and rescind the powers it has granted. Drain the Swamp!!

Al - February 17, 2017

Government in general has way to much involvement in our lives and especially the Federal Government. It would be very refreshing if We The People relieved of regulations, high taxes and religious curtailment.

Andy Flores - February 17, 2017

Off subject, The real problem with american health care is not insurance, it is the lousy garbage infested “health care ” itself. Well meaning young adults go into medical schools, when they get out, they are programmed as a tool of the machine.
Is your head buried in the sand? You must have heard of natural Health care by now. Your “Health Care Plan” is just a screw job to steal your money and ruin your health. Get into Natural Health care and feel much better for tiny fraction of the cost and wasted time.

Paul D’Aigle - February 17, 2017

Most agencies…absolutely! Without a doubt the IRS, Immigration, EPA and EPA.

Lenny - February 17, 2017

Yes they are WAY OUT OF CONTROL!!

william schmidt - February 17, 2017

yes, federal agencies have too much power and I’m beginning to understand how we got into this mess. I agree with Marcella Dellaposta.

william J McLean - February 17, 2017

Yes, federal agencies have too much independence. They operate as governments to themselves.
However, my biggest concern is the shadow government being built by ex-president Barrack Obama. It is reported he has thirty-two thousand and adding with the intent to roll these into a non-profit vehicle.
The Washington Times reported he has sent these people into GOP community meetings to disrupt. Not only are they being formed but they are using Alinsky’s revolutionary methods. To me, this borders on sedition. What is our government doing to investigate, make known and to legislate this matter?

G. Allan Barnes - February 17, 2017

That’s putting it mildly, but yes, too much power. They write their own rules – not Congress. Reduce amount and size of each. Example: look how many spy agencies there are, and yet we are no safer today than we were when the NSA was formed by executive order. It is said that, the path to hell is paved with good intentions, and the NSA & the EPA are prime examples.

Rudolph K. Muzzarelli - February 17, 2017

Congress is responsible for making law. That does not include any other agency or branch of government. Congress has allowed agencies and the judiciary to circumnavigate Congressional responsibilities. There should be no law or rule that bypasses Congress. Congress should not pass any law or rule that does not equally apply to Congress. Equality under the law must include everyone or it is not equality.

Douglas Stafford - February 17, 2017

Many of them need a good house cleaning and some of them are way past
due to be shut down!

Terry Branham - February 17, 2017

Absolutely too much power and Congress needs to rein them in with a Oversight panel of Congressional staffers that work for Congress if Congressmen and women can’t handle it. Stop the overreach NOW

Ann Hilburn - February 17, 2017

Yes, I definitely feel that these executive departments have too much power. They have no authority to pass a law/ruling and then enforce what they enacted. That is Congress’ job.

Doris - February 17, 2017


D Rodgers - February 17, 2017

Yes, please trim them down. Some have taken or tried to take over the power states should have. Education as an example.

PATSY THOMAS - February 17, 2017

I think term limits would bring power back to the people (to the states). Pick the state you want to live in.

Sonie Thompson - February 17, 2017

This question is music to my ears…..yes, absolutely, like the EPA and many others. Please look at each and every one and downsize government. Give power back to the states, and make congressional committees review each and every agency. This is why we have a congress!!

Robert Taylor - February 17, 2017

Federal Agencies seem to be prone to “Interests Du Jour”, depending upon what special interest groups are currently promoting.

We need Agency Leaders that are familiar with the responsibilities of their agencies and manage them properly rather pleasing special interest groups.

Dan - February 17, 2017

Absolutely!!! Congress must have courage to make laws instead of relying unconstitutionally on the Executive Branch as well as the Supreme Court creating laws.

John Humiston - February 17, 2017

Yes. The public feels agencies, e.g. FDA, are insensitive to the public’s needs, and in fact make their own rules in defiance of congressional authority and oversight. Congress should boldly rein in, chop up, and restructure as needed.

Peggy Pipes - February 17, 2017

I agree they have too much. I would like to see them get rid of the ones not needed on the federal level and return power to the states.

Bill Coates - February 17, 2017

Way too much, and the judiciary’s attitude of letting federal agencies expand their power by agency fiat is unpardonable. If the agency does not clearly serve one of the specific delegated powers, it should not be a federal agency – possibly a state agency, if the state chooses to handicap its own economy and citizens with more bureaucracy.

Rev, James E. Lowden, Jr. - February 17, 2017

I agree that Congress has willingly given up it’s Constitutional role as the Legislative Branch as they have allowed the Executive Branch over the past 70 years to usurp their constitutionally limited role as the administrator of those laws and programs. Congress has set up quasi-legislative agencies to do their work for them and have relinquished control and oversight over their actions and expenditures to our detriment as citizens. Congress needs to slim down these agencies, reassert their Constitutionally mandated control, and do their job of oversight so we can hold Congress responsible for what the agencies they established do. We also need a law passed whereby, We the People, can also hold the unelected Government Employees who run and do the work of our Elected Congressional Senators and Representatives liable for their actions that violate our Constitutional rights. Attrition within these agencies needs to be a part of the slimming down process.

Wendy Russell - February 17, 2017

Yes Yes Yes! Please let’s get back to the Constitution!

Dean Hayden - February 17, 2017

No regulation should ever have the force of law if it is not important enough to be passed by congress.

Michael DeBell - February 17, 2017

Congress has to make specific legislation and not general guidelines that the agencies can use to make up rules with. Actually, that would just make them implementers. Some of the agencies could be done away with.

Carol Eggers - February 17, 2017

In many cases I believe that they do have to much power. I have one question that I have not seen addressed anywhere. Have the czars been relieved of their jobs or are they still on government payroll? That was one of the worst things that Obama did, in my opinion. I only hope that it has been reversed.

Patricia Mannel - February 17, 2017

Many have way too much power. So often it inflates their ego and confidence in their selves. Therefore causing them to make deals on the side.

Gary Richards - February 17, 2017

The EPA & ENERGY dept need to go or take away their power. Congress should have to approve any regulations not some agency.

R. Craig - February 17, 2017

Part of cleaning swamp should be getting rid of unnecessary offices, programs and grants that waste our tax money. A good starting place would be to cut off the money going to companies like Tesla.

jeremy freimund - February 17, 2017

No doubt about it. There is a governmental regulation for everything- especially in areas where the feds should have no jurisdiction- such as birth control.Good luck!!

Glynnda White - February 17, 2017

Of course they do. There should not be one federal regulation in place that has not gone through elected officials before being enacted. The fact that a huge number of federal agencies including the Dept of Ed for God’s sake has a policing force is beyond ridiculous. I would estimate that 80% of federal agencies should be run in states and we will find that many of these are only necessary by area or not necessary at all and can easily be eliminated….

Edward Flores - February 17, 2017

Yes, federal agencies have too much power. For example,the IRS used by Obama to harass conservative religious groups during his reelection campaign, and during the midterm elections. The Becket Fund through FOIA received a document outlining 100 different churches and religious non-profits on Obama’s hit list.

Trudy Slater - February 17, 2017

1. Reduce federal employees generally except military and Border enforcement.
2. provide each state the power to ascertain and act on their own unique requirements within their own goverance.

Mary Roloff - February 18, 2017

Absolute tyranny by these federal agencies! They have to be reined in and put in their proper place. Many do not need to exist or can be vastly reduced saving the taxpayers money. What can be handled locally should be handled locally. The EPA is outrageous. Enough!

JOHN EMMI - February 18, 2017

Absolutely, not only do they have too much power the they’re also unaccountable.

Steve Walter - February 18, 2017

Agency programs and budgets are reviewed annually by OMB and by Congressional committees. If agencies have too much power it is because Congress authorizes it. Having worked for the federal government most of my career, I do not agree that agencies have too much power.
The federal bureaucracy has always been a convenient whipping boy for Republicans so it’s not surprising to see the comments posted here. What I do notice is the lack of specificity when it comes to cutting agencies. Is it jobs at the VA that should be eliminated? IRS? National Institute for Health? Immigration Service? Water scientists at EPA who monitor lead levels in our water supplies? What specific federal positions are not doing necessary work?
Just for the record: Agency budgets have mostly been flat or declining since the recession. And as far as salaries, Federal pay raises were 0% from 2011 to 2013 and 1% from 2014 to 2016 for a total of 3% over six years. Inflation during that period was 9.8% so actual purchasing power for federal employees was reduced by nearly 7%.
Civilian employment in 2014 was 2,663,000, compared to 2,820,000 in 1983 during Reagan’s 1st term. While federal civilian employment declined by nearly 6% during this 30 year period, the population they serve increased by over 38% 234 million in 1983 to nearly 325 million today. Much of this increase in government efficiency is due to technology, as it is in the private sector, but it’s impossible to look at these numbers and conclude the civilian government is too large and it’s employees are overpaid.

Ed - February 18, 2017

The ghost executive branch (the bureaucrats) has the power that the President has chosen to delegate to them and many have done so without oversight. It seems a bureaucrat’s job is to stay employed and they do so by building huge departments; riding the government of these little kingdoms can improve efficiency and lower cost of government.

But the bureaucracy is not the only problem, bringing the Judiciary back under control of the Constitution is also badly needed, use of the impeachment process should give notice that the Judiciary does not make law they shall only interpret law as Congress deems correct.

H. B. - February 18, 2017

Demonstrators who leave a mess and break things should pay for damage and
clean-up. Bill goes to the one who gets the permit. They can collect from the others.
Democrats aren’t use to working. Listen to them wine. They are use to a president on the golf coarse or on vacation.

Petsy Rudacille - February 18, 2017

Busting monopolies was one of the original purposes for a federal government. They failed to do that! Governmental agencies are the worst form of monopoly for a free trading society. Today’s huge monopolies have huge amounts of money with which they lobby politicians. Small business cannot compete. Corruption is the result of lobbyist! ! It is no wonder people like the Clintons gravitate to government. Governmental agencies are political and “corrupted.” They work against everything the working class American citizen needs to survive.

Bill Chambers - February 18, 2017

• Require members of Congress to congress electronically from the states and districts from which they are elected. To be done over dedicated, encrypted, high-bandwidth communications. All transmissions are to be recorded and archived to preserve the public record.
• Require one issue per bill put before congress. Do not allow amendments to unrelated laws or executive rules. Prohibit the phrase “and other things” in the explanation of the purpose of the Bill.
• Require Congress to add a paragraph, in common English, explaining the intent of proposed legislation.
• Require each member of Congress to certify individually that they have read and understood any bill put before them for a vote prior to casting their vote.
• Require each member of Congress to certify individually they have considered the constitutionality of the provisions of the bill.
• Require each member of Congress to state and explain all objections to any Bill or provision of a Bill placed before them for a vote.
• Require Congress to prohibit lobbying by organizations, to include foreign interest organizations, while allowing individuals to lobby on behalf of themselves only.
• Prohibit the Executive from committing any element of the Armed Forces to operations in a foreign land without the formal consent of the Senate or alternatively the Senate Foreign Relations committee.
• When giving a Department or other organ of the Executive branch rule-making powers with the effect of law, require the Congress to approve each rule that may result in penalty to an individual citizen. Each voting member will explain all objections to each rule.
• Prohibit unfunded mandates on the States.
• Disallow “earmarks”.
The Founding Fathers intended service in Congress to be an honor, not a career. They envisioned citizen-legislators temporarily performing a duty of public-service and then returning to their prior endeavors. They did not intend the establishment of a “ruling class.”
• Term Limits: A maximum of 12 years in Congress. 1) Two Senate terms; 2) Six House terms; 3) One Senate and three House terms.
• A Senator or Representative will collect a salary while in office and receives no pay and no pension when out of office.
• A Senator or Representative will collect a salary while in office.
• A Senator or Representative may participate in a retirement plan available to the general public.
• A Senator or Representative will pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.
• A Senator or Representative may participate in any health care plan available to the general public.
• A Senator or Representative will collect a salary adjusted annually by the Consumer Price Index or 3%, whichever is less.
• A Senator or Representative will place all financial assets in a blind trust for the duration of his/her service.
• Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”
• The Congress should enact a law that requires the Supreme Court and all Federal courts to base all decisions on the Constitution as it exists without reference Case Law. Should this law be declared unconstitutional, it should be proposed as an amendment to the Constitution and ratified by the States.

Dwayne Hill - February 18, 2017

I believe by nature, federal agencies will always seek to grow a degree gain more influence. As a result, checks and balances must be put in place but more importantly enforced. Therefore, Congress and the Prsident must ensure federal agencies adhere to the CRA. Government when not held in check is not the solution it’s the problem.

Dwayne Hill - February 18, 2017

I believe by nature, federal agencies will always seek to grow and gain more influence. As a result, checks and balances must be put in place but more importantly enforced. Therefore, Congress and the Prsident must ensure federal agencies adhere to the CRA. Government when not held in check is not the solution it’s the problem.

jim morton - February 18, 2017

congress must oversee, if blocked,authmaticly stop funding, that should be part of the law.

Craig Newbod - February 18, 2017

Yes, so much of what Congress does should be handled at the State level as the Founders intended.

Rick Meyer - February 18, 2017

I believe the Federal government has intentionally been expanded to create a larger voting base for the Democratic Party. What % of govt employees/teachers vote Republican? The party that continues to promise unfunded benefits is the party they vote for. The bloated bureaucracy has to produce something and regulations is what they produce. It is the burden and cost of complying with these many unnecessary regulations that is overwhelming businesses. I work in the second most regulated industry – long term care for older adult and experience it every day. Lets eliminate many of the agencies and move the real work back to the States.

Melvin L Hillier - February 18, 2017

Any and all individuals and agencies not first governed by Christ are out of control and, as such, must be externally governed with strong regulations.

Millie Kirschner - February 19, 2017

Yes. In that I have read that it is impossible to fire a poor performing burrocrat. Is it true that a middle paid burrecratic positioned person are put on leave and fully paid while a charge has to go to court for a lengthy process?? So unfair to the tax payer.

Jack Crockett - February 19, 2017

Many Fed agencies have SWAT teams. Do away with this non-sense.

Don Olsen - February 19, 2017

The Lois Lerner, IRS Division of “Tax Exempt Organizations”, should be held accountable for their actions against Tea Party groups a few years ago!!

Tod Torrence - February 19, 2017

It is time to invoke Article V of the Constitution! We The People.

Henry C. Holder - February 19, 2017

Yes, agencies should be required to work with congressional counterparts when the rules inmpact cost, people and security.

Denise J. Solem - February 19, 2017

The federal bureaucrats are imposing expensive regulations with no over site. This needs to stop.

David Kennedy - February 19, 2017

Yes, the Federal government has stolen too much from the States. They act as though they are superior to the individual States on everything that comes up, instead of following the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

Mary Szullo - February 19, 2017

Yes! More agency power needs to go! Drain the swamp, President Trump!

Lamar Cornwell - February 19, 2017

Most Federal agencies are too bloated with employees and funding, except for our Military branches and Patents Office. Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, have way over spent revenues collected from tax payers.

Lorena Steffen - February 20, 2017

Yes! They are bloated with unnecessary employees who are taking away the freedom of the citizens to live lives unencumbered by senseless regulations and taxes.

Tony Pope - February 20, 2017

As I read comments of others, I try to summarize with 2 simple statements:
TERM LIMITS for all 3 branches of Government, and government employees should NOT be allowed to unionize !

Larry Lancaster - February 20, 2017

More and more we are learning about the “Deep State” and the need to dismantle the unelected and unacountable beauracy that only servies itelf and not Americans. We need to slash the federal government into a skeletal structure that was outline in the thinking of our founding fathers and is spelled out in the constitution.

Carol Counter - February 20, 2017

Yes, they have too much autonomous power. This is not how this country was to be governed.

John Holcombe - February 21, 2017

Outside of Defense, Courts, and immigration, the Feds should only be able to make suggestions, with no power to inforce.

Veda Connolly - February 21, 2017

Federal Agencies are not Constitutional, as the document clearly explains that the States are to take care of most of government issues. The Federal Government is supposed to protect us. militarily, set up the House, Senate, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial branch. We even have what I call the Administrative Branch where new agencies increase greater than the population (it seem). Stop the waste, who care’s about caterpillers? Who cares about weird studies? Stop the waste. Scale back the Federal and give the States the responsibilities that have been taken away from them, along with the ability to raise the money to do so!

Michael Luper - February 21, 2017

Yes they’re unaccountable to the American citizens, yet we suffer the consequences and the costs associated with their overreach, while the elected officials use these agencies for cover.

Michael Luper - February 21, 2017

Yet, they’re unaccountable to the American citizens, yet we suffer the consequences and the costs associated with their overreach, while the elected officials use these agencies for cover.

Gerry DeYoung - February 23, 2017

When a government employee can enact an edict which dictates oppressive servitude on the populous, its’ akin to the whiplash of a slaveholder.

Our freedom and independence vanishes.

Brother Alphonsus-Maria MacGovern - February 23, 2017

Please stop the HHS Mandate that requires
Catholic entities to support contraception and/or abortion !!!!!
Make it apply to all the many court cases that are in process, and somehow end all the court cases, and refund all the expenses that the religious entities had to pay to fight this abominable mandate.

Troy & Donna Unruh - February 24, 2017

Congress has allocated far too much authority for decision and rule making to these agencies and they need to be reined in and controlled far more than they are. They can’t be allowed to make rules which amount to legislation.

Retta - February 24, 2017

They absolutely do have too much power.

Robert Byer - February 26, 2017

Congress can help rein in the federal bureaucracy by:
1- eliminate federal employee unions.
2- change civil service rules that make it virtually impossible to get rid of non performing managers and employees.

The benefits of doing these two tasks are many; financial and elimination of conflicts of interest.

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