Last week, more than one hundred Heritage members from Tucson and Scottsdale, Arizona turned out for two events featuring Heritage’s David Azerrad. The events, hosted by the Heritage Legacy Society, were an opportunity for members to learn more about the evolution of Progressivism, the dangers it poses today, and what conservatives can do about it.

Here’s what Azerrad said:

Sometimes conservatives make it sound as though the battle is about dollars and cents, as if it’s a dispute between actuaries over how much things are going to cost. Other times, we make it sound like this is really a lawyerly legal dispute over how to interpret the Constitution, as if we were expending all of this tremendous capital simply on behalf of a document. Ultimately, the stakes in this battle go much deeper than our debt and how we understand our Constitution. At stake is the soul of America. At stake is how we want the next generation to think—the virtue of character and habits of mind we want to instill in them.

With future generations in mind, members of our Heritage Legacy Society are taking steps to safeguard our founding principles and preserve our founders’ vision for America by remembering Heritage in their estate plans. Click here for more information about how you can join the fight to reclaim America.  

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