Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) called for a major overhaul of America’s tax code during an important address this week at The Heritage Foundation.

Camp, the Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, proposes one of the most important tax reforms in three decades–it would lower tax rates across the board, simplify the tax code, and eliminate loopholes–and he’s relying on research and data from Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis.

Heritage chief economist Steve Moore evaluates Camp’s plan and outlines areas for improvement.

Camp’s plan is also notable, Heritage experts pointed out earlier this year, because Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation evaluated his plan based on its economic effects. Traditionally, the JCT has ignored how tax policy affects the economy, and Heritage has for years urged them to incorporate these effects into their analysis.

Watch the video of Camp’s talk at Heritage and tell us: Do you think America’s tax code needs fixing?

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Jacques Bakke - June 27, 2014

Direct Taxation is the same age as the misnomered Federal Reserve– Set up to be in concert with the Banking Cartel Both must end to a Consumption Tax and a Central Banking System controlled by Congress (The House). This will end the IRS and Fractional Reserve Banking (lending money the Banks do not have– money created out of thin air.

hugh thomson - June 28, 2014

Why do we have a tax on income when history has shown that lobbyists and special interests and Congress as well will in 25 years bring us back to where we are today. The problem is Congress doesn’t want to give up the power to control us through the ability to use the IRS to ” reward our friends and punish our enemies “. The solution is simple . Switch to a consumption tax such as the FairTax which puts the control back into the hands of the taxpayers, is much more transparent and certainly a much ” fairer ” way to pay for government. The Heritage Foundation would do a greater service for our country by educating Mr Camp on why we need to drop the income tax altogether and move to a consumption tax.

Gerald Battle - June 28, 2014

It has been obvious for years that the present tax system is an absolute mess. I have an M.A. degree and have to resort to a professional, and my situation isn’t even complicated. My son, a dedicated Christian, who wouldn’t think of violating the law got caught up in a major error and his wife was treated like a criminal by the IRS in her initial interview. Whatever the tax rate (which is too high) it has GOT TO BE MADE SIMPLER, especially when you can’t even get a straight answer on a question posed to an IRS agent.

Doug Behnke - June 29, 2014

Does the IRS and the tax code need to be fixed? Absolutely!!! The IRS should be dismantled and the tax code greatly simplified. A personal tax filing should take less than 15 minutes to fill out and submit.

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