We couldn’t help but notice a copy of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution in front of Rep. Mike Turner, Ohio, during the Mueller hearing. (Photo from Fox News)

Former special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday defended his investigation of President Donald Trump and accusations of “collusion” with Russia before the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee last Wednesday.

Fred Lucas, White House correspondent for The Daily Signal, covered the hearing. Read his article: 8 Takeaways From Mueller’s 2 Appearances Before Congress

Those watching the hearing carefully may have noticed on the desk of Rep.  Mike Turner, Ohio, a copy of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution!

Heritage legal experts recently weighed in on the Russia Investigation in the media. Catch some of those highlights here:

What is your reaction to Mueller’s second hearing?

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Trudy Slater, PhD - July 26, 2019

No real surprise. Mr M was as pathetic and out of sync as the rest of the group trying out their accusatory theories against our President.

Mike K Holley - July 26, 2019

What a joke this whole investigation has been. Clinton conspires with Russia to sale nuclear materials and blames it on Trump! Bull s..t !

Ken Hall - July 26, 2019

Mueller seemed confused, could not hear or understand questions, and gave contradictory answers. He did not answer many questions, saying it was beyond his purview. He had card blanch to investigate so nothing should have been “beyond his purview”. He did a very poor job, both in the hearings and the whole investigation.

JOHN Emmi - July 26, 2019

Mr. Mueller appeared to me to be a man who just wants to run away from the entire issue.

Jane DeGrafft - July 26, 2019

How ironic that Mueller didn’t perform as the Dems had hoped, & knew so little about his own report… We still need to learn who is directing all of the “players”.

Russ Metzger - July 26, 2019

I honestly believe Mueller was under the influence of alcohol. He was unable to concentrate and there were slurred words all too frequently. His thought processes were definitely impaired.I’m afraid he was taken advantage of by his democratic investigators, using Mr M. as their figurehead. Russ Metzger

Neil Goodman - July 26, 2019

Mueller is a co-conspirator in the illegal plot to overthrow a duly elected President Trump. I encourage DOJ to investigate Andrew Weissman for master-minding the fraudulent “special counsel investigation.” It was a hoax, indeed a coup d’etat, from day one.

Pat Ellis - July 26, 2019

Mueller look defeated and sad. It was obvious that he was the figurehead and not the writer. But he facilitated the farce by letting it run with an all Democratic staff.

Donald B. Jeakins - July 26, 2019

The USA is heading down the DEBT HOLE, right down the old out house in the back yard. I am 89 and remember the last one, I was quite young but remember the hard times our family had during that depression, not much to eat. Jack Rabbits were the meat, some quail and Doves, not much veggies, I have never ate rabbit since then.

Joseph F Paparella - July 27, 2019

Mr. Mueller appeared to be seinial. He was not focused or knowledgable. I believe the whole investigation was handled by his team of Hillary supporters. Happily this attempt to remove a lawfully elected Head Of State, failed.

George Goodwine - July 27, 2019

I think mueller is either suffering from esrly stage dementia or he is faking it to cover his culpability.

Ernest F Miller - July 27, 2019

Obvious he was not the involved leader
Was chosen because Wiesman could select and control the investigation
Sad and scary

Gene Garner - July 27, 2019

Waste of taxpayers money and he did not know anything that he wrote in this witch hut ! We the people think these folks are fools !

Mike Puopolo - July 27, 2019

I wondered if Mueller was setting the stage of mental incompetence. When the details of the attempted coup and accompanying corruption are more fully exposed, he may hope to avoid prosecution due to diminished capacity.
Otherwise, he was sad. If his actions weren’t cruel and inhumane to those falsely accused, I would want leniency for him but as of now, I still want him to be held responsible for whatever illegal role he may have played.

Florence Hanson - July 27, 2019

My reaction to the Mueller Report :
I question his authorship. Due to the stumbling responses to Republican questions. It appeared that he knew nothing about Fusion GPS, the home company if Daniel Steele, who authored the spurious ” Spy Dossier ” that launched the whole Russia Spy narrative with Judges allowing FISA Investigations , based upon this fraudulent piece of nonsense. Paid for by the DNC, and Clinton, the whole effort was a sham, and you and I paid for it. I am upset. Angry .
Mueller? The report was apparently not his work; and false, like the charges bantered about for the last two years.

Janis crosby - July 27, 2019

Republicans did a nice job.
Mueller was ignorant of the report, didn’t write it or read it. Why wasn’t this known and this ridiculous coup stopped long ago.

James Frobase - July 27, 2019

This is proof that this once great nation is gong down hill rapidly–just like all other nations before us. Sad, but since I am 80 I probably will not be around for the finals. However my grandchildren, like most others, will be suffering the consequences
of this irreversible political tragedy!!

Phyllis Eix - July 27, 2019

Still “no there there” , but that doesn’t stop the Dems and their Trump Derangement Syndrome, so sad.

Margaret Monroe - July 27, 2019

In another report someone who deals with persons with dementia suggested that Mr. Mueller appears to have that disease. I believe that is entirely possible and would explain his confusion about what is in the report and why he is unable to answer the questions. Can someone check out that possibility for sure?

Sharif Masoudi - July 28, 2019

Mueller in Part I report said there is no collusion that is the purpose of the investigation. In Part II gave a lot of suspicions because the Democrat team was angry that they did’t find any thing against the President

Saundra L. Finleon - July 30, 2019

I felt sorry for the gentleman. Though no one should be held accountable for knowing every sentence in a massive report, it seemed obvious to this lay person that he didn’t know much content of the report. Though the portion of the interview I watched didn’t show the person to Mr Mueller’s left, his leaning in that direction was a “tell” that someone was coaching him a lot.

nancy jones - July 30, 2019

Team Neal;;;;;;;;;;;the Mueller attnys knew that Muller was already experiencing early dementia, unbelievable! I cannot wait til the Rep. investigations along Barr and co. come out;;;;;;;;;;;;;what a joke!!! as far as I am concerned, the Dem party as I have known it, pre-Obama, is a complete failure;;;;;;;;hopefully, we never have to go thru this hoax again! We now know why Muller did NOT want to testify, and why he had a friend by his side, pathetic!

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