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On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed HR 9, the Climate Action Now Act, to keep the United States in the Obama-era Paris climate agreement. President Donald Trump had announced his intent to withdraw from the agreement in June 2017. Learn more in The Daily Signal.

According to Nick Loris, a Heritage economist and the Herbert and Joyce Morgan Fellow in Energy and Environmental Policy, “The Paris Agreement itself would do little to alter the climate. The only way to impact climate is for the entire world to quickly change the way it consumes energy or for all to remain undeveloped. Both options are devoid of reality.”

Read Nick’s full explanation of why rejoining the Paris agreement is wrong for America here.

Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives the president power to negotiate agreements, with advice and consent of the Senate. What do you think about the House of Representatives trying to intervene in this process? 

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Charles Garber - May 3, 2019

This is not the business of the House. Also, in an end run around the requirement for Senate ratification of a treaty, Obama called this an agreement. So it is not binding in any case. Only the Senate can bind the people through ratification of a treaty. This shouldn’t go anywhere as withdrawl is to take place before the 2020 elections.

Ken Molloy - May 3, 2019

The Representatives in Congress are attempting to usurp the Constitutional Authority of the President and the Senate. Seemingly, most “Representatives” have no regard for the Constitution. In violation of their sworn duty.

Bill Conley - May 3, 2019

Use media, if at all possible, to explain Constitutional principles. Educate them.


The stupidity of the obama agreement would massively cost America with a minimal effect on climate. Climate change is a natural process that occurs despite human intervention.
STUPID HUMANS think they can change nature. NO!

Patricia Gwynne - May 3, 2019

This is another manifestation of the House’ maniacal position against anything that President Trump has accomplished. The position of the left on this matter is proof of their unrealistic attitude toward climate change. Dead in 12 years? I don’t think so.

Lorraine Yankovich - May 3, 2019

The party in power in the house has shown no respect for the constitution in repeated efforts to restate what they want it to mean. However, unlike them, we respect their right to have their opinions. However, they cannot effectively act without the balance of power which they don’t currently control. We need to vote en masse in 2020 to prevent the loss of our freedom through ballot manipulations. It is time to insist on proof of citizenship to vote so that we don’t run into this again or even worse.

William Coates - May 3, 2019

Those in the House who vote to exceed the powers delegated to them by the Constitution are violating their oath of office. All such actions should be cataloged and given to their opponents in the next primaries and elections. There seems to be no provision in the Constitution for punishing such malfeasance.

Kathleen Parr - May 3, 2019

So, the Congress needs to Travel to the M States…Minnesota, Michigan, Maine and California…in synchronicity and mosey on down to the border…check it out …I would like to add check out the dead animals down there buried everywhere the one man who lived in El Paso Texas seems to go thru a lot of dogs the illegals kill them and leave them …Now I ask where is PETA! Clean up the mess PETA…are there dog fights and rooster fights underground…
Climate Change = Migration
No Paris Treaty Agreement !
I Stand With My President Trump!

Douglas Elmer - May 3, 2019

I am sick and tired of the House and Senate doing nothing when they should be doing their job, spending our money on boondoggles with no end in sight, changing the rules they are supposed to follow for their personal convenience, ignoring constitutional law, interfering the other gov’t branches, wasting time and money on vendettas against Trump, etc.
I say fire the entire lot and start over.

ron Lesley - May 3, 2019

Is Not the business of the House , let the Senate do its JOB

George Robillard - May 3, 2019

Tell them to read the Constitution!

Tina Jurecko - May 3, 2019

Another example of Democrat stupidity.
Why does the U.S. always pay more while t the rest if the world does nothing for a non existence non man-made problem. I’m so over all this craziness.

Nancy J Miller - May 3, 2019

I truly think President Trump will not get back into the Paris Climate Agreement. It’s a waste of our (the US) dollars. We seem to pay the highest price, no matter what we do. As far as listening to the House, he needs to ignore their ideas and inputs. They only meddle in the wrong way, never good for our economy or the US.

Norma L Truax - May 3, 2019

I appreciate your expertise in government matters. It is a good source of information besides the cable news stations. And not talked about much on the radio talk stations. It does seem like the HR9 is another way for the House to object to President Trump’s policies. The Paris agreement is not doing much.

Brad Omick - May 3, 2019


Carl V Hinshaw - May 3, 2019

Trump is 100% right in getting us out of a very poor agreement that was never approved by the U.S. Senate. Major polluting countries outside the USA have little or no restrictions on what they do. We would have to bear nearly all the burden of a bad policy that would cripple the US economy and do little to nothing to help the environment.

Bill Bland - May 3, 2019

A large number of folks in the Congress, in my opinion should be tried for Treason along with some in the Senate. I cannot understand how the Democrats in both houses can get awy with doing nothing but blocking every move the President makes.

Barbara Peters - May 3, 2019

I’m not finding any comments that I disagree with. No to listening to the House with regard to the issues that they have no authority to be involved in as Representatives. It’d be nice if they’d listen to all of their constituents. Many are just looking to play games when we pay them to work for us.
No to the Paris Climate money grab. The US needs to get out and stay out!

Richard H Black - May 3, 2019

This absolutely baffles me. Constitutionally only the Senate can ratify or reject international treaties. Surely the house leadership knows that. If this were one or two loudmouthed, young, freshman representatives talking, we could chalk it up to ignorance (we’ve seen recent evidence of that), but for a majority of the house to waste their time and taxpayers money on something that is not even given to them as a constitutional responsibility, is despicable and the worst example of grandstanding for the sake of a political vendetta.

M. K. Rohrs - May 3, 2019

Before retiring at age 81, I was a Professional Engineer, licensed in 5 states, so I believe that I can speak with some authority. I do not believe that a valid case has been made that proves the claim that man is responsible for climate change. Dissenting scientists are not being given a voice and there appears to be unexplained, but hushed up, results from the algorithms currently being used by those pushing the man-made theory. We need an honest national discourse on the subject where EVERYONE is heard. After all, it wasn’t very long ago that scientists were concerned that the earth was entering another ice age! The House should concentrate on things that are its responsibility..

Richard Lee - May 3, 2019

I have to agree with Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: the Representatives who voted for the Climate Action Now Act should be required to re-take high school civics to understand the course was NOT about Honda automobiles, but the Constitutional foundations and procedures of our Federal republic government. I think they missed the class!

Ragnar Liljequist - May 3, 2019

I believe our politicians are hysterical.

AUREA SANCHEZ - May 3, 2019

‘Nuf said: “This is not the business of the House.” Liberals disrespect OUR CONSTITUTION to their own demise!

Joyce Hawley - May 3, 2019

The House is clearly overstepping their purview in this, demonstrating again, a clear disregard for the Constitution. Ratification of treaties is up to the President and the Senate. Since this was called an “agreement,” it certainly gives the President the ability to remove the US from it. Only a signed and ratified treaty would be binding. And the House has nothing to do with that.

Paul Harman - May 3, 2019

I am appalled at the actions of House Democrats trying to keep the US in the costly Paris Climate accords. They think nothing of throwing billions away on a weak agreement that will make no difference but refuse to provide funding to stop the mass migration across our porous southern border.

John Adams - May 3, 2019

Yes and my Congressman is a supporter of this ridiculous accord!

Anthony J Chamay - May 3, 2019

New Democrats, desperate for a political cause are trying to reignite the CO-2 man-made warming campaign at the same time German and British and other enthusiasts are backing away from this concern – admitting that climate models are flawed. In addition Global Climate data is not cooperating .
Political foolishness!!

ROBERT Jr SALINAS - May 3, 2019

They should get busy doing the job they were hired to do and stay out of the Presidents business

THOMAS E ORR - May 4, 2019

The House is meddling where it has no Constitutional right to do so. The Paris Climate Accord would severely cripple the US economy while China, Russia, India and other countries would proceed unfettered by the choking environmental regulations imposed on America. US sovereignty is at stake as this is nothing but a scheme to redistribute wealth and a power grab by the UN and a one world government.

Marilyn Mills - May 4, 2019


Susan McConnell - May 4, 2019

The House (i.e., Pelosi) has one Agenda…derail and stop Trump, at ANY cost. They are butting in where they do not Constitutionally belong. Nancy, BUTT OUT!!! They should get back to the job they are SUPPOSED to be doing.

I stand with President Trump!!

Donald Edwards - May 4, 2019

The house has been out of control for some time and just keeps getting more radical. The 2019 Elections brought in even more seditious radicals, many who need to be arrested.

Emma Gifford - May 4, 2019

Not their job. If they do that right, they’ll be to busy to interfere in anything else.

J. Kline - May 4, 2019

In theology, there are the post-moderns. In history, the revisionists. In politics, there are the liberals, interested only in “their truth”, not THE truth; in “their way”, not the AMERICAN way; in “their structure”, not CONSTITUTIONAL structure. Willing to forego the stability & consistency of constitutional guidance, they bemoan the lack of relevancy of a 240+ year old document. Another sad but true indicator of their collective elitism!

WILL WINN - May 4, 2019

President Trump is correct to remove us from this lop-sided, futile and stupid agreement.

Sandra Sowers - May 4, 2019

The House of Representatives has gone insanely MAD! I don’t understand why most of them aren’t put up for treason. Obama tried to kill America – yet he lives – why???

Pat Ellis - May 4, 2019

Just another ugly attempt of the angry democrats to bash Trump any way they can. It issue is of no interest to them, just defying Trump is. I have never seen this country so divided!!!!!

joseph picard - May 4, 2019

The earth’s climate has been changing ever sense the atmosphere developed. The affects that cause climate change are out of man’s control. To think that mankind can control the earth’s climate is an egotistical trip. The House of Representatives is simply on a power grab course.

Homer Crothers - May 4, 2019

The current House of Representatives isn’t interested in what is good for the USA or the world. Their effort is to block everything and anything President Donald J. Trump tries to do correctly. Our President should continue with the authority the U.S. Constitution has given him to act for the betterment of the USA. We, as a country, do not belong in the Paris Climate Change fiasco.


Climate change is a money maker …
Why can’t people understand this ?
The climate has always changed …

Lawrence K. Marsh - May 4, 2019

Positively unconstitutional and un-Biblical. James 4:4—“Ye adulterers and adultresses, know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore, whosoever shall be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” America, heed God’s warning!

Gordon L Converse - May 5, 2019

Get out, Get out. No body can change what Mother Nature has in store.

Michael Franks - May 6, 2019

The President and the Senate should ignore the unconstitutional acts of the House, or take parliamentary procedures steps to shut them down – and let the public know that the actions of the House are unconstitutional.

John Golden - May 6, 2019

I think we need to follow Trump’s lead and stay out of Al Gore’s private piggy bank issue.
How many times do we need to hear ” the sky is falling” from the liberals?

Elizabeth Houghton - May 6, 2019

The extreme left members (read ‘Democrats’) of Congress are way out of line. The term ‘sore losers’ comes readily to mind.

Ronda Ammon - May 7, 2019

Article 1, Sec.8 enumerates the Houses powers. House needs to STOP intervening in powers not granted to them. In fact, they need to get back the powers they have inappropriately given to the special interest bureaucrats. The public needs to start recalling elected officials that don’t abide by the US Constitution

Nancy A Swatek - May 7, 2019

It is not surprising. The House fights everything the President tries to do. They are only interesting in obstruction and resisting. The party of hate. Can’t believe Minnesota elected a muslim to the house. Allso Michigan – and of course they are against everything Israel.
How soon we forget.

JOE TILLMANN - May 8, 2019

The House of Representatives should know their place in the “pecking” order of the three branches of government. It is a shame they do not. The next time Pelosi wants to talk about the House’s responsibilities she should be reminded about this fiasco.

Susan Redwine - May 13, 2019

The President was elected to office by the people. He’s a good man. He should be allowed to investigate and neogiate with other countries to bring good policies to our country. One branch of government can’t do it all.

Philip Tribuzio - May 18, 2019


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