Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) wants to cut 13 programs in the Environmental Protection Agency. And he is using Heritage research to back him up, as The Hill reports:

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) introduced a bill, the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act, which he said is a money-saving measure, citing a Heritage Foundation forecast that it would save $7.5 billion over 10 years.

This statistic comes from a Heritage report on the 2016 Obama budget. Heritage expert Nick Loris explained that his proposed budget would give over $4 billion in handouts to states that meet the carbon emission quotas of the administration’s Clean Power Plan. Loris writes:

States should not be lured by the carrots the Administration is dangling. If Congress wants to help the states, they should not only reject the President’s $4 billion handout but also strip away the Environmental Protection Agency’s funds to implement and enforce any carbon dioxide rules.

Now Congress is taking action with Loris’s findings behind them.

Do you think Congress should cut programs this like? 

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Fred boyd - May 8, 2015

If we don’t start cutting programs like this

Jerry Metcalf - May 8, 2015

Yes and also stop corn based fuels

Tom Bogetich - May 8, 2015


kevin radcliffe - May 8, 2015

most def

Walter A. Brown - May 8, 2015

Here is my proposal. The EPA should be an advisory agency only. They wouls advise Congress and Congress would formulate laws or not based on EPA advice.

Walter A. Brown - May 8, 2015

Here is my proposal. The EPA should be an advisory agency only. They would advise Congress and Congress would formulate laws or not based on EPA advice. This would eliminate EPA’s regulatory ability. Regulations(laws) would be made by Congress which is elected by US Citizens. This is the method which should be used in a Representative Republic!

Debra Wade - May 8, 2015

Any funding taken away from the EPA is of benefit to the American people. They have overstepped their bounds and are acting as unelected law makers without consent of the governed. Worse yet they are a political strong arm of the Obama tyrannical administration and need to be stopped from implementing their leftist agenda.

kurt anderson - May 8, 2015

Congress should reduce EPA’s funding’ especially for climate change programs

Douglas L. Masterson - May 8, 2015

E.P.A. has to much power and is just a syphon for our money

Maxine S. Taylor - May 8, 2015

a definite “YES”-take action to cut these EPA programs.

Cynthia G. - May 8, 2015

Yes, cut programs.

Bob Rodriguez - May 8, 2015

Yes-yes-yes. Keep at it; cutting back on spending wholly unnecessary and exorbitant amounts of money is a wonderful accomplishment. More-more-more. Thank you!

Jo Ann Ison - May 8, 2015


John Paulson - May 9, 2015

The entire EPA, a rouge agency, should be dissolved and done away with. Congress has the responsibility and power to do whatever is necessary, since they created the monster.

Marilinda Torres - May 9, 2015

Yes, it kills jobs.

robert h hoover - May 9, 2015

Keep up the good work by keeping us informed great w
With congress. Bob hoover

Scott Starns - May 9, 2015

I would like to see Congress get rid of the EPA, DEA, IRS and The Federal Reserve. Let’s take a big look into Jade Helm 15 while we’re at it.

Roy Roberts - May 9, 2015

Congress should reign in the EPA and limit their power on the American people. One way to do that is to make deep cuts to their budget.

Bernard Wright - May 9, 2015

Congress should definitely support Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) proposed bill Wasteful Epa Programs Elimination Act

Robert Buzby - May 9, 2015

Yes. The EPA is out of control and inappropriately uses statistically data in its design and implementation of regulations. (e.g. It misinterprets correlation as causality.

Bonita Musick - May 9, 2015

If they truthfully believed in climate change. They would put an import tax on anything coming from a factory that does not meet our regulations.

Jim Marzonie - May 9, 2015

I think that congress need to severly cut back on funding to agencies like the EPA.

Thomas Dean - May 9, 2015

Cut EPA funding

Ron Gregory - May 9, 2015

Yes. We should also eliminate the Dept. of Energy. They have spent Billions with little or no result. It is time for American Taxpayers to stop allowing Washington to do as it pleases with “our” money. Not only do we need to replace this president but also many of the “big spenders” in Congress designed mostly to get them re-elected.

Chuck - May 9, 2015

Congress should cut all programs that are used to influence the free market

Chuck - May 9, 2015

Congress should cut all programs that are used to influence / restrict the free market and restrict the freedoms given in the Constitution. This also applies to the NSA, IRS, etc.

Patricia Wellen - May 9, 2015

yes getbrid of programs

Daryl H Lipham - May 9, 2015

These programs are un-Contitutional,

Daryl H Lipham - May 9, 2015

These programs are un-Constitutional, harmful to our economy and future, and the enemy of freedom and liberty. They must be emiminated, not just trimmed back if we are to have a future as a country.

William Strutz - May 9, 2015

I agree with the Heritage position. The problem is, How do we get rid of all of the Dumocrats who are elected by all of the moochers??

James P Smith, Sr - May 9, 2015

Definitely. This would be but a start.

Janet - May 10, 2015

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) —— cut 13 programs in the Environmental Protection Agency.

E P Curley - May 10, 2015

Legislation like that to trim and constrain the EPA is extremely important to stop Federal government overreach and procedures that foster political corruption and cronyism exploitation. These bureaucratic citadels of potentially extreme ideology imposed against the public will must be severely constrained or eliminated.

Marcel Scarbel - May 10, 2015

Absolutely cut the program. The EPA nas way too much power

Marcel Scarbel - May 10, 2015

Absolutely cut the program. The EPA has way too much power; they should be reined in and limiyted to only what the congress specifies

Richard L. Watson - May 10, 2015

Cut the funding!

James Pounders - May 10, 2015

Absolutely! Congress should take back from these rogue agencies the power that is supposed to reside in congress as soon as possible. Support the Convention of States!!

Henry C. Holder - May 11, 2015

Yes, immediately.

J R Cole - May 11, 2015


Humbert Bergami - May 11, 2015


Bruce Richardson - May 11, 2015

I concur with Walter Brown: The EPA should be an advisory agency. And Congress should abolish the IRS and Education department.

Tracie Harpster - May 11, 2015

Yes there is too much control given to these agencies

William C. White - May 11, 2015

EPA must stop circumventing Congress by passing laws on the people and their businesses at the behest of a president. If EPA should advise the Congress

Anthony Landry - May 13, 2015

Yes EPA really needs to be shut down. EPA cost each family in America thousand of dollars each year because of rules, laws they have inacted,

Bill Sturdivant - May 15, 2015

The carbon emissions program is a farse. A waste of money. Let him start traveling by auto, by himself instead by luxury jet with an entourage that’s sickening.

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