As America turns its attention towards the election in November, candidates are turning their attention to a key voting block: Americans citizens of Hispanic descent.

In the 2008 election, 9.7 million Hispanics voted. Estimates for the 2012 election suggest that number could grow to 11.8 million.

President Obama has a history of actively courting the Hispanic vote. This key group, however, has been some of the hardest hit by his economic policies.

The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Brownfield explains:

From 2005 to 2009, median household wealth among Hispanics fell by 66%, compared with a drop of 53% among blacks and 16% among non-Hispanic whites; the unemployment rate among Hispanics in March was 10.3 percent, compared to 8.2 percent among the broader population; and between 2006 and 2010, the poverty rate among Hispanics increased more than any other group, from 20.6 percent to 26.6 percent, all according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

As the Hispanic population struggles in the current economy, it is no surprise that 56 percent are dissatisfied with our nation’s direction.

Many are ready for a change and identify with the principles of the conservative movement. Brownfield points out that of registered Hispanic voters, 35 percent describe themselves as conservative and 32 percent identify as moderate. Only 28 percent describing themselves as liberal.

The Heritage Foundation understands the importance of the Hispanic community and recently launched a Spanish-language website,, to communicates Heritage’s conservative policy analysis to those whose first language is Spanish.

“Its goal,” Brownfield elaborates, “is to educate a growing community about conservative ideals and how limited government — not big government — can help them achieve the American dream.”

How do you think the conservative movement can reach Hispanic Americans? 

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santinello,george - April 14, 2012

why is the gop not exposing the 1/1/13 taxes,also making an issue of the roaring inflation existing???
there are many serious issues being completely
ignored..the POTUS is concealing his true beliefs
and this should be examined and exposed,,the
facts of his actual grooming by African Americans
in Chicago,Who were longtime members of the
CPUSA,To be elected by an illegal process that
was shut down…His and Hilary Clintons idolasation
of the Communist Agitator Saul Alinsky,must be
presented to the voting public..If this is to be a repeat
of the cover up suppression of facts again then we will
be sorry imitation of a Socialist Nation..Which most
Americans have absolutely no idea of what that means?
So educate the Voters,Tell the truth,because this will be
a no holds barred election.And the Voters must be informed how dangerous the situation really is? I have
yet to see people who fled those Socialist Regimes to
make it in the USA interviewed on the Media??? Why
not??? There are Millions of Eastern Block people who
would be only too willing to try to educated the great
unwashed here? All that money on education and our
people are a disgrace dumber than a bag of Hammers..
I remain yours Fraternally..Patron Member G Santinello..

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