In recognition of the late President George H.W. Bush’s years of public service, Heritage observed the National Day of Mourning declared by President Trump. On this day, we sought to remember President Bush.

As The Daily Signal’s Fred Lucas reported, President Bush was the last World War II veteran to serve as president. And no president since has served in combat. The youngest naval aviator in World War II, George H.W. Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and a Presidential Unit Citation for his service in the Pacific.

President Bush served America long after the war, as Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Head of U.S. Liaison Office in China, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Prior to his election as president in 1992, he served as Vice President to President Ronald Reagan.

As president, he will be remembered for presiding over the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, as well as the liberation of Kuwait in the First Gulf War.


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Heritage President Kay Coles James stated upon his passing, “President Bush was ever willing to disregard personal gain to pursue a public calling—and few did so with his grace and dignity.” President James concluded by saying, “George H.W. Bush’s character and commitment to our nation were reflections of his faith. They were also attributes he passed on through his children and grandchildren. May God comfort them and the rest of the Bush family in their grief.”

Read Heritage President Kay Coles James’ official statement here.

What is your favorite memory of President George H.W. Bush, and his public service?


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David - December 7, 2018

I can’t decide whether it was when he helped orchestrate the JFK assassination or when he finessed Sadaam Hussein into a phony war over Kuwait or when he wasted millions and the lives of 23 Americans to overthrow the lawfully elected leader of Panama…

Steve Haarman - December 7, 2018

I liked his reference to the thousand points of light, implying that we each can be outstanding in our own way and accomplish things that have meaning and improve our communities, families, schools and churches. I know many did not relate to what he meant. I pray now for goodness by everyone, everywhere.

Steve Haarman - December 7, 2018

Other then the fact that the House Leadership had its own agenda, it is hard to imagine how so many members of the House lost. They reneged on their promise. They failed to be part of what could have been such great accomplishments. They were apparently owned by someone. My heart aches at the lost chance.

LEH - December 7, 2018

Wow – Humanitarian? He was a pedophile! You obviously know nothing about the man except what was “newsworthy’. He was a prominent actor in the 9/11 tragedy. He was there in Dallas when JFK was killed. You praised him like he was actually a good man. You do know that his crimes exceeded his “good service”, dont’ you? And he selected his date of death due to his treason and sedition. He didn’t die naturally – he and his wife were Satanists (Luciferians)…..the Government gave him the justice he deserved – the same way they did for John McCain. Mr. Bush killed so many people and trafficked so many children (well-known about his pedophilia), that he didn’t even deserve a funeral. And, I’m a Conservative.

So much for Heritage Foundation knowing who they honor or disparage. Do your homework.

Frank Bilek - December 8, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting George and Barbara Bush in 1980. The terms grace and loving kindness come to mind. The attributes we admire in others should be the ones we strive to emulate. On this, the culture of our society today is nearing 180 degrees the opposite direction. We are fortunate to have a Constitution others seek to enjoy. George knew that and made every effort to make sure we did too.

SFC Robert E. Frere, Jr. (U.S. Army, retired) - December 8, 2018

My greatest memory was while deployed to Somalia December 1992. This was his last month in office; however, he spent Christmas visiting us. He did this not for political gain, only because he truly cared. I got to briefly meet him as he was leaving after giving a speech. He took the time to address me by rank and name. I will always remember how he gave up time with his beloved family to be with us and how he truly cared.

Jon Kirsch - December 8, 2018

George W was running for President. He made a stop at the Elks Club in Lewiston, Maine. A friend an I got there early and took a seat in the front row. We were politely asked to move to the second row and then asked to move in one seat from the end. As we were waiting for W. to come on stage, someone sat next to me and gave me a little elbow to my side. I looked and there sat George H. W., smiling and saying hello. Through the short conversation, I stated that I was quite impressed with what he did in Desert Storm, getting in and out quickly. In his humble nature, he responded, “Oh, that wasn’t me, It was all the people that planned it and were there fighting”. Any person could tell in that short meeting that there was a man that was very respectable, was not about himself, and would fight for those that worked with/for him.

Will Winn - December 8, 2018

When He and Colin Powell had the Iraqi Republican Guard on the run and could have finished Sadam, but pulled out.
When Barbara Bush reveled her true feelings about anti-abortion and prolife and complained about the anti-abortion elemen in the Republican platform.

Matthew Edward Murray - December 8, 2018

I had the pleasure along with fellow US Navy Reservisits to be present at Glenview NAS when the Vice President arrived to attend an event in support of the Illinois Governor. Rather than simply go to his limousine, he walked over to us on the flight line and engaged us in close conversation on his experiences in carrier training in Lake Michigan. What a warm, engaging experience from a man with very high intellectual brilliance. We all felt deeply honored and strengthened in our commitment to Defense of the United States.

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