Photo by Alejandro Chafuen

“The Heritage Foundation continues to rank first among free-market groups in Facebook and Twitter followers,” said Alejandro Chafuen, managing director, international, of Acton Institute. “It is also first in web traffic.”

Each year, Chafuen compiles a ranking of think tanks as measured by internet and social media impact. In his report, he found that Heritage tops the list in a number of categories: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and web traffic. Heritage also scored well in digital influence in Latin America.

How can Heritage better use social media to reach new audiences?

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ROBERT E. KOTICK - April 12, 2019

Unfortunately America has developed into a society that has lost the ability to debate and listen,without controlling their emotions: without closing their collective mouths and fully listening to what the other citizen has to say — judging the possible value of additional ideas and considering all well-meaning aspects that might result in a best-solution.–a more patriotic result.

Barbara Wenders - April 12, 2019

Sue Google for suppression of free speech

Daria Novak - April 13, 2019

Re better use of social media… I would like to see more podcasts/interviews with your experts. I have had several Heritage experts on my TV and radio shows. Every single one of the Heritage staff has something of value to add to the conversation. I just want more!

Jon Davis - April 13, 2019

Many churches today put on seminars they feel will draw in new members. Put out some feelers to large churches

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