Members of Heritage's Young Leaders program.

Members of Heritage's Young Leaders program.

To build the conservative movement, The Heritage Foundation focuses considerable attention on educating and training rising young leaders.

For example, we have identified more than two dozen promising young professionals working on Capitol Hill or in other public policy roles for a workshop this week on foreign policy and national security. The program—developed, organized and run by our very own young professionals here at Heritage—aims not only to educate participants on policy but to teach the next generation how to lead, motivate, and influence their peers.

Organizing this event are Heritage’s own young professionals from our Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies.

The workshop begins with a discussion about instruments of American foreign policy with John Lenczowski of the Institute of World Politics and Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute.

Following the discussion, participants will break off into working groups to discuss:

  • The importance of strategic partnerships;
  • Meeting the challenges and opportunity in the developing world,
  • Engaging with America’s global competitors; and
  • Influencing closed societies.

Programs like this one allow young conservatives to develop critical skills they can use to advance principled solutions now and in the future. Equally importantly, these programs allow young conservatives to connect and build important relationships.

How else do you think we can build the conservative movement among young people?

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Rose - May 31, 2013

Succinctly, ONLINE.

C.Hoffman - May 31, 2013

End the leftist domination of the education system. Get government out of the process of schooling. Until education is about schooling instead of indoctrination we fight a losing battle.

R.Rigsby - May 31, 2013

The liberals had a brilliant game plan, and it’s now on cruise control. Dumb down the public education system so that the majority of students, if they in fact do graduate from high school, their wages from the menial jobs they can get, will eventually require government assistance. For the motivated few that manage to get into college, again with government aid, the professor pool is stocked with left wing radicals who denigrade faith, traditional marriage, and patriotism. Add to this stacked deck the folks from our south that walk across the border with their hands out, and the “progressives” have their own built in voter base. C. Hoffman hit the nail on the head. Any assault on this statist lunacy HAS to start at the elementary school level, and continue to our universities.

Michael M. McCall - May 31, 2013

I do not think you need to be looking to those working on Capitol Hill for influencing them for leadership. You need to be looking into the business world for those young people with conservative credentials that are running businesses and professional organizations to help prepare them for public service after they have 20 years of successful business service. These are the people that have real world experience that have not been tainted by the inside the beltway mentality.

John Briggs - May 31, 2013

How to get young people involved. They want to feel important and worthwhile. Listen to them and use their ideas, even if only in part and joined with someone else’s idea(s) and then give them recogntion. It is not rocket science! Will you do it? No; you will not even do it with my ideas on healthcare or business taxes. Shame on you and all conservatives. Try thinking outside of the shell!

June Ventura - May 31, 2013

Train a cadre of young professionals who would be able to make themselves available to discuss conservative ideas and to contrast them with progressive ideas. Students are not educated in schools about history even American history. We also need a cadre of older speakers you could train to make themselves available on college campuses to counteract the progressive hype.

Holly Chapo - June 1, 2013

Last year, before the election, I received an email with a YouTube video entitled Voices Without a Vote. It was made by a group of young people, high school age, who truly got the message of conservatism. It was inspiring. Something of that nature – young people speaking to young people – may be an approach to getting out the message.
Also, speaking to parents by finding out from them what they really want their children to learn about American History, how the country was founded and why the founding principles are so important is another possibility. How many parents truly understand how their schools and the education system have been high-jacked by the left and their anti-American views? Maybe town hall type events would be helpful.

Robert Seklemian - June 1, 2013

Start teaching the Golden Rule basis of free market capitalism in K-12.

Lloyd Smith - June 2, 2013

This is an outstanding effort. Now let’s expand it to include young conservatives nationwide. How about a scholarship program that would provide resources for young conservatives to come to Washington for a week for briefings and discussions on major issues. I believe that it is the young people that are going to make a difference in the future of our nation.

P Holloway - June 4, 2013

Fight to get education out of the Federal govt and into the state and local govt . control. Make parents aware of what is happening in the education of their children

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