The liberals in the House of Representatives have proposed a troubling piece of legislation that could further compromise the freedom of parents and families to the detriment of their children. Emilie Kao, Director of our Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation, took to The Daily Signal to warn of the so-called “Equality Act.”

Kao says that Speaker Pelosi has prioritized legislation that “would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, making hospitals and doctors across America vulnerable to costly litigation if they don’t follow the medical recommendations of the transgender movement.” Such legislation would force doctors and nurses who are treating children with gender dysphoria to administer hormones and possibly surgery, even if parents want less drastic remedies like counseling.

The overwhelming majority of children with gender dysphoria become comfortable with their bodies by adulthood. If Washington mandates irreversible physical “solutions” for what the American Psychological Association classifies as a mental illness, it could spell disaster for these poor children. It’s a horrifying example of government making a problem worse, by substituting its doctrinaire policy preferences for the informed and loving decision-making of parents and loved ones.

Because of your support, Heritage experts like Emilie Kao are able to monitor the liberals in Congress and warn you when bad ideas are coming down the pike. Thank you for giving us the resources to catch the bad ideas and stop them from becoming law.

Read Emilie Kao’s Daily Signal article here.

How should conservatives engage on transgender issues?

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Mike Richmond - January 18, 2019

Wow. That pediatrician’s video is spectacular. That’s the most clear-cut articulation of the issue that I’ve ever seen. Should be spread far and wide.

Patricia Galle - January 18, 2019

Science and medical experts have both defined this as a mental condition. It is child abuse to mutilate their bodies and fill them with drugs. People are not interchangeable, and no one on earth has ever done so. This must be stopped.

Katharina Friedly - January 18, 2019

Wow, can the craziness get any worse. What gives the very small transgender minority the right to step in and manipulate innocent children like this? How dare these predominantly non-parents try to overstep the rights of the actual parents? As a Registered Nurse of almost 40 yrs. with 15 years in Pediatrics, this should be labeled proposed child abuse not proposed national policy!

arie nobel - January 18, 2019

Dear Heritage people,
Thank you for the heads up, as well as the other things you do. Arie n.

Gary Rehborg - January 18, 2019

It seems that those on the left are quick to use the legal system when a question arises. I have noticed that conservatives are usually reluctant to use the legal system. I believe that we too should be quick submit lawsuits even if we know that they will gum up the system. These would by volume make the overloaded system dismiss or delay those produced by the left.

L - January 18, 2019

Somehow we need to help our legislators and people of good will ask themselves good questions about transgender issues. For example, perhaps questions like:
Would all people of good will embrace the idea that this should be legislated? Why or why not? What will this legislation destroy by “accident”? Will this legislation establish justice for all or bring slavery for most? For any? Being willing to look at it long term: Will it serve or destroy humanity? Will humanity exist to serve the government? Will this legislation do what you really want it to do? Help me to understand where you’re coming from. What is it that you really want it to do? Can we establish “justice” while causing injustice?
Does this legislative proposal have good intentions but what might be unintended consequences?

A list of good questions people of good will can ask themselves might help us all sort out the issues.

Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something 🙂

Doris B.Sanders - January 18, 2019

We must tell our Congressmen and Senators to vote against any such idea or plan to put government in charge of health decisions which are to be made by families, through loving and good care and personal support and proper education and spiritual teachings in the home!

MaryAnn Altobelli - January 18, 2019

Transgender people are a small proportion of the population. But we must treat people with care and first do no harm. Especially, very young people. I think that
first a physical exam and therapy may help determine what is actually wrong. What issues are affecting the

MaryAnn Altobelli - January 18, 2019

Parents should always have the authority to decide the
proper medical of their children. Pelosi is heading down
Road of the Nazis of world war 11.

Larry Leonard - January 19, 2019

My wife and I have had personal experience with the transgender phenomenon. It is not just the individual. Gender identity dysphoria affects the entire extended family.
The truth of the the matter is that when each of us are conceived we have either a Y chromosome or we don’t. Health, psychological health, means to me getting my body, my mind, my spirit and my soul in coordination. I am given my body. I need to mold the others to be the best that I can be with what I was given.

Jeffrey McGinnis - January 19, 2019

Transgenderism is an absurdity of recent times. It is a sick and abusive act for parents drugs to given to their child; when the child has neither a legal right or maturity to make that decision. Gender dysphoria is a serious psychological issue. As a Christian, I am sorry you’re either born a boy or a girl. There are no other options. We need guidelines, social mores, religion to spell out our acceptable behavior. This free-for-all labeling is nothing more than the globalist Marxist agenda to destroy families and the nations that allow it.

Arnold Beck - January 19, 2019

I agree totally with the Emilie Kao
warning. This legislation could
ruin the lives of many people.

Charles Fickling - January 19, 2019

The entire transgender/LGTP movement will prove to be devastating to our nation and our society. Of coarse you have to believe in GOD to have this viewpoint. Our nation and its judicial system has turned its back on GOD and his precepts.
The best thing conservatives can do is fight for the removal of this movement.

james niedermeyer - January 19, 2019

By remembering that there are only biological males or females. We can be tolerant of people who have identity problems, but we can’t let that tolerance create new levels of biological or mental perversion given some misplaced “protected” status by law.

PRISCILLA POPE - January 19, 2019


Albert Stern - January 19, 2019

God warned against this and all evil in the bible. Of course the disbelievers are pitifully lost. Of their own choosing they have believed a made up proven lie.They are beyond ridiculous and unfit to be in any position of authority. I do not plefge allegiance to an interloper.No one should.

Mona - January 20, 2019

The leftists have made everything topsy-turvy–bad is good and good is bad, boys can be girls, no borders are good, everyone is racist, and so on.
The only way I can think of to combat this is through truth. Not their “personal truth”, but the real truth. Biology and psychology both prove there are unequivocal differences between men and women.

Rose Rodano - January 22, 2019

This phenomena of transgender ,will, in my
opinion will destroy our future generations
of our society will be lost. Teens as well as
younger children will be made to believe,
if I want this change, then it will happen They need to be calmly and lovingly the
true consequences of this procedure.
Parents should educate themselves on how to tackle this problem Also prayer never hurt when there is a crisis.
I am not aware of any support groups to
acquire sound information I only have one bit of information, listen carefully, ask questions and go with what your heart tells you.
Remember, when God creates a human being He not make a mistaks.


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