Over the weekend, The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk was featured on Fox Business’s Willis Report to discuss the connection between Hostess’s collapse and its union affiliation.

With 18,500 workers losing their jobs, taxpayers can expect about a $400 million increase in taxes if the workers file for unemployment.

Click here to watch the clip.



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Charles Huggins - November 24, 2012

I just received a letter from Dr. Feulner asking for a donation to help “hold the line against the liberal onslaught…”…watching the results of November 6th, it seems to me we aren’t doing a very good job in getting the message out…I just had Thanksgiving dinner with family members and they brought up the election and voting for Obama..when asking why they all voted for him, they really had no valid reason…the minority population evidently feel they are getting something for nothing and the young people are brain washed by college teachers because of course parents know nothing about the real world…I guess my question is, what is Heritage going to do to actually reach the people that need to be reached….just having FOX news isn’t working…I own a small consulting business for oil & gas…we all know how our fearless leaders feel about that…I wouldn’t mind sending more money to Heritage but we certainly need a better game….so, please tell me…what it is…I see nothing in the donation request that tells me.

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