2012 was an important year for elections because a new Kansas law requiring voters to carry a photo ID came into effect.

Many critics of voter ID laws say that they are conspiracies from the right to suppress votes, especially liberal votes. But the data from Kansas show this couldn’t be further from the truth, Heritage Foundation election expert Hans von Spakovsky explains:

In three different measures, including the turnout of registered voters, the turnout of the Voting-Eligible Population, and the turnout of the Voting-Age Population (VAP), Kansas showed an increase in votes from the 2010 to the 2014 election ranging from 1.1 to 0.8 to 0.6 percentage points, respectively. This increase in votes surpassed national levels.

Under this Kansas voter ID law, the number of voters did not decrease–in fact, turnout increased at a rate above the national average. That’s hardly suppressing the vote.

Do you support voter ID laws? 

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Robert S. Licata - April 17, 2015

We absolutely should have voter ID laws in place asap to stop the “stuffing” of ballot boxes by allowing illegals, etc. to vote who are not allowed to vote under our current laws and constitution. The sooner the better so not to confound and ruin a truthful and honest vote in 2016.

Jimdandi - April 17, 2015

I strongly support laws requiring voters to show ID when voting. It’s just common sense. Sorry, I forgot. Most liberals have no common sense.

Lawrence Twardzak - April 17, 2015

Not having the photo ID requirement is insane. All the facilities and organizations that require same, and that are far less significant than the right to select our leaders is ridiculous! In West Virginia in order to renew your driver’s license five, yes five, forms of identification are required! Its just beyond me why the photo ID requirement has become such a wedge issue for liberals.

Woodie McCarty - April 17, 2015

Yes, I support voter ID laws to protect the integrity of the voting process.

jim fizzell - April 17, 2015

Voter I. D. laws serve to protect the sanctity of our election process. These laws do not infringe on the rights of the voters. I.D.s are required for all kinds of things, like buying liquor, getting into the show, or a sporting event, cashing a check, even using a credit card, none so important as making sure the person trying to vote is actually the legitimate person. Why would anyone think requiring one to vote is an unnecessary burden?

We live in Cook County IL where the moto is “Vote early and vote often.” Unfortunately there is truth to that. We know. This is not called Crook County for nothing.

Do everything you can to make sure an I. D. is needed to vote!

Dianna Murphy - April 17, 2015

I absolutely support voter ID.

Ann Starnes - April 17, 2015

I know there was fraud on some voters.

Harvey Mulock - April 17, 2015

It appears in the Kansas voter ID law recently implimented that the integrity of the voter system has been restored, thus putting pride back into the American voting public. Not to mention the voter fraud it has deterred! No wonder why the libs are so hot on this issue!

marlene m Branson - April 17, 2015

Yes, I support a voter ID requirement. Otherwise, there is no evidence of integrity in the vote.

David A Meise - April 17, 2015

In CT I must show my driver license with my picture and address that they check against the written record book.

The country needs an ID process to preclude all the unregistered citizens from voting illegilly.

Kathy - April 17, 2015

I absolutely support voter ID. How bizarre that we require ID for hundreds of events in banking, flying, credit cards, employment, on and on, but electing our representative to make and enforce laws should be subject to fraud!! We have seen thousands of cases of voter fraud for decades, so we must have voter ID nationwide.

Maureen Wolfe - April 17, 2015

ID is required for many events and places across the country. Traffic checks, banking, use of credit cards, birth certificate replacement, Naturalization certificates, passport requests, and many others. Voting is a privilege, not a right, and only Citizens in good standing have earned that right to register to vote by producing a government issued ID. That right does not extend to those that broke the law by crossing our borders and exist and live on the working people’s taxes.

AC Baldwin - April 17, 2015

Without voter identification, the flood gates of fraud and deception are wide open to those who are dishonest and would take advantage of the opening to swing the vote toward those who represent their views.

Dennis Howe - April 17, 2015

I strongly support voter ID laws. In this country you have to prove your identity for just about everything we do, drive a car, get a loan, go to the doctor, pay taxes. Proving you are eligible to vote & commit is even more important!

Dennis Cummins - April 17, 2015

support voter ID

Kenneth Gilbert - April 17, 2015

I strongly support voter ID laws. We require ID for almost everything else!

Charles Montgomery - April 17, 2015

I absolutely support the requirement of a photo ID in order to vote. The canard that voter ID suppresses the vote is ridiculous.
It might suppress an individuals 2nd vote of the day but not the 1st and only legal vote they may cast. Anyone who is against voter ID is planning on supporting illegal votes or is naive.

Paul. Allen - April 17, 2015

To be anti-voter I.d. is to be pro-voter-fraud.

Dick Miller - April 17, 2015

The States that Obama carried in 2012 were, without exception either w/o voter ID laws or with very weak one.

Vera Light - April 17, 2015

I do support voter ID laws! Everyone has ID of some type! Nothing wrong with showing it before they go into the voting booth.

Patricia - April 17, 2015


Kim Hagge - April 17, 2015

ABSOLUTELY! It helps eliminate voter fraud, regardless of what the lying left says!

Tad Harrison - April 17, 2015

I do agree and support Voter ID laws. I believe it helps eliminate election fraud, and therefore reinforces our Constitution and the election of the more desired representative.

Harry Welch - April 17, 2015

Voter ID seems like the most common sense policy. I am definitely in favor.

Joe Jennings - April 17, 2015

Yes, I support voter ID laws. ALL voters should present a photo ID when they sign in to vote.

Marilee Schanuel - April 17, 2015

Do I? !! I’ve been trying to get folks like elected officials in Federal and State legislatures, with special messages to the COS, interested in a Citizen Photo ID Card,obtained only by proof of citizenship and absolutely necessary to vote.

Arguments against such identification are, flimsy, inaccurate, and/or malintended (new word!) If Gramma can’t handle getting registered to vote, or actually to vote, HELP HER! I’d love to see on television a debate of pro vs. con.

Proud to be a citizen of the USA and a lover of our Constitution and our Republic and a part of the Heritage Foundation. M.

Darlene Rake - April 17, 2015

I am a Kansas resident, and I approve of the voter ID law.

Oliver “Buck” Revell - April 17, 2015

During my 30 years as an FBI Agent/Executive I frequently came across criminals using false ID usually for criminal purposes. When I was dealing with criminal aliens they usually ditched phony ID’s to avoid additional charges. Never did I find a lawful citizen who complained about having to produce identification for any legitimate purpose. Those for oppose requiring a government ID to vote are aiding and abetting voter fraud.

David L. Driver - April 17, 2015

YES – For the most important activity of your citizenship, photo ID should be mandatory, nationwide! Proof of eligibility (citizenship) to vote should be a part of voter registration.

Susan Glasner - April 17, 2015

Of course there should be voter ID’s! Voting is more important than buying a decongestant or a bottle of liquor, or boarding a commercial airplane. Since so many things in one’s normal life make an ID necessary, this concept is not exactly excessive.

Audrey tuck - April 17, 2015

Photo ID should be mantitory in all states.

marie davis - April 17, 2015

i’ve had to show ID for years–dont see why it is not same for everyone.

Larry Weidkamp - April 17, 2015

Voter ID is a no-brainer. ID is required for almost everything else of much less importance … but any ID is not required for driver’s license in many states.

Jim - April 17, 2015

Voter ID”s work. Ga. has been using it several years. They give free cards to people who do not have driving permits.

Helen Korthuis - April 17, 2015

We have to show ID for all kinds of things,
driving, alcohol, to apply for loans, banks, airplanes, to visit the White House, school, welfare, social security, jobs, owning a firearm, almost everywhere. Why should those who decide our elected leaders, not be held to the same standard. It’s ludicrous to allow those who may not be citizens to have an opportunity to vote in our elections or voting in more than one place.

Pam BUrke - April 17, 2015

Absolutely I support voter ID laws. They protect EVERYONE’S vote, including the supposed downtrodden minorities. The requirement to present ID to get on an aircraft, an AMTRAK train, to cash an out-of-town check and for various other daily activities certainly doesn’t discourage anyone from travel or writing checks, so why would it discourage legal voters from voting. The only people against whom voter ID laws discriminate are those who are not eligible to vote in the first place.

P Kosak - April 17, 2015

In the absence pf suitable ID to justify one’s right to vote, the opportunity for voter fraud is obvious. In our “liberal” state of CT, the requirement to produce one’s driver’s licence prior to receiving a voting ballot is routine and with little fanfare or problems. I look for the day when a simple scan of one’s eyeball will serve this proof of identity requirement even better!

John Campbell - April 17, 2015

No One should be allowed to vote without a photo ID. It is insane to continue to allow it to happen. It must be stopped.

barbara gray - April 17, 2015

I very strongly support and advocate photo ID and also proof of residency; if you are legally voting why not confirm the above?

Sharon schemmel - April 17, 2015

Absolutely, we support voter ID laws. It should be no other way.

J. L. McAvoy - April 17, 2015

Here in Colorado voting is now 100% by mail. No one is checking too see who marked the ballot or even if the voter is still alive. I believe the voter should be required to submit identification to a poll official each time he/she votes.

John Hollon - April 17, 2015

You cannot see a doctor or go to the hospital without a picture ID. What is the big deal about voter ID?

Louis Sokowoski - April 17, 2015

Strongly urge your organization to push for voter ID. Photo ID are required for everything else we do so why are the libs so against this requirement other than it reduces fraud and prevents the illegals from voting..

charles haus - April 17, 2015

We absolutely need voter ID laws and
we need to discourage voter apathy

Ruth K. - April 17, 2015

Yes. Voter ID laws must be expanded to somehow include absentee ballots. I strongly suspect RINOS have benefited from fraudelant use of absentee ballots during primary elections in states which have voter ID laws.

Tom Stromei - April 17, 2015

Yes, photo ID should be required as well as proof of property ownership and payment of taxes.

Tony Pope - April 17, 2015

I very strongly favor voter ID. We are required to have a proper picture ID for virtually all other activities of importance, and I believe this is at the top of that list as to being important.

Dennis Deputy - April 17, 2015

there is only one logical reason for not having voter ID and we all know what that is

Terry VanMeter - April 17, 2015

I support voter ID’s 100%and think it is crazy that the liberals fight it except they know that the requirement stops their voting fraud. How else did the president get re-elected.

Curt Murray Sr. - April 17, 2015

Voter ID requirements are critical to getting a real, honest, vote from the populace. It has been proven time and again that the liberal left illegally pad any election they can with ineligible, fraudulent voters. You have to provide a photo ID to do almost anything else except to vote.

Jean Bartholomew - April 17, 2015

I wholeheartedly support voter ID laws. I serve as a Republican Judge at a local precinct and we were required to remind people of the need for photo ID in 2016. The majority of those who complained were democrats. When I mentioned to some the fact that I even have to show a photo ID when at the doctor’s office, I hear nothing. Voter ID laws are a necessity to prevent fraud!

Elaine Reavis - April 17, 2015

Strongly support Voter ID. Everywhere you go, you have to show photo ID so why not to vote?

Donna Blair - April 17, 2015

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Great comments everyone! I’m in total agreement!

John Duink - April 17, 2015

Voting is an almost sacred privilege. No abuses of voting rights can be tolerated.
Whatever safeguards it takes should be implemented and rigidly enforced.

Marvin Collier - April 17, 2015

I can think of only four reasons why one would not want photo ID to be required to vote, insanity, stupidity, ignorance or criminal intent!

Vilas Gamble - April 17, 2015

Saying that voter photo ID requirements supress participation, particularly for minoroities and the elderly, is simply way off the mark. The majority of these individuals already have them. They need to have them when visiting a doctor’s office, they need to have them to obtain welfare benefits, they need to have them to cash a check, they need them to fly or take other forms of inter, or intra- state transportation, and the list can go on and on!
We all know, and have know for sometime, that Dems bring “dead” people to the polls and it would not surprise me that they do the same with illegal residents of our country. To correct this every state should have this requirement.

Richard - April 17, 2015

I fully support voter ID laws. In my state one can easily obtain a photo ID at no cost.

Tim Seitz - April 17, 2015

Voter ID laws are necessary to insure a proper and accurate count. Voter fraud is rampant at this time.

loretta jeglinski - April 17, 2015


Jerry W. Mill - April 17, 2015

There is already so much corruption in this country that we should absolutely ensure that illegals, convicted felons, and other Democrats be US citizens who are allowed to vote, and not stuff the ballot boxes like LBJ and countless others have done in the past.

Joseph C.Nelson - April 17, 2015


Betty Dunkel - April 17, 2015

Voter ID is essential to protect fair and honest voting. Voter roles need to be cleaned up.

Louis Bowers - April 17, 2015

Voter ID makes eminent sense. Allowing voting to proceed without any ID makes no sense. It all too easily leads to fraud.

susan kallander - April 17, 2015

I definately support voter ID laws to show proof that the voter is eligible. We have to show a birth certificate to get a drivers license, to rent a car,to buy insurance, even an ID to get a library card! Clearly those who oppose this don’t want to eliminate the people who are not citizens or who vote several times in the same election.

Jim Champ - April 17, 2015

Hay guy & galls: I’m sure you people beat the conservative drums, very appropriately. But to be quite frank, I so very disappointed in the republican Rino’s (Republicans In Name Only) are doing in Washington D.C.. They lack the back bone, or the conservative views to make any difference at all. I believe my money is being wasted. You at Heritage have a good message, but the Rino’s in D.C. could give a big flip. They’re really know better than the liberal / progressives on the other side of the isle. We need a major shakeup. Why don’t you guys & galls start openly support our best Tea Party candidates & start turning up the heat on our do nothing, do so little, it’s embarrassing. RUNO Republicans. At this rate well be communist nation in no time at all. Be bold & evoke a turning point in D.C..

Mike Regan - April 17, 2015

Yes I support the voter ID requirement.
But I also believe we have to limit the Mail in ballet. It is open to fraud and the mas collection of votes.

Cheryl S Lyles - April 17, 2015

No alien should have a vote in U.S. elections. Citizens only should have the right. Voter ID is the only protection we have to keep out those who might vote to influence for Democrats.

Leo Garry - April 17, 2015

Yes!! Voter I.D. supported for all the reasons stated by previous commentators.

James Pounders - April 17, 2015

I absolutely support voter ID laws. I cannot understand the argument against them except that the other side would win fewer elections. It would be harder to cheat.

Donald Fontenot - April 17, 2015

Each and every time I vote I must present a picture ID. How else would the people in charge of the voting place know who voted without the ID. I think that a person without and ID should not be allowed to vote ever!

Quenten Raney Jr. - April 17, 2015

I agree with voter ID for anyone who wish to make their mark during voting time.
The left is trying to say using id’s is not right for the nation.
My point is very simple 1) If you can make it to a polling site, you can make it to a DMV to obtain a voter ID. 2) there shouuld be no more absentee voter abilitees [this would cut back on fraud] except for “only” military serving overseas. Period!
If these two -2- Policy’s were enacted Nation-wide, I think we would feel more faith in the American Voting Practices.

Sylvia Berggren - April 17, 2015

Yes, we very much should have voter ID laws. WE have to show our ID all the time for less important things then voting. The only reason the liberals don’t want the law is so they can cheat.

Richard McDonald - April 17, 2015

Yes, I suplport it. I actually would go a step further. I think we need to scrap states voter ID’s, and start over at the beginning. Fifty years ago I actually go and stand before a person and show proof of my identity. Today you mail in a piece of paper that we sign. There doesn’t have to be any proof. Anyone, legal or illegal can get a voter I D, and I don’t usually need that. Legal citizen voters is ALL we need to be voting.

Sue Hill - April 17, 2015

We have to show our ID’s just about everywhere else, so what is the objection to Voter ID? Absurd to object. We absolutely should show ID in order to vote.

Linda E Burmeister - April 17, 2015

Absolutely! Each time I vote I wonder how many times could I return as someone I know isn’t voting? I would nit be offended at all to prove I am who I SAY I am l.

Marlrene Angelo - April 17, 2015

Yes, I support Voter ID – Ture the vote .

Frank c . Prugh III - April 17, 2015

I support voter identification unless you are illegal or a felon . Get a back ground check to purchase a firearm this should work as well.

Harlan McNew - April 17, 2015

Strongly support voter ID. This would help reduce fraud and and bring more validity to elections. Only civil way to go!

Veda Connolly - April 17, 2015

Absolutely! If we all had this law, we could keep illegals out, and preventing those who ARE legal residents, but not registered from voting anyway. Also, it keeps those from voting “early and often”. If we have to show ID at the bank, buy liquor, get our own birth certificate, or check in at the doctor’s office, then why in God’s name are we not showing ID to vote?

Al and Bonnie Thomas - April 17, 2015

Voter ID should have been in place all the
This country would not be in the shape
that it is now if we would have had this
a law.

roger mccullough - April 17, 2015

I absolutely support voter ID.

Robert Knapp - April 17, 2015

Colorado is very heavy on mail-in voting. While I do enjoy the luxury of sitting at home and taking my time to vote, I think we should go back to exclusively at-the-polls voting while presenting a photo ID (obviously, absentee voting for military and other NECESSARY persons should be maintained). Too much hanky panky going on today in our voting process.

Larry Nebel - April 17, 2015

Of Course – any intelligent person supports voter ID – Not knowing who is actually voting is a guarantee of voter fraud – there is no intelligent argument against it

Jerome Lorenz - April 17, 2015

There is absolutely no rational reason for not requiring citizens to prove their eligibility to vote!

Elaine Zaske - April 17, 2015

Absolutely!!! It’s just common sense…This would help eliminate “illegal votes”…which in fact, in my opinion, helped to elect our present less-caring officials!!

Jon H. Clayton - April 17, 2015

Voter ID laws are essential to fair and
honest election figures. Every state should have them.

Catherine Young - April 17, 2015

We absolutely need ID laws in place
so there are not so many dead people

Katharina Fischer - April 17, 2015

I strongly support voter ID. It is an honor and privilege to vote and should not be taken lightly, but when I vote, it should be taken seriously and my vote should not be discarded because it is not to some ideologue’s liking. And people who are here illegally don’t have the right to vote.

William Lutz - April 17, 2015

I support voter picture ID.

Carol Callies Madge - April 17, 2015

Photo ID for voting is definitely a good thing and should be required. Many physician’s offices require photo ID before taking you as a patient. Both are very important to our lives !

Lila - April 17, 2015

I really support Voter I.D!!!

Lawrence Quigley - April 17, 2015

I strongly support voter ID laws. Every citizen has an ID and should be required to show it at the polls. No different from showing it for credit card purchases. Showing it at banks and other government buildings had always been required.

Robert Roark - April 17, 2015

I strongly support voter ID laws. I would really like to see voter IQ laws requiring voters to pass a qualification test in order to vote. Just casting a vote is OK, but casting a reasoned vote is far more valuable to the Republic.

Malcolm Flanagan - April 17, 2015

Yes, very strongly. People must have ID’s in college, have a picture ID driver’s license, picture ID passport, and the list goes on. Why not to vote? Maybe with no ID I could vote in several voting districts?

Louise Tesoriere - April 17, 2015

I support Voter ID here in California. Undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to vote! Only American citizen are eligible to vote!

Walter Crews - April 17, 2015

Voter I.D. should be mandatory. A voer I.D. can only be issued after proof of citizenship, taxes paid, and not a convicted criminal or outstanding warrants.

Barbara Robbins - April 17, 2015

Yes, I support Voter ID laws.

Robert Hammons - April 17, 2015

Did I miss something. I have always understood you have to be a citizen of this great country to participate in the election process. I have voted in every election I have been qualified to vote in because it’s my obligation and privilege as an American. This is a privilege instituted by the founding fathers and should not be taken lightly. I am strongly in favor of voter id. The people at the polling place don’t know who I am nor whether I’m eligible to vote. after All you have to show id to cash a check, etc. This argument that it is a hard ship on the poor, elderly, etc. is a cop out and only a way to get votes fraduently. We see this happening with the 541,000 new social security numbers issued to the illegals recently which will result in more voter fraud. If showing id at the polling place is the only thing stopping you from voting then it’s not very important to you and maybe you shouldn’t vote anyway.

Joyce - April 17, 2015

Yes, I support voter ID laws to protect the integrity of elections.

George Poz - April 17, 2015

Yes, I do support.

Carolyn Carpenter - April 17, 2015

It is amazing that voter ID has not been required before now. It is especially
urgent now, in light of the illegal immigrant situation. Our country’s voting process must be protected, and definitely before the 2016 election!

Theresa Downey - April 18, 2015

without voter ID laws, the illegals have more rights than legal voters. if I want to fly, to get a license to drive, to get a passport, to get a library card, to do most any activity, we need a ID. they can be given free if necessary. Why do I vote and have people vote twice, or three times or from another state then negate my vote!!!

Gene Blazer - April 18, 2015

Absolutely yes. Watching a recent episode of Wyatt Earp, Ike Clanton tried to steal an election for a new judge. He was claiming that Tombstone was his town and no one was changing it. Is that what we want for America? Are we going to let power hungry hoodlums steal our constitutional right to vote? Then why would we not require ID to be allowed to cast a vote? Wake up America!

Nancy Moser - April 18, 2015

Yes we need voter ID laws.
And the voter rolls need to be cleaned up. Here In IL our daughter’s name is still on the local voting roll even though she has lived in Indiana for over 15 years !
How many others are on multiple rolls ?

Judith Heringslake - April 18, 2015

It makes sense to help avoid fraud in the voting process.
I would also suggest there be no same day registration, more than one day voting or any other ways that might make voting easier. It is a privilege and should at least be worth some effort. While probably not feasible, at this time, showing you have some idea what you are voting about or why you are voting would be a sensible idea. Good looks or other profiling does not qualify your vote to be in the best interest of the country. Morals, experience, and your stand on issues are a place to start for intelligent voting.
Thank you for your attention to my comments.

frank flees - April 18, 2015

Y E S !!!!

David Jones - April 18, 2015

With increasing irregularities in the US voting system identification is one step until computerized cross checking.

Voter ID is a necessary mandate. Government posturing contending bias to some is with out merit and not an infringement to any entitaled American.

Thomas Lutz - April 18, 2015

I absolutely do support voter ID laws to prevent unauthorized people from voting.

joyce compton - April 18, 2015

Yes I support the voter ID laws. We have to have an ID for everything else. This is no exception. It is extremely important and insane not to enforce it. In order to walk hiking trails behind my house I have to have picture ID with a permit. One has to be held accountable. I agree this is a liberal issue.

Dolores - April 18, 2015

ABSOLUTELY! I feel certain that many illegals and those not eligible have been voting in Illinois with the big ACORN registration push. To register illegally all one needs to do is lie.

Eldon Coward - April 18, 2015

YES! Absolutely.

Helen F Murphy - April 18, 2015

I strongly support voter ID. It would certainly help to cut down on voter fraud.

James Tate - April 18, 2015

I believe voter ID’s with photo should be mandatory in every state – especially since illegals are being allowed to get a drivers license in a few states. Allowing illegals drivers license is particularly irresponsible in my estimation and a democratic strategy to “sneak” illegals into voting booths!

Dixie - April 18, 2015

To me, voter ID only makes sense; it is not right for those people to vote who are not citizens of this country. May God help our elected reps do the moral thing and enact voter ID laws throughout the land.

Abbie Walker - April 18, 2015

Yes. The very idea that anyone would be against ID bespeaks fraud.

JIM CLARK - April 18, 2015

A definate requirement.

Fred - April 18, 2015

I support photo ID laws for voting. I need ID laws for cashing checks, why not for voting.
My father and mother voted republican all their lives. Now they vote democrat.

Charles L. Staton - April 18, 2015

Voter ID laws are an absolute necessity.
We need to protect the election process and the liberals should want that as much as conservatives, that they don’t speaks for itself.

Roger Bergmeier - April 18, 2015

I support Voter ID laws that make sure the person who is voting is person on the voter registration list. However, what do you do about a president that says he supports all those people that did not vote. I know the president is supposed to be the president of all the people but he, or she, should respect the opinions or beliefs of those who vote legally over those who do not care.

Cliff Thomas - April 18, 2015

Without voter ID laws and the enforcement of such laws how can we have confidence in the results of an election?

Norman August - April 18, 2015

The voter ID issue is probably the most ridiculous issue of the day. This one is a no-brainer for any reasonable person. If there was one thing that everyone could agree on, I would think that it would be that you have to show an ID to prove who you are when you vote.

Rich Randall - April 18, 2015

I believe voter ID is necessary to ensure valid and just elections. I disagree with the contention that having a valid state ID is too difficult for people. I believe people without ID should not be allowed to vote. Furthermore election officials should enforce the requirement that each eligible person gets only one vote.

Lewis Harper - April 18, 2015

Absolutely. Think of the number of daily life events where a photo ID is required. In order to renew your driver’s license in Florida you are required to provide multiple forms of ID. However, to select our leaders (a more serious life event and a right to citizens) identification is not allowed. This, coupled with lackadaisical immigration enforcement, creates a questionable electoral process (as if it doesn’t have issues already – think about past historical issues). How can you then preserve the integrity of the vote with out some attempt to verify the veracity of the count?

Carl Troup - April 18, 2015

Absolutely, The only way to keep voting honest.

Don Volz - April 19, 2015

Absolutely, Heritage and others need to get stories like these broader exposure. Texas, for instance, has a similar history with respect to its Voter ID law and voter turnout, and Texas’ law is still being targeted by Holder and his criminal DOJ. Even more important is exposing instances of voter fraud through impersonation, the kind of fraud such laws help to prevent. Libs say it doesn’t happen, but they are lying.

Warren Thompson - April 19, 2015

I strongly support voter ID. I don’t understand how anyone can even question the need for valid ID to exercise the privilege to vote.

Jeffrey Gillespie - April 19, 2015

I support voter ID.

William D. Dries - April 19, 2015

Voter ID will certainly help to eliminate any fraudulent voting in ALL elections. Wholeheartedly endorse this move.

kenneth w. knope - April 19, 2015

Of course I support voter ID, any logical person would, UNLSESS, they think that illegale voters support their personal cause, it. Democrats.

FRANK BOEGGEMAN - April 19, 2015


Jane Gill - April 19, 2015


Tedd Kunkel - April 19, 2015

To not support voter ID is criminal.

Earl Ropp - April 20, 2015

Yes we need voter ID in all states

Carol - April 20, 2015

All states must require picture voter ID’s to vote!! We do it in Florida, and there is good reason! We must only allow legal registered voters to vote. Illegals have no voice in this country. They didn’t respect our laws about coming to the U.S. They have no rights and should receive no benefits. That just encourages more to sneak in. We can’t afford this. Too much is on taxpayers backs.

William Blake - April 20, 2015

Photo ID presentation is a great voter requirement. Further good ideas are a requirement that voters re-register at least once every four years, and that in registering the voters would pay a poll tax (a minuscule tax that would merely stress the importance of voting). We need to overcome the myth that, “It doesn’t make any difference how you vote, as long ss you vote.”

Judy Westfahl - April 20, 2015

Yes, I think everyone that is eligible and wants to vote should have a picture ID Voters Card!

RICHARD J. MANSELL - April 20, 2015


Lincoln Craighead - April 20, 2015

Voter ID laws are a sensible measure against corrupt voting activities.

Bruce McConnell - April 20, 2015

Absolutely. You need an ID for most Federal benefits…ergo you should need one to vote. What good does it do me to vote if my vote is canceled out by a non-ID voter.

Nancy - April 20, 2015

Yes, I do support voter ID.

Ron Gregory - April 21, 2015

I strongly support Voter ID laws for all States & the federal government since Washington, D.C . is not a state.

janice lewis - April 21, 2015

We have so many ways that are necessary to identify ourselves these days. Why not have a voter ID, it only makes sense and look how much better and more fair they would be instead of so much fraud. I’m sure you noticed no matter where you go, everyone has a lanyard around their necks with a picture ID attached, especially in our public schools and any government office. So, how hard can it be for anyone to get a voter ID?

S Alison - April 22, 2015

Yes, voter ID is a necessity to protect the integrity of the voting process.

Jake Huff - April 22, 2015

I strongly support voter ID as a national requirement. When Obama received 149% voter turnout in a precinct in Pennsylvania in 2012…well that told the story, didn’t it? Rampant voter fraud? Absolutely. He and his machine stole the election. Never mind the mindless idiots that were so grateful for the phones Obama gave them, the lying and cheating that went on during that last presidential election was an embarrassment! Now he’s pardoned, what, 10 million illegal aliens just so the Dems/Liberals can get their votes for the rest of their lives? The federal government has become so corrupt that if it survives to the end of Obama’s tyranny, I will be surprised. YES! We need voter ID laws at the national, as well as the state level. And the sooner the better!

Dennis Jensen - April 26, 2015

I think everyone should have an ID, how are these people doing business in our society, I have to have an ID, at the bank, doctor, library, hospital, register to vote, etc., what kind crap is going on behind the locked doors that they can operate without an ID?

Bill Rachford - April 27, 2015

Absolutely !!!

Edwin Grabau - April 27, 2015

I have always supported ID for voting. I think the argument against ID’s only shows that there is cheating at the polls. I would go another step to include finger print in addition to photo ID. I know this is a burden at the polls not only time but expense for the voting process but you can not say it is discrimination only verification of the voter.

Alan Story - May 1, 2015

This is a basic requirement of a democracy. If you cannot ensure the legitimacy of a voter you cannot ensure your liberty. With the distances between us and the rest of the world having shrunk enormously over the last few decades

Jon Daly - January 30, 2016

Voter I.D. is a must in all states.

T.Hubenthal - February 25, 2017

I think having a photo ID to vote makes good sense…for all parties..how else can you keep it honest?

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