Heritage Foundation national security expert James Carafano testified today before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the September 11 attacks on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi.

He said investigators need to focus on four key questions:

  1. What counterterrorism and early warning measures were in place to proactively address security threats?
  2. What risk assessments were performed and what risk mitigation measures were adopted prior to the attack?
  3. What contingency planning was undertaken and exercised to respond to armed assaults against U.S. facilities in Benghazi?
  4. How is the interagency response to the incident organized and managed?

Carafano, a 25-year veteran of the Army and one of the nation’s leading experts on defense and homeland security issues, acknowledges it’s  impossible to protect every building and potential terrorist target, so the more effective strategy would be to:

Tackle threats as they develop and emerge, before terrorists have the opportunity to strike a target—a strategy that has protected the U.S. from 53 publicly known terrorist plots since 9/11.

For this reason, finding out what was being done to identify and disrupt the terrorist operations in Libya is of utmost importance.

To read Carafano’s full testimony, click here.

 Do you think these hearings will answer the questions that need to be asked to prevent future terrorist attacks?

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