Last week, The Heritage Foundation released America’s Opportunity for All, our newest, boldest policy blueprint packed with principled, conservative ideas that will get America back on the right course.

“The problem with the 2012 elections,” Heritage President Ed Feulner and Heritage President-Elect Jim DeMint explain, “was not that conservative ideas were voted down. The problem was that we did not do a good enough job of presenting our ideas to the American people.”

America’s Opportunity aims to reverse that.

It’s is a blueprint that lays out the problems America is facing–and the solutions to them. Above all, it is optimistic, principled and practical. Just as Heritage’s 1980 Mandate for Leadership was the how-to manual for the Reagan administration, America’s Opportunity is the how-to manual for surviving the Obama administration.

The plan addresses a core problem: instead of being a catalyst for opportunity, government has become the chief barrier to opportunity. Our plan would move America

  1. From crony bureaucracy to free enterprise–by reining in bureaucracy, reforming taxes to spur growth, cutting spending, and more.
  2. From the welfare state to an opportunity society–by repealing Obamacare and really fixing health care, preserving Social Security as real insurance, strengthening the family, and more.
  3. From managed decline to championing of liberty–by providing for America’s defense needs, securing our interests overseas, and advancing liberty.
  4. From imperial rule to constitutional government–by rebuilding constitutional self-government and restoring the rule of law.

America’s Opportunity provides step-by-step directions to reverse the damage done to our great country, and return it to the nation once envisioned by our Founding Fathers. A nation where free enterprise and opportunity flourish and where liberty is championed by a constitutional government.

Getting America back on the right course will not be easy. But we have an obligation to get it right.

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Comments (4)

b - February 12, 2013

Unluckily everything that’s good in our country goes down the tubes as long as BHO is still in the White House. Get rid of him and matbe we could bring our country back to normalcy. 17 trillion dollars in debt is very hard to recover from, if at all.

Buddell - February 12, 2013

Let capitalism rule the day. Our country was built by capitalism.

jimmy thomas - February 13, 2013

Excellent work but its seems when trying to communicate the message everyone is trying to show how smart they are rather than how the message can translate to the average voter (think 7th grade level).

Enid M. Thoms - February 16, 2013

EDUCATION is the key. And I’m talking about, not just those IN school, but the disinterested and uninformed people who are OUT OF SCHOOL! Somehow all the TRULY CONSERVATIVE GROUPS MUST COALESCE! How about getting behind DR BENJAMIN CARSON, and get him to LEAD THE WAY!?????

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