In response to Thursday’s announcement by North Korea inviting President Trump to meet, Heritage experts swarmed the media channels to weigh in.

They recommend President Trump do the following six things:

  1. Fill key policymaker vacancies in the region
  2. Put together a clear agenda for the meeting that North Korea agrees to
  3. Do not budge on sanctions
  4. Move forward with planned military exercises with South Korea
  5. Propose measures that would increase transparency from North Korea
  6. Demand North Korea prove its commitment to the new plan

To hear more from Heritage experts on North Korea, you can watch their TV interviews and read their articles below:


Bruce Klingner, Fox Business, “Mornings With Maria”

Bruce Klingner, Associated Press TV, “Analysis: US-North Korea Talks ‘High-Risk Poker’”

Bruce Klingner, CNN, “Wolf”

Bruce Klingner, MSNBC, “MSNBC Live With Katy Tur”

Bruce Klingner, BBC, “World News America with Katty Kay”

Bruce Klingner, Fox Business, “Making Money”

Jim Carafano, Fox News, “Fox and Friends First”

Jim Carafano, Fox Business, “FBN: AM”

Olivia Enos, i24 News, “The Rundown”

Olivia Enos, EWTN, “News Nightly”


Bruce Klingner, The Washington Post, “Trump’s North Korea gambit blindsides U.S. diplomats”

Bruce Klingner, Associated Press, “Summit plan too easy on North Korea? US rejects criticism”

Bruce Klingner, The Hill, “Trump rolls the dice on North Korea”

Bruce Klingner, CNN, “How South Korea triggered Trump’s flip from ‘fire and fury’ to ‘call me maybe’”

Bruce Klingner, The Daily Mail (UK), “Trump says that reaching a deal to arrange a summit with North Korea will ‘be a very good thing for the world’ if successful but noted that a ‘time and place’ still need to be determined”

Bruce Klingner, Voice of America, “US Military, Intel Officials Cautious About N. Korean Overtures”

Bruce Klingner, The New Yorker, “Trump Accepts North Korea’s Audacious Invitation—But Then What?”

Bruce Klingner, Vox, “Great opportunity or trap? 12 experts weigh in on the Trump-Kim summit.”

Jim Carafano, The New York Times, “Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-un Is Another Pledge to Do What Nobody Else Can”

Jim Carafano, Politico, “Trump meeting with Kim could signal major thaw in nuclear standoff”


Thank you for making it possible to get the conservative recommendations regarding North Korea out to the public when key leaders need to hear it most.


What should be done about North Korea?

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Leslie R Space - March 16, 2018

Stop them economically, that goes for Iran and Russia also.

Jimmy Mahuron - March 16, 2018

Keep sanctions in place and if North Korea doesn’t keep the treaty then destroy their military and also China’s military and reduce their population and their ability to wage war. This could apply to Russia, Iran as well.

Huu Vo M.D. - March 16, 2018

We need to be strong when negotiate with N.Korea.
They have to stop their nuclear weapons
If they do so we can help them to improve their economy and gradually presưse them for human rights and democracy.
Keep sanctions and isolate them until we succeed.
Keep military options and if do fast and accurate

Paul Wolf - March 16, 2018

I agree wit all six, with an addition. To quote Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but verify.” I’d go lightly on the trust and VERY heavily on the verify. The Kim’s are, and have been a deceitful family.

Kathleen - March 16, 2018

I , have strong feelings about this meeting of , USA and NoKo . United States is building its Military , a must, on the other hand North Korea has a large Military, but, to put it bluntly, North Korea is not a civilized Society, is there Military Stronghold, nuclear weapons if , so then they will keep they’re denuclearization agreement, but, if they want to wage war, period, I think they will before The Meeting. Human Rights do they really want to let go of the Control, have to wait for the sit down meeting! I Stand With My President Trump! I hope all of America Stands With Our President !

Dr. Norman Burba - March 16, 2018

N K is Chinas front man. If NK could cripple the US, China would finish the job. China needs to be taken down economically. NK needs to be starved into submission.

Romen Nakhtigal - March 16, 2018

Negotiation is good idea but not with NK. They do not understand that this is the best for them. The only thing they will understand is when US together with SK will destroy them as much as possible, quickly and as soon as possible.

steven Jacobs - March 16, 2018

nothing-leave them alone

w. June - March 16, 2018

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. A hungery people are the most dangerous people in the world. If they are starving without hope you will have a war not just with them but all the nations who feels sorry for them. See what they have to say before you tighten the twitch on the nose. Starving people left without dignity produces a Hitler maybe on steroids! Be wise and carry a “big stick.” A little man will fight when nobody is chasing! Be wise in deed not words.

Ronald L. Young - March 16, 2018

Being a proud Right Wing Republican Conservative and Vietnam War veteran (U.S. Army Infantry), I have learned from military experience and student of military history there is only one way to deal with the fanatacism of the militant Asian mind, and that is to do what President Truman, a WWI artillery commander did to bring the Japanese to terms of unconditional surrender ending World War II. The Second World War was a righteous war and when God is on your side, He expects the side He favors to win and He will help you do so. We Americans won every major battlefield engagement in Vietnam. It was the weakness of the Washington political leadership which resulted in a non-victory in Vietnam. What to do about North Korea? This is a strategy subject not easily covered in brevity, without accompanying explanation, including history. If I were the President going to meet Mr. “Little Rocket Man,” at his invitation, I would first listen to what he has to say, and if he felt emboldened enough to imply more threats of rocket nuclear attacks on America, or our Pacific Rim allies, I would tell him this: “You withdraw your previous threats to world peace in ending this meeting. If you threaten to attack America one more time, we will consider that a declaration of war and we will respond quickly to neutralize your capital palace, your missile facilities, and the entire line of the ten thousand artillery guns you have in place, aiming at Seoul, South Korea. Your military bases will be destroyed, and you, Mr. Un, will not likely survive the aftermath. Is that picture clear to you, Mr. Un? I do not think the Chinese or the Russian Communist governments would intervene to save Mr. Rocket Man, but I would be prepared to follow through on them if they did intervene. I am not sure about the current American military power status after reading many negative reports on our strength as written by Lt. Col. Oliver North concerning how the Obama administration intentionally decimated our military power and I would believe Mr. North over Mr. Obama anyday — which makes Mr. Obama a traitor of the highest level in American history. Little Rocket Man has got to be shut up and put down soon. Russia and China should well remember that it was only with American intervention in World War I and II that kept German Nazism from conquering them. They owe America forever for that!

William Verville - March 16, 2018

NK will not ever give up their ways and negotiation will be classic what’s yours is negotiable a what’s mine is not. Their regime and total animosity to the world and holding their people in slavery is anethema to our world and NK leaders must be exterminated from the earth. US presidents have let this mess go worse for the last 73 years beginning with the separation of the NK and SK after WWII and failure to settle it during Korean War. We allowed a terrible dictatorship to rise and in the atomic age the world cannot accord it to survive.

Barry Waterman - March 17, 2018

All this tough talk is crazy. Extend a hand of friendship. It is not possible for them to deceive us or to prevail in any kind of warfare, and they know it. Look what happened to East Germany when the wall came down. East and west Berlin are now indistinguishable. I have been there. With good relations, North Korea could be much like South Korea in fifty years. The recent olympics let North Korean athletes see a bit of what the rest of the world is like. It is so much easier to get along than to fight. If a friendly hand extended is rejected, we can always resume confrontation. It would take about five minutes. We are America. We don’t need to go in there beating our chests like Tarzan. I think they know we are a tough adversary. Try a little sugar first.

George Goodwine - March 17, 2018

I have reason to believe the United States can render .NK and their weapons useless in situ electronically. We already have the capability to read the labels on their uniforms from space. Never mind the other hacking weapons.

Jim Hemp - March 17, 2018

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Trump knows what he is doing meeting with the guy. Trump knows nothing will likely come of it. Trump does not need anyone’s advice on some agenda beforehand. Trump may have something up his sleeve.

Karl Cooper - March 17, 2018

The opportunity to build an alliance with North Korea at the historic moment when North Korea and South Korea reunite now lies before us. The result will be that we will have yet another strategic foothold in a region of the world which used to be dominated by China and Russia. This can only be a genuine long-term benefit, to America and the world.

Elmer M. Werth - March 17, 2018

NK appears to be still preparing nukes. Don’t trust them for a minute.

John Bodmer - March 17, 2018

I think your recomendations to the president are correct.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - March 18, 2018


Dan Wood - March 19, 2018

Give Kim 2 options:
1. Status quo with continued tightening of sanctions and increased military activities and presence.
2. Purchased North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles with humanitarian aid to the North Korean people, allowing Kim to maintain his regime and take the credit for lifting his people out of destitute conditions.
For the US the second option may be less expensive than the first and definitely would be safer and more secure.

Leon Sevigny - March 20, 2018

You guys have got it right – The most important thing is to not budge one iota on sanctions until all NK’s nukes are verified DESTROYED. PLUS – Not one DIME should be given them. NK has a long history of playing on our best intentions.

Kenneth Williams - March 20, 2018

I am thinking the only solution to this conflict,is reunification. My God this is has been going on for 68 years.

William Coates - March 20, 2018

Two serious power-seekers wish to reduce America’s influence in the world – Russia and China. They have created and armed two proxies, Iran and NK respectively, to keep us off-balance and as a last resort, to carry out an EMP attack on us. Russia and China will try other options first –
1. Creating civil conflict and disorder within America, which is well under way.
2. Wrecking the dollar – our debt makes us vulnerable to various kinds of cyber interference; citizens will be outraged
3. Hacking critical infrastructure, mainly the electrical grid, which will cause lots of disorder and economic loss
4. Military actions by the proxies in their regions, since we’re tired of war
5. If the other efforts fail, the kill shot: EMP, taking out our grid and internet.
They might get impatient enough to use the ‘One Second After’ scenario earlier.
We know who gave the technology to the proxies. We should assure Russia and China that any EMP attack will immediately result in EMP attacks on them; no surface bursts against the population. Neither of those regimes would survive a setback to 1880 living standards; we’d have a hard time too, but nobody would ship soldiers anywhere for a long time.
This places the burden of maintaining peace on the ones who have been destabilizing it.

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