This week, Congress planned to vote on two immigration-related bills. One was the “compromise” immigration bill, which is based on a complex pathway-to-citizenship plan for DACA recipients that might make it even harder to enforce existing immigration law. The other, termed the Goodlatte bill, was the more conservative alternative to the compromise bill. It took steps to fund the border wall and limited the amnesty options for DACA recipients. While the compromise bill has been pushed to next week, Congress voted down the Goodlatte bill last Thursday, thus closing a door for conservative reform in immigration.

Heritage experts have been voicing their concerns about Congress’s actions and made it clear that, if there is to be any solution to our immigration issue in America, there must be legislation that respects the rule of law.

Heritage expert David Inserra rightly criticized Congress in a commentary this week, saying they are pushing “one big amnesty scheme.” It sets a dangerous precedent, and Congress failed to offer more resources to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is critical to positive reform.

According to Inserra, the immigration courts have 700,000 asylum cases on the docket alone. He noted that 95% of illegal immigrants with expired Visas do not show up to their court hearing, which means that an additional 262,000 illegals would be roaming about in your backyard every year.

Heritage’s Director of Congressional and Executive Branch Relations Tommy Binion agrees. In a commentary, he points to ineffective enforcement as a major problem in America and one that Congress needs to address immediately—but Congress seems to have no interest in coming to agreement on that solution.

Heritage experts gave Congress many prudent and sensible solutions, many of which involved making improvements in internal enforcement. Instead, Congress focused on one small piece of a very complicated puzzle: amnesty. This choice neglected to strengthen the agencies that protect us.

America’s hardworking civil servants in ICE can only do so much to secure our safety. With your support, Heritage is helping them in the fight to secure our great nation.

To learn more about the truth of immigration, listen to Heritage’s podcast on immigration enforcement, featuring David Inserra.

What do you think are the best next steps for enforcing immigration?

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Trudy Slater - June 23, 2018

1 continue to build and reinforce the wall.
2 Let ICE and CBP do their jobs with increased numbers of Agents hired.
3 End Daca, use eVerify.
4 punish Sanctuary cities and states financially.
5 Use National Guard effectively against cartel and terrorists movements into our border and in mountains in TX and AZ.

Larry Robertson - June 23, 2018

Use economic diplomacy to forcefully encourage Mexico to close their southern border and work in partnership with USA to stop illegal entry to USA.

Michael Leinen - June 23, 2018

The Left is winning the propaganda battle. Conservatives need to fight fire with fire. Publish photos of MS-13 carnage, more statistics on crime, costs per taxpayer in caring for illegals, etc. Find celebrities willing to speak out. Quit being nice, it doesn’t work.

Rick Morin - June 23, 2018

Create a nonprofit. Set up a bank account that is open for people to deposit money privately into the account to solely pay for the wall. Set up the account where if Trump is able to get Mexico to pay for the wall he can repay everyone who donates into the account. Then do Mass emailing and advertising such as FaceBook to get anyone to donate for the wall. It could cost anywhere from 20 to 30 million dollars to build the 30-foot wall for 1 mile. If 20 to 30 million people donate $1 that would pay for 1 mile of wall. When that one mile was done you would notify them that, hey do you want to put another dollar in for another mile. You would have to oversee the account to make sure that the money only goes to pay for the building of the wall. The wall could be built from private funds from the American people. I think there’s more than 20 to 30 million people that would donate a dollar per mile. Say if there was only 10 million then that cost would be $3 per person.

dennis k dressler - June 23, 2018

get rid of Ryan immediately, put Jim Jorden in his place. Eliminate all legal citizen procedures from the illegal immigration process. No attorney, no judge, no waste of time and money. If you are here and did not register at a place of entry you are gone, period. No need for all the attorney and judge crap.right is right, wrong is wrong. The attorney’s in this country are destroying this country Illegal is what it is and you leave.

Bruce Holstein - June 23, 2018

Two ADDITIONAL actions I think could help: 1) Obama administration ignored immigration law and implemented a policy known as catch and release. I think Trump Administration should implement a policy known as catch and return. Put the illegals on a nice A/C bus and drop them off at a city about 50 miles back into Mexico. 2) Obtain a legal opinion stating that U.S. is being invaded. Then deploy the military to guard our border like Israel does for their country. I am aware of Comitas Posse Act (sp?) BUT we are being invaded and it must stop. No other country in the world has the situation we do on our southern border.

Dolores - June 23, 2018

1). Build the wall so current illegals can be controlled, and return of those already deported not possible.
2). Daca given chance for legal status – not citizenship – IF:-
Get a job;
Learn English;
clean police record and taxes paid,
complete a required coure in US history;
apply for legal status. – not citizenship,
Until then no free health care or other government benefits.for DACA.

Elaine Billups - June 23, 2018

The border should be closed for the remaining of the year. Then take care of the illegals that are here. No path to citizenship, no benefits, no right to vote in our elections, ever.

Jim Brush - June 23, 2018

Mexico is our enemy. put a tariff on all private $$ sent to Mexico. put penalties on all employers who hire them, they are aiding them. higher tariffs on all their imports until they help us

Walter Barnett - June 23, 2018

1) Publish the names of any member of the House or Senate opposedcto building a wall and/or controlling our borders.
2) Flood their office with letters, faxes, and phone calls admonishing them for their self serving stance.
3) Withhold or withdraw campaign/re-election funding.
Replace all of them with followers of the rule-of-law.

Lewis Sponagle - June 23, 2018

I agree with Rick Morin;


Without it everything else is just talk.

Rules will continue to be broken.


Gary Schlieve - June 23, 2018

Delires comment is good only if we build the wall but can’t (politically) end DACA.
I would suggest an “enhancement “ to her proposal: surcharge DACA income (discrimination not an issue for non-citizens) to pay for the wall (by Mexicans), and do not exacerbate soc sec by allowing them to participate. This “equalizes” the honest immigrant’s effort, somewhat.

Bill Wieger - June 23, 2018

Every “apprehension or catch” is a failure of this sovereign border control. Prevent crossings with a wall/fence in the areas of crossings; I’d contribute to a “fence fund.” Immediately collaborate with the American Border Patrol private enterprise and install their technology. Adopt the Godlatte Bill’s many good points. Get rid of Ryan.

JIM CHRISTISON - June 23, 2018

Today, as during the Obama Administration, we have a problem with young children, even infants, brought across the Mexico border, many who have no parent with them. There is no consensus as to what to do about it. As a resident of a city near San Diego, I say we should immediately build the wall. After all, Mexico has a border wall between them and Guatemala. It’s outrageous how many illegals and drugs are pouring over the fence. Videos show young men climbing the fence, carrying drug back-packs with little effort. Turn away all illegals back to Mexico and shut down all immigration until the backlog of 700,000 cases are adjudicated. Asylum cases should not be accepted, if the person comes into Mexico prior to arriving at the US border. Mexico should be considered safe, for a person, seeking asylum from another country. Domestic violence is not a reason for asylum, period.

F & F L - June 23, 2018

Immigration is TOTALLY out of control!!!! The border needs to be closed and a moratorium on ALL immigration until we get this under control and get all the backlogged cases processed. Also, Rinos such as Ryan & McConnell need to go. The vast majority of the country wants illegal immigration stopped yet congress can’t seem to get anything done – why? because they don’t really want to! Drain the swamp!!

John Crews - June 23, 2018

When caught, take identification pictures and take them back across the border with a warning that the next time they will be put in a tent compound for 30 days and then be taken back across the border. No judges involved. Very little record keeping and no transportation furnished beyond the border.

John Blake - June 23, 2018

I’ve wondered why people from Guatemala, El Salvador, etc. are traveling clear across Mexico to the U.S. to seek asylum. Mexico should be handling those claims—either accepting or rejecting them. As someone said above, we are literally being invaded. Our troops should be stationed on the border to prevent this. That would be a legitimate defense operation for our troops. Interfering in the Middle East by overthrowing the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria was not.
Also, the “anchor baby” provision should be abolished immediately.

Louis Marischen - June 23, 2018

Build the wall first. Then start enforcing the law of employers and landlords who hire and rent to illegals. Many will have to self deport without a job and a place to live. No cost to Americans to have them deported. Abolish the anchor baby law.
No need to separate parents and children.
There are thousands here without their families sending millions of dollars back home to their families supporting them in Mexico.

Edythe g mccormick - June 23, 2018

I would like to see our borders closed until we have a policy we could enforce. Then I would like to see all the current applicants processed and for those who are accepted continue to enter this country. All illegals should be returned to their country of origin; with any reentry prosecuted . Then we could reopen our borders to adults who have jobs lined up as we?l as pass out vetting.

Margaret Smetana - June 23, 2018

Do not allow amnesty of any kind, including DACA.
Fully fund and build the border wall NOW.
Mandate E-Verify
End chain migration.
End diversity lottery.
Enact merit-based legal immigrants.

Gretchen Wilson - June 23, 2018

Punish sanctuary cities and states by taking away money.
Make sure that illegals cannot vote in our national elections, let California know if they let illegals vote in state elections they must have a verifiable option to make sure they do not vote in any national election. If California cannot guarantee this there votes will not count in any National election.

Ask the public to help pay for the wall and build it in spite of legislation road blocks. They have already voted for the wall. We will happily fund it.

Republican Party needs to start funding conservative judges and help the states fight back against voting change legislation. Soros gave a lot if money to OSF and told them to not use it for elected officials but to get liberal judges elected and change the voting laws. He supports open borders and they have figured out they can stop changes with liberal circuit courts. The vote change that passed in Maine saw $3 spent from out of state to $1 spent in state. He is not the only one backing this effort.

We need a trained force to backup ICE and the border guards. If people are uncomfortable using National Guard then something needs to be set up under another department. They need to be turned around at the border.

James L Justice, MD - June 24, 2018

The one step that would lead to a more secure border faster than anything else, would be to remove all security systems at the houses of all members of congress.

Steven Glass - June 24, 2018

The Goodlatte bill that did not pass Congress last week is the best overall solution to combating illegal immigration because it addresses everything that is necessary to enforce illegal immigration and allow only the original DADA recipients amnesty. The Goodlatte bill would have provided funds to build the border wall, funds to increase the number of ICE agents and funds for the courts to effectively reduce the backlog of asylum cases. The bill also would have ended chain migration and mandated employers to use E-verify. It is a sad state of affairs when our congressmen think that appeasing corporate greed is more important than our national security and jobs for legal American citizens!

paulette godin - June 25, 2018

A thought: find an Island, no one is using, the US buy it and put all the illegal immigrants on this Island, after the vetting process, so that no gang members or criminals get on this Island.
Send in people who can “teach” them how to plant crops and whatever is needed to survive.
(This would probably cost less than the $51 billion (or is it million) per year to take care of illegals and/or take care of them before they are returned to their own countries.)

Lennell Sharpless - June 25, 2018

The democratic party are putting the party before the American people. They probably want support any reasonable legislation. Bill the wall by any legal means necessary. Mexico is a key player in US immigration problem and should be held accountable.

Al Wunsch - June 25, 2018

Reading the summary above it appears that congress has no interest in solving this problem. The few summaries I’ve seen that compare the Goodlatte & compromise bills give a different explanation than represented above. While the left goes crazy with their coverage of the issues, there is scant, if any, serious and informative TV coverage of what the bills are and what the impact of illegal immigration is. Typical TV sound bites from guests cannot even agree on basic facts.

Juliana H-H Cheng - June 26, 2018

Before I am to continue reading the article above, I need a clarification on what “DACA” stands for and the current definition on who are the “Immigrants” and why there is no more an I.N.S.(Immigration and Naturalization Service) and the department has become an I.C.E.(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) kind of messy bureaucracy to cover up the true meaning of United States of America is a “melting pots”, a land build by immigrants. I just discovered how privileged that I am, for I can become a Naturalized American Citizen as an immigrant whom came into United States as one of the four children under the refugee visa of our father and his spouse(our mother whom was nicely received the support from our father…). A privilege, a “choice” that 1894 U.S.Documented Chinese Laborer, great-grandfather did not have at the time although he was in the United States since he was 14 years of age that was back in 1873 if not 1874, arrived “America” on board a junk that his parents sent him off on from China. By the way, we four immigrant children were not and never separated from our parents when we crossed the border but were welcome by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services’ Officers at the desk whom handed us the “green cards” after we showed the officers the INS stamp(visa I guess), in our passports at the port(border) when we first set foot on American soil, unlike many of today’s “immigrants” whom get their “green card” after they lived in the U.S.A. for awhile and some just disappeared and never seen again, unwilling to talk about their “immigration experience” or show off their ID, a “permanent U.S.alien registration card” because I was an “alien” from foreign land who spoke “Pigeon English” if not tight lips and alienated myself from others kind of cultural gaps. Oh, we have five years to decide on whether or not that we would like to apply for American Citizenship. As a “green card” holder, an U.S. Alien, I had to communicate and report my residential address to I.N.S. every year for five years before the immigrant was to ask for an application for intention to become an U.S. Citizen, to “surrender the ‘green card’ “. Meanwhile, as a “green card” holder, one was NOT supposed to vote during any elections at all !!! I love the “title” as an U.S. Permanent Resident Alien so much that I took the freedom of choice to become an “American” ten years later rather than five years as my parents with the one under 16 years of age, and I was “adopted” into America by President Ronald Reagan, the last one in the immigrant family of six, to become an American, a Naturalized American Citizen, different from those American born Citizens whom always looked down upon on the “new comers” if not “stuck up their nose” and start gossiping that they just encountered a “fresh off the boat” kind of slang but very truthful comment in our case! Heee Heee Heee.and very disturbed over the recent PBS “scholarly” findings on the 1892 Anti-Chinese movement’s Gary’s Act on the Chinese who came to this country to build railroad etc. I am inviting you to read the “Private” Facebook Group which I created some years ago to find my “American roots” on the “Merchant Prince”, once U.S. Chinese laborer, perhaps “from rags to riches” kind of stories of great-grandfather: JanConSang_aka_ChasJanWann,Prescott_Arizona. I am still kind of upset that some professional genealogy researchers wanting to charge me over ten thousand dollars to hire researchers in China to continue with the stories that I begin to conclude that “Only God knows! ” since there were no documents to allow me to find out if great grandfather once built on the transcontinental railroad; passengers lists only documented how many Chinaman were onboard a steam ship and great grandfather came on a “junk”. I had seen ashes of old group photos of great aunt’s father with famous person-Dr. Sun Yat-San, M.D. which ended up in the fire place of the “mansion”, and Father shed tears regretting that he disobeyed great aunt’s wishes, did not pack the album with our cargo to America, not knowing at the time that the photos could have historic values and become a piece of the history to piece together the history of “Chinese in America”! Now, I begin to see what kind of Christian Love which I had been experience when I was growing up, being treated as a first born son of the traditional Chinese family, had the opportunity of being sent off to learn how to read and write in school instead of marry out young and kept at home to learn how to sew and do housework-cooking etc. that most of the Chinese families could not afford to send their children to receive non-Communist type of education but westernized Christian-Chinese type of education that no other parts in the world had under the British Crowned Colony of Hong Kong type of colonial bilingual education which was and still is bordering today’s People’s Republic of China type of Chinese Government where the Leader of the County was NOT elected by the people like the current female leader, Mrs. Lin or Lum of Hong Kong, Special Autonomous Region of China for another 30 years or so with high speed 300 to 400km per hours’ train network all built in China with perhaps no foreign laborers so the government said since I do not think that China has allowed privately owned business without any kind of straight government control or else China will have similar immigrant issues as the U.S. where Freedom prevails!!! Enjoying the Freedom to Discover U.S. History yet….”No money, no internet, no updated computer devices, no history to be preserved ! “

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